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    is to promote and shape the development of premium-quality production technology together with our customers - by offering solutions and services with outstanding precision and reliability through highly qualified and motivated employees.

    Our Vision
    is to be the first-choice partner in introducing, supporting and optimising the performance of high-precision, production technology, always striving at sustained leadership and profitability.
Product Portfolio
  • Horizontal Machining Centre

      • a1 Series

      • Loaded with the technologies that manufacturers need for efficient production of both ferrous and nonferrous parts, Makino's a1 series lead the industry in speed, accuracy and reliability.

        Makino Collision Safeguard
        Real-time monitoring and collision avoidance between tools, structures, fixtures and stocks inside machining area, even with 5-axis programs
        CNC simulates the program a few milliseconds before machine executes the real movement

        Machining diverse components for different sectors
        Mount bracket for Aerospace industry
        Material: Titanium alloy (Ti-6AI-4V)
        Machine: a61nx
      • a40

      • The a40 is purpose-built for die cast aluminium parts production.

        Specially designed for machining of aluminium die-cast parts
        Responsive #40 spindle accelerates to 12,000 in 0.5 seconds.
        Max. workpiece size: ø630mm x 900 mm

        Rigid tapping synchronisation up to 6,000 rpm
        Excellent spindle acceleration/deceleration reduces tapping time per hole by 0.5 to 0.7 seconds compared to traditional methods

        20.7% faster than conventional methods
        Material: Aluminum die cast
        Operations: 2
        Tools: 25
        B-axis indexes: 22
    • Vertical Machining Centres

        • PS Series

        • Unique blend of speed, power
          and flexibility enhances productivity and makes the PS series ideal for job-shoppers.

          High-performance versatile vertical machining centre
          Case front
          Material: ADC12
          Cycle Time: 158 sec
          No of tools used: 15
          No of operations: 1

          Brake Caliper
          Material: Ductile Casting Iron
          Cycle Time: 158 sec
          No of tools used: 13
          No of operations: 4

          Complete process: roughing to finishing in one machine
          Mould base plate
          Material: Steel (S45C)
          Size: 600 x 450 x 100 mm
          Cycle Time: 3 hrs. 38 mins
          No of tools used: 8
          No of setups: 1
        • F Series

        • Designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility for high-speed/hard-milling and accuracies for tight-tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3-D contoured geometry.

          Increased productivity and efficiency with superior surface finish
          Reduce the overall lead-time by more than 35%.
          Complete machining on one machine – from roughing to finishing.
          Surface finish: Ra 1 μm

          High quality and high feed rate surface finishing
          Material : 1.2343 (52 HRC)
          Machining time: 20 minutes
          Size: 55 x 45 x 32 mm
          Surface Finish: Ra ~0.5 µm
          Small corner radius: R0.3 mm
          Machine: F5

          Low vibration spindle minimises manual re-work, even with long cutters (R4 L/D = 9)
          Material : SQ733HH (40 HRC)
          Size: 355 x 330 x 1245 mm
          Number of tools: 8 types, 12 tools
          Machine: F8
        • V Series

        • Boxed guideways combined with perfect temperature management, low vibration spindle technology and highest geometric accuracies guarantee best results in Die and Mould applications such as high end machining in stamping and plastic injection moulding.

          Excellent surface quality with higher feed rate
          Material: PXA30 (33HRC)
          Size: 1100 x 200 x 180 mm
          Machining time: 16 hr. 32 min
          Number of tools: 4 tools

          Excellent pitch accuracy
          Machining position error is less than 3μm in continuous machining over a total machining time of 8 hours.
          Workpiece material:PSL (equivalent to SUS630)
          Machining time:30 min. (one shape)
          Total machining time:8 hrs

          Exceptional accuracy and performance
          Multi cavity mould made with the special BIC turbine spindle option
          Material: 1.2083 (52HRC)
          Size: 250 x 150 x 40 mm
          Tools: 7 kinds, 10 tools
          Pitch accuracy: ±2.3μm
          Tool blending accuracy: Less than 3μm
        • iQ Series

        • Do you manufacture automotive lighting moulds, do micro machining or cut hard material?

          The ultimate precision of these dream machines enable mirror surfaces in optical quality, milling of tungsten carbide and sub-micron pitch accuracies.

          Eliminate manual reworking with the Makino mirror-surface finish technology
          Fly-eye lens mould
          Material : Stainless steel (STAVAX, 52HRC)
          Size: 55 x 45 x 32 mm
          Surface Finish: Ra ~0.5 µm
          Small corner radius: R0.3 mm

          Micro-milling machine for ultra-precise performance
          Mould base plate for lens
          Material: Stainless steel (STAVAX, 52HRC)
          Size (diameter × height): 16 × 30 mm
          Finishing tool: R0.2 Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) Ball end mill
          Surface finish: Ra: 17.47 nm
          Rz: 97.19 nm

          Cutting and grinding of cemented carbide on one machine
          Tool insert mould
          Material: Tungsten carbide (87.5HRA, 70HRC)
          Size (L x W × H): 13 × 13 × 20 mm
          Finishing tool: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) Ball end mill
          Surface finish: Ra 20.7 nm
      • Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Centres

          • a500Z

          • Reliable and efficient production with 5-axis flexibility

            Based on proven technologies of Makino's a1 series, the new 5-axis horizontal machining centre is tailor-made for complex-parts production

            Two machining processes on one pallet

            Application: Manifold Block
            Material: FCD450
            Highlight: 5-axis angle-hole machining
            Makino Professional 6 controller is loaded with several intelligent functions to increase productivity of the machines by reducing cutting and non-cutting time. The controller was developed to meet customer needs for enhanced machining processes through improved safety, ease of operation, reliability and productivity.
            Makino Collision Safeguard
            Real-time monitoring and collision avoidance between tools, structures, fixtures and stocks inside machining area, even with 5-axis programs
            CNC simulates the program a few milliseconds before machine executes the real movement
          • a1 Series

          • The popular a1 series machines with 5-axis capabilities – the 5-axis a1 series machining centres provide unprecedented levels of productivity and accuracy in the most complex, full 5-axis machining applications.

            Reduction of cycle time with the 80kW, 24,000 rpm high power spindle
            Leading edge rib
            Material removal rate (MRR): 608 cm3/min
            Material: Aluminium (A7075)
            Workpiece size: : 490 × 490 × 35 mm

            High surface quality with 'one-shot wall finish' reduces offline operation
            Material: Aluminium (A7075)
            Workpiece size: 490 × 490 × 35 mm
          • MAG Series

          • Ideal choice for machining aluminium aerospace components and structures with un-paralleled material removal rates (MRR) and excellent chip management.

            Flexible A, C-axis configuration and machining with optimised milling-heads reduce the number of setups
            Shear Tie machining with main spindle provides 6 times more power than with conventional angle head
            Size: 2200 x 1060 mm

            Find the right solution for your needs
            Makino A series machines with the same spindle performance as MAG series provide machining solutions for structural components from four to twenty meters

            More than 23% decrease in cycle compared to conventional methods
            Inspar rib
            Workpiece size: 1500 x 350 x 50 mm
            Maximum material removal rate (MRR): 10,800 cm3 / min
          • T Series

          • Ensure increased productivity and higher tool life with Makino’s ADVANTiGETM titanium machining technologies.

            5 axis simultaneous heavy hogging with material removal rate (MRR) of 228 cm3 / min
            Twisted channel
            Workpiece material: Ti-6Al-4V
            Workpiece size: 300 x 120 x 90 mm
            5 axis simultaneous machining reduce roughing and finishing times achieving 4.6 times shorter cycle times than in gantry machines

            Excellent surface quality in 5-axis simultaneous machining
            Workpiece material: Ti-6Al-4V
            Machine stability offers excellent surface quality and reduces off-line operations needed in traditional gear spindles

            Door frame
            Makino's AdvanTige technology improves productivity and tool life up to four times
        • Vertical 5-Axis Machining Centres

            • V Series

            • Combining the stiffness and accuracy of the V-series with high end Makino made tilt rotary tables results in very precise 5 axis milling machines, perfect for complicated Die and Mould inserts.

