Company Profile

Lasers from Laserline, one of the leading laser manufacturing companies, are amongst the most successful beam sources for industrial applications in the multi kilowatt range. We are proud of that fact.

From vision to innovation
Laserline was founded by Dr. Christoph Ullmann and Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Volker Krause in 1997. But how did they actually do it? These two technology pioneers were convinced that it would be possible to develop an alternative beam source for industrial laser material processing based on a known laser diode from the 1960s – the diode laser. At the beginning, the project was rarely taken seriously, because the single diode seemed much too weak as an element of the industrial laser. However, Ullmann and Krause stuck to their vision. And within only a few years, they developed an innovative tool that conquered entire industry sectors with respect to fiber laser manufacturers, fiber laser companies and laser equipment manufacturers. Thanks to their inexhaustible pioneering work, which has received multiple awards, Laserline’s powerful lasers meanwhile have been firmly established in many production chains. Laserline is one of the top laser manufacturers, if you search for laser company names or industrial laser manufacturers.