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  • Offer Profile
  • Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. The Group consists of two entrepreneurially managed divisions, Kardex Remstar and Kardex Mlog.

    Kardex Remstar develops, produces, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems and Kardex Mlog offers integrated materials handling systems and automated high-bay warehouses.

Product Portfolio
  • Industry Segments and Applications

      • E-commerce solutions

      • Improve order fulfillment

        Kardex Color Pick System

        Kardex Color Pick System is a simple and flexible solution allowing companies to scale labor and workflows proportionally. Using pick-to-light technology, it enables you to add or remove labor, easily adjusting system throughput to meet current order demand. Picking carts are pushed through work zones while operators simply follow colors to pick the right goods for the matching order / cart. A perfect solution to manage fluctuating demand (e.g. seasonality).

        Kardex Frame Pick System

        Kardex Frame Pick System is designed to speed up order picking performance by accelerating the simultaneous processing of batches. It minimizes picking errors, reduces walking distances by up to 65%, and optimizes storage space. This simple and efficient system uses put frames, pick-to-light technology and pick carts in combination with automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) and inventory management software to significantly increase throughput.

        Customer benefits

        High and accurate throughput

        Fully automated systems from Kardex reduce order fulfillment time and provide fast and smooth picking processes. This is enabled by simultaneous inbound and outbound processes using high-performance picking strategies. Sophisticated inventory management software solutions further add to the high-speed and precise picking results.

        Reduced labor resources

        An obvious advantage of automated storage and retrieval systems is the labor savings. Automated systems from Kardex deliver the required item directly to the operator via the “goods to person” concept, dramatically reducing operator walk and search time. In a manual operation associates frequently spend as much as 60-65% of their shifts walking and searching for the right items.

        Optimal utilization of storage space

        Kardex’s product range is diverse and variable. Automated storage and retrieval solutions reduce available space by up to 90%, optimally use storage capacity, and enable quick and reliable picking. Dynamic allocation of space means future-proof storage and maximum efficiency, irrespective of how product profiles change over time.

        Efficient and flexible software integration

        Kardex's warehouse management software precisely adapts to storage systems and ensures all processes and orders perform optimally. It integrates seamlessly with all systems, prevents unauthorized access, and minimizes the processing time for individual orders. This results in faster delivery times and reduces costs.

        Automated order provisioning in the shipping area

        In manually handled shipping areas, non-transparent warehouse processes lead to incorrect loading and high return costs. Kardex's automated solutions for buffering and sequencing ensure flexibility as well as quality for the order deliveries.

      • Energy / Mining

      • Driven by increasing demand due to lower prices, companies working in the oil and gas and energy and mining industry need to work harder than ever before.

        Automated storage solutions for manufacturing

        Having the right parts at the right time and in the right place is critical to manufacturing operations. Kardex systems manage the storage, buffering, or supply of materials, parts, and tools. These systems provide maximum inventory availability with the lowest possible storage costs - providing parts where you need them at the exact right moment.

        Whether you need to save space, manage buffer storage for semi-finished products, ensure a seamless manufacturing process, store tools within arm's reach, or pick finished items more efficiently, Kardex offers the right solution.

        Customer benefits

        Storage space

        High-density storage reduces warehouse footprint by up to 85%. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) maximize the vertical height in your facility to free up space.

        Product diversity

        Store materials / inventory of different sizes and weights in one storage system. Easily implement adaptations (e.g., expansions, height modifications).

        Inventory management

        The warehouse management software ensures smooth and fast material flow while giving you full transparency of all processes and inventory.


        Tools are expensive and heavy - Kardex stores them securely, with ergonomic accessibility.

        Controlled environment

        All Kardex solutions can be fitted for dry, clean, and climate-controlled environments.

      • Automotive and Transportation Equipment

      • Production processes for automobiles, airplanes, ships, railroad carriages, and other transportation vehicles range from workshop assembly in small batches to automated robot production. This ensures the intralogistics meet individual requirements.

        Customer benefits

        Safe storage in a small space

        Kardex automated storage solutions make optimum use of available space and reduce footprint requirements by up to 85%. They combine and compactly store items in various shapes and sizes (e.g. large, small, light, heavy) in one or multiple storage systems.

        Kardex offers safe handling and the best possible security for valuable goods. Our lockable systems ensure they stay protected from external influences and unauthorized access. Uniform 400x600 containers store small parts and pallets are used to store large parts.

