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  • Offer Profile
  • Jongen Werkzeugtechnik, situated in Willich near Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the most innovative producers of precision tools for processing metal and plastic materials. For 40 years we have been producing tools with milling inserts, as well as solid carbide cutters 100% „made in Germany“. Our product range covers cutting tools for milling and drilling with different mounting systems, such as shell type mills, shank type mills and screw-in cutters. No matter which milling or drilling cutter you are looking for, face mills, step mills, peripheral milling cutters, slot milling cutters, plunge milling cutters, copy mills, helix-mills, chamfer milling cutters, deburring mills, side milling cutters or HSC milling cutters or even drilling cutters, we have certainly the suitable tool for you. There is also the possibility to produce tailor-made special tools for your definition of tasks.
Product Portfolio
  • Cutting tools

  • Our wide milling tools product range goes from milling cutters with inserts over shank-roughingmilling systems to solid carbide cutters. To ensure the same quality standards, the corresponding inserts, tool holders or spare parts like connecting screws are also available.
    According to our slogan: „Milling tools….made by Jongen“ we guarantee the highest quality. Our milling tools are suitable for most different materials and milling purposes. A brief overview with some examples concerning the single tool groups is indicated below.
      • Cassette Holders and Cassettes

      • Jongen UNI-MILL cassette holders and cassettes offer a high adaptability. Owing to the diversity of the cassettes that can be used in combination with the adjustable holder, most applications in step and face milling can be achieved.
      • Shell milling Cutter

      • Jongen UNI-MILL shell type mills have been created for covering a wide range of milling applications like face, step, slot, contour milling and are therefore highly versatile. Most types are available in close, coarse and regular tooth pitch.
      • Shank Type Milling Cutters

      • Jongen UNI-MILL shank type mills have been developed for a great
        variety of milling purposes: face, step, slot, contour milling. Most  ypes are available in coarse, close or regular tooth pitch as well as in different working lengths.
      • Screw-in Cutters

      • Jongen’s screw-in cutters are suitable for most different milling duties such as: face, step, slot and contour milling. Most types are available in coarse, close or regular pitch. A high grade of flexibility results from the adaptability.
      • Deburring Milling Cutters

      • Jongen UNI-MILL deburring milling cutters and deburring rings are
        available in different angles from 10° - 75°, depending on type. These tools can be employed for chamfering and counter-sinking almost all materials.
      • Multi-Tooth Milling Cutters

      • Jongen UNI-MILL multi-tooth milling cutters have been designed for working by greater depths of cut, as when step, slot and contour milling. Depending on the tool diameter in use and the workpiece material, slotting up on the full cutting lengths is possible.
      • Shank Roughing Milling System

      • The shank-roughing-milling system is most versatile thanks to the modular milling rings which can be easily coupled. This system consists of a basic body, an adapter, and milling rings that can be added as required (up to stability limit).
      • Milling cutters for tool and die production

      • The milling cutters for tool, mould and die construction have been
        especially developed for current applications within this specialised sector, for roughing and finishing of hardened and non-hardened materials. Coarse and close tooth pitches, as well as inserts with and without chipbreaker are available.
      • High Feed Milling Cutters

      • These milling cutters have been developed for very high feed milling with an axial depth of cut up to 3,5mm. Almost no radial cutting forces does appear. These tools have been especially designed for current applications within the specialised sector, for roughing and finishing almost all materials. The milling cutters are available in coarse and close pitch, as well as inserts with and without chip breaker.
      • Side Milling Cutters

      • Jongen UNI-MILL side milling cutters are available with coupling bores to DIN 138 and as shell side milling cutters with coupling bores to DIN 8030-A and with diameters from 63 to 250 mm. These side milling cutters are suitable for almost all materials and offer highest stability due to embedded inserts.
    • Indexable inserts

      • Solid Carbide Cutters

      • Jongen UNI-MILL solid carbide cutters are available within a wide range of standard programme, such as flat-, torus- and ball-shaped, long and short versions as well as double-ended versions for a multitude of milling operations. Moreover, solid carbide cutters for machining up to 70 HRC as well as micro end mills are available.
          • Solid carbide cutters for machining aluminium, copper and plastics (incl. 3-D operations)

          • For machining steel, high grade steel ans titan (incl. hard machining)

          • 3-D working of steel, high grade steel ans titan (incl. hard machining)

          • Solid carbide cutters of special production