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  • Offer Profile
  • Welcome to CBS. We are a company set in Vicenza specialized in design, production and the selling of metal shelving, mezzanines and stairs.
    Why Modular System? Because the modular technology not only creates components, but customize your idea, like a tailor-made fabric.

    Our values:
    • Personalization: from the personal idea to the team production;
    • Experience: built up over time, is the solid foundation for any new project;
    • Specialization: we are the experts in resistance, modularity, expandability;
    • Innovation: technology decides how we build;
    • Research: in partnership with the University we study the raw materials, to exalt them;
    • Security: patented technical solutions, certified, safe.
Product Portfolio
  • Racking and shelving system

  • Steady. Safe. Modular.

    Racking and shelving system: modular, metallic, compact and boltless
    Store has never been so easy and convenient, thanks to our range of shelving, designed for the storage of materials conceived in small, medium and large dimension.
    Joinable and modular shelving, these structures are suitable and easy to install.
    The testing accuracy carried out into the university laboratories guarantees the maximum stability and security for the whole range of products.
    What about the weight? It’s not a problem. Our shelvings ensure capacity and resistance even with high loads.
      • CB 90

      • Pallet Racking System: simple, adaptable, sturdy.

        The CB 90 pallet racking is the most suitable modular system for the storage of pallets, even multiproduct. It allows an easy access and to move all stored units. Pallet racking with a wide range of accessories, solutions and capacity for a perfect integration with all handling systems.

        • fitting for 2 level systems
        • ideal for heavy loads
        • maximum modularity and customization
        • high resistance certified steel
        • possibility of loading on pallets or loose goods without packages
        • available with covering for outside
      • Cb65

      • The best solution of pallet racking for medium storage.

        Metal shelving designed for storing of medium-sized products. The CB 65 pallet racking is adaptable, easy to install and ideal for storage of mixed pallet / picking. By combining this pallet racking with elevated catwalks, it allows the installations on different height levels.

        • ideal for picking and light pallets
        • maximum versatility
        • possibility of multi levels installations
        • blue painted RAL 5010
      • Cb38

      • Shelving connectable without screw, ideal for shops , offices and warehouses.

        Functionality with beauty is CB38 shelving, perfect for industrial warehouses or offices and shops. Stability and speed of installation are guaranteed by connection systems without screws and bolts. The wide range of accessories and applications allows, in this type of shelving, excellent performance also in the storage of materials of considerable size.

        • ultra resistant structure
        • possibiliy of installation on 2 levels
        • innovative system to connect without screws
        • modularity and customization
      • Drive In

      • Modular and ultra compact pallet racking. Minimum space.

        The storage system drive-in allows to stow the pallets of homogeneous products and reduce the operation’s space by 80-90%. It is a metal pallet racking structured to make tunnels inside which you can place the forklift and deposit the pallets on special dimensioned lanes.

        • ideal to optimize the space
        • suitable for storing of products on pallets
        • blue painted RAL 5010 (beams and accessories)
      • Dynamag

      • More space, less operating time: now you can cooperate with the dynamic warehouse Dynamag.

        The dynamic warehouses Dynamag can be used to store lightweight materials for picking, or to serve the components to an assembly line. The dynamic warehouses also allow you to store pallets, using the two main storage systems: gravity (FIRST IN – FIRST OUT) and pushback (LAST IN FIRST – OUT).

        • optimize the available space
        • suitable for the storage of boxes and pallets
        • compatible with any level of height
        • perfect rotation of stored goods (FIFO)
      • T Rex pallet racking

      • Maximum load pallet racking, minimum effort: the resistance at maximum performance.

        The T Rex racking pallet is the solution to the problems of storage of very heavy and bulky goods. It simplifies and optimizes the performance of unpackaged cargo or pallet , and it is marked by a modular structure at high resistance.

        • ideal for heavy load
        • modular structure
        • high strength steel
        • blue painted RAL 5010, red RAL 3000
        • hot galvanized
    • Cantilever racking

    • 360° support.

      Pipes, rods, iron or aluminum profils, panels: our patented Cantilever solves the storage operations in a safely and complete way, even with bulky materials.
      The double sides structures are modular alternatives which take advantage of all available space, minimizing the bulky dimensions.
      Together with the accessories, the Cantilever also improves the storage of compact materials or on pallets.

        • LogicLever

        • The last generation of the Cantilever. Sturdy for bars, beams, planks and heavy material.

          Sturdy, versatile and easy to install, the Cantilever LogicLever is suitable for storage of rods, beams, profiles, wood boards and panels. It can be used also to store pallets, rolls, or compact material with accessories such as the continuous shelf.