        Efficient buffering

        Efficiently store production parts requiring preparatory steps (e.g., painting, welding, etc.) until needed. Buffer storage allows clean storage and ensures articles remain clearly arranged until picked up for just-in-time production.

        Orders ready for shipment are transported individually, pre-packed in various-sized cartons or on pallets. Via a conveyor system, they move to the storage system and are automatically scanned, stored, and managed until needed for a national or international order.

        Just-in-time material flow

        For a fast supply, just-in-time, or just-in-sequence, the storage system connects to a conveyor system. A conveyor line or driverless transport system then brings the articles automatically to the correct workstation. This also works the other way around - the articles automatically move from the workstation to intermediate storage and into the storage system.

        Fast handling of large order volumes

        Kardex’s fully automated systems handle the storage and retrieval of even large-volume orders in no time at all. Using our efficient warehouse management software, we offer a permanent stock overview, reports on minimum stock levels, and a smooth and fast material flow.

      • Chemicals

      • Chemical storage and handling is characterized by highly sensitive processes. Process safety and hazardous material management therefore have top priority in the chemical industry.

        Customer benefits

        Automated storage and retrieval

        The efficient storage and supply of chemical products require an automated solution to ensure process reliability, batch tracing, and hazardous material management. Automated storage solutions also optimize available space and enable fast and reliable order picking - even for a wide range of items and raw materials.

        Storage under controlled conditions

        Multiple factors play a central role in chemical production including humidity levels, controlling temperatures in various temperature zones, and fire and explosion protection. Kardex offers diverse storage solutions for controlled conditions.

        Secure batch management

        Kardex's software solutions ensure complete and reliable traceability for individual production batches - a crucial factor when working within the chemical industry.

        Protection of stored goods

        Kardex units feature special anti-explosion protection mechanisms to prevent flash fires and explosions in highly-flammable gas emission locations. If a dangerous situation occurs, the storage unit floods with explosion-resistant gases. Additional preventive measures include using non-arcing motors and low-friction trays.

      • Consumer Goods

      • In the consumer goods industry, availability is a top priority! Supermarket shelves should never be empty, and a central warehouse must keep articles continuously circulating among stores.

        Customer benefits

        Secure and flexible storage of various sized inventory

        Modular systems allow you to store articles (e.g. FMCG) with various heights and weights together while keeping out all dust and dirt. They also adapt and expand when needed: you can easily reconfigure trays and load carriers as inventory requirements change. An access control system protects valuable items from unauthorized entry.

        Optimal storage space

        Reduce footprint space by 85%! Kardex's highly-dense storage systems maximize existing warehouse capacity and enable sustainable growth.

        Accurate order picking

        Automated systems from Kardex allow to smoothly pick large-volume orders in next to no time. Thanks to their cleverly devised control concept, order picking happens with precision and speed.

        In combination with a variety of light-directed picking technologies and integrated message centers that communicate pick information to the operator automated storage and retrieval systems enable high pick accuracy. Together, these systems indicate the item to be picked, display the part number or description, pinpoint the exact location, direct picking (or storage for replenishment) and indicate the required quantity. These visual picking aids reduce picking errors, accelerate order fulfillment, and increase accuracy up to 99.9%.

        Minimal walking and reduced labor

        Using the goods-to-person method, warehouse / assembly area workers directly access required articles from an ergonomic station. They do not have to spend time walking throughout the warehouse - the items they need are delivered directly to them.

        Personalized warehouse management

        Kardex's efficient and flexible warehouse management software allows the luxury to control storage and picking with continuous access to a transparent stock overview. The system maintains a smooth material flow, minimizes individual processing order time, achieves tighter delivery demands, and reduces overall costs.

        The warehouse management software integrates into existing ERP systems. We've had success working with Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, Autovision, and many others.

      • Electronics

      • Comprehensive ESD protection and storage under controlled temperatures or with relative humidity are just a few of the options Kardex offers its customers in the electronics industry.

        Kardex systems are perfect for all products. No matter which loads, heights, or sizes, we will find a suitable solution for your needs.

        Protect your stored goods against dirt, dust, and other external influences. We understand your needs and that sometimes it’s necessary to integrate different solutions for different articles and sometimes it’s necessary to create one solution for all articles.

        Kardex systems offer an optional climate function that permits storing goods at constant temperatures ranging from -25°C to 60°C. It is also possible to reduce humidity in the units by up to 5%.

        Customer benefits

        Less space needed

        Highly-dense - reduces footprint size up to 85 %. Store the same amount in an area 10 - 25 % the size of its original space.

