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  • Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH is an international company specializing in the manufacture of special machine tools for the energy, plastics, aerospace, and heavy duty machining sectors.
Product Portfolio
  • Machines

      • Vario

      • Extremely precise. Extremely flexible. Extremely profitable.

        vario machines meet the demands of the pump and oil industries to perfection. Around the globe, the vario represents a guarantee of the successful production of single- and multi-lobe rotors and stator cores, not merely since yesterday, but for the past four decades.

        Variable. More variable. vario.

        The vario is the epitome of maximum flexibility. In one or several passes, vario machines peel rotors and stator cores for the pump industry. In addition, the machines excel in the point radius milling of multi-lobe rotors and stator cores for the mud motors employed in the oilfield industry.

        vario times five.

        vario machines are available in five sizes and can thus handle any diameter range. They combine single- and double-lobe peeling and point radius milling in a single machine and also provide the stability and precision that customers are seeking. Moreover, encapsulation ensures safety and cleanliness.

        • Suitable for any dimensions! Vario machines come in five sizes, which provides you with the advantage of being equipped to deal with every diameter range.
        • Two-in-one. This machine combines single/double lobe peeling and point radius milling in a single device.
        • Convincing. Maximum stability and precision. 
        • Time-saving. Minimum machining times thanks to ingenious technology.
        • Safety. Fully encapsulated machines represent a guarantee for clean and safe workstations. 
        Used in peeling technology
      • Pick up classic whirling & milling machine

      • Fast. Faster. pick up classic!

        pick up stands for high-speed unit switching. pick up is a special machining centre that in an instant can change over completely from whirling to milling operation due to an end milling spindle or angle head. pick up operates using the weinCAD® programming system.

        pick up! pick up!

        pick up has accelerated the success of the plastics industry and cuts an outstanding figure worldwide in the production of screws for injection moulding machines and extruders. The combination of machinery, plus software and support is globally unique.

        This whirling process optimises the manufacture of all standard extrusion and injection moulding screws for the plastics industry by means of end, special end, and circumferential milling and hobbing. Therefore, if you are looking for the best possible solution, you merely need to pick up a pick up.

        • machines come in four sizes and are thus suitable for every diameter segment.
        • pick up classic convinces due to the multi-functionality provided by cost-efficient whirling, circumferential and end milling in a single machine.
        • machines stand out due to maximum stability and precision during the processing of all standard screws.
        • pick up classic is a synonym for minimised machining times.
        • pick up classic machines are fully encapsulated, which increases workplace safety and cleanliness.
        Used for whirling
      • The new pick up

      • Optimised. Perfected. Completed.

        What epitomises the new generation of Weingärtner machines? Quite simply the fact that it improves the cost-efficient, complete machining of feed-, extrusion and injection moulding screws. At Weingärtner, brainwaves produce fresh ideas, which in turn solve problems and enhance customer success. The end-result? There is nothing average about Weingärtner.

        Systematic. Advanced. Thinking. The pick up.

        The new pick up machining centre represents the systematic further development of the pick up classic machine series, which has proven so successful in the plastics industry. pick up facilitates the production of complete screw geometries and once again demonstrates Weingärtner’s weakness; a weakness for perfection.

        Clear. Concentrated. Customer-oriented.

        Customers set Weingärtner a challenge and its team responded with persistence. They asked themselves how the cost efficiency of the production of “small” screws with diameters of up to 150mm and “big” screws with diameters of up to 400mm could be optimised? And the result proved convincing, as customers are now using the new pick up worldwide.

        The concept:

        In the new pick up concept, Weingärtner has linked both proven and innovative mpmc technology. Consequently, the machine employs a blend of the tried and tested cutting concept used in the pick up classic machine series, with prism jaw steadies, a stable headstock and tailstock, in combination with the powerful and flexible machining technology of the mpmc turning and milling centre.

        The result:

        A high-performance milling and optional turining machining centre for the complete processing of plastic screws.


        • A complete system from programming to the finished workpiece.
        • Time savings during programming because existing weinCAD® program data can be reused in production.
        • Increased flexibility derived from the fact that the pick up can be utilised purely for milling, or as a turning and milling centre, either with or without a tool magazine.
        • The safety and cleanliness provided by standard features that include an encapsulated working area with emulsion mist extraction, barrier-free access to the workpiece and automatic safety gates, as well as a mobile control console that can be rotated and height-adjusted along the entire length of the machine.
        • Uncompromising cost efficiency during complete screw machining derived from the highly flexible milling process in tandem with the optional turning application.
        • Uncompromising cost efficiency during complete screw machining derived from the highly flexible milling process in tandem with the optional turning application.
        Used for pick up applications
      • Multi product machining center - mpmc

      • The mpmc is our pride and joy and our team of highly qualified engineers continually strive to improve and develop it further.

        Since its conception, the mpmc with its integrated software package, has had such a high degree of customization potential that, although we still talk about a series, it really is a complete solution tailor-made to your specific and unique requirements. Be assured to receive a world-class, high-end machine that delivers on the Weingärtner promise.

        This remarkable machine regularly sets new standards for complete horizontal machining of various types of complex components, including:

        • injection molding screws
        • extruder screws
        • turbo-generator shafts
        • gas- and steam turbine shafts

        Precision, efficiency and versatility are just a few features this machine concept has to offer – a concept which increases the quality of a workpiece, at the same time reducing production costs.

        The mpmc is a modular, inclined-bed turning & milling machine with efficient chip removal. The ergonomic design of the machine guarantees comfortable and safe operation. The wide base, the excellent guide ratio and the configuration of the guideways ensure stability and prevent vibration during operation, even under extreme cutting conditions.


        • A robust and ergonomic Design
        • Innovative Design
        • machines are available in nine sizes with diameters of up to 2,000 mm
        • machines can process workpieces with a maximum weight of 80 t between the centres
        • machines are supplied tailor-made to requirements
        • machines cut personnel and machine park costs due to versatile machining possibilities
        • machines stand out due to maximum precision and stability
        • machines represent a synonym for uniform quality derived from ingenious machining processes
        • machines offer fully automatic machining unit changes and tool changes
      • Finish polishing & grinding machine

      • Polished profitability.

        What are the benefits of using a grinding and polishing machine? Quite simply, it accelerates and completes the second rotor, stator and screw machining phase. This know-how package combines multifunctional polishing units with the weinCAD® module for polishing, spiral grinding and measurement.

        Profiling and optimising.

        One feature for genuine plastics industry success is the equipping of the machine with a grinding and polishing unit. Special devices for the application of the polish paste to screws provide exceptional quality, while the solid material disk profiles the geometry of the workpieces to perfection using its own take-off fixture. Moreover, the disk facilitates the highly cost-efficient grinding of edges and radii.

        All in all, this adds up to saved time, money and nerves.

        Single. Treble.

        Shorter cycle times and competitive advantages is the motto and for the oilfield industry, the special development of the treble grinding unit represents a genuine USP, as it reduces time, energy and financial expenditure. The uniform geometries of the Moineau rotors and stator cores make this special application highly attractive to oilfield companies and therefore particularly successful.

        Contactless measurement is a perfect addition.

        The tailor-made package for the oilfield industry can be supplemented by a measurement device, which provides the tactile and contactless measurement of Moineau components. The results are then integrated into the machine process and linked bi-directionally using weinCAD®. The polishing of bolts and Moineau design parts takes place using a grinding belt and contact or fan disk in a multifunctional polishing unit (buffing).

        Advantages of working with Weingärtner:

        Save time with programming.

        What are your advantages when working with Weingärtner?

        • Shorter machining times.
        • The benefits of straightforwardweinCAD®pre-programming.
        • The simple use of the existing CNC programs for the pick up and vario machines.
        • Easy corrections by means of the teach-in function.
        • Maximum safety through integrated extractor units.
        • Secure and uniform workpiece quality, irrespective of the machine operator.
        • The possibility for permanent geometry measurement and quality controls provided by a 3D camera system.
        • Plastic industry
        • Oilfield and Pump industry
        • Contact wheel
        • Quality control
      • Multi lobe profile check system

      • Complete. Engineered. Manufactured.

