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  • Offer Profile
  • We design, manufacture and market core shafts, expanding chucks and handling equipment. Our trademark is AMAL-SHAFT® and LionGrip®, which stands for optimal handling, quality, service and economy for the customer.

    The main area of use for our core shafts and expanding chucks are to carry the reel when unwinding or rewinding different materials. By infusing air into the core shaft it expands and the reel is locked on to the core shaft, so that the reel can be braked or rewound.
    Materials that are rolled on our core shafts are for example paper, cardboard, textile, tapes, labels, films and metal.
    Our customers are mainly found within the paper, converting, graphic and textile industries.
    With more than 50 years of experience of reel handling, you can trust in us—in the reel world.

    We have now become ISO certified in Environmental resource management, quality management and occupational health and safety

Product Portfolio
  • Technology at the core

      • Lifting Equipment

      • Industrial lifting equipment

        Our smart lifts make your heavy lifts light. Thanks to the force sensitive handle, our lifts follow your lightest movement. With our smart lifts you don’t have to worry about balancing and you can even lift outside the center of gravity.

        A lot of built-in functions and presets in our lifting aids guarantee both safety and effective handling.

        If you wish, we can even help with the development and production an easy-to-use, robust and well-adjusted gripper for your application. (But you can of course just buy the lift and make the gripper yourselves.)

        Our engineers will help you to find the best solutions for your specific needs.

        We invent, you lift!

          • Liongrip®

          • With our lifting device LionGrip® you are able to lift large loads in combination with long reach. The load can be gripped outside the center of gravity. LionGrip® is equipped with a force-sensitive handle and lifts smoothly at the smallest hand movement.

            Where traditional lifting equipment fails, LionGrip® gets the job done. You can for example easily load a machine from the side.

            Our unique lifting device makes your handling weightless and spares your employees’ backs and shoulders.

            A smart lifting device

            The LionGrip®’s smart force-sensitive handle makes sure the lifting arms follow your slightest movement up and down.

            The smart lifting device LionGrip® is easily adapted for different applications. On the circuit board, there are a lot of built-in functions and presets, that, in combination with custom-made grippers guarantee both safety and optimal handling.
            Examples are: limitation of lifting power, locking of gripper jaws when load is in air, blowing clean the air channels for vacuum grippers, and so on.

            Because of the robust and clean design, this lifting device demands a minimum of maintenance and spare parts, which makes it inexpensive to own.

            The installation of a LionGrip® is easy and takes little time. To move it is not much work.

            • Stroke standard: 1m, 1.25m, 1.5m & 2m (other on demand, LG50 1m only)
            • Arm lengths standard: 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m & 4m (other on demand
            • Working area: over 400°
            • Lifting capacity: LG50 up to 70kg, LG80 up to 200kg
            • Electrical connection: 110V or 230V AC
            • Air pressure: 6bar
            • Color: “Any customer can have a LionGrip® painted in any color that he wants as long as it is yellow”
          • AirHandle

          • AirHandle is a pneumatic lifting aid for loads up to 150 kg. AirHandle provides a simple and dependable handling because it follows the operator’s slightest move and offers high precision.

            The AirHandle can be mounted in ceiling rails or on a framework construction with folding arms.

            When the handle is not used, the load is balanced and can easily be moved up or down by holding the load itself.

            Grippers are easily changed with our quick tool change unit. Multiple safety functions prevent the load to fall or the lift to be used improperly.

            AirHandle has few moving parts, which gives a lifting aid with high reliability.

            Your new lifting equipment

            In the film you can see the easy and intuitive handling of the lifting aid AirHandle.

            Please note how the AirHandle responds to the slightest hand movement and how it is impossible to release the load when it is not resting on a support.

            Scrolling down will show you our different configurations.

            AirHandle Jib Crane AHC

            • 3-meter arm
            • Few moving parts
            • Air-driven lifting wire – no motors or oil
            • Fast and easy maneuverable
            • Easy to change grippers and configurations

            Specifications Modell AHC-80

            Maximum load: 80 kg
            Stroke: 2000 mm
            Arm length: 3000 mm
            Work area: 360°
            Pressure: 6 bar
            Electricity: 110-230 V AC

        • Grippers for our lifting devices

        • We sell a lot of different grippers. We have standard solutions and we develop specially designed solutions for your specific needs. We have a team of experienced development engineers.

          In our assortment there are among others vacuum grippers, magnets and clamp grippers.