        Accurate inventory management

        Permits the permanent monitoring of stock levels in real-time via a direct link to the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

        Climate controlled

        When storing sensitive items, regulate the humidity and temperature.

        Dust-free storage

        Meets the requirements necessary for cleanroom conditions.

        SMD handling

        Extremely flexible and constantly adapts to SMD reels in various dimensions.


        Kardex systems offer an optional ESD-protected area.

      • Mechanical Engineering

      • Constantly changing market conditions, pressure to increase flexibility, and an ever-growing range of tools and components often challenge logistics specialists in the mechanical engineering and plant construction industry.

        Customer benefits

        High-density storage

        Combined and yet highly compressed storage for tools and components in different sizes and weights reduces footprint up to 85%.

        Controlled storage environment

        Clean room conditions, temperature-controlled, and humidity-controlled storage for sensitive components.

        Compact buffering

        Store material temporarily for any amount of time between various production steps.

      • Food and Beverage

      • Semi-automated and fully automated systems are an ideal solution for the food and beverage industry. They are scalable, economical, and adapt quickly and precisely to new delivery needs.

        Customer benefits

        Temperature-controlled storage

        Constant temperatures must be guaranteed, especially when storing deep-freeze products and other food products such as meat, confectionery, or dairy products. As product specifications and guidelines vary within the production process, warehouses often require different temperature zones. Kardex offers a wide range of temperature-controlled storage solutions.

        Maximum production capacity

        As buffer storage, Kardex automated storage solutions ensure the production area is fully utilized. A wide variety of different products and raw materials are stored here temporarily and provided automatically, when needed for production.

        Storage of heavy weights

        Especially in the beverage industry, heavy weights and quantities have to be transported and provided within a very short time. Automated storage solutions, which can cover even peak demands, are therefore ideally suited.

        Optimal and flexible use of storage space

        The food industry’s product spectrum is diverse. It includes finished products, semi-finished products, packaging, and auxiliary materials. To efficiently store and manage this wide range of goods, an automated solution is required. Kardex Mlog's automated high-bay warehouse is the answer. It makes optimum use of available space and picks goods quickly and reliably.

        Secure batch management

        Seamless and reliable traceability of individual production batches is critical in the food and beverage industry. With Kardex's software solutions, this is ensured at all times.

      • Kitchen / Wood / Furniture

      • The most important raw materials for kitchen/wood manufacturers and the wood processing industry include large-format worktops, half and full formats, and fronts and body components. Despite weighing up to 100 kilograms and extending up to 5.60 meters long, these panels must be picked individually, but also stacked safely, quickly, and flawlessly.

        Automated solutions with stacker cranes clearly outperform manual concepts with side-loading forklifts or mobile platforms. There are several advantages including:

        • The rail-guided stacker crane extends 24-meters high
        • Stacker cranes do not have to maneuver (aisle widths are not a concern)
        • Storage space is three times deeper

        Customer benefits

        Optimal and flexible use of storage space

        Make optimum use of your available space for store kitchen fronts, kitchen worktops, half formats, full formats, niche paneling, or even accessories in a fully automated high-bay warehouse from Kardex Mlog. In addition to utilizing the storage height, multiple-deep storage provides an additional space advantage.

        Maximum production utilization

        As buffer storage, Kardex automated storage solutions ensure maximum utilization of production capacity. A large number of different panels are temporarily stored here and automatically made available for production at the right time. The formation of mixed stacks on the stacker crane ensures a highly efficient order picking process.

        Safe storage under controlled conditions

        When storing panels, it is particularly important to avoid and, if required, quickly control fires. Kardex's special fire protection solutions ensure the optimal protection of your goods.

        Humidity is also a critical factor, and climate consistency is of upmost importance. If the humidity is too high, there is a major risk of the goods depreciating or even a complete inventory loss.

        Automated storage system for panel picking

        Panels are picked directly in the warehouse with the help of a suction traverse, whereby mixed stacks form. Picking single panels take place on the storage and retrieval machine. Panels from rear rows get picked without removing the stacks in front of them. The picking up of the boards using a suction traverse allows a clean separation from the stack underneath. It is exceptionally effective and protects the surfaces of fronts and worktops. The storage of panels without load carriers saves additional space and enables a dynamic process chain.

        Transparent and efficient processes

        Kardex's fully automated systems store and retrieve large quantities quickly. Our efficient warehouse management software guarantees a permanent stock overview and a smooth and fast material flow. Manual error rates are no longer a concern.

