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  • Offer Profile
  • Established in 1991, Güralp Vinç has become one of the leading companies in a short time in crane design and manufacturing field; with its high quality production, discipline in business sense, consistent vision, correct and sound strategies. Güralp Vinç begun slowly moving up in the international rankings of crane companies and achieved to be a known brand throughout the world by reflecting its high experience to the new products and improving them throughout new technologies and investments in order to mach the customers requirements
Product Portfolio
  • Hoists


      • Hoist

      • The hoists are produced between the capacities 1 ton and 80 ton's as standard, with different speed and working class options. The hoist groups involve stationary, monorail trolley and double girder trolley hoists. Their compact design provides the ability to work at narrow spaces. As the consequence of the improved technological investments, being fabricated within automation conditions, our hoists have the capability to serve for a long and continuous time, which has been claimed with many tests. The design of these hoists with modular, standard, easy maintenance and service abilities, have been completed after the serious research of the technical staff about the crane concept that satisfies the world standards. All the trolley groups of the wire rope hoists have been replaced with end carriage version and all the end carriages have been improved so that they will be direct drive type. One of the most important aspects considered by the crane users is the hoist's headroom and Guralp has managed to have one of the lowest headrooms by utilizing the special control panel designed specifically, having an ergonomic view as well. By improving the production lines and getting high quality and efficiency this way; Guralp is making a difference either with the 100% static tests applied on the prototype and making risk analysis which is generally a missed out subject.

      • Chain Hoist

      • Our chain hoists are produced between 250 kg and 2000 kg, with different speed and working class alternatives.

    • Crane Systems

        • Double Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

        • The crane consists of two bridge girders supported on two end trucks. The trolley runs on rails on the top of the bridge girders. Double girder overhead traveling cranes are generally equipped with a platform that's assembled to one of the girders and being used for maintenance purposes.
        • Single Girder Overhead Traveling Crane

        • The crane consists of a single bridge girder supported on two end trucks. The trolley runs on the bottom flange of the bridge girder. Generally, they are preferred for capacities under 16 tons and span values below 25 meters. They are more economical as compared with double girder cranes in standard applications. For maintenance, additional equipment (such as ladder, platform etc.) is needed.
        • Gantry Crane

        • The difference of these cranes from overhead traveling cranes is that bridge construction is connected to leg constructions, by this means gantry cranes are to run on rails without the need of infrastructure such as runway beams or columns. They can be produced as double girder or single girder as well as overhead cranes. There's a ladder with hand-rails, connected at least to one of the legs, in order to climb the girder.
        • Jib Crane

        • Depending on the situation, consists of a boom or a column and a boom; a jib crane is a type of crane that allows for rotational movement along with horizontal trolley motion and vertical hoisting motion. Free standing type jib cranes can be anchored to the ground and wall-mounted jib cranes can be mounted to an existing column.
        • Wall-Running Jib Crane

        • It's a type of jib crane supported by end carriages and by means of double runway beams it's able to run along the hall. Mainly they're used under overhead traveling cranes and assigned to handle materials for workstations. Generally they're produced up to 5 ton capacity and max boom length of 10 meters.
      • Crane Components

          • End Carriages

          • Our TG type end carriages have been designed suitable for DIN 10070, DIN 10074 and Fem standards. The sheet material of such products are S235JR. Standard profile material is S235JR and S335G3 quality. Our designs are checked for statical analysis and buckling controls via CosmosWorks software. All the end carriage groups are designed as to drive the wheels directly and we have many speed options in standard (20-30-40 m/min). All the gears of motorized gearboxes are operating inside a closed volume with oil batch. There's no need for the replacement of the gearbox oil. All the gears are fabricated as helical type gear. All the gear groups are applied carburisation and normalization heat treatment processes. The gears and wheels are grinded and so that their efficiency increases whereas silent operation is provided. Motors are suitable for IEC standard, squierrel caged, having 400VAC nominal voltage, 3 phase, 50Hz, with F class isolation, S1 working class, minimum IP55 protection class and equipped with electromagnetic disc brakes. Regarding wheel designs, the wheel reactional forces are checked for the designs and diameter of the wheels are determined accordingly. As the material selection, GGG70 ductile cast iron which is abrasion resistant is used. In order to provide the easy mountability, moment armed type connection has been preferred. The wheel are equipped with deep groove ball bearings and spherical roller bearings that can be exerted axial and radial force shave been preferred. Our main goal about our designs is to provide high-quality products to our customers with mountability easiness, service easiness, ergonomical view using less workmanship and benefiting from the opportunities that the technology provides us.
          • Transfer Cart

          • Transfer cart is a handling equipment used for material transfer along the hall. Upper platform is designed in accordance with the requirement of the material to be handled. Consists of end carriages selected appropriate for capacity and the size and the steel construction designed based on the project.
          • Remote Control Systems

          • Through the wide spectrum of options; it's possible to find solutions appropriate for different fields such as industry, construction and mobile vehicles. The pushbutton type Wave product group are designed for the optimum operational control of hoisting mechanisms, overhead type traveling cranes, tower cranes and as a general phrase for the on-off controlled machines. The transmitter group that can be hanged on the waist are direct proportional or on/off type and addresses the world of machines that can be controlled by joy-stick. As the control panels of Zeus models are able to be suitable for maximum 2 pieces of biaxial joy-sticks at B2 class, they are also suitable for 6 pieces of uniaxial joy-sticks and in addition suitable for several commanders that can involce push buttons, selectors or rotary switches and potentiometers. The transmitter group Thor that can be hanged on the waist enlarge the bounds of possibilties. By means of the large are at the control panel of these transmitters, B4 model can be suitable for maximum of 4 pieces of biaxial joy-stick whereas M8 model enables the suitability for usage with 8 pieces of uniaxial joy-sticks and in addition suitable for a great number of commanders that can involve push buttons, selectors or rotary switches and potentiometers. M8 transmitter with DIN railed assembly, can be used for the cases that requires the transmission of open/closed type or direct proportional signals that are generated by either sensors or RS232/485 ports to a control station as wireless. The transmitter group is based on 4 models that are L, H, M and K. With those, the need of every type of application can be satisfied with their open/closed types, necessary no of direct proportional outputs and special configuration aspects. All the M550 series are able to be improved with data transmission functions, with the capability of showing the machine status information on the LCD or LED screenes by receiving the data from the sensors on the body. IMET products are designed taking into consideration the highest quality standards. For the STOP circuit CAT4, for the movement comments CAT3 and 2."Surplus", "Double Control", "AutoControl" and "Periodical Audit" concepts are available at every component where security is important. With these all aspects, IMET is having the leading field in means of active and passive security recruitment.
          • Power Transmission Systems

          • Our maintenance-free, uniform conductor rail systems have 100% working rate with 75A, 100A, 200A alternatives. For the higher capacities we have "W" type heavy duty conductor rails at amperages 320A, 500A and 800A.
          • Scissor Clamps

            • Scissor Clamps for Marble Slabs
            • Scissor Clamps for Concrete Slabs