              R-θ machining without quadrant protrusion
              Material: A5056
              Size: φ135×50 mm
              Number of tools: 3
              Cycle time: 34 sec.
              Profile accuracy: ±3μm

              High accuracy machining of carbide bevel gear
              Material: RT55 (83HRA)
              Size: Ø90 x 50 (mm)
              Machining time: 29 hr. 39 min.
              Number of tools: 3 types, 9 tools

              Difficult parts can be machined in one chucking
              Material: A5056(Aluminum)
              Size: 63 x 63 x 77 mm
              Number of tools: 7
            • D Series

            • New standards for speed and accuracy. For highest requirements in 5-axis machining in moulds and high precision parts.

              Continuous 45 times index machining
              Blending accuracy ±5µm in each surface
              Machine: D800Z
              Material: NAK80 (40HRC)
              Size: 60×60×60 mm
              Machining time: 8h 10min
              Number of tools: 2 tools

              Accuracy and precision in 5 axes
              Vacuum cleaner box (core)
              Machine: D500
              Material: Mold steel (PX5, 33HRC)
              Size: 440 x 260 x 300 (mm)
              Tools: 22 kinds 30 tools

              High surface quality with simultaneous 5 axis machining
              Machine : D200Z
              Material : STAVAX (50HRC)
              Size : 200 x 100 x 60 mm
              Machining time : 13 hrs. 43 min.
              Number of tools : 10 tools
          • Sinker EDM

              • EDAF Series

              • The EDAF series automation-ready machines are built in high accuracy and have a liquid thermal stabilization for Y and Z axis, resulting in a very stable machining so that the target is reached without any adjustment.

                Manufacturing of Punch details with undercuts using the Back Burn EDM Process
                Work piece Material: CPM-M2 Tool Steel
                Electrode material: Graphite (3 Windows)
                Thickness: 6.35 mm
                Machining Time: 6hr 45min

                High-precision moulding components with less than 6 μm inner radii
                Connector mould with smallest corner radius of 6 μm
                Work piece Material: Tool Steel (PD613)
                Electrode Material: Copper Tungsten (CuW)
                Electrode Reduction: 0.025 mm
                Depth: 0.3 mm
                Surface roughness: 0.8 μm Rz (0.12 μm Ra)
                Machining time: 1h 55 min

                Perfect shape and surface finish of Ra 0,05μm in every cavity
                LED - Multi Cavity Mold
                Material: : ELMAX
                Hardness: 52HRC
                Electrode: Copper
              • EDNC Series

              • EDNC machines are capable of high-speed jump Z-axis motions up to 20 m/min with a 1.5 G acceleration rate using the optional HS-Rib Z-axis. The very stiff design of these machines can keep the spark gap always precise – thus also reducing the machining time with large electrodes.

                Reduction of roughing time by almost 50%
                Tibia baseplate
                Material: Steel, M238
                Machining depth: 33 mm
                Surface finish: Ra 1.2 µm

                50% reduction in machining time with HyperCut and SuperSpark technology
                Multi Rib
                Material: Steel (Stavax)
                Electrode: Gr(ISO-63)
                Depth: 30.0mm
                Reduction: 0.2mm/side
                No of electrode: 2

                Surface roughness is reduced by half (same machining time) with the High Quality Surface Finish (HQSF) technology
                Speaker grill mould insert
                Material: Stainless Steel (STAVAX)
                Electrode: Graphite (POCO-EDM3)
                Size: 200 x 200 mm
                Electrode Reduction: 0.15 mm/side
                Depth of Cut: 7 mm
                Surface finish: 5 μm Rz (0.9 μm Ra)
              • EDAC

              • The EDAC-1 is designed for highest accuracies and best surface roughness at small parts. The very precise temperature management, incorporating a core cooled ball screw in Z and enhanced liquid slider cooling, lets you reach high end targets without any problems.

                Step difference of ±1.5μm between EDM and grinding surface
                Material: NAK80
                Machining depth: 0.05mm
                Electrode material: Copper
                Electrode reduction: 0.15 mm per side
                Surface roughness: Rz 1.0µm
                Machining accuracy: ±1.5μm
            • Wire EDM

                • U Series

                • The U series machines offer an excellent combination of precision, speed and surface finish capability. Makino's advanced adaptive control technologies enhance machining operations and deliver optimum accuracy, excellent surface quality with superior edge and metallurgical quality, and low electrode wear.