      • Pharmaceuticals

      • Pharmaceutical product storage requires the highest standards and places extreme demands on hygiene and process reliability. Quality assurance plays a central role because every mistake has a direct impact on a consumer’s health.

        Customer benefits

        Automated storage and retrieval

        The efficient storage and supply of pharmaceutical products requires an automated solution to ensure process reliability, batch tracing, and hygiene standards. At the same time, Kardex’s automated storage solutions make optimal use of available space and enable fast and reliable order picking.

        Maximum production utilization

        As buffer storage, Kardex’s automated storage solutions ensure maximum production utilization. In this case, the solutions temporarily store multiple and various products and raw materials which automatically become available at exactly the right time for production.

        Storage under controlled conditions

        Quality control plays a central role in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must therefore observe specific guidelines during production. Among other things, these aim to ensure compliance with specified hygiene, temperature, and climatic conditions. Kardex offers diverse storage solutions under controlled conditions.

        Production batch traceability

        Complete and reliable individual production batch traceability is extremely important to the pharmaceutical industry. Kardex’s software solutions ensure this at all times.

      • Tires

      • Whereas the manufacturing process between material procurement, tire construction, and vulcanization has been largely exhausted, there is still great potential for savings in the automation of intralogistics along the production line.

        In the industrial production of vehicle tires, manufacturers are faced with different challenges: 

        • Managing multiple processes at different speeds
        • Increasing individualization in tire selection which leads to decreasing batch sizes
        • Requiring significant manual labor and large space requirements in the shipping area

        With our comprehensive portfolio and numerous application fields, the Kardex Group is an experienced intralogistics partner to the tire industry. Our portfolio provides various solutions including: automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) for pallets with rubber compounds, customer-specific transport carts, green tires, and rack-supported storage systems for finished goods. The selection of suitable components is usually determined by the desired dynamics and the number and type of logistics units used.

      • Administration and Service

      • Managing a growing number of files and records is an overwhelming task.

        With files piling up and no room to expand, adding a few more filing cabinets can be out of the question. Kardex offers a broad range of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to make your office space work harder.

        Customer benefits

        Maximum storage performance

        The equivalent of 16 standard 5-drawer filing cabinets fit into one Lektriever vertical carousel, recovering up to 70% of previously occupied floor space.

        Increased productivity

        Units deliver all stored files directly to the operator, eliminating time spent walking and searching through filing cabinets to find a specific file. The time saved allows more time for other value-added activities.

        Built in security

        With industry-specific retention laws, businesses need to consider file management carefully. Digital transaction history, a physical locking door, and security options provide administrators with suitable security.

      • Public Administration and Government

      • Every day from state governments to local townships, authorities need to create official documents: presidential documents, court rulings, zoning regulations, public works, city bonds, taxation documents, permits, ordinances, and more.

        Managing a growing number of files and records is an overwhelming task. Kardex offers a broad range of automated storage and retrieval systems. The systems provide secure storage while also allowing authorized workers to quickly and easily find the files they need.

        Customer benefits

        Secure file storage

        With features like a digital transaction history and a physical locking door, a selection of minimum to maximum security options provide administrators the exact security they require.

        A Kardex system minimizes security breaches and considerably reduces the possibility of losing files.

        Quick access

        It’s not only important to securely store documents, but also that authorized personnel have access when they need it.

        Kardex systems allow authorized personnel quick access to files and items either by using a key to physically unlock the unit or by entering an authorization code.

        Increased productivity

        When access is authorized, the unit delivers the stored item directly to the operator, eliminating time spent walking and searching through rows of cabinets to find a specific file or item.

        Less walk and search time allows more time for other value added activities.

        High-quality solutions (GSA)

        As the federal government's purchasing agent, GSA (General Services Administration) connects federal purchasers with the most cost-effective and high-quality commercial products and services. Via a new agreement, Kardex is now considered an approved prime source for GSA's products and solutions.

      • Third-Party Logistics

      • Transportation has always been at the core of 3PLs, but as intralogistics become more complex, we see 3PLs taking over additional tasks, including storage and production steps.

        The warehouse is the central element for distributing goods and it depends on flexible solutions to succeed. 3PLs need to juggle a wide range of goods from multiple industries, various sized products, diverse client portfolios, and seasonal spikes. Although these processes take place behind the scenes, the results are visible to stakeholders and consumers.

        What moves your warehouse?

