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  • Today, EWAG machines are used in more than forty countries worldwide, in fields of application such as the watch industry, the dental, electrical, automotive and aviation industries, as well as in the manufacture of precision micro-components. EWAG is considered the world leader in the manufacture of high-precision tool grinding machines. Our product portfolio includes manual machines for grinding and re-grinding tools, CNC machines for grinding tungsten carbide, PCD and PCBN and for machining WSP geometries, as well as our new laser machine.

    Together with our sister company Walter Maschinenbau GmbH in Tübingen, Germany, we see ourselves as a system and solution provider for complete tool machining, and are able to offer an extensive product range which includes grinding, eroding, lasering, measuring and software. Our customer orientation and our global sales and service network with its own branches and staff have been valued by our customers for decades.
Product Portfolio
  • Grinding

      • WS11

      • Manual tool grinding machine, which produces perfect results through precision and speed.

        The WS 11 and WS 11-SP universal grinding machines are particularly suitable for the manufacture and regrinding of high-precision micro tools and production parts from hard metal, steel or other materials.

        The WS11 universal grinding machine makes it possible to manufacture and regrind micro tools and production parts from hard metal, HSS or other materials. Thanks to the hydrostatic grinding spindle the thermal expansion is consistently defined, making tolerances of 0.0002 mm possible. At the same time the machining process can be observed and monitored 1:1 with the optical measuring system as the grinding wheel engages.

        Advantages that fulfil all requirements:
        • With the WS 11 concept, cylindrical and conical tools can be ground and measured in a single clamping.
        • Both individual parts and smaller batches are ground cost-effectively.
        • An extensive range of accessories enables quick adaptation of the machine to the respective machining task.
        Highest precision in conjunction with performance and reliability help to considerably increase the quality of tools in many industry branches.
      • WS11-SP

      • Manual grinding technology at a higher level.

        The WS 11-SP universal grinding machine is a further development of the optimally proven WS11. It is used for manufacturing and regrinding high-precision micro tools and production parts from hard metal, HSS and other materials. Unlike the WS 11, this machine is also capable of manufacturing tools with straight spiral toothing.

        Features providing advantageous capabilities:
        • A diverse range of accessories enables the user to quickly adapt the machine to special requirements.
        • Highest precision in conjunction with performance and reliability.
        • Tool quality is significantly increased in many industry branches.
        • Swivelling grinding spindle.
        • Integrated sine rule for grinding spiral tools with special stroke.
        • Diameters up to 25 mm."
      • RS15

      • Manual grinding technology with accurate grinding. Precise, productive and versatile!

        The RS15 is a manual precision tool grinding machine, which enables cost-effective manufacture and machining of polycrystalline diamond and hard metal tools, HSS through to super hard PCD/PKBN as well as other tools, and regrinding of rotational cutting tools and indexable inserts. Thanks to the sophisticated kinematics, convex radii and tangents with constant, variable clearance angles up to 27° or constant profiles can be ground. The constant contact pressure is adapted to the stock removal volume and enables cost-effective grinding of super-hard materials.

        Convincing advantages:
        • A notable increase in productivity is achieved, as tools can be measured directly on the machine by means of projector without reclamping.
        • The RS 15 guarantees the highest precision and a long working life, thanks to its robust and vibration-free design.
        • Measuring and grinding in a single clamping enables very high shape accuracy and increased production.
        • Increased productivity is achieved through direct measurement on the machine in combination with projector and digital display.
        • Diverse accessories enable grinding of convex and concave radii, spherical surfaces, multiple surface grinding on deep hole drills, and so on.

      • The INSERT LINE is an indexable insert periphery grinding machine that allows machining of increasingly complex insert geometries.

        The newly developed periphery grinding process, the advanced ProGrind software and the 6-axis FANUC robot create a theoretical line between the insert and the grinding wheel during the machining of the insert cutting surfaces. The resulting isolation between the workpiece and the grinding machine provides for less friction, reducing the thermal stress in the contact zone.

        Advantages that ensure profit:

        • Success through the grinding wheel diameter:
          • The grinding wheel diameter up to 500 mm reduces production time by up to 50%.
          • A variable-grinding wheel diameter allows grinding of concave shapes.
          • Optimal machine kinematics with a hydrostatic guide.
          • Higher quality of the cutting surface.
        • Tightest tolerance produced economically.
        • Axes ensure maximum accuracy, reliability and unique dynamics.
        • Surface damage can be avoided and the cutting rate can be increased.
        • Economic production is ensured by the use of 350-500 mm grinding wheels.

      • Impressive and precise grinding to your individual requirements.

        The EWAMATIC LINEAR CNC-controlled production grinding centre is suitable for manufacturing indexable inserts and rotationally-symmetrical tools. Tailored to the customer's individual requirements, a multitude of grinding operations can be performed in a single clamping.

        The EWAMATIC LINEAR is a high-precision grinding machine which manufactures tools, indexable inserts and rotationally-symmetrical tools in hard metal, PCD or super-hard PCB.

        Three criteria play an important role in the high autonomy of the CNC-controlled EWAMATIC LINEAR:
        • Automatic charging.
        • Integrated dressing of grinding wheels.
        • Dimension measurement on the machine

        The kinematic concept of the EWAMATIC LINEAR is unique in its class. A multitude of grinding operations can thus be performed in a single clamping, with up to six independent grinding spindles (star-shaped grinding spindle supports).

      • Progressive grinding technology! Compact, quick and high-precision.

        The COMPACT LINE is a grinding machine which enables high-precision manufacture from hard metal, cermet, ceramic or extremely hard PCB/PCD, as well as regrinding of all indexable inserts. With its unique 5-axes CNC kinematics, 6-axes robot from FANUC, "three in one" dressing unit and cutting-edge technologies, the COMPACT LINE promises to deliver.

        An advantageous investment for your success:
        • Shorter time (cycle and auxiliary time) means more productivity.
        • Narrowest tolerance with cost-effective production.
        • Compact design.
        • Perfect grinding wheel thanks to "three in one " grinding unit. (Dressing-Regeneration-Crushing)
        • Important autonomous multiple shift operation thanks to 6-axes robot from FANUC.
        • Ergonomic operation.
        • Integrated robot system sets new standards in the narrowest space."
    • Lasering

          • LASER LINE ULTRA

          • the Power of Light

            Due to the increased use of lightweight materials such as carbon fibers, but also special aluminum alloys, the demand for diamond tools for machining such materials is on the rise. The trend toward even harder cutting materials such as CVD diamonds is taking today's grinding and electrical discharge machining technologies to their limits.

            However, the LASER LINE ULTRA enables these limits to be exceeded and, in so doing, is setting new standards in tool machining with regard to flexibility, quality, and productivity.

            A noticeable difference to conventional grinding and electrical discharge processes is the fact that laser processing is done without applying force and without cooling lubricants.

            The use of modern ultra-fast lasers allows a direct evaporation process without significant thermal input (cold ablation). The material properties of the cutting materials are thus retained, and the ultra-short pulses in combination with the high repetition rates lead to best surface qualities. The unique kinematics concept has a 5-axis machine kinematic system with superimposed 3-axis laser beam guidance.

            Hence, the LASER LINE ULTRA satisfies all tool applications and is rightly regarded as the high-end laser production center. The latest ultra-short pulse laser technology for complete machining in one setup!