          For special applications outside our standard assortment, our experienced engineering team can produce new solutions which will speed up your handling process.
            • Roll handlers

            • In our product assortment we have both our own roll handlers for Liongrip, and roll handlers from other manufacturers, depending on your company needs.
              Contact us with your specifics and we will find the fitting product.

              Roll handler for Liongrip
              Our custom-made roll handler for Liongrip eliminates the need for balancing. This handler is perfectly fitted for (for example) loading load small rolls fast and easy on a pallet.

              The roll handler is built for up to 100 kg rolls, depending on roll width and Liongrip’s arm length and stroke.

              Roll handler for chain lift
              We sell, among others, Schlumpf’s and HT Lifting System’s roll handlers in a lot of variations, both manual and driven. You’ll get great performance for a competitive price.
            • Vacuum grippers

            • Vacuum is often the right way to grip different materials and products. We have solutions for both smooth and porous materials, for sacks, boxes, panels etc.

              More than one vacuum pump may be needed with porous surfaces. With those materials we would like to perform tests to secure the functioning.

              When used in combination with our lifts Liongrip and AirHandle, smart safety functions are activated; you are not able to lift without adequate vacuum and cannot release the load in-air.

              Our team of creative engineers are ready to design the vacuum gripper you need.

              Vacuum lift for irregular surfaces
              If your product has irregular surfaces we will furnish the gripper with flexible cups with a large stroke.

              Tilting or rotating gripper
              We will design your gripper in a way that the load can be tilted and/or rotated step-by-step or smoothly.

              The movement can be electrically or pneumatically driven, depending on your requirements.

              Our team of experienced engineers will help you in finding the best solution for your specific needs.

              Vacuum gripper for heavy loads
              Even big and heavy products can be handled with vacuum.

              To the right you can see a 200kg-product handled with one of our custom-made grippers. This specific gripper can rotate 180°.

              AHG-P-MVG Modular vacuum gripper
              This very flexible vacuum gripper can be adapted easily to your product. Number of cups, type of cup and positioning can be changed with some easy motions.

              In the circuit board of our smart lifting devices LionGrip® and AirHandle, a lot of built-in presets and functions provide a safe and smooth handling.

              Available dimensions:
              Length: 120, 300, 500, 750 and 1000mm
              Width: 120, 150, 350, 450 and 550mm

              PD Gripper
              With this gripper you can lift details with irregular surface while getting enough vacuum even if not all the holes are covered. You can grip over screws, holes and other irregularities.

              Under the housing a foam made of cellular rubber is attached, with small holes in it. This makes that the PD Gripper works where other grippers are inadequate.

              Please contact us for more information and quotation.
            • Other grippers

            • Over the years, we have developed a variety of grippers for different handling situations and loads. Several of these have become standard products in our range of grippers.

              If we do not have what you need, our team of experienced engineers will be ready to create a solution that easily addresses your needs.

              Scroll down and see our standard grippers.

              LGG40-150 | Standard shaft gripper
              To grab round shafts with diameter 40-150mm we offer a gripper called LGG40-150. The LGG is powered by an air motor and thanks to a screw function it is completely self-locking.
              LGG is available in right and left versions and is easily convertible from one to the other.

              Width: 140mm
              Max load: depending on length mm

              LGGT 70-76 | Narrow shaft gripper
              When the space for grabbing a shaft is limited, we offer our LGGT 70-76.
              The grip is self-locking and very strong. It can hold a shaft horizontally despite short grip.

              The grip can also be adapted to other diameters.

              Width: 50mm
              Max load: depending on length mm

              Symmetrical shaft gripper
              If you have two Machines that are back to the back, our symmetrical shaft gripper can be a suitable solution. It allows you to solve the handling of heavy shafts in two machines with one and the same manipulator. You simply place a Liongrip midway between the machines it will serve both positions.

              Each gripper is specially adapted to the shaft to be handled.

              Gafflar för pallhantering
              Our Liongrip equipped with forks is the perfect lifting device for handling pallets. What today is an obvious injury hazard in your factory, can be a quick and risk-free handling with Liongrip.

              Gripper for cutting dies
              Our clever gripper for handling cutting dies has a built-in tilt that makes it easy to mount the tool in the machine. Liongrip can lift from floor to die roller and follows the operator’s every hand move.
          • Core Shafts

          • Core shafts - innovation through tradition

            We invented the original core shaft in the fifties and have fostered this legacy since. Together with our customers we create unique solutions, so that they are able to grow and become leaders within their respective fields.
            Leading the development forward is our main driving force.

