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  • STAMH LTD was established in 1998 with main services- design, supply, installation, service and overall engineering of all types of storage systems. At present the company has realized over 1800 projects of storage systems in the Balkans as well as in Italy, Austria and Russia.

    Some of our biggest clients are Coca Cola, Liebherr, Schenker, Nestle, Hemofarm, Miroglio,Actavis and many more.
    5 years ago STAMH LTD. was the main contractor for one of the biggest automated projects for Bella Bulgaria for 15,000 pallets with 7 stacker cranes.

    For years we have been delivering the most advanced storage solutions that are easy to use, make the most available space, and are cost effective.With our knowledge and expertise we develop innovative products.We are always alerted to new developments, which allow us to always offer an advanced and complete product range.

    We believe that our products not only meet your needs, but also contribute to your business success.
Product Portfolio




          • The storage systems for pallets are the best answer for warehouses in which you need to store palletised products
              • Conventional system

              • The most used system, designed for the storage of pallets with different types of products

                Conventional system represents the best response for those warehouses in which it is necessary to store palletized products with a wide range of load types. The pallets are easily removed and accessed directly. They do not need to be shifted in order neighboring pallets

                The conventional pallet racking warehouse is generally laid out with single entry wall racks on the perimeter sides and double entry racks in the middle. The working aisle measurement between each rack and the rack height depends upon the characteristics of the fork-lift trucks or lifting devices, pallet size and the height of the warehouse itself.

                • The most universal system for pallet racking;
                • Allows direct and single access to each pallet;
                • Total stock control - each storage space is taken by a single pallet;
                • Significant improvement of all processes in the warehouse;
                • Maximum adaptability to any load type both in terms of weight and volume;
              • Drive-in

              • Appropriate system to store homogeneous, low-rotation products with a large number of pallets per reference

                Drive-In system is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It accommodates a large number of pallets for each SKU. Drive-In makes better use of the available surface and height space than any other. The installation is made up of a set of racking units that form inner loading aisles, with support rails for the pallets.

                The fork-lift trucks enter these inner aisles with their load held higher than the level at which it is to be deposited. This racking system is made of extremely robust material, thus making it suitable for storing fully-loaded pallets.

                The most common way of managing loads in a drive-in system is the racking units to work as a warehouse depot. In this case, there is only one access aisle, from which loading and unloading are carried out in a reverse order.

                • Design for the storage of homogenous products;
                • Better use of the available surface and height space than any other system;
                • Storage by accumulation: the most suitable system for working on the principle LIFO;
                • Allows pallets with the same SKU to be stored in one loading aisle;
              • Mobile Racking System

              • Optimization of space. Ideal system for refrigerated or deep freeze rooms

                The Mobile system racking is placed on guided mobile bases that move laterally, removing only the aisle that is needed at any given time. In order to be able to make the racking more compact, thereby considerably increasing storage capacity without compromising direct access to each pallet.

                The bases are motorized and fitted with mechanisms to enable movement, electronic equipment and different safety systems to guarantee a safe and efficient operation. The rails of the mobile bases are set into the floor thus allowing fork-lifts to circulate. The bases move smoothly when the selected work aisle is open. The installations are generally made up of a combination of fixed and mobile racking units. The construction system used for fixed racking is the same as that used for conventional pallet racking.

                • Optimal use of the available space;
                • Increased capacity of the warehouse by removing the aisles and opening only the aisle that is needed at any given time;
                • Ideal for cold chambers, both refrigerators and freezers;
                • Thanks to the considerable savings in space the initial difference in cost compared to other systems is recovered very quickly
              • Radio Shuttle

              • This is a ideal solution for companies with high volume of pallets per item and intensive loading and unloading activity

                The Radio Shuttle is ideal to store high-density palletized references and mass storage products.
                Using a Radio shuttle considerably reduces the maneuvering times for each operation and optimizes the storage capacity available with compact systems.

                This system uses shuttles which move independently with the rack itself meaning the forklifts are not needed to reach inside the storage lanes.

                The forklift sets the load on the top of radio shuttle which then moves along the track to deposit the load on the right position. Several sensors accurately control the radio shuttle. The forklift operator easily gives the orders for all entry and exit movements using a remote control device.
                Since there are no forklifts in the lane and thanks to the structure’s construction system there is virtually no risk of accidents. Another advantage of the system is that there are less damages on the steel structure since the forklift doesn’t reach the racks.