                  Good Straightness cut sample
                  With Makino’s Good Cut (GS) control, achieve very good straightness with high thickness right away, in the first cut, with controlled wire bending or bow-ringing.
                  Workpiece material : Steel
                  Wire used: Φ 0.3 mm (BS)
                  Plate thickness: 400 mm
                  No. of machining passes: 1
                  Surface finish: Rz 22 μm (Ra 3.8 μm)
                  Straightness (per side): 4.5 µm

                  Machining time: 4 hours 40min

                  Superior surface finish of 3,5 μm (0.42 μm Ra) in just 3 cuts with HyperCut technology
                  Stamping die punch
                  Material: Tool steel
                  Thickness: 100 mm
                  Straightness (one side): 2 μm
                • UPN Series

                • The UPN-01 is an oil based di-electric Horizontal Wire EDM machine that achieves the highest level of precision in the sub-micron range with very fine surface finish capabilities that make it the ideal choice for small electronics, medical, and micro-machining applications.
                  Its design specifically enhances the unattended operation of small wire and small part detail operation. The airstream wire threading system is offering the most reliable solution available on the market for thin wire down to 0.02mm.

                  Micro-gear machining
                  Material: Carbide
                  Wire used: 0.015 mm dia. (Tungsten)
                  Pitch circle: 0.18 mm dia.
                  Module: 0.018
                  Plate thickness: 0.2 mm
                  No. of machining passes: 2
                  Machining time: 76 min
                  Surface finish: 0.5 μm Rz

                  More accurate taper machining with Makino's AS control technology
                  Workpiece material: Carbide
                  Wire diameter: 0.1 mm (brass wire)
                  Plate thickness: 10 mm
                  Taper angle : 0.166° (10 min)
                  Surface finish of straight portion (cutting edge): Rz 0.3 µm (7 machining passes)
                  Surface finish of taper (recess) portion: Rz 1.6 µm (4 machining passes)

                  Finish machining of narrow slits 32 µm in width
                  Workpiece Material: Carbide
                  Wire used: 0.02mm dia.(Tungsten)
                  Plate thickness: 3 mm
                  No. of machining passes: 3
                  Surface finish: 0.5 μm Rz
                  Slit width: 32 μm (±0.5)
              • EDM Drilling

                  • EDBV Series

                  • EDBV series machines are specially designed for 5-axis drilling and contouring operations at blades and vanes for the aerospace and power generation turbine industry. With breakthrough detection and submerged machining the process stability is enhanced while the high pressure flushing and fast head rotation provide best machining speeds.

                    Break through detect function
                    Aerospace Blade – Holes
                    Electrode: Brass Tube
                    Ø 0.5mm
                    Cycle Time: 20 Seconds per hole
                    Machining Details: Ø 0.51 mm holes
                    Effective Depth: 10 mm
                  • EDAF-FH option

                  • The EDAF fine hole machines are dedicated for EDM drilling with tube electrodes starting at 80 µm. With automatic electrode and guide changer, electrode length management and automatic drilling depth detection they are perfect for unmanned long time operation – precisely and reliable. The drilling arm can be removed within a minute and the machine turns into a full featured Sinker EDM.

                    High Precision Hole Pitch machining
                    High precision hole pitch machining is possible with the automatic change of electrodes
                    Electrode: ø0.08 Cu pipe
                    Electrodes used: 6
                    Pitch accuracy/Hole diameter: ±0.003 mm / ø 0.10 ±0.005 mm
                    Machining time for 1 hole: 40 sec
                    Total machining time: 5 hours 35 min
                    Electrode consume: 0.9 mm / hole
                    Holes: 500
                    Workpiece: Tungsten (G5)
                    Pressure of dielectric fluid: 10 MPa
                    Workpiece thickness: 0.6 mm
                • Graphite Machining Centres

                      • V Graphite Series

                      • The accuracy, speed and reliability of the V-Series enables best electrode qualities with the specially designed graphite version. A powerful dust suction keeps your work shop clean. The wiper protection for guides and ball screws secures long lifetime of the equipment. Tool life is enhanced by the high dampening of the boxed guideways. Powerful axis drives guarantee high acceleration and ensure a very good performance.