        A high-performance measuring device rounds off the concept for rotor and stator core production for the pump and oil industries. A high-definition camera provides a 3D image of the workpiece geometry and the data can be synchronised simply using the weinCAD® system. The benefit? Time-savings; enormous time-savings.

        Competitive advantages

        • A unique measurement system for single and multi-lobe, Moineau-shaped rotors and stator cores for the oil drilling and pump industry
        • Increased yield due to compatibility with all Weingärtner machines
        • The 3D data of the workpiece is read in from the weinCAD® system, which offers even greater comfort
        • Detailed target-actual comparisons that enhance precision levels
        • Every deviation is identified and corrected immediately via theweinCAD® system. This applies to the vario and finish peeling, milling, grinding and polishing machines  
        • Geometry checks
        • Quality controls
        • The documentation of rotors and stator cores for industrial pumps and mud motors for the oil industry
        • Reverse engineering
        • Geometry check
        • Quality control
        • Documentation of rotors and stator cores for industrial pumps and "mud motors" for the petroleum industry
        • Reverse engineering


    • Software

        • weinCAD®

        • Simply the best CAD/CAM solution!

          weinCAD® software, which renders programming easier than ever before.

          And what can be programmed?

          All types of screw-shaped components such as,

          • feed and extruder screws and compressors
          • moineau pump rotors and stator cores,
          • as well as rotors and stator cores for progressive cavity pumps & mud motors

          The most flexible solution for you...

          weinCAD® software can enhance your flexibility, speed of reaction and success. The software allows the extremely rapid production of screw-shaped workpieces and thus puts you in the business fast lane.

        • THE NEW weinCAD® Moineau

        • SIMPLY THE BEST design and manufacturing SOLUTION for the progressive cavity pump and mud motor industry!


          • Extremely fast and flexible geometry input
          • Hypo, Epi, Epi-Hypo geometries (Can be changed at any time)
          • 2D & 3D data export
          • Point clouds, iges and Existing weinCAD WPR data


          • Single and two-lobe peeling animation
          • Peeling flank evaluation
          • Back-cutting minimization
          • Tool positioning
          • Rotor-stator meshing
          • Overlay verification
          • Reverse engineering
          • Flow Simulation
          • Pump Design (Pressure, Diameter, Volume, ...)
          • Generate the counterpart flank
          • External or internal meshing
          • Co / Counter rotating
          • Pumps, gears, engines


          • Simulate toolpath
          • Tool definition
          • CNC generation
          • Export CNC program


          • Definition of correction points along flank
          • Rubber, polishing, coating corrections
          • Import of measurement results
          • Various correction via measurement results
      • Complete Solution

          • OIL AND GAS

          • Leadership for the oil and gas industry

            Reliability and speed of reaction.

            Do you manufacture key components like those used in drill strings? If so, Weingärtner special machining centres would be a logical first choice. Why? Because fifty years of mechanical engineering experience add up to significant advantages, especially when reliability and a rapid reaction to your requirements are needed. In fact, clients throughout the oil and gas industry have been convinced by Weingärtner’s fresh know-how and highly innovative production solutions.

            Cost-efficiency born of precision.

            Drill string equipment is manufactured on the multi-product machining centre (mpmc), while single- and multi lobe rotors, stator cores for power sections (drilling motors) and progressive cavity pumps are produced cost efficiently on our vario machines.

            Quality multiplied by compatibility.

            finish single and triple grinding and polishing machines treat the surfaces of both rotors and stator cores automatically. In addition, the multi-lobe profile check (mlpc) measurement machine furnishes first class quality monitoring. It is this interplay of know-how, software, tools and technologies that has the potential to raise both your productivity and sales revenues.
              • PUMPS

              • Complete solutions for the pump industry

                Our weakness for perfection is our strength.

                For many years, pump industry customers have appreciated Weingärtner’s know-how and investigative spirit. Around the world, Weingärtner special machine centres cut quite a dash, manufacturing top quality, key components for the production of progressive cavity pumps.

                Our success? Your success!

                The Weingärtner vario machine series is employed for the manufacture of single- and double-lobe rotors, as well as single- and treble-lobe stator cores for progressive cavity pumps (PCPs). Accordingly, vario has captured the hearts of customers around the globe, which is fortunate, as Weingärtner is fully aware that their success is also its success.

                Hand in hand. One-stop-shopping packages.

                finish, a single and triple grinding and polishing machine, enables the automatic machining of stator core and rotor surfaces. Moreover, for reasons of economy, a multi-lobe profile check (mlpc) machine is ideal for final quality checks. Accordingly, Weingärtner customers receive stable, high-precision machines that combine know-how, software, tools and proven technology, all on a one-stop-shopping basis.

                ... we raise productivity
                  • PLASTIC

                  • Complete solutions for the plastic industry

                    Impossible doesn’t exist!

                    Anyone manufacturing extruder or injection moulding screws and the related barrels, knows that flexibility is decisive. Therefore, in order that its customers remain on the pace, Weingärtner offers an extensive and flexible production concept that includes:

                    • The pick up machine series
                    • The multi product machining centre (mpmc) series
                    • finish CNC universal grinding and polishing machines
                    • weinCAD® CAD / CAM programming systems

                    as well as tool and turnkey solutions.

                    Cost efficiency. Increased cost efficiency. Maximum cost efficiency.

                    Universal pick up machines are fitted with the very latest whirling and milling technology, which brings maximum cost efficiency to the production of standard extruder and injection moulding screws, barrier screws, mixer and mixer sections, cylindrical and conical double screws and compounders, etc. This is machinery that answers every question and is certain to convince.

                    Width x height. Whirling x milling.

                    Should you have individual requirements, these are no problem, as Weigärtner always has the best, customised solution. We produce exactly according to your needs in any size and irrespective of whether this involves a straightforward whirling machine, whirling and milling machines, or milling machines with a turning application.

                    The mpmc machine series rounds off our portfolio with the complete machining of all extruder and injection moulding screws, as well as the related barrels.

                    All for. None against.

                    • For all standard materials in the plastics sector. Moreover, turnkey machining packages are also available for all materials that are difficult to machine.
                    • For the definition and development of new types of machining possibilities we cooperate with you to create comprehensive solutions.

                    finish CNC grinding and polishing machines supplement the range of complete solutions packages and support the surface treatment process by means of belt grinding, as well as the polishing of screws using sisal and abrasive disks.
                      • ENERGY

                      • Complete Solutions for the energy industry

                        Precision in perfection.

                        Do you manufacture complex, precision components? If so, you are certain to be faced with the challenges posed by flexibility and exactitude. Challenges to which the Weingärtner mpmc (multi product machining center) for turning and milling offers the ideal response.

                        Cost efficiency as a strategy for success.

                        If you insist on customised solutions and machinery trimmed exactly to your requirements, then the mpmc is what you have been looking for. It provides additional success potential for:

                        • Generator shafts
                        • Turbo generator shafts
                        • Crankshafts
                        • Gas and steam turbine shafts
                        • Large compressor shafts
                        • All other parts which require a complete machining process

                        Moreover, Weingärtner machines set the pace with regard to cost efficiency and fully integrated production.

                        Flexibility as a speciality.

                        If, in particular, you require large-scale capacity, with the Weingärtner mpmc you can be spoiled for choice. Models from the 600 to the 2000 series offer turning and milling diameters of up to 2,000 mm and a maximum machining length of 15 m.

                        The 80t challenge.

                        80t workpieces? No problem! With their stable design and high performance capability mpmc machines can also handle over-dimensional workpieces with the utmost precision.

                        Unit changes in record time.

                        No one wants to lose production time and the flexible pick-up system makes you even faster. Every mpmc machine is fitted with a pick-up system and a range of flexible storage options that allow you to raise the tempo when specific machining units have to be exchanged quickly and flexibly.