                • Pallet loading and unloading times are reduced
                • Larger number of stored references
                • Larger number of pallets in depth
                • Larger storage capacity
              • Live storage

              • Ideal system to store perishable goods with high rotation, as well as high consumption goods with a continuos floux.

                Live storage racking system for palletized loads are compact structures that incorporate roller track sections placed on a slope lane to allow the pallets sliding. The pallets are placed at the highest part of the rolling section and move by the forces of gravity and at controlled speed towards the other end where they remain until ready to be removed.

                This minimizes the time needed for certain operations and saves working space. Live storage enables perfect rotation of stored products applying FIFO system. This makes it ideal for storing perishable goods.

                The huge advantages and versatility of this system make it suitable for use in any industry or distribution sector such as food, automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc.

                • The pallets are placed on a rolling section and moved by the forces of gravity;
                • Optimal product turnover thanks to the displacement of the load with the FIFO system;
                  Ideal for storing perishable goods;
                • Excellent stock control;
                • Maximum capacity as this is a very compact storage system;
              • Self-supporting

              • Optimum solution to store at a large heights, making the most of the available surface

                The clad rack warehouse is the ideal solution for stacking goods high since its design ensures that the racking structure supports not only the actual goods and the different building elements but also the load of the loads of the handling devices and external elements: wind, snow, seismic movements etc.

                Furthermore the inly limitation of the height of these buildings is either governed by the local authority regulations or the handling devices to be used.
                These warehouses allow for different degrees of automation to guarantee optimal performance.

                • Great works of engineering enable the racking to form the structure of the building
                • Enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space
                • Allows a wide range of goods to be stored: pallets, container, bulky packages and very heavy loads

            • The storage systems for boxes are designed to achieve a high level of productivity and manage loads with boxes or treys.
                • M?VIBLOCK

                • Compact warehousing archive system, designed to achieve best distribution and perfect order


                  Movibloc is a compact archive storage system comprising of shelving or lockers mounted on mobile bases which slide along rails. This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated and the modules are moved to access the required aisle.

                  The system optimizes the available space, guaranteeing that archived material is kept in order, clean and safe.

                  Mobile lockers adapt completely to the available space and to the characteristics of the product being stored. 

                  It is ideal for storage of all kinds of books and documents, making it a perfect system for offices, libraries, publishing houses, technical archives etc. It can also be used to store other types of small articles, such as pharmaceutical products or spare parts.

                  • Best use of space as it is a compact storage system
                  • Can be adapted to any available space
                  • Total security of filed material
                  • Ideal for the storage of all types of books and documents
                  • Aesthetically designed with light tones of finishing, the system fits well in any environment
                • LIGHT BI BLOCK


                  The system is made of galvanized steel elements: frames, beams and shelves. It is used for manual picking of medium weight products. It can be completed with catwalks, to obtain multi-functional installations for intensive utilization, also in combination with automated systems.

                  • Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.
                  • Load capacity of the frames up to 6.5 tons.
                  • Easy assembly.
                  • Excellent mobility
                • MITO


                  Storage system for manual picking with all galvanized elements. Ideal for storage and filling areas. The shelving system is simply and rapidly assembled and dismantled. The boltless assembly method - consisting of a shelf, a shelf support and an upright – eliminates the issues often experienced with bolted systems. Possibility to make gangway systems.

                  • Optimal solution for manual storage and archiving for different references
                  • Ideal for storing small or voluminous items on many levels
                  • Adjustable loading levels
                • IDEA 5


                  This bolt-free steel shelving system offers a cost effective way to provide hard-wearing solutions to any storage problem. The hard-wearing pre-galvanised steel enables the system to be used in demanding environments whilst giving the system a modern and bright look and feel.
                  With only two components – upright and shelf - the IDEA 5 design has eliminated the need for nuts, bolts or clip,s meaning that bays can be erected quickly and without fuss.

                  The unique connection between the upright and the shelf provides incredible stability whilst offering uninterrupted access from all sides of the bay.

                  IDEA 5 has a wide range of sizes so you can easily fit awkward spaces to get the maximum storage capacity

                  • No clips or bracing
                  • Unique interlocking uprights
                  • Assemble in minutes
                  • Wide range of sizes
                • CARTON FLOW

                • Possibility to fit a pick-to-light system (a screen which provides order details to the operators).


