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  • Gruse. The mechanical engineering experts.

    Gruse has been developing lifting solutions in the premium segment for 20 years and is one of the market leaders in Germany and Europe. “We are mechanical engineers. With heart and soul“- With this motto in mind, we are continually developing and designing custom-made products that not only lift, but also process and convey. In the meantime, 85 percent of the sales are developed and manufactured according to customer requirements. Our customers can be found in the aviation, wood and automotive industries among others. We are, however, also suppliers for other machine manufacturers who build rolling mills or blowers, for example.
Product Portfolio
  • We make your work life easier, more secure and flexible.

  • Mechanical engineering, which accurately and efficiently supports production processes and offers optimum material handling.

    We are mechanical engineers with heart and soul. We love to solve technical problems. And we stay on the ball when it is tricky.

    That is how we constantly enhance to meet the future requirements of our customers.
      • Lifting Solutions with System

      • Lift tables for lifting, tilting, conveying
        “The basic requirement for a lifting table is the stepless lifting of heavy loads in an ergonomically favourable position to allow an easier and fatigue-free working.”

        We’re with it because we have been manufacturing scissor lifts in series production for more than 20 years. Our modular system offers a great variety of combinations and is expandable with extensive accessories.

        Simply tell us your requirements and we build your lifting solution.

        Your Product Requirements are our priority.
        With our modular system we create step by step the perfect lifting solution for your needs. All we need to know is: What do you need to lift and how high do you want to lift it? And here we go.
          • ELS | ELD | ELT lift tables

          • The adjustable All-Rounder

            Equipped with single, double or tandem scissors this lift table is highly adjustable to different requirements, e.g. as a plant or reverse loading lift table.

          • GHT Belt drive lift table

          • High lifting speed, high energy efficiency
            The belt driven lifting tables of GRUSE are a new product development. Due to their patent cam-controlled knee-lift principle; the expenditure of energy for the lift is significant lower. The result is a considerably high energy efficiency during lifting motion.

            Key facts about our belt lifting table GHT
            • oil-free drive, precise positioning
            • fast lifting and positioning of loads up to 7000 kg
            • high lifting speeds up to approx. 400 mm / s
            • less effort due to the patent-registered, cam-controlled knee lever principle
            • very good speed control using rev control systems
            • Oil-free drive
            • Low energy demand, because small motors can be used thanks to the patent-registered technology.
            • Energy recovery during the downward movement possible
            • Drive motor can be mounted outside by means of a corresponding drive shaft
          • SP spindle drive lift table

          • The advantages of the oil-free spindle drive …
            … are in particular the highly precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads as it is often required for machine and plant construction, and in particular for the automotive production.

            Key facts about our spindle drive SP
            • oil-free drive, precise positioning
            • particularly suitable for lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads
            • low effort at a low gradient of the spindle, especially when using a ballscrew
            • very good speed control using rev control systems
            • exact holding of the lift position
            • oil-free drive
            • Low energy demand, because little drives can be used by selecting the corresponding conversion.
        • Material handling

        • Productivity at work demands more than ever ergonomics and safety for people and production technology. More than a dozen construction designers at Gruse take care of the development of a wide range of product solutions for lifting, tilting and turning to reduce the strain on production workers.

          Lifting, tilting, turning, conveying…

          Gruse has been supplying material handling machines for over 35 years. At first we developed the Hebefix lift truck. This was followed by many more devices. to facilitate the handling of loads in everyday work, e.g. lift and tilt tables, column lifts, barrel and tipping devices.

          Depending on the intended purpose they can move loads of 150 kg up to 3000 kg.

              • Hebefix lift truck

              • Light and convenient

                Lift trucks supplement every workplace in industry and trade with their functionality. Their versatility makes them irreplaceable helpers in any company. These practical devices should not be missing from any operation. The concept of Gruse lift trucks is simple: machine, pack, repair and assemble at an ergonomic working height.

                Custom-made lifting trucks tailored to your requirements are the answer for many more tasks.

                All lift trucks are manufactured according to the European regulations DIN EN 1570.

          • First Class Mechanical Engineering

          • Special machines for specific customer requirements

            We are mechanical engineers with heart and soul. We have been building machines for almost 150 years: first agricultural machines, then lifting technology and equipment for material handling. For more than 10 years we have also been manufacturing special machines that meet very specific customer requirements.

            Quite often these machines are a combination of machining or tool machine with lifting and conveying technology, which can be integrated into or expand existing manufacturing or production. Meanwhile, the demand is so great that customer-specific machines have become our core business.

              • Stacking line with retractable railings for the automotive industry

              • Smooth material flow

                The stacking line developed by Gruse is the main component of an automatic feeding system for tyre assembly in the automotive industry. The independent lifting systems allow a permanent loading of the downstream assembly lines. The high-performance redundant hydraulic power units ensure the continued operation of both lift tables even if one unit fails. Spare parts can be replaced in less than one hour due to the plug and screw connections. This also ensures higher availability for the production flow.

                Key facts

                • 2 separate lifting Systems for permanent operation
                • Production reliability thanks to redundant hydraulic power units
                • High availability thanks to quick replacement of spare parts in less than 1 hour
              • Coil handling

              • Coil lift truck for handling of coils up to 50 tons

                As a specialist for custom-made machines handling heavy loads, we have experience in handling coils up to 50 tons. We ensure optimum material flow in your plants with short material changeover times during the coiling and decoiling process.

                We have developed and manufactured this lift truck for coil transport. The compact scissor lift table moves with a driven rail chassis. The lift truck is equipped with a mounting fixture to remove the coils.

                Key facts

                • bearing load up to 50 t
                • Traverse path 5000 mm
                • Coil diameter up to 2150 mm
              • CNC headwaters milling machine for foundry

              • Fast and accurate milling of casting channels in moulding sand

                Gruse has developed and built a CNC riser/sprue milling machine for the foundry industry. The machine mills the risers in the cope of a flasked moulding plant using a CNC program. Two sprue milling attachments with independent CNC control enable the drilling of sprues or the milling of pouring basins. Advantages include precise milling images in optimum quality and extremely short cycle times. The customer-specific machine solution was integrated into the foundry's existing plant.

                Key facts

                • Size (length x width): app. 10.000 mm x 2.500 mm
                • Fast due to extremely short cycle times and plant customised cycle times
                • Optimum quality: high accuracy and repeatability of the milling structures
              • Assembly line for fan producer

              • Lifting, tilting, turning, installing, conveying

                Gruse designed, built and installed an assembly line for a manufacturer of high-performance blowers and screw compressors.

                The assembly line consists of 4 lift-tilt tables and 6 load carriers with round track carriage. The load carriers are equipped with a mounting bar and ar slightly smaller than the lift-tilt tables. The load carriers are transported by rail carriers above the lift-tilt tables and then fixed hydraulically. Now they can be lifted and tilted.

                The rotation is carried out manually and is possible in horizontal position, locked in 4 x 90 degrees positions. This enables units weighing up to 2,000 kg to be placed in an ergonomic working position for assembly purposes.

                Key facts

                • 4 lift-tilt tables
                • 6 load carriers
                • Round rail chassis