            Through a helicopter view we analyze the customers process.
            When others say “we think out of the box”, we simply ask: what box?
            With our solutions, the customer enjoys increased productivity and margins.

            Our shafts are more durable and perform better because we always think one step ahead.
            Through careful calculations and through choice of materials, we optimize our products for each
            unique application. We put great effort into finding the best solution for your specific process.

            Our staff is our most valuable asset. The accumulated experience in the field of core shafts
            and chucks stretches well over a century. Experience means safety. Rethinking puts us ahead.
            This combination makes us a partner to grow together with.
            Our knowledge – your success
              • AMAL-SHAFT® – air expanding shafts

              • AMAL-SHAFT® – air expanding shafts
                AMAL-SHAFT® is the original. The shaft was invented here in Åmål in the fifties and the concept has been world leading ever since. The concept is developed continuously so we can offer you the optimal solution.

                S&T – Solid or Tube section, milled grooves
                • Very strong
                • Minimal deflection
                • For core diameter: Ø18mm to Ø600mm
                • Groove widths 9, 16, 20 and 33 mm
                • Number of grooves varies according to application

                TPPC & TPKC – Thin Profile P/K Centring
                • Carbon fibre reinforced aluminium profile
                • Light and strong
                • Durable
                • For cores: Ø70mm and Ø76mm (3”)
                • Groove width 20 mm
                • (TPPC=high stiffness, TPKC=standard stiffness)

                TPC – Thin Profile Centring
                • Ultra light weight aluminium profile
                • Weight optimized profile
                • For cores: Ø70mm and Ø76mm (3”)
                • Groove width 20 mm

                PC – Profile Centring
                • Solid aluminium profile
                • Very cost effective
                • For cores: Ø70mm and Ø76mm (3”)
                • Groove width 20 mm

                PTC 150 – Profile Tube Centring
                • Light weight
                • Available as ultra light weight (middle)
                • Optimized profile
                • For cores: Ø150mm and Ø152,4mm (6”)
                • Centring ledges adaptable for Ø148,5 – Ø153mm
                • Groove width 20 mm
              • Schlumpf – Expanding core shafts

              • Today, the classic core shafts from the Swiss Schlumpf are manufactured by Hofpartner, with the quality and precision that both we and Schlumpf are known for. The shafts are marketed in cooperation with Schlumpf Scandinavia AB.

                Below, Schlumpf´s different types of exanding shafts are presented.

                • Heavy duty
                • Standard dimensions: Ø70mm, Ø76mm (3”) and Ø150mm (6”)
                • Other dimensions on demand
                • Lugs: Rubber or Steel
                • Carbon fibre body optional

                • Active centring
                • Heavy duty
                • Standard dimensions: Ø70mm, Ø76mm (3”) and Ø150mm (6”)
                • Other dimensions on demand
                • Lugs: Rubber or Steel
                • Carbon fibre body optional

                • Cost effective
                • For core: Ø70mm, Ø76mm (3”)
                • Lugs: Polyamid or Polyurethane
                • Carbon fibre body optional
              • SF – mechanical shaft with optimal mechanical centring

              • In our cooperation with Schlumpf Scandinavia AB, we are now driving the development and manufacturing of this high performance mechanical shaft.

                Thanks to the synchronized movement of all lugs, the SF shaft provides optimal centring regardless of the core diameter and the roll weight.

                The expansion can be done either completely mechanically or driven by compressed air.

                We desing the shaft specifically for your specific needs. If you have odd core diameters, we adapt the design to your dimensions.

                We have a large selection of different expanding elements, both in material and length. Choose between rubber, polyurethane, aluminum and steel. Lengths can vary from 50 to 100mm depending on your needs.
            • Air Chucks

            • We have a wide range of chucks with diameters up to 500 mm.

              Our own chucks (ACAM) are air-mechanical. They provide the advantage of perfect centering combined with the simplicity of expansion with air.

              We also sell chucks of the Schlumpf brand. In their wide range there are even purely mechanical expanding chucks.

              We have an experienced team of engineers. If we do not have the solution you need, we can most probably find a special solution that provides an optimal solution to your needs.
                • ACAM Air mechanical chuck

                • Our highly valued air mechanical chuck ACAM gives you as a customer a carefree operation. The cone in our chuck is made of special plastic where traditional air mechanical chucks use steel. This means significantly less maintenance and need for spare parts.