                  Carton flow systems organize the goods to slide on  roller platforms. This guarantees perfect product turnover, prevents interference in the replenishment and collection of materials, increases speed in order preparation.

                  It is designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volume of picking activity as it increases the number of lines of preparation and reduces waste of time for unnecessary moving of staff during these operations. 

                  It is a perfect solution for unit loads with flat and rigid bottoms. With the universal connector, the Carton Flow beds can be installed on most types of racking, regardless of the brand.

                  With different variants of unloading methods—regular, 5°, 10° and 15°—the Carton  Flow is the best way to increase your picking rate up to 150 picks per hour in a safe way. The rate can be increased up to 800 picks per hour when the Carton Wheel flow is combined with a pick-to-light system


                  • Perfect product turnover.
                  • Greater number of references at the front of the racking.
                  • Increased storage capacity.
                • GANGWAY


                  The importance of exploit the space of the warehouse requires solutions which makes possible to access to the highest level. One of these solutions consists of installing high-bay racking with one or more levels of gangways or elevated aisles, supported by the racking itself.

                  Access to the different levels of gangways is made by stairways located in suitable places, fitted in function of accessibility and safety. As a complement to the stairways freight lifts or elevators can also be installed.

                  Different potential combinations make possible to adapt the characteristics of the warehouse to specific needs such as accessibility, safety and ergonomic works. There are several possibilities for the positioning of the access stairways: at the side, at the front, in the center of the installation or between two racks.

                  • Optimization of space
                  • Full exploitation of the height of the warehouse
                  • Combination with other racking systems

              • Specially designed racking storage systems for nonspecific articles- tires , reels, long materials , archives and more.
                  • Mezzanine system



                    Mezzanines are steel structures made out of main beams, secondary beams and columns. They create new elevated surfaces on warehouse or premises floors, enabling extra space for storage, work areas, offices, etc. in a quick and inexpensive way.

                    Considering that land is an increasingly rare and expensive commodity, especially in urban areas, mezzanines offer a cost-effective and highly versatile solution for companies that need to increase their storage surface are without affecting their bottom line, or when it is not possible to expand warehouse due to the nature of space. 
                    Installing a mezzanine double or triples storage surface area. It is the best way to solve space problems at a minimal cost.

                    Mezzanine floors are totally dismountable. That means that all elements are recoverable and their structure, dimensions and location can be easily modified.

                    • Multiplies surface space in industrial premises
                    • Adaptable to any specific needs thanks to the great variety of sizes available, types of floors, construction systems etc.
                    • Quick and easy to assemble
                    • They can be combined with any racking or shelving system.
                  • Console system for long loads

                  • Perfect for storing long materials of different weight. Easy to configure and adapt to different heights and types of goods.


                    This system is specifically designed to store long loads such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber. 

                    This rack enables loads to be handled by using lifting systems such as lift trucks, mobile cranes, stacker cranes, etc. 

                    The system consists of columns with a vertical beam and one or two horizontal beams at the base to provide stability. A series of arms are attached on which the load is placed. These columns are made of hot-rolled metal beams at variable heights enabling to be fitted. Moreover, its design allows the loads to be fitted on one side of the structure only, or on both sides.

                    • Easy-to-assemble. The parts are designed to allow the shelves to be assembled quickly and easily
                    • Structure of great simplicity and strength
                    • All the elements involved fit together easily and allow excellent mobility
                  • Racking and Shelving Systems

                  • Industrial metal shelving systems for the most effective organisation of space.InformationGallery


                    Fami Storage Systems industrial racking systems are the most effective and user-friendly way of organising goods and products, by rationally making the most of the available space and by easily adapting to any use or setting: they can even be simply placed against a wall. Fami Storage Systems offers a complete range of shelving systems for warehouses , divided by type and size.

                    • Configuration Freedom
                    • Modular Structure For Containers And Boxes
                  • Lockers

                  • Purpose

                    These lockers embrace a new concept in compact, aesthetic design that can suit any type of environment: dressing rooms, offices, schools, etc.

                    Frames integrated into the side panels, exclusive connection systems, two options (with or without feet)... each of these elements has been carefully designed to provide high rigidity, moreover, the lockers are built using high-quality cold-rolled steel, specially treated to ensure durability and resistance.