          To join the upright, the Cantilever uses the “logic clamp system”, a patented connection which allows the accurate adjustment of shelves in height and their perfect leveling.

          • certified steel
          • self-levelling shelves
          • welded or bolted bases
          • modular cross bracing
          • one side or two side uprights
          • technological patented connection
        • Mini Cantilever Racking

        • When agility is combined with the stability: racks for long and light materials

          Mini Cantilever are ideal for storing of light medium and heavy long materials. The cantilever is made up of individual elements designed to make the installation easy, practical and versatile to the use. Functionality combines the pleasant design, guaranteeing stability and low management costs.

          • Ideal for storage of light, medium and heavy materials
          • versatility and personalization
          • functionality combined with design

      • Industrial mezzanines

      • Ideal mezzanines for vertical spaces

        Simple or complicated structures? Both, according your needs. Our industrial mezzanines, of medium and high capacity are distinguished by the modularity: projects are tailor-made, in accordance with the highest levels of quality.
        Easy to install, our mezzanines optimize resistance performances, giving the space a vertical high functional value.

          • S200

          • Metallic space-saving mezzanine: capacity, performance, security, for a suitable space for everyone.

            The metal mezzanines S200 uses at best the premises’ heights, multiplying the available operational surfaces. The capacities and configurations, adaptable to existing environments, exclude the needs of tailored mezzanines, thanks to the standard connections “surfire bracket system”.

            • Ideal to gain space in height
            • anti- seismic structure
            • adaptable to all spaces
            • modular and custom-made
          • S100

          • Prefabricated mezzanines connected without screws: the connection without screw is the key to provide speed and strenght together.

            The prefabricated mezzanines without screws S100, ideal for medium capacity, takes advantage from a beams structure with bayonet joint, which suitably coupled with shaped columns make mezzanines rigid, sturdy and easy to install.

            • assembly without screws
            • adaptable to any type of place
            • anti-seismic structure
            • modularity and customization
        • Stairs

        • Stairs for: mezzanines, exteriors and security stairs

          We produce all types of stairs for mezzanines, exteriors, fire escape stairs and security stairs. Comfortable, safe and custom-tailored.

              • Stairs

              • CBS stairs are customized for each type of use: safety, escape, for mezzanines. The certified materials (anti-slip steps, high strength bolts, finishing both for internal and external) always guarantee stairs of a technological level to the highest quality standards.

                • hight strenght and certificate materials
                • anti-seismic structures
                • modular technology
          • Compy

          • Compact archiving shelving

            Archiving shelving with compact sliding technology: archiving has never been so easy.

                • Archiving shelving: Compy

                • Compared to traditional archiving systems and storage, which require a massive use of space, our compact shelving Compy uses the sliding technology on a rail to maximize the available area. Compy are compact shelving of high quality, guaranteed by the safety of accident prevention devices and anti-crushing.

                  • maximum compactness
                  • perfect to optimize space
                  • suitable for all types of storage
                  • designed to be modular
                  • sendzimir galvanized
            • Vertigo

            • Dynamic Warehouse: Lift or Rotating

              Storage, in the automated warehouse of last generation, is driven by the computer.

                  • Automated Warehouse: Vertigo

                  • Our automatic warehouses Vertigo are designed to house goods of various kinds and dimensions, do not require movement means and may also be inserted into a small surface area, allowing the storage of a number of articles otherwise unthinkable. Thanks to a computerized management system, the operator calls the chosen item and receive it quikly and safely from the machine, without moving.

                    • computerized management with real time display
                    • high number of daily work cycles
                    • upon request, appropriate for the storage of goods during controlled temperatures
                    • customizable and it can be interfaced with all existing management program
              • Steel Warehouses

              • Warehouses and metal structures for every sector

                Customized and targeted projects, whatever your requirement may be: canopies, warehouses, and modular metal structures for every sector.

                    • Warehouses and Metal Structures

                    • Our metal structures, resulting from many years of experience, are designed to ensure utmost static and logistical efficiency. Their versatility and ease of installation make them suitable for any custom made project.

                      The design and structural analysis of structures is carried out by specific software; we can handle with best results even the most complex projects, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and certified materials.

                      We also offer targeted support for the reinforcement and adaptation to anti-seismic standards of structures and buildings, through the use of special anti-seismic structural devices. To the purpose of seismic design, great relevance is given to the study of structures’ dynamics and to the characteristics of the installation area.

                      Our company is ISO 9001 and EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 certified; all our structures are delivered with a EC Certificate of Conformity.

                      • High-strength materials
                      • Anti-seismic structures
                      • Customized solutions
                      • Quick delivery
                      • EC Certificate of Conformity