• Offer Profile
  • The RAMPF Group stands for ENGINEERING AND CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS and caters to the economic and ecological needs of industry.

    Our range of competencies includes:
    • Production and recycling of materials for modeling, bonding, and protection
    • Technical production systems for positioning and automation, which can be utilized as a stable basis for achieving precision and dynamics
    • Comprehensive range of solutions and services, particularly for innovative customer-specific requirements
Product Portfolio
  • RAMPF Machine Systems

  • Innovative mechanical engineering solutions

    On the solid basis of machine beds made of MINERAL CASTING and NATURAL HARD STONE EPUCRET supplies its customers worldwide with innovative system solutions, “rump machines” (the main machine body), and high-end POSITIONING AND MOVING SYSTEMS:
    • Reliable supplies and proximity thanks to state-of-the-art production processes and plants in Germany and China
    • Development partner for your machine solutions with impressive in-house CAD design and FEM calculation capacities
    • Engineering and chemical/physical research shapes your future innovations
    • Effective quality management to ISO 9001:2008 ensures our products and services meet your requirements
      • Machine Beds

          • EPUMENT

          • Mineral casting machine beds for highly dynamic mechanical engineering applications and technologies

            Specially selected minerals and a high-quality binding agent based on epoxy resin pave the way for machine components with impressive properties, a wide variety of design options, and tangible economic benefits
          • EPUSTONE

          • Machine beds made of natural hard stone for maximum precision in complex measuring and production systems

            With the EPUSTONE brand, RAMPF Machine Systems offers a comprehensive service for processing natural hard stone (granite) in shorter production runs for specialized mechanical engineering applications, prototypes, or pilot machines.
          • EPUDUR

          • machine beds made of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)

            RAMPF Machine Systems supplies a broad range of materials and services for machine beds. The product range includes epoxy resin-bonded mineral casting, filled steel composite structures, natural hard stone, aluminium foam, fiber composites and ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC).
        • Systems

            • EPULIGHT

            • Lightweight construction of dynamic assemblies

              Increasing the productivity of machinery, equipment, and systems in mechanical engineering is hard to imagine without lightweight construction using fiber composites such as CFRP. This is particularly true for dynamic machine components such as carriages, tables, and traveling gantries.
              EPULIGHT solutions are based primarily on metal foams (EPUFOAM) and fiber composites (EPUFIBER).
            • EPUTRONIC

            • Customized mechatronic positioning and moving systems that deliver optimum performance

              RAMPF Machine Systems offers innovative complete solutions for customer-specific positioning and moving requirements based on stable beds made of natural hard stone and mineral casting – from design and layout to production, installation, and commissioning.
          • Services

              • EPUFILL

              • Machine beds with a steel/composite structure and mineral casting filling for specialized mechanical engineering applications

                EPUFILL technology is our response to the ever-increasing demands placed on the static and dynamic performance of machine beds in shorter production runs, e.g. in specialized mechanical and plant engineering applications
              • EPUGRIND

              • Precision grinding of machine beds made of cast iron, steel, hard stone, and mineral casting

                With its own temperature-controlled precision grinding center and high-performance equipment, RAMPF Machine Systems offers an integrated service portfolio for high-precision machine components made of cast iron, steel, granite, and mineral casting.
              • EPUSELF

              • a high-performance mineral casting for do-it-yourself manufacture of customized components and products in the industrial and leisure sectors

                Epoxy resin-bonded mineral casting is a construction and design material with a real future. Selected minerals and a low proportion of binding agents form the basis for a high-performance casting material for a wide range of technical and artistic applications. The brand EPUSELF brings together over 35 years of experience in mineral casting technology and makes it available for do-it-yourself manufacture. Institutes, mechanical engineering companies, tradesmen, artists, and DIY enthusiasts can benefit from the easy handling and the excellent properties of their own cast parts.
              • Customer Service

              • Customer-oriented, skilled, committed – as an end-to-end development partner and service provider, we offer innovative production solutions ranging from machine base to basic machinery
            • RAMPF Production Systems