                        A competitive advantage

                        Who doesn’t want to save time and money? mpmc centres makes such economies possible, as all their units are quickly available and can be changed in no time at all. This puts you on the pace and creates a clear competitive advantage.


                        • Machining lengths of 1 to 15m (depending on the model)
                        • Combined turning and milling head
                        • Fully automatic, interchangeable units
                        • complete machining of your parts on one multi task machine 

                        mpmc assists during mechanical processing, thus providing the benefits of complete workpiece processing on a single machine.

                        Fully user-friendly

                        The automatic tool changer operates on a hidden time basis. The tool is transported by an independently operating shuttle, which creates the advantage of tool exchanges in any longitudinal position.

                        High productivity, maximum availability.

                        Programming of the Siemens 840D-SL controls takes place via WeinCAD® / Esprit or direct data inputs on the machine. The wmds® diagnosis system and the CHECKitB4® emulation model ensure maximum availability and productivity.
                          • GENERAL MACHINING

                          • General machining. Leadership born of flexibility.

                            Not just exact. High-precision.

                            The course is set and the lead consolidated because Weingärtner Maschinenbau can be relied upon. For more than five decades customers across the globe have come to appreciate its offer of international partnership, technology leadership and a passion for singular solutions. And when the production of complex, high-precision components is required, multi product machining centers (mpmc), offers unique turning and milling that deliver a decisive competitive advantage.

                            Not just part by part. Complete.

                            These customised machines impress around the world. Workpieces such as printing machine drums, hydraulic cylinders and pistons, railway wheels, steel plant rollers, large turned parts for the defence industry and other machined and milled components can all be manufactured entirely on these special machines in a highly cost-efficient manner.

                            Not just standard. Innovative.

                            Multi product machining centers (mpmc) come in a range of sizes, all of which are impressive. Depending on the model, the 600 to 2,000 series offer a maximum turning and milling diameter of 2,000 mm and a maximum machining length of 15,000 mm. Stable design and high-performance machining units furnish you with fresh room for manoeuvre, as workpieces weighing as much as 80,000 kg or of with exceptionally large dimensions can be processed with extreme precision.

                            Not just simple. Multifaceted.

                            Every machine model convinces owing to a flexible pick-up system and diverse storage options. Advantages derive from the fact that units awaiting machining can be exchanged at the flick of a wrist, which allows a highly flexible response to customer demands. Indeed, the rapid availability of all units and short exchange times furnish you with a decisive competitive advantage.
                              • AEROSPACE

                              • Aerospace. Propelled by passion.

                                Not just precise. Extremely precise.

                                For over fifty years, Weingärtner has adhered to the maxim that precise is not exact enough. This is because the aerospace industry demands absolute precision, which means perfect exactitude. Accordingly, when complex components are to be manufactured with maximum precision, it is then that Weingärtner’s flexible turning and milling, multi product machining centers (mpmc) set new benchmarks.

                                Not just special. Extremely special.

                                If you have requirements that are not run-of-the-mill but special, then we are ready and waiting. Our machines manufacture your titanium and inconel workpieces exactly according to your specifications. Irrespective of whether helicopter drive shafts, landing gear, engine housings, turbine shafts or other turn and milled / milled and turned components are involved.

                                Not just cost-efficient. Extremely cost-efficient.

                                Multi product machining centers (mpmc) come in a range of sizes, all of which are impressive. Depending on the model, the 600 to 2,000 series offer a maximum turning and milling diameter of 2,000 mm and a maximum machining length of 15,000 mm. Stable design and high-performance machining units furnish you with fresh room for manoeuvre, as workpieces weighing as much as 80,000 kg, or with exceptionally large dimensions can be processed with extreme precision.

                                Not just flexible. Extremely flexible.

                                Every machine model convinces owing to a flexible pick-up system and diverse storage options. Advantages derive from the fact that units awaiting machining can be exchanged at the flick of a wrist, which allows a highly flexible response to customer demands. Indeed, the rapid availability of all units and short exchange times furnish you with a decisive competitive advantage.