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  • Offer Profile
  • Ever since its beginning in Itsasondo (Gipuzkoa), JASO Industrial Cranes has worked ceaselessly on the development and creation of comprehensive lifting solutions. Safety, efficiency and productivity are the pillars on which we base our activity and are what allows us to help improve our customers' companies in the markets in which they operate.
Product Portfolio

  • We carry out robust equipment sizing in order to offer security and reliability as well as a considerable reduction in maintenance costs due to the unification of elements and spare parts. Our specialised cranes are mainly designed for the steel, energy and general manufacturing sectors.

    JASO Industrial Cranes uses the most advanced technology developed for the most demanding operations. Our capacity for innovation and design makes our cranes the most reliable machines on the market.

      • We manufacture open trolley, a tailored solutions to responds the specific needs that require the most demanding operations.

        Most special cranes are configured with an Open Winch mechanism, a combination of independent elements, assembled in series or parallel, based on the characteristics and requirements of each application.

        • High performance operation: 24 h a day, 7 days a week, lifting 100% of nominal capacity, etc.
        • Large tonnage loads
        • High speeds: up to 100 mpm in bridge travelling, up to 60 mpm in trolley travelling, up to 20 mpm in lifting, etc.
        • Multiple lifting mechanism configurations: main lifting and auxiliary lifting (turning operations, etc.)
        • Additional security (brakes), control devices (encoder, limit switches, weighing devices, ...), etc.

      • The most critical cranes within a steelworks, along with EAF charging and ladle handling cranes.

        They stand out for their high transfer and lifting speeds. We prioritise safety and the ability to carry out high duty cycles. They can be designed with different handling tools such as orange peel grabs, magnets, clamshell buckets or combined configurations.

      • JASO Industrial Cranes EAF charging cranes work with the steel furnace. They support, tilt and transport the ladle full of molten steel.

        Precision and safety are crucial in this task as well as in the high duty cycles to which they are exposed. Cranes that are configured in the groups up to A8 / M8. With more than 100 EAF charging and ladle handling cranes installed worldwide, we have the experience and knowledge to offer the best solution.
      • TUNDISH

      • Situated within the casting production process, these are cranes exposed to aggressive conditions.

        Their special design in terms of components and protective features ensures continuous operation. Tundish cranes are equipped with hooks where appropriate lifting devices for the Tundish cranes can be hung.

      • Overhead cranes for finished-product warehouses and yards.

        Our engineering department has designed these cranes with magnetic cross bars and rotating trolleys so they can attain high speeds. Solutions that ensure the maximum performance in both finished and semi-finished material tapping and that optimise the steelworks logistical flow in loading and unloading.

      • For over 50 years we have specialised in solutions designed by customers in the iron and steel industries, automated solutions, and the railway, energy and forging sectors.

        Each project's characteristics and specifications make it essential to offer maximum flexibility in order to give the optimal solution in each case. With this objective we at JASO Industrial Cranes specialise in tailored production. We use the necessary human, technical and organisational means to integrate these necessary variations for the client into our production systems.

        JASO Industrial Cranes additionally supplies transfer trolleys on rails for transporting scrap handling ladles at ground level, as well as vehicle transporters and transport carts for various materials such as coils, steel sections etc.

        Our engineering and programming departments work on a case-by-case basis to offer personalised solutions.
        • Solutions for the movement via manual control using a button connected to the trolley.
        • Tailored handling solutions monitored via radio.
        • 100% automated solutions using detection cells. Programmed cart movement in the security perimeter zones, no operator action required.

        They are based on standard crane design in terms of its structure, lifting and transfer mechanisms.

        Together with the client, we analyse the different cycles, the necessary safety features and appropriate fittings with the aim of implementing a program that makes the production process into a safer and more efficient phase.
        • Different degrees of tailored automation.
        • Semi-automated programming where the operator intervenes in part of the process (normally loading and unloading).
        • 100% automated programming where the operator intervenes in the establishment of the necessary program or cycle, and only monitors the cycles.
        • Cranes for the logistical process of storing the product (long products, coils, etc).
        • Cranes for the production process (transferring the materials from one point in the process to another).
        • Cranes for handling waste material.
        • Cranes for handling paper rolls.

    • Our extensive experience, technology and innovative capacity in special cranes allows us to apply this know-how to our most highly-demanded products. This positions us at the top of the market and allows us to provide solutions with maximum quality guarantees under the leading international regulations.

      We use the latest technology in our industrial cranes, guaranteeing maximum reliability. With more than 50 years' experience in the lifting machinery sector, JASO Industrial Cranes is the leader in lifting solutions in the most advanced manufacturing processes.
        • CRANE KITS

        • They are the most versatile resource for creating your own crane with the reliability of JASO.

          The JASO crane kits for up to 100 t are made up of lifting mechanisms, trolley transfer-bridge crane and electrical equipment, allowing the user to construct the appropriate type of crane with both standardised and specialised components. The necessary engineering project is included for the manufacturing of the bridge crane structure in single-girder, double-girder and gantry configurations.

        • The single girder configuration is optimal for maximising space in work areas.

          Our JASO single-girder cranes with a cable hoist have a lifting capacity of up to 20 t. They rely on a single box girder structure which makes them the best option for an efficient use of space. It is a perfect solution if you are working in a confined space.

        • They reduce the load on the structure and they provide stability for the handling of heavy loads.

          With a lifting capacity of up to 100 t, JASO double-girder cranes steadily transport large loads and volumes. The double box girder structure and a cable hoist make them highly stable cranes with large load capacities. This is the best solution for transporting heavy loads with precision.
        • GANTRIES

        • Stability and safety are the principal features of JASO Industrial Cranes gantry cranes.

          They have a large lifting capacity, up to 100 t, thanks to their structural design. The cable hoist is installed on one or two beams, supported by legs that can be moved on horizontal rails attached to the floor. These cranes are easily integrated into production centres. They are the perfect solution for open air transfer in warehouses, