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Business Profile

The Austrian company ANGER headquartered in Traun is developing turn-key machining solutions for high volume structural parts, battery trays, aluminum profiles and high precision transmission and engine parts and since 1982.

ANGER systems are perfectly suited for solving production challenges from demand of scalable productivity, lower life cycle cost, demand of flexibility, to requirement of precision and volume. Leading automotive companies such as FCA, Daimler, VW, ZF, Nemak and many more rely on ANGER technology.

Since 2015 ANGER is part of the internationally successful Tongtai group (TTGroup), an engineering company based in Taiwan with a global service network.

ANGER has a clear goal: We create "Systems to match any challenge". That means, we evaluate the customers needs and design tailor made production systems based on customer demands. We focus on the customer as well as the market trends and needs. Therefore, ANGER develops solutions which reduce costs per part and are more flexible for easy adaption for future part changes. We are creating solutions for the cost efficient and process-safe manufacturing of serial parts in middle and high quantity.

ANGER MACHINING is dedicated to the topic of structural components and has extended the product portfolio in 2016 with newly developed machining solutions specifically adapted to the new e-platforms and light weight car architectures. The ANGER SP machine family includes single- and 2-spindle horizontal machining centers with 5-axis. 2 independently controllable spindles allow double machining of up to 3000mm X-travel. Big battery trays, sills or long aluminum profiles can be double machined, this is the highest possible productivity for the booming segment on the market currently.
In a transfer center the components can be (milled, drilled, threaded etc.) processed with just one set-up. Work pieces are automatically clamped into position and are then moved, controlled by the CNC, from one tool to another. It thereby reduces floor space, energy, servicing and labor requirements. The total costs (TCO) can be reduced significantly, highest accuracies and highest productivity are the big benefits with this technology.

In ANGER's portfolio a specialized range of single and double machining centers are available. ANGER as a system architect evaluates the different processes on the parts and generates a solution based on the demands of the customers. Our machining center modules with single and double spindle machining centers are highly standardized and are designed for the high demands and the target of “high performance machining”.

When it comes to investing in technically complex assets, one thing matters most: a great after sales service. With customer training programs designed to your specifications, professional systems maintenance and fast repair management, ANGER will be your reliable partner for the duration of the machine's life cycle.