        For businesses to grow sustainably, partial automation is a must. It will improve material flow and the exchange of goods between different storage areas. Combining existing multilevel shelf systems with automated storage solutions is simple and will enhance material flow. Modular and scalable solutions are easy to relocate, allow changes when needed, and fit a wide range of SKUs. The transition can happen one step at a time.

        Our experts will tailor a solution to meet your individual needs!

      • Hospitals

      • Hospital intralogistics work within very stringent guidelines. Key requirements involve handling everyday supplies in an extremely hygienic manner and adhering to strict official regulations. This poses particular challenges for storage conditions!

        Kardex's dynamic retrieval systems are the right solution. They save both time and costs by providing a fast and reliable supply of goods within hospital guidelines.

        Kardex solutions flawlessly store and retrieve

        • Medication
        • Instruments
        • Beds

        Customer benefits

        Dust-free storage

        Meet the requirements necessary for clean room conditions.

        Space-saving storage

        Reduce your footprint by up to 85%.

        Climate controlled

        When storing sensitive items, regulate the humidity and temperature.

        Inventory management

        Power Pick Global makes it possible to permanently monitor stock levels in real-time.


        Kardex systems not only store, but they also transport goods vertically in the building, just like an elevator.

        Preventive maintenance

        Kardex performs regular check-ups to ensure the highest availability. Kardex also diagnoses your system in real-time via remote access.

    • Technology & Product Families

        • Vertical Buffer Module (VBM)

        • The Kardex Vertical Buffer Module is the best solution for fast-growing product ranges with limited storage space.

          A scalable shelf system with a movable mast transports the bin and slots seamlessly into existing processes and building layouts.

          Benefits at a glance

          • Efficient order picking
          • Pick-to-light technology ensures accurate picking
          • Energy-efficient

          Vertical Buffer Module Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) - Pick small parts quickly and efficiently

          The Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) optimizes order picking performance of small parts and lightweight goods while guaranteeing accuracy and energy efficiency. Whether being used to supply a production line with a wide range of products; as buffer storage in the assembly area; or for picking slow-moving parts in the distribution warehouse, the Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) significantly improves productivity.

          The Vertical Buffer Module is flexible and scalable. A station can consist of one or more units. The Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) easily integrates into existing processes and connects to different customer host-systems.

          The Kardex Compact Buffer (formerly LR 35) features ergonomic picking stations. This simplifies the picking process and improves overall working conditions. At each access opening, items tilt at a 20-degree angle while the goods-to-person principle delivers items directly to the operator, eliminating walk and search time.

        • Vertical Carousel Module (VCM)

        • The new Kardex Megamat is an automated carousel which rotates vertically around a track to bring stored inventory to an operator.

          Vertical carousels work in line with the goods-to-person principle. They are perfectly suited for goods with a high picking frequency and for similarly sized inventory.

          Benefits at a glance

          • Fast access to all stored goods
          • High picking productivity and increased picking accuracy
          • Maximum use of space in a minimal footprint
          • The modular and scalable system allows to start with basic functionalities and expand them afterwards
          • Extensive safety features and ergonomic design
          • Intuitive user interfaces and operating concept

          Kardex Megamat models

          Kardex Megamat 180

          Efficient storage and fast retrieval of lightweight loads

          The Kardex Megamat 180 is best suited for the storage and picking of small parts. For example, it’s an excellent choice for the hotel industry, medical sectors, vehicle manufacturing, mechanical engineering and the electronics industry.

          Kardex Megamat 350

          Ideal for medium-sized loads

          The Kardex Megamat 350 works well in a variety of different areas. For instance, it integrates into the production process in several ways – either as an interim storage solution for semi-finished products or as a buffer storage in between production steps.

          Kardex Megamat 650

          For heavy loads of up to 650 kg per carrier

          The Kardex Megamat 650 works well in a variety of different areas. For instance, it integrates into the production process in several ways – either as an interim storage solution for semi-finished products or as a storage buffer during drying phases.

        • Vertical Lift Module

        • The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) from Kardex features an enclosed shelf-based storage system designed to increase capacity in a more compact footprint.

          Operating on the ‘goods-to-person’ principle, the VLM increases productivity by delivering goods directly to an operator. These systems are modular and flexible in design, which enables future adjustments for your business needs.

          Benefits at a glance

          • More storage space/capacity in a smaller footprint
          • Increased throughput
          • Improved inventory control

          Kardex Shuttle models

          Kardex Shuttle 250/500

          Flexible solution for small parts and lightweight inventory

          The Kardex Shuttle 250/500 is a flexible solution for storing and retrieving small-sized inventory. With a tray width of 4,050 mm, the Kardex Shuttle 250/500 can handle loads up to 560 kg per tray. It’s compact design allows it to adapt to space requirements, offering maximum storage capacity in a minimal footprint with a maximum height of 30 m. Further, the system easily modifies to a wide range of requirements. For example, for storing goods in temperature controlled units or under clean room conditions.

