Business Profile

If the subject is tools for metal working then KEMPF is the exact partner to be contacted by you. Unimpeachable, with almost 50 years of experience and an extensive range of high quality tools. Our unrivaled know-how enables us to solve even most complicated assignments: fast, safe and at attractive terms - with individually developed special tools.

In the long run there's no way to produce high quality products at a competitive price without the implementation of high-performance , premium-quality tool design and technology.

With KEMPF you will find that price and performance as well as quality are given. The superb machining precision, reliability and tool life of the tools we offer is outstanding.

The high demand on quality does not only apply to our products but also to all services that KEMPF offers. As a matter of course our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.