                    • New compact and attractive design
                    • Extremely easy to assemble - no need for nuts and bolts
                    • A modular system that allows for multiple combinations
                • AUTOMATION & CONVEYING

                • Automated solutions for managing and optimizing the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods. Automated Technologies for Efficient and Accurate Storage.High Productivity, High Volume, Low-Cost Conveying and Sorting Solutions
                    • Automated storage system for pallets

                    • Save space with optimal space usage. High bay warehouses guarantee optimum space utilization, faster and more direct access and secure storage up to 40 m high.
                      You will receive everything from One source supplier: design provides individual solutions that make the best use of the available space, static configuration, delivery of total equipment- racks, stacker cranes, conveying systems, software at different levels. System consist of racks, stacker cranes (storage-retrieval machines SRM), conveying systems and software solutions.

                      It presents an individual steel structure corresponding to unique goods that the end customer would like to store in. Structure itself could be in house or realized as self supporting units, that will sustain the loads from goods, but also incoming ones from snow, wind and earthquake.

                      Storage Retrieval machines (SRM)
                      Storage-retrieval machines and/or shuttle systems for pallets provide automated pallet handling and maximize efficiency. They execute efficient pallet transport thanks to storage machines and/or shuttle systems. Machine moves in three direction – length and height of the warehouse, and its handling unit (that could be telescopic forks or shuttle on board) store the pallets in depth of the storage level.

                      Conveying Systems
                      They present the in house transportation of pallet units from the entrance point toward to the stacker crane. Entrance point could be in goods receiving zone, or different parts of production area.

                      Benefits at a glance

                      • Solutions designed individually for your needs, but using modularity of standard components
                      • Diverse storage products and options, also in terms of the system size and height
                      • Handling of extremely demanding conditions such as deep-freeze temperatures
                      • Systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years
                      • Comprehensive range of accessories
                      • Flexibility and sustainability
                      • Optimum storage density
                      • Rapid access
                      • Maintenance-friendly due to high-quality, proven machine elements
                      • Problem-free transport and short installation times resulting from modular design
                      • Connection to higher-level ERP systems or integration of the solutions via MFS and WMS software
                      • Complete solutions from a single source
                      • Reliable planning and costs management
                      • Professional project management and installation, supervised by experienced project managers
                      • After sales service from STAMH (repairs, rack inspections, spare parts, or modifications)

                    • Automated storage system for boxes

                    • Miniload give opportunity to store and pick containers, cartons, and trays with safe of space and time, together with higher throughput. 

                      Minioad system is a smaller member of fully automated warehouse, which is suitable for storing of different kind of small handling units as totes and cartons. Additional value that gives the system is that you could execute a fast picking directly from it using the cranes as supporting hands that delivers the items in front of the person. It is a system that follow the principle Goods to Man and with about 120 double cycles per hour converts the picking process into a play modular console.

                      System consist from racks, cranes, conveying system and management software.

                      Racks are in house build up and in very narrow aisle the cranes are moving assuring space for other activities.

                      Miniload Crane (smaller unit of storage retrieval machine) is the ideal storage-retrieval machine for fully automated miniload logistics. That system enables the storage and picking of containers, cartons, and trays together with a higher throughput in the miniload equipment. The solution makes optimum use of the available space, even in small warehouses. At the same time, it also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive or valuable goods. It also could be used for deep-freeze applications.

                      The diverse range of load handling devices means that there are almost no limits to shapes and surfaces of the goods to be stored or buffered. Together with the single or double storage handling device (in depth of the racks) of the crane, the load handling devices are optimally configured to match your requirements. The modular features provides you with a customized configuration together with an optimum price-performance ratio that gives is short term of ROI.

                      The Miniload crane is designed with quality and long life usage. Innovation and new energy-efficient techniques are always a reason to invest in such a system. 

                      Conveying system - it takes a small foot layout space in case to assure the person to execute the picking process. 