          Kardex Shuttle 700

          Highly compact storage for medium loads

          The Kardex Shuttle 700 zhandles a tray width of 4,050 mm and loads up to 725 kg per tray. It adjusts to a device height of 20 m allowing a large storage volume. The Kardex Shuttle 700 is ideal for efficiently storing and retrieving heavy tools, components or spare parts. It is extremely flexible with a number of different options that can be easily integrated before or after installation. The units can expand, decrease, modify or adapt in various ways to cater to changing needs including business growth, new applications, or a relocation.

          Shuttle XP 1000

          Manages heavy duty loads up to 1,000 kg

          With a tray width of 4,050 mm, the Kardex Shuttle 1000 loads up to 1,000 kg per tray. Achieving new load-carrying capacity standards, it's ideal for storing medium-heavy to heavy parts. Using a forklift, stack and store Euro pallets and mesh boxes in specially designed trays. This saves space and makes it possible to find goods faster, helping to lower costs, boost productivity and increase ergonomics. A factory-installed crane can be used to move stored goods easily, decreasing working times and costs.

        • Horizontal Carousel Module (HCM)

        • Use the Horizontal Carousel from Kardex wherever it is essential to store and retrieve goods quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

          Whether in production or distribution - HCMs are ideal for managing medium and slow-moving SKUs requiring high throughput rates.

          Benefits at a glance

          Batch picking

          Paperless picking is easily made possible with an HCM. Several orders are combined together into one batch, allowing operators to pick multiple orders at one time with less walk and search time.

          Variability and flexibility

          To achieve high throughput during peak times and meet seasonal picking requirements, the system can divide into different work zones at the push of a button. This makes it possible to have a pod of six HCMs operated by one operator to meet normal demand and then split into three work zones with three operators (one in each work zone) at peak demand times.

          The HCM is suitable for a variety of different applications and items. Within the carriers, users choose individual shelf distances and adapt them to the items stored. It’s even possible to efficiently store bulky items, up to the entire carrier height.

          A reliable and compact design

          From development and manufacturing to customer service, the Horizontal Carousel is a compact, reliable, low-maintenance unit with nearly 100 % availability. It ensures consistent and long-term operational safety.

          Excellent picking performance

          The requested items are transported to the operator quickly, directly, and reliably – without any unproductive travel and search times. For that to happen the Horizontal Carousel always takes the shortest path to the access opening. The display-tool-feature shows the operator which goods and what quantities to pick from which storage location.

          The simultaneous, independent moving stations of a Horizontal Carousel allow for a very fast overall system and high-picking performance. One operator can work off 200 to 400 positions per station per hour. Optical displays on the machine and on the picking station guarantee a pick and put accuracy rate of more than 99%.

          High payloads and optimal space utilization

          The Horizontal Carousel is ideal for the storage and retrieval of small and medium-sized items. Moreover, it is capable of storing items with a maximum payload of 54 tons. The load capacity is chosen according to the application.

          Items are stored compactly in a confined space; this eliminates unproductive travel and picking routes within the warehouse. The actual picking zone is as small as 5 to 10 square meters.

        • Heavy Duty Units

        • Kardex in association with Intertex

          The TowerMat and InterMat heavy-duty units are ideal solutions for companies that want to store oversized and extremely heavy goods in an efficient, safe, and compact manner.


          Stock with extremely long dimensions and heavy goods require particularly well thought-out storage logistics. Previously wasted space for storing long goods, metal sheets, tools, pallets, or mesh cages caused extremely complex handling issues and led to higher long-term costs. To avoid this, Kardex supplies the TowerMat vertical lift system, a dynamic and flexible solution.

          Areas of application

          Large and flat design – the ideal system for sheet metal

          Materials with large surface areas (2,000 x 6,000 mm) are stored compactly in the TowerMat storage lift for sheet metal and automatically transport to the operator. This allows the simple and safe transportation of loads of up to 5,000 kg per tray. To meet the requirements of different storage volumes, Kardex offers unique designs with one or two storage towers.