            • Innovative low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems

              With more than 2,500 system solutions on the market, RAMPF Production Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Production Systems offers:
              • Powerful low-maintenance mixing systems for reliable processing of fast-sedimenting, highly abrasive, and highly viscous materials
              • Dispensing systems and robots for reliable sealing, foaming, casting, and bonding of single- and multi-component materials
              • High-precision dispensing systems for all kinds of materials, independent of fillers and viscosities
                • Mixing Systems

                • Ultra-precise mixing

                  We offer you exceptionally powerful low-maintenance mixing systems. We also develop solutions for processing fast-sedimenting, highly abrasive, and highly viscous materials to suit your specific requirements.
                    • MS-C 76 model series

                    • The MS-C 76 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 0.2 - 3 g/s. The mixer and mixing chamber simply need to be adjusted to the materials' reactivity.
                    • MS-C 100 model series

                    • The MS-C 100 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 1.5 - 120 g/s. Various mixing chamber geometries are available for the many different materials.
                    • MK107 model series

                    • The MK 107 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 2 - 20 g/s. The mixing heads in this series can be equipped with up to three component valves, one flushing valve, and one blowing valve.
                    • MK 108/111 model series

                    • The MK 108/111 model series covers a dispensing output range of approx. 0.01 - 3 g/s. The mixing heads in this series can be equipped with two component valves, one flushing valve, and one blowing valve.
                    • MS-S static mixing head

                    • The static mixing head is used to mix materials that are highly viscous or have a paste-like consistency. Due to the high operating pressures, a steel tube is used to stabilize the disposable plastic mixer. A shut-off system that operates without any displacement ensures a clean thread break and a smooth transition. This system can be used in a dispensing output range of approx. 0.01 - 0.5 g/s
                    • MS-SC static mixing head

                    • The MS-SC static mixing head is equipped with diaphragm valves and is therefore suitable for mixing highly abrasive materials. These valves also have a suck-back effect that ensures a clean thread break. There are no moving parts in reacting material.
                  • Dispensing Systems & Robots

                  • Foaming, casting, bonding, and sealing up to four components

                    We offer you dispensing systems that will ensure your current and future development. We develop complete, tailored solutions for reliable sealing, casting, and bonding of single- and multi-component materials.
                      • DC-RS 250 dispensing cell

                      • The slimline DC-RS 250 robot dispensing cell with the KUKA KR6 R900 is small and versatile. It is used to process 2-component materials.
                        • 600 mm wide with a max. part width of 350 mm
                        • Ideal for lean manufacturing concepts
                        • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems
                        • Flexible structure thanks to separate material conditioning
                      • DC-CNC compact dispensing cell

                      • The MS-SC static mixing head is equipped with diaphragm valves and is therefore suitable for mixing highly abrasive materials. These valves also have a suck-back effect that ensures a clean thread break. There are no moving parts in reacting material. The DC-CNC dispensing system is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for a compact machine structure without wishing to compromise when it comes to control technology. Further benefits of the compact dispensing system:
                        • Suitable for manual or automatic part loading
                        • Can be used as an integrated solution in production lines or as a stand-alone concept
                        • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems
                        • Comprehensive process visualization
                      • DC-CNC 1150 dispensing cell

                      • Compact & flexible: The large version of the compact dispensing cell enables reliable sealing, bonding, and casting of up to 4 components.
                        • Basic structure with integrated control cabinet for 2- to 4-component material conditioning
                        • Full cladding
                        • Control system
                        • High-speed portal robot
                        • High flexibility
                        • High-precision dispensing
                        • Maximum productivity
                      • DR-CNC dispensing robot

                      • The DR-CNC dispensing robot is the ideal solution for complex requirements. Further benefits of the dispensing robot:
                        • Highly variable X-Y axis strokes
                        • For manual or automatic part loading
                        • Can be used as an integrated solution in production lines or as a stand-alone concept
                        • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems
                        • One or two mixing units possible
                        • Comprehensive process visualization
                      • C-DS dispensing system

                      • The C-DS dispensing system is highly versatile and can be used as a manually operated unit, an automated partial solution, or a fully automated robot system. Further benefits of the dispensing system:
                        • Compact
                        • Cost-efficient 2-component processing technology
                        • Can be combined with all popular automation systems
                        • Compatible with all RAMPF mixing systems
                        • Comprehensive process visualization option
                      • DC-VAC vacuum dispensing system