                      Benefits at a glance
                      • Solutions designed individually for your needs, but using modularity of standard components
                      • Diverse storage products and options, also in terms of the system size and height
                      • Handling of extremely demanding conditions such as deep-freeze temperatures
                      • Systems can be expanded and modified, even after many years
                      • Comprehensive range of accessories
                      • Flexibility and sustainability
                      • Optimum storage density
                      • Rapid access
                      • Maintenance-friendly due to high-quality, proven machine elements
                      • Problem-free transport and short installation times resulting from modular design
                      • Connection to higher-level ERP systems or integration of the solutions via MFS and WMS software
                      • Complete solutions from a single source
                      • Reliable planning and costs management
                      • Professional project management and installation, supervised by experienced project managers
                      • After sales service from STAMH (repairs, rack inspections, spare parts, or modifications)
                    • Multishuttle

                    • Automated Pallet Shuttle System: High Throughput and Maximum Storage Density

                      Multilevel shuttle sets new standards for throughput, flexibility and efficiency. It consist of three coordinated by software modules with seamless interfaces: shuttle car, high-performance vertical lift and developed special carrier that moves the shuttle car to exact location on a certain level. In analogy to the small-part-shuttle technology, the Multilevel shuttle system enables multi-deep storage and highly dynamic commissioning of various types of pallets. All that ensure a high storage density.

                      With its modular structure, the Multilevel Shuttle system is totally adaptable to different customer needs. The fields of application for this pallet shuttle system are suitable for: cold storage, buffer storage, dispatch warehouses, sequence storage, commissioning warehouses or supply warehouses.

                      Multilevel shuttle system is ideal for upgrading of existing warehouses.

                      All modules of the system are construed also for deep-freeze conditions and are suitable for a wide variety of unit load.

                      Due to the innovative energy storage systems, charging concepts has smart energy management, and system also has a low energy consumption that reduces costs. The energy balance and thus the operating costs play an essential role, especially in cold storage.

                      The integral control of the system turn on/off different modules to achieve better operations. For example, it is possible to reduce the throughput time of a warehouse in case more important is to improve the utilization of the space at any time.

                      Benefits at a glance:
                      • Scalable, for further increases in performance if need it
                      • Optimum use of space with any building layout
                      • Suitable for a different range of unit load
                      • Low energy consumption
                      • High throughput rates up to 250 pallets per hour
                      • High availability
                      • Could be retrofitted in existing warehouses
                      • Compact design for high storage density
                      • Less installation work, quickly executing in time
                      • Cold store compatibility down to –30 °C
                      • Rated load: up to 1.500 kg
                      • Low energy consumption
                      • Speed: up to 300 m/min
                      • Acceleration: up to 1.2 m/s2
                      • Power supply: inductive/conductor rail
                      • Integral control
                      • Repositioned by vertical conveyor

                    • KARDEX REMSTAR SHUTTLE XP
                      Vertical lift system for highly dense storage on limited floor space

                      KARDEX REMSTAR MEGAMAT RS
                      Automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the “goods to person” concept for goods with a high picking frequency

                      Horizontal Carousel: For higher performance and fast delivery times. An efficient solution for fast storage and picking with direct and reliable access.

                      Vertical Buffer Family: More performance. More flexibility. More convenience. 

                    • ?ransport (conveyor) systems

                    • PALLET TRANSPORT SYSTEMS
                      Modular conveyor platform for pallets Intuitive way to transport pallets between different zones

                      Reliable and efficient handling of pallets gives an important role in the material flow. High-capacity storage locations that uses the least amount of space is not the only aim, but more over it is important to minimize the transportation times between goods reception zone to their storage place, or between production and picking areas in companies. But all that in automate mode just for high efficiency – while at the same time benefiting from streamlined planning processes and low installation workload with flexible design options. The Modular pallet conveyor platform is perfect solution for handling pallets. Pallet conveyor modularity provides the ideal basis for creating comprehensive storage and conveyor solutions for all kinds of applications.

                      TRANSPORT SYSTEMS FOR BOXES
                      Flexible and modular conveyor platform for boxes Standardized conveyor modules keeps the investment cost very low.
                      Economical and user-friendly: the dynamic storage solution that operates without power. It is designed for fast-moving goods (e.g. groceries) that have to be quickly picked and immediately conveyed to consumers. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious. It is known as FIFO, First In – First Out, and guarantees that what has been stored first is also picked first. Or LIFO, Last In – First Out, when the pallet stored last is picked first. It means making maximum use of minimum space. And because the needs of our customers are as diverse as their products, our central and peripheral subsystems offer unlimited design options. - Pallet flow - Carton flow The picking times can scarcely be beaten. The return on investment for the operator is two to three years and is integrated


                  • Automated solutions for managing and optimizing the storage, preparation and dispatch of goods. Automated Technologies for Efficient and Accurate Storage.High Productivity, High Volume, Low-Cost Conveying and Sorting Solutions

                      • Assembly of all types of storage system ; relocation - moving warehouses from one country to another.

