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Company Profile

In the last 25 years, ASM has positioned itself as a cutting edge company in the applications of advanced technology in the field of automated machinery for the automobile industry and the aerospace industry. We always use the latest and most innovative technologies to provide the highest standards to our customers. Our strength lies in our ability to provide a comprehensive service that offers the most outstanding price-quality ratio. ASM has grown from 50 employees in 1994 to 260 in 2003. ASM not only competes at European level, but also in the American and the Asian markets. ASM Dimatec currently runs 6 overseas subsidiaries in Great Britain, Germany, France, China and Brazil.

Product Range

  • Automated stamping units, general
  • Dispensing: Applying mastic to sheets
  • Dispensing: Automated units for adhesive application
  • Dispensing: Automatic cell
  • Dispensing: Automatic insertion cell by 3D vision
  • Dispensing: Gantry cell
  • Dispensing: Heated pump
  • Dispensing: PU installation for roof felting
  • Handling and assembly unit used in the automotive industry
  • Stamping, centering tables for destacker
  • Stamping, destacker with system of magnets and feeder
  • Stamping, destacker, feeder with robot and loader
  • Stamping, dynamic stacker
  • Stamping, end of stamping lines automation
  • Stamping, palette carrying tables
  • Stamping, simple destacker with lifting blades
  • Stamping, stop and go stacker
  • Stamping, thick sheet stacker
  • Welding cells
  • Welding units: Automated welding units
  • Welding units: Precision racks for the side panels
  • Welding units: Precision racks transport and body welding
  • Welding units: Welding devices
  • Welding units: Welding lines