                      • The DC-VAC vacuum dispensing system benefits from vacuum material conditioning as standard and is equipped with a dynamic mixing system. Further benefits of the vacuum dispensing system:
                        • Dispensing output range 0.2 – 30 g/s (depending on the mixing system)
                        • Dispensing via gear or piston pumps
                        • Optimum material conditioning thanks to recirculation via the mixing system
                        • Vacuum chamber for standard workpiece carriers up to 320 x 320 mm
                        • Comprehensive process monitoring options
                        • Process overviews are presented in graphic form in conjunction with optional OP010/012
                        • Integrated formulation management
                    • Dispensing Systems

                    • High-precision dispensing of single- and multi-component materials

                      We offer exceptionally powerful low-maintenance systems for high-precision dispensing of materials as varied as polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone, independent of fillers and viscosities.
                        • M-KDS minimal quantity piston dispensing system

                        • Optimum mixing and high-precision dispensing of minimal quantities
                          • Dynamic mixing optimizes the mixing of minimal volumes
                          • Comprehensive process visualization options
                          • Compact design
                          • Flexible material supply
                          • Freely programmable piston dispensing system for maximum precision
                        • C-DSE compact dispensing system

                        • Compact and flexible: The cost-efficient way to move into automatic processing of 2-component casting materials. Your benefits:
                          • Compact design: Material tanks, control system, and mixing system installed on mobile painted steel tub
                          • High flexibility: Processing of 2-component casting materials and adhesives
                          • Reliable process: High-quality material conditioning using special agitators and recirculation via a mixing tube
                        • K-DP piston dispensing pump

                        • Precise dispensing with a wide range of fillers and viscosities Your benefits:
                          • Variable dispensing quantities and times
                          • Different chamber volumes
                          • Low maintenance
                          • Intelligent drive
                          • Process monitoring
                        • 30 VAC vacuum barrel press

                        • Material changeovers made easy – ideal for conveying medium- to high-viscosity materials. Your benefits:
                          • Bubble-free bonding and sealing
                          • Optimal material utilization
                          • Reliable operation
                          • Significantly higher process reliability
                      • Customer Service

                      • The RAMPF Production Systems Team provides fast and skilled support for you throughout the entire product life cycle of your machine.

                        You can reach us daily Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
                          • Spare Parts

                          • Should you require spare parts, you can request them directly using the spare parts form. Our team will make you a tailored offer in a timely manner.

                            Contact our spare parts service team should you require any assistance.
                          • Technical Support

                          • Our technical support hotline can help you if you are experiencing difficulty with your dispensing system.

                            Use our support form to help us respond to your problem more quickly. Our service team is also available for any other questions you may have.
                          • Services

                          • In with cooperation with our project planning team, we will happily process your inquiries about alterations to existing systems. Should you require any other services, e.g. repairs, maintenance contracts or training, you can let us know using the services form, or by contacting us directly.
                        • RAMPF Eco Solutions

                        • The future in focus with solutions from RAMPF Eco Solutions

                          Based in Pirmasens and developing innovative recycling solutions.

                          We specializes in:
                          • Semi-rigid to rigid integral foams based on recycled polyols
                          • Rigid and flexible foams based on recycled polyols
                          • Casting resins with fillers and recycled polyols
                          • Customized recycling plants based on thermal glycolysis
                          • Contract manufacturing of molded components
                            • Polyurethane Systems

                            • Polyurethane systems have a real future

                              RAMPF Eco Solutions has gained specialized know-how in the formulation of polyurethane systems based on its own polyols. Polyurethane systems based on alternative waste and raw materials are just as versatile as polyurethanes based on new polyols.

                              Your Benefits
                              • Less expensive than primary polyol
                              • Retains the former product characteristics with the new cross-linking
                              • Top-quality polyol mix
                              • Lower disposal costs
                              • Highly efficient resource saving
                              • Recycling raw materials protects the environment
                                  • Integral foams

                                  • Semi-rigid integral foams: RAMPF Eco Solutions produces semi-rigid integral foams based on recycled polyols (Recypol®). Formulations can contain anything from 25-30% Recypol. Typical applications include shoe soles and foam insulation for beer kegs.