                  ACAM 70-5
                  • Max load: 1400kg/pair
                  • Max torque: 400Nm/chuck
                  • Expansion: 68-78mm

                  ACAM 76-5
                  • Max load: 1600kg/pair
                  • Max torque: 450Nm/chuck
                  • Expansion: 74-84mm

                  ACAM 150-8

                  • Max load: 3000kg/pair
                  • Max torque: 900Nm/chuck
                  • Expansion: 148-158mm

                  • Perfect centring
                  • Expanded via rotary coupling or air gun
                  • Very durable polymeric core
                  • High torque
                  • Minimum maintenance
                  • Other dimensions available on demand
                • Tailor-made solutions

                • We tailor chucks when you need something out of our standard range. To the right you see a specially designed chuck for cores with diameter 410mm. The chuck body is coated with a special surface treatment that provides low friction in combination with outstanding durability.

                  Contact us, even with your special projects. Together we will find a fitting solution.
              • Other Products

              • In addition to our main products, we also market a range of closely related products. For smooth change of core shafts, we deliver the entire Boschert’s program of safety chucks. When you want a Product free of dust, we have the entire Kelva web cleaning program to offer. If static electricity is a problem in your production, we deliver the appropriate variant from Kelvas and Fraser’s palette of ionization equipment.

                In addition, we can also provide you with spare parts for most of Megteg Systems AMAL AB’s core changers and rewinders.
                  • Safety chucks

                  • We promote German Boschert’s renowned safety chucks. These chucks are well known for their robustness and high quality.

                    The safety chucks are available in many different designs. They can be mounted on a horizontal surface or flanged on a vertical surface.

                    If you want to automate your process, we also offer safety chucks with pneumatic opening and closing.

                    We can provide the safety chucks with integrated air brake and also offer variants with built-in manual lateral adjustment.
                  • Web Cleaning Systems

                  • Non Contact Web Cleaning Systems

                    A standard Kelva Cleanflow system comprises of a cleaner head, anti-static equipment, filter/ fan unit and connecting duct system. A wide range of models is available to cover all types of continous running substrates in web widths from 300 mm to over 10 meters.

                    We offer cleaning solutions for specific webs such as tissue, corrugated, glass, laminating, newsprint and many more.

                    Contact us for more information and quotation.

                    Contact Web Cleaning Systems

                    Kelva contact cleaners are available for both single- and double-sided continuous contact web cleaning. Specially developed polymer rollers lift and transfer contaminations from the web surface to easily replaceable adhesive sheets.

                    The polymer roller is designed to give a very good contact to the web – even at low pressure. The active static discharger, located after the rollers, ensures that the web does not re-attract dust after passing through the cleaner.

                    These web cleaners are suitable for cleaning of coated (glossed) paper, film and foil with low dust levels. Web speeds up to 300 m/minute and web widths up to 2.500 mm.

                    Contact us for more information.
                  • Diaphragm pumps

                  • We market Kelva’s full range of air driven diaphragm pumps together with their LV level control unit. Membrane pumps are widely used in industry to pump everything from aggressive liquids to viscous emulsions.

                    The pumps have the advantage that they are fully air driven and no electric motors are required. This means that our pumps are ATEX approved and can be used in areas with explosion hazard.

                    LF – membrane pump
                    • Less pulsation (-70%)
                    • Lower air consumption (-30-50%)
                    • Lower maintenance costs
                    • Longer diaphragm lifetime – less downtime
                    • Built-in sound muffler
                    Kelva LF Pump has a revolutionising air valve design and central flow technique. It has com­pact design and has total flexibility in installation.
                    The Kelva LF, thanks to the central flow, the more efficient air motor, new flap valve design and flexible diaphragm suspension heavily reduces both pulsation and noise.

                    VP-membrane pump
                    • Can handle anything from water to sludge in the low flow range
                    • Excellent in situations where portable and submercible equipment is needed
                    • Bayonet opening as option for faster dismantling
                    Kelva ‘s classic versatile VP-Pump is available in a number of sizes. Bayonet opening for faster opening and clean­ing, is available for some models. Diaphragms and O-rings are available in several different materials, depending on the liquid.

                    • Available as single or double
                    • Choose between 25 or 70 liters/min
                    • Turnable in- and outlet ports
                    Kelva IP double acting, pneumatic diaphragm pumps are specially designed for pumping flexo ink, gravure ink, glue and solvents, with maximum capacity of 25 or 70 liters per minute.

                    Available connected as two coupled single pumps or one double pump.

                    LV – nivakontrollenhet
                    To control your pumping system without electrical components we offer our level control unit LV.

                    LV2 gives a signal at a low level while the LV6 gives a signal at a high level to control your pump system.

                    LV2 och LV6 are air operated and ATEX approved.