                        Reduction of manual polishing
                        Electrode of exhaust manifold
                        Material: TTK5(GRAPHITE)
                        Size(insert): 250 x 250 x 180 mm
                        Machining time: 5h 39min
                        Number of tools: 5types, 8tools

                        Reduction of machining time by almost 42% in comparison to conventional methods
                        Shoe sole electrode
                        Workpiece size: 105 x 125 x 245 mm
                        Machining modes:
                        High-efficiency mode (roughing + semi-finishing)
                        High-accuracy mode (finishing)
                  • Grinding

                        • G Series

                        • One machine, multiple possibilities. Makino´s 5 axis grinding series are capable of milling, drilling and grinding with the same spindle. In addition, the Viper Grinding technology boosts performance and reduces consumable expenses.

                          Makino´s Viper Grinding technology achieves 8 times higher material removal rate than conventional creep-feed Grinding
                          Rolls Royce-Makino's jointly developed patented solution is able to increase the M.R.R. while decreasing consumable cost by developing a new way of reducing the heat transferred to the wheel

                          Grinding, dressing, drilling, milling and measuring on a single machine
                          Turbine disc
                          Workpiece material: Inconel 718
                          Size: Ø254mm

                          5-Axis grinding
                          Turbine vane
                          Workpiece material: Inconel 718
                          5 axis grinding capability minimises the number of operation needed while maximising the surface quality
                    • Software and automation

                        • Software

                        • Fastest creation of optimal toolpath
                          The most salient feature of FFCAM is high-quality machining tool path, ensuring high quality finishing surface and reduction of polishing processes

                          Utilisation of 3D data at machining site for EDM
                          Elimination of the dry run on the machine reduces setup time by 65%
                          EDcam can read the necessary data to make the program from CAD without the manual input

                          Machine Productivity MAXimiser
                          Increasing machine productivity through intelligent functions
                          Centralised display and control of shop floor data
                          Graphical real time overview of the connected machines
                          Transfer tool data directly from presetter to MPmax/machine database
                        • Work-holding-pallet handling solution

                        • Makino’s Versatile Intelligent Production (VIP) system is an automated work-holding pallet system with standardised zero-clamping system connecting machining centres and material handling systems.

                          Workpiece transportation by Work Holding Pallets (WHP) with zero-point clamping system and 6-axis robot.
                          Easy clamping on horizontal and vertical machining centres with the possibility to combine both in one system.

                          VIP Single Machine Solution
                          Makino Professional 6 controller has cell-control functions, controlling the components of VIP like a standard pallet changer.
                          -Work Management pallet/fixture/part
                          -NC Program Management
                          -Tool Data Management
                          -Tool life prediction
                          -Dynamic Scheduling
                          -Monitoring and Report
                          -System Utility

                          VIP Multiple Machine Solution
                          Connect up to a maximum of 8 Makino machining centres and 4 work setting stations.
                          Operator stand contains:
                          - PC for cell-management software MAS-A5
                          - PLC based cell controller
                        • Machine- pallet Handling Solution

                        • Designed specifically for quick adaptation to changes, Makino’s MMC2 is a modular material handling system that links Makino‘s horizontal machining centres, pallet loaders and operators.

                          Makino MAS-A5 control software pursues optimum ease of operation to facilitate highly flexible use of Module MMC2 systems.
                          Entire system’s operating status is displayed
                          Part data management provides powerful support for repeated production
                          Tools are managed according to the data on each type of tool, thereby simplifying data input for multiple spare tools

                          1-layer, 2-layer, and 3-layer systems possible with same structure of carrier
                          Each system is completely flexible and can be custom-designed according to the customer facility, using standard components while its modular flexibility permits future expansion as required.
                          Example: a51nx × 4 units + WSS × 2 units + 6-piece pallet stocker × 2 level

                          Machining schedules are generated automatically to maximise machine uptime rates.
                          Fixture Data function manages the data on common fixtures so that the fixtures can be shared between several different machining processes.
                          The current data for all tools in a machine's ATC magazine can be displayed on the screen and the data can be edited from the PC.