Business Profile

Today it is dynamics that determines the innovative technology markets. Tried and tested systems are supplemented and optimized. Innovations create additional demands, change requires foresight and flexibility.
Since 1933 the FEZER company has built up a noteworthy customer base. With competence we are concentrating on vacuum transportation and automation technology as well as on application specific systems.
One of our most important concerns is communication with the customer in order to get to know his/her problems and wishes. We continuously look to keep in touch with our business partner and with the market - discussion as a source for greater knowledge and new ideas.Our products are designed to solve problems, to lighten the workload and to provide greater safety. Therefore it is the human being that is our standard - the planner, the fitter, the engineer. Simplicity of the systems, easy assembly and reliability are demands that are continuous starting points for us for further innovation.
Since our ideas have become established world-wide, our customer services have been tailored to a worldwide presence. We are represented by our agents in many important industrial states. We remain true to our principle to be a readily accessible and competent business partner.