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Company Profile

Do you need a laser capable of performing outstanding specifications, e.g. unprecedented pulse energy for your research?

As a laser manufacturer, would you like to have the newest in laser technology in your product line?

If so, we can find the best possible solution matching your needs, based on disk laser technology. Whether your requirements are pulsed (ns, ps, fs) or cw, high energy, single-frequency or frequency-converted laser technology. The disk laser technology combines high output power with very good efficiency and at the same time ensures excellent beam quality.

We, the Dausinger + Giesen GmbH (D+G) develop, market and sell key components and know-how in the field of disk laser technology. Together we can find an appropriate solution for your desired specifications. With our extensive broad and deep knowledge and experience, we can actively be your partner, from the time of the initial idea up to the final product. If you need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us.