          Space-saving solutions for long goods

          User-friendliness is important when storing long goods. Fabric rolls, pipes, poles, steel sections, and aluminum/plastic profiles (each up to 10,000 mm in length) can be efficiently stored and fully automatically transported. Additional impressive features include: storing loads up to 5,000 kg, a small footprint, and particularly high-storage density. The flexible option for adapting a vertical lift system makes it possible to meet individual customer requirements, such as directly connecting to operational saws.

          The all-round answer to store pallets

          Future-proof solutions must be individualized. Kardex follows this principle when it comes to the storage logistics of particularly heavy loading equipment such as pallets and mesh cages. The TowerMat’s flexibility and adaptability mean that each tray efficiently stores any material weighing up to 5,000 kg. By adapting the unit to your existing systems and building layout, you achieve optimal productivity in the area of material handling and retrieval.

          Flexible storage for special forms such as tools

          Storing heavy, bulky tools is especially challenging. It is difficult to safely store and retrieve heavy loads and irregular-shaped goods while also saving space. Adapting a unit perfectly to the specifications of the stored goods and the structural environment brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, and speed. When optimizing processes, flexibility and performance play a key role.

        • Office Solution Kardex Megamat 115 / 120 (formerly Lektriever)

        • The Kardex Megamat 115 / 120 (formerly Lektriever) is a software-controlled automated media storage and retrieval system that holds thousands of media files, videos, CDs, DVDs, or a host of other media.

          Its capacity is equivalent to approximately 16 four-drawer filing cabinets. It operates in a stand-alone mode or networked to an IT system. It is as easy to operate as a printer - simply click on the requested file or media type and the Kardex Megamat 115 / 120 (formerly Lektriever) will search, select, and retrieve the requested item.

          Benefits at a glance

          Provides an ergonomic work environment

          • Automated retrieval (requested item conveys to the user)
          • Eliminates physical demands, such as long walks or bending and stretching when obtaining documents
          • The system is easy to operate and equally possible for workers that are physically handicap or have restricted physical mobility

          Increases productivity

          • Perform work standing up or sitting down
          • Productivity is almost double when compared to manual systems (e.g., drawer and cabinet systems)

          Maximizes storage performance

          • Requires only a small footprint
          • The units extend straight up to the ceiling
          • The units stretch over several floors
          • Almost twice as efficient as drawer or horizontal cabinet systems

          Customizes to individual preferences

          • Select any color for a personalized appearance
          • Configure the paneling design and table surface individually

          Secures content

          • Safely store confidential documents
          • Meets legal regulations to protect the rights of individuals
          • System is restricted to specific individuals and opens only via an access code or PIN number
        • Stacker Cranes for Pallets and Miniloads

        • Stacker cranes take over the automated storage and retrieval of pallets and miniloads in the warehouse. Their high and compact design ensures efficient space utilization in a high-bay warehouse and in an automated miniload system (AMS).

          The overall performance of the warehouse logistics depends on the storage and retrieval machine. Therefore, when choosing stacker cranes, high quality and performance must be a top priority. The innovative stacker cranes from Kardex Mlog meet these requirements.

          Benefits at a glance

          Flexible and individual solutions

          They consist of standardized components that combine modularly for each application.

          High performance

          They are an excellent choice due to their speed, load capacity, overall height, and efficient use of energy.

          In-house production

          They are produced in Kardex Mlog’s facilities. Customer delivery only takes place after successful quality testing and factory commissioning.

          Global competence

          They are used in more than 3,000 installations worldwide and have held an excellent reputation for decades.

          Stacker cranes: portfolio

          Automated storage and retrieval of pallets

          Kardex Mlog's modular stacker cranes used for the automated storage and retrieval of pallets and cage boxes fit various applications.

          Automated storage and retrieval of miniloads

          Whether containers or metal trays, Kardex Mlog's universal stacker cranes for miniload warehouses cover a wide range of applications.

          Industry and customer-tailored solutions

          Requirements for a stacker crane can vary from industry to industry and from customer to customer. Kardex Mlog’s portfolio and wealth of experience stems from providing individually tailored automated storage and retrieval solutions for tires, kitchen panels, paper rolls, trolleys, and frame racks. The main feature is that additional load carriers are not required. This simplifies the process for the warehouse operator.

        • Pick and Place Robotics

        • Do you need more hands at the inbound, outbound, and order picking areas?

          In association with Robomotive, Kardex offers smart pick and place robotics solutions, that automatically pick, process, and place goods, 24 hours a day.

          Customer needs

          • Depalletization of heavy totes, bins, or cartons
          • Filling of pallets and trolleys
          • Support filling of loose loaded bins

          Main activities of robotics

          Support picking

          Pick randomly orientated and unknown objects from any original packaging with high speeds of up to 1200 picks/hour.

          Process products

          Separate, orientate, measure, sort, scan, print, and generally transport products from A to B.

          Move products

          Place items in different locations (e.g. trolleys, Euro pallets, bins, flow racks, or into a machine).

        • Conveyor Systems

        • Kardex Mlog's conveyor technology guarantees smooth intralogistics.

          The innovative conveyor systems from Kardex Mlog meet the highest standards. Years of experience, combined with the latest technology, make our conveyor systems the optimal solution for your company.

          Benefits at a glance

          Flexible solutions for optimal material flow

          During the planning stage, Kardex Mlog focuses on designing a perfect layout as well as a sophisticated material flow strategy. Our modular conveyor technology solutions meet every requirement.

          High performance

          Kardex Mlog conveyor systems are 100% reliable even under difficult environmental conditions and extreme temperatures. They guarantee a gentle material flow, a high load capacity and are energy efficient.

          In-house production

          The conveyor systems are produced at Kardex Mlog facilities. Customer delivery only takes place after successful quality testing and factory commissioning to guarantee first-class solutions and maximum durability.

          Global competence

          Gaining competence from decades of experience realizing numerous projects worldwide, Kardex Mlog guarantees you the best advice.

          Material flow control

          Kardex Mlog's control and software solutions ensure a fast and efficient material flow.

          Conveyor systems: portfolio

          Pallet conveyor system

          Combining years of experience working with complex material flow systems with our wide range of conveying elements, Kardex Mlog solutions are both reliable and execute a high performance.

          Kardex Mlog's conveyor technology transports a wide assortment of pallets as well as other load units such as cage boxes and special load units such as frames or panels.

          Container conveyor system

          Kardex Mlog conveyor systems transport all types of containers, cartons, and trays. We will adapt them to your individual requirements and guarantee optimum performance and efficiency. The portfolio offers both horizontal and vertical conveyor products. They perform multiple functions including conveying, sorting, storing, and accumulating.

          Variable container shuttle for scalable storage and transport systems
          The MCrossDrive shuttle vehicle moves in two directions on a level to transport containers. It replaces conventional continuous conveyor technology. It’s commonly used to supply logistics areas with low-performance requirements.

        • Software and Control Solutions

        • Efficient and reliable warehouse management software solutions are as important for the productivity of modern warehouses as hardware components.

          For this reason, Kardex offers modular IT concepts individually adapted to our customer’s intralogistics processes and warehouses. We sustainably coordinate and monitor all software.

          Solutions at a glance

          Our services include customer-specific development, implementation, and integration of advanced software solutions. These integrate into existing process environments or serve as superior control software – as a stand-alone solution from incoming goods to outgoing goods.

          Kardex Control Center

          Kardex Mlog’s modular software solution Kardex Control Center manages material flow and warehouse management processes fast and efficiently.

          Power Pick Software Solutions

          Kardex Power Pick System
          The Kardex Power Pick System optimizes storage and retrieval in combination with Kardex machines. It covers multiple, smart picking strategies.

          Power Pick Onboard
          The future-oriented Onboard inventory management software combined with our automated storage and retrieval systems, streamlines, and accelerates warehouse processes.

          Logicontrol Solutions

          The machine control center comprising of hardware, software, and a control unit with a touchscreen is a highly efficient solution for fast commissioning and retrieval.

          Kardex Drive and Kardex JMIF Solution to integrate external systems

          Innovative communication solutions for connecting external WMS or host systems with dynamic storage technology.

          MDE order picking for person-to-goods operations

          The MDE (mobile data entry) device replaces the stationary Kardex Power Pick System workstation, operated by a dynamic storage system.

        • Kardex Accessories

        • Keeping items and available space structured and organized minimizes search times and streamlines even the most complex work processes.

          To achieve this, Kardex designed a wide range of special storage & transport boxes to meet every customer need.

          Benefits at a glance

          Change the layout easily

          You won't regret your decision when buying a Kardex Box. While competitor boxes require additional investments when storage demands change, you can easily rebuild and add to Kardex Boxes as needed over time.

          Create a positive working environment

          Kardex Boxes offer a low noise level compared to other solutions. They prevent potential crashes within the system by stabilizing goods on the tray.

          Store more than before

          The Kardex Box itself weighs very little because it is made from lightweight materials. This means you can load the tray with more goods than comparable box solutions allow. Its intelligent dividing system also maximizes space.