                                    Rigid integral foams: In the area of rigid integral foams, RAMPF Eco Solutions offers formulations containing up to 15% recycled polyol (Recypol®). Possible applications for these products include window frame enclosures.
                                  • Rigid foams

                                  • Rigid foams formulated by RAMPF Eco Solutions can contain up to 20% Recypol. These foams are used for applications such as insulation.
                                  • Flexible foams

                                  • Flexible foam formulations from RAMPF Eco Solutions are used in items such as mattresses and car seats. They contain 20-30% Recypol.
                                  • Casting resins

                                  • Casting resin systems from RAMPF Eco Solutions can contain fillers and 18% Recypol.
                              • Base Polyols

                              • Sustainable and cost-efficient recycled raw materials

                                For over 20 years, research teams at RAMPF Eco Solutions have been carrying out research into and developing alternative polyols. Customized polyols are produced by recycling polyurethane and PET at one of Europe's largest thermal glycolysis plants. The base polyols obtained by recycling are reintegrated into the customer's production cycle by RAMPF Eco Solutions or another polyurethane systems house. This delivers both environmental and economic benefits. And by using polyols based on renewable raw materials (biopolyols), RAMPF Eco Solutions' customers no longer need to rely on dwindling petrochemical raw materials.

                                Your benefits
                                • Less expensive than primary polyol
                                • Retains the former product characteristics with the new cross-linking
                                • Top-quality polyol mix
                                • Lower disposal costs
                                • Highly efficient resource saving
                                • Recycling raw materials protects the environment
                                • No reliance on dwindling petrochemical raw materials
                                  • Recypole®

                                  • Recypol® is the name given to alternative polyols created by recycling polyurethane.
                                  • Petole®

                                  • Petol® is the name for polyols created by recycling PET.
                                  • Biopolyols

                                  • Biopolyurethanes are polyurethanes made from renewable raw materials. They can replace traditional fossil-based plastics in numerous applications, thereby saving on resources and improving the sustainability of industrial applications. Starting materials for these high-grade plastics include vegetable oils, corn, wood (lignin), and greases. Targeted modification and functionalization enable biopolyols to be used in all kinds of technical applications. In some cases, the properties of the natural products give the polyols enhanced product characteristics.
                                • Plant Engineering

                                • Customer-specific plants for manufacturing polyols (PUR, PET)

                                  Having a recycling plant on site makes it possible to produce polyols that can be fed straight back into the production process. In addition to cutting transport and disposal costs, this makes the production of PUR-based products more environmentally friendly. RAMPF Eco Solutions offers its customers the complete design of a recycling plant tailored to their specific needs, including the necessary chemical expertise and induction of the relevant personnel.

                                  True to the principle: your production leftovers – your raw materials source
                                    • RAMPF Polymer Solutions

                                    • Customized casting resin systems for sealing, bonding, casting, and coating

                                      RAMPF Giessharze is a dependable development partner for reliable sealing, casting, bonding, and coating solutions. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Polymer Solutions offers:
                                      • Liquid to thixotropic sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone
                                      • Electro casting resins made of polyurethane and epoxy for reliable protection of sensitive components
                                      • C.A.S.E solutions made of polyurethane with versatile properties for bonding, coating, and protecting
                                        • Foam Gaskets

                                        • Excellent sealing systems for any application

                                          For more than 30 years, RAMPF Polymer Solutions has been developing and manufacturing innovative sealing systems based on polyurethane and silicone. RAMPF Polymer Solutions's branded systems combine top quality with exceptionally easy handling. Key features include low water absorption, good adhesion, high long-term temperature resistance, and a cost-efficient manufacturing process. Leading institutes and prestigious customers confirm the quality of the sealing systems.
                                            • Liquid Foam Gaskets

                                            • Liquid sealing systems require a distinct groove and a level application surface. They are applied directly to the part using 2-component low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment and expand in situ.