                        Pallet racks installation requires an experienced crew with the proper tools and equipment. The installation needs to adhere to the design, which was created by skilled engineers took into account load levels, environmental considerations, building codes and other important factors when designing the system.

                        We know you're busy running your business. We understand that you may not know how or have the time to install or teardown your pallet racks and other warehouse equipment. At STAMH Service, our crews are specialists in installation and removal of material handling equipment. At STAMH Service, we have the resources at our disposal to help you with any project - large or small.

                        Our installation teams have over 10 years experience installing, moving and disassembling racks, conveyors, mezzanines or any other types of storage systems. STAMH Service's crews travel nationwide and arrive when & where our clients need us.
                      • INSPECTION, SERVICE

                      • Inspection of all types of racking systems

                        The annual inspection requires professionally trained rack inspectors to inspect your racking that complies with the latest Euro Norm.

                        The inspection is done systematically according to a detailed inspection protocol and is afterwards documented through a detailed report.
                        STAMH Service has huge experience working in this area and has consulted extensively regarding the position of the DIN EN 15635 “Steel static storage, systems- Applications and maintenance of storage equipment”

                        Inspections are performed by a trained and accredited inspector, and undertaken at least once every twelve months. Following this inspection, a professional report is presented containing the description of the general condition of the installation (floor, usage, lifting device, load), and an overview of the measures to be taken, classified into risk categories depending on the severity of the damage and the urgency of the repair.

                        The inspector will be able to classify and evaluate certain forms of damage and deformation (protection systems, anchoring system, safety pins, yokes and beams).
                      • REPARATION

                      • Reparation isntead of replacement- the quickiest and cheapiest way to modify the damaged part of racking system.

                        Pallet racking repairs can be costly, but are a pivotal aspect of any racking maintenance program. Racking systems are constantly under attack by Fork Lift Trucks and inevitably damage occurs. However 90% of the time damage only occurs in the first 600mm of the upright. It seems a waste to replace the whole upright when only a small percentage of the upright is damaged. Our Stamh-service team enable repairs to be carried out with minimal fuss and disruption to the warehouse.

                        • No need to replace the whole upright
                        • No materials need to be offloaded
                        • No need to wait for replacement uprights and materials
                        • Ease of repair encourages operators to deal with damage as and when it happens, creating a safer working environment.
                      • PROTECTOR, BARRIERS

                      • Different types of protectors and barriers made of steel or plastic.

                        Forklift trucks and other warehouse traffic can cause damage to unprotected equipment and structures
                        Use protectors or barriers to protect your vulnerable pallet racking frame ends, machine guards, partitioning systems, mezzanine support columns and more.

                        We are offering different types of protectors and barriers made of steel or plastic.
                      • GEODETIC SERVICES

                      • Different types of geodetic services in construction.

                        Complex surveying work-related with prospecting, design, construction (installation) and operation of sites is defined as a specific portion of geodesy in the construction.

                        Geodetic photograph (shooting)
                        Surveying photograph (shooting) from earth observation image specify the location of specific points, which are subsequently applied to a plan, model number or card.

                        The determination of the position of points is done by means of geodetic work base, a network of permanently stabilized on the surface markers with precisely determined coordinates in a horizontal position and height.

                        Under tracing is meant to mark the site of various points, made planes or surfaces, coordinate data, which are previously known.
                        In laying out the mutual position of points is determined on the basis of a drawing plan or a digital model to be implemented on site.
                    • ROBOTICS

                        • Industrial Robotics

                        • Robots have changed manufacturing technology. Powerful automation begins with ready to use robots.

                          Our portfolio offers perfectly matched automation solutions for more efficient manufacturing processes – from just a single robot to specialized cells through to complete system concepts. Here you will find an overview of all industries that can benefit from comprehensive product range. The robot periphery is a factor that must not be underestimated when considering the efficiency of your production processes. With end effectors, energy supply systems, linear units and positioners, you can considerably expand the functionality of KUKA robots. KUKA offers additional modules for all payload categories, for full automation and human-robot collaboration. We will happily advise you on selection of the right additional module for your robot. Industrial robots has been solving the problems of end customers, and ensuring their success, with efficient, state-of-the-art automation solutions. 
                        • Transport robotics - AGV system

                        • Automated Guide Vehicles: smart and flexible. Higher efficiency and greater flexibility with AGV.