                                              Your benefits
                                              • Self-leveling
                                              • Tolerances < 3 mm possible
                                              • Gasket with cross-section < 1 mm possible
                                              Range of use
                                              • Sealing of all industrial components
                                              • Application in grooves and molds
                                              • Ventilation grills
                                              • Electronic boxes
                                              • Brake lights
                                              • Packaging
                                              • etc.
                                            • Thixotropic Foam Gaskets

                                            • Highly thixotropic sealing systems, which can be applied with or without a groove. They are ideal for three-dimensional surfaces, including steeply sloping areas.

                                              Your benefits
                                              • Reliable sealing, especially with complex three-dimensional contours
                                              • Overhead application with no run-off/dripping
                                              • 1:1 height/width ratio possible
                                              • No excessive penetration in open-pored materials (textiles)
                                              Range of use
                                              • Three-dimensional components and open grooves

                                              • Control cabinets
                                              • Ventilation grills
                                              • Fabric protector
                                              • Roller coating
                                              • Lights
                                              • Door assembly support modules
                                              • Electronic boxes
                                              • Air conditioning plant
                                            • Molded foams

                                            • Molded foams are elastic polyurethane foams which are used in various applications and industries such as furniture, automotive and construction industry.

                                              Your benefits
                                              • Short reaction and demolding times
                                              • Water-repellent
                                              • High mechanical strengths
                                              • Individual adjustable haptics
                                              Range of use
                                              • Parts with particular haptic requirements
                                              • Application in molds
                                              • Arm rest automotive industry
                                              • Sealing elements
                                            • Rigid foams

                                            • Rigid foams are systems with a very low density that, despite their low weight, are subject to particular static requirements

                                              Your benefits
                                              • Short reaction and demolding times
                                              • High mechanical strengths
                                              • Outstanding vibration, sound and thermal insulation
                                              Range of use
                                              • Whenever high strength paired and low weight are needed
                                              • Insulating foams
                                              • Construction industry
                                              • etc.
                                            • Compact Gaskets

                                            • Unfoamed gaskets are produced using polymerization without any change in volume. They can have anything from a liquid to a paste-like consistency and can be processed on both 2-component low-pressure equipment and high-pressure equipment.

                                              Your benefits
                                              • Customizable hardness range up to Shore D
                                              • Very high mechanical strength
                                              • High elasticity
                                              • Very good vibration and sound insulation
                                              Range of use
                                              • For sealing, strengthening or structuring, or as a functional surface
                                              • High-performance gasket for extreme requirements
                                              • For cost-efficient coating and bonding of construction components
                                              • Automotive sector
                                              • White goods
                                              • Electronics industry
                                              • Leisure/construction material industry
                                          • Electro Casting Resins

                                          • High-performance electro casting resins

                                            Electro casting resins from RAMPF Giessharze ensure greater safety, control, cost-efficiency, and convenience. For more than 30 years, RAMPF Giessharze has been developing and manufacturing innovative reactive resins based on polyurethane, epoxy, and silicone. The company offers a wide range of products and customized solutions for insulating, protecting, and embedding sensitive components.

                                            High-performance products
                                            • High-performance products based on polyurethane, polyurethane foam, epoxy, and silicone adapted to suit your requirements
                                            • Innovative, tailor-made product developments
                                            • Production facilities in Germany, the United States, and China
                                            • Broad spectrum of properties optimized in line with your requirements
                                            • High quality and strict quality checks ensure excellent reproducibility at all stages of production
                                            • Certified to ISO/TS 16949
                                            • Our products are in accordance with EU Directive 2002/95/EG, short "RoHS"

                                            RAMPF – a partner you can rely on
                                            • Specialists in made-to-measure products: We adapt products quickly and reliably to meet your needs
                                            • Our expert staff use their wide-ranging experience to create future-proof solutions for all kinds of applications and numerous markets
                                            • Our application technology team provides in-depth advice and produces sample parts that enable you to test the quality of our products for yourself
                                            • You can rely on our contract manufacturing team to produce top-quality results and deliver your product series without any delays whatsoever
                                            • If you so wish, material and plant technology can be provided from a single source
                                            • We attach great importance to customer proximity and have a global presence to cater to your needs
                                            • We have been serving well-known customers for more than 30 years.
                                            • Silicones

                                            • RAKU-SIL® Silicones: Protecting, Bonding and Casting

                                              RAMPF Giessharze's RAKU-SIL® silicones offer you the optimum solution for sealing, protecting, bonding, and casting components. The company develops customized systems in response to your specific requirements profile. Process reliability is ensured during manufacturing, which normally takes place on low-pressure mixing and dispensing equipment.

                                              Comprehensive, high-performance product portfolio
                                              • 1-component, 2-component, or 3-component products
                                              • Room temperature curing, heat and moisture curing, UV curing, or physical hardening
                                              • Large product selection:
                                                • Soft, gel-like, or self-healing
                                                • Ductile elastomers or hard silicone resins
                                                • Silicone foam elastomers
                                                • Liquid resins or stiff pastes
                                              • Numerous approvals: UL, FDA, drinking water etc.
                                              • Wide range of properties, e.g. electrically insulating and conductive silicones
                                              • Variable reaction times ranging from 1 second to 24 hours
                                              • Excellent resistance to low and high temperatures
                                              • Constant Properties throughout the entire temperature range
                                              • Impressive resistance to chemicals

                                              • Casting of sensors
                                              • Casting of electronic control modules
                                              • Casting of circuit boards
                                              • Casting of wind energy switches
                                              • Mold casting of brake cylinders
                                              • Bonding of oven parts
                                              • Foam sealing of electronic boxes
                                              • Sealing of ABS brake housings
                                              • Sealing of drinking water pumps
                                              • Coating of rollers
                                              • C.A.S.E. - Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers

                                              • High-grade plastic systems

                                                C.A.S.E. is comprised of the product areas construction/coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers.
                                                For years our RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-POX® Systems have been successfully used in different fields of application. Those range from the manufacturing of insulating panels, bonding windows, protection of wooden beams, and production of filter systems, to molds for the concrete industry.
                                                    • Adhesives for reliable bonding

                                                    • Quality sticks – whether you want to bond wood, plastic, metals or other materials, adhesive systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions create a secure and reliable bond. Processing can either be done by hand or mechanically using 2-component dosing equipment.
                                                    • RAKU-PUR®edge casting systems

                                                    • Edge casting systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions are robust and provide reliable protection for components that are subject to high stresses. The versatile RAKU-PUR® materials for protecting wooden edges are suitable for all kinds of applications.
                                                    • RAKU-PUR®casting materials

                                                    • The RAMPF Polymer Solutions product portfolio for the grinding and polishing media industry satisfies the highest physical and chemical demands. The materials ensure good wetting and fixing of grinding and polishing media.
                                                    • RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-POX®filter systems

                                                    • RAKU-PUR® and RAKU-POX® casting and bonding systems haven been successfully used for years in filter manufacturing. They contribute to fulfill the increasing requirements for filter systems in the market. Short cycle times allow for an optimal production process. Our casting materials can be uses for bonding of filter end plate, seam sealing and the production of filter end plates.
                                                • Tooling Solutions

                                                • Innovative modeling and mold engineering solutions

                                                  RAMPF Tooling Solutions develops and produces first-class materials and semi-finished goods for modeling and mold engineering. As a technology driver and leader in quality, RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers:
                                                  • A very large selection of board and liquid materials
                                                  • Made-to-measure products and services for Close Contour models such as pastes, large-volume/1:1 castings, and prototyping systems
                                                  • Expert advice/service and fast technical support for projects
                                                    • Boards for Modeling and Tooling

                                                    • We find solutions for your applications

                                                      As the market leader in board materials, we have developed the world's largest production operations for styling, modeling, and working board materials.

                                                      You, too, can benefit from our high-performance products:
                                                      • High-performance standard range that we can adapt quickly to meet technical requirements on the market
                                                      • "Complete package" available, consisting of board material, adapted adhesive and appropriate repair paste
                                                        • Modeling & Styling Boards

                                                        • RAKU-TOOL® board materials combine high quality with outstanding mechanical properties. Our styling board (SB) material has a fine surface structure. It lends itself to both manual and mechanical processing. Our modeling boards (MB) have an even finer surface structure and excellent dimensional stability.