                          Automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems automate workflows by managing and executing transport tasks based on optimized and flexible strategies. The systems are very flexible. Do you need more throughput? Then add more AGVs. Compared to conveyors, AGVs can be moved to another facility very easily. One AGV can replace the other during maintenance, providing maximum availability in your daily operation. Ideal for most types of material handling, AGVs safely and reliably fulfill their duties. With modern navigation options and customized load handling, these AGVs are efficient in highly complex logistics systems and simple A-B scenarios. AGVs can operate as a stand-alone system or, if connected to an ERP, as a fully integrated subsystem of a complete plant.

                        • AREA AND LINEAR ROBOTS
                          Robots-Optimum use of space / maximum working areas. Future-oriented and innovative.

                          AUTOMATED HORIZONTAL CAROUSELS
                          Dynamic order picking processes with a very high performance 1 000 picks per hour, 50% higher storage density

                          Flexible Single Level Shuttle for Bins and Cartons. Maximum possible storage density


                          • Packaging solutions

                          • Wide range of semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping and strapping machines, case erectors and sealers and consumables for packaging
                            • Semi-automatic wrapping machines
                            • Automatic wrapping machines
                            • Semi-automatic strapping machines
                            • Automatic strapping machines
                            • Shrink wrapping machines
                            • Case erectors and sealers
                            • Stretch film & consumables
                          • Workstations and boxes

                            • Cabinets
                            • Workbenches
                            • Workstations
                            • Trolleys
                            • CNC Tool Storage
                            • Containers
                        • LOGISTIC SOFTWARE

                        • Designed to work together. In your favor. For your success.
                            • Warehouse logistics WMS

                            • What is WMS? It stands for Warehouse Management Software. It concerns all warehouse logistics. In other words, this is the software who knows WHAT EXACTLY happens in the warehouse and HOW to manage the processes, the people and the machines to work altogether the best way. Not the ERP, not the accounting software, not the trading software do so. The WMS does it.
                            • Transport logistics TMS

                            • What is TMS? It stands for Transportation Management Software. It concerns all transportation logistics. In other words, this is the software who knows WHAT EXACTLY happens in the warehouse and HOW to manage the processes, the people and the machines to work altogether the best way. Not the ERP, not the accounting software, not the trading software do so. The WMS does it.
                            • Logistic equipment

                            • There are a lot of software serving and facilitates logistic processes. But you can take their full advantages only when use highly specialized equipment that enhances all aspects and features of WMS, TMS, MES.
                            • Industrial automation and robotics

                              • SCADA
                              • PLC programming
                              • Hardware
                              • Custom automation software development
                          • PROFESSIONAL CLEANING MACHINES

                          • Full range of professional, industrial and municipal cleaning machines and equipment for any warehouse, factory or city
                              • Scrubber-dryers

                              • Full range or battery and cable powered scrubber-dryers for wet cleaning of hard floors in warehouses, factories, trade centers, hotels, schools and all other areas
                              • Industrial sweepers

                              • Full range of industrial sweeping machines for dry cleaning of outdoor and indoor areas
                              • Autonomous cleaning machines

                              • There are a lot of software serving and facilitates logistic processes. But you can take their full advantages only when use highly specialized equipment that enhances all aspects and features of WMS, TMS, MES.
                              • OUTDOOR UTILITY MACHINES

                              • Wide range of electric, diesel and CNG cleaning machines for municipal areas - roads and streets, squares, pedestrian zones, parks, green areas, parking lots, etc. STAMH Tech is official dealer of european leaders Dulevo (Italy), TSM (Italy) and Max Holder (Germany).
                              • Industrial vacuum cleaners

                              • Full range of of industrial vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum systems (CVS) and pneumatic conveyors
                              • Single disc and vacuum cleaners

                              • Wide range of professional single disk machines for floor maintance, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, extractors for carpet washing and sanitizing machines for restrooms
                              • Rent and Services

                              • Wide range of tecnical and finance services