                                                          Modeling boards are used for original, cubing, and presentation models and for design and form studies.
                                                        • Working Boards

                                                        • RAKU-TOOL® working board materials combine high quality with excellent mechanical properties.

                                                          Working board material is used for metal forming, hammer forms, casting facilities, molds, checking fixtures, and lay-up tools.
                                                      • Close Contour Products

                                                      • Every job is different

                                                        And so are our solutions with RAKU-TOOL®.

                                                        Close Contour products: Close Contour Pastes, Close Contour Blocks and Close Contour Castings are high-performance products and are the result of our painstaking development work and practical experience.
                                                          • Close Contour Casting/Close Contour Blocks

                                                          • RAKU-TOOL® 3C Close Contour Casting uses special casting technique to produce Close Contour models. 3C is transformed into 3D and your idea takes shape. We adapt the product properties precisely to match your requirements, thus ensuring your 3C casting is of the highest quality. Close Contour Casting delivers a three-dimensional casting that is cast close to the final contour.

                                                            Close Contour Blocks are supplied as custom-made, rectangular, unmachined board.
                                                          • Close Contour Pastes

                                                          • RAKU-TOOL® Close Contour Pastes enable cost-effective modeling and mold engineering. Our materials can be processed easily and exhibit excellent dimensional stability. Areas of application include automotive engineering, shipbuilding, wind energy, and aviation.
                                                        • Liquid Systems

                                                        • Gelcoats and laminating, casting, and multi-purpose resins

                                                          Our systems for your applications

                                                          RAKU-TOOL® liquid materials offer you a wide range of innovative and efficient gelcoats and laminating, casting, and multi-purpose resins for various manufacturing processes, construction methods, and applications.
                                                              • Laminating Systems

                                                              • RAKU-TOOL® laminating resins enable the production of lightweight, rigid (depending on the type of fiber) high-strength molds and components with or without gelcoat. Among other things, RAKU-TOOL® laminating pastes are used for fast manufacture of negative molds, as the necessary thickness of shell coating can be applied in a single process.
                                                              • Prototyping Systems

                                                              • RAKU-TOOL® rapid prototyping systems are used for the fast manufacture of functional prototype parts and small batches in various sectors such as the automotive, aviation, electronics, and leisure industries. They simulate the appearance and properties of thermoplastics such as HDPE, PP, ABS, and PE.
                                                              • Gelcoat Resins

                                                              • RAKU-TOOL® gelcoats can be used to achieve various surface properties. Rigid to flexible, chemically resistant, polishable, etc. The backing can be adapted to operational requirements and the mold – from lightweight (laminate structures) to heavy (tamping), post-curing possible.
                                                              • Casting Resins

                                                              •  RAKU-TOOL® casting resins can be used for full and face casting. They are suitable for quick and easy manufacture of models, molds, and tools.
                                                              • Infusion Systems

                                                              • RAKU-TOOL® infusion systems are used to impregnate dry fibers under pressure and in a vacuum. This enables impregnation of larger fibers in a single process and production of homogeneous components and molds void-free.
                                                              • Ancillaries

                                                              • RAKU-TOOL®ancillaries consist of mold sealers, release agents, and fillers. These are used to seal porous surfaces, help with demolding, and act as fillers for a whole range of applications
                                                          • Build-up Methods

                                                              • Milling

                                                              • Find out more about milling. We offers you benefits, processing and products for the following areas:
                                                                • Board materials
                                                                • Close Contour Casting
                                                                • Close Contour Pastes
                                                              • Lay-Up

                                                              • Find out more about the lay-up method. The RAKU-TOOL Scout offers detailed information on benefits, processing, and products:
                                                                • Gelcoats/coupling layer
                                                                • Backing – full casting
                                                                • Backing – tamping
                                                                • Laminating fibers
                                                                • Laminating pastes
                                                              • Casting

                                                              • Find out more about the casting method. The RAKU-TOOL Scout shows you the benefits, processing procedures, and products for the following areas:
                                                                • Full casting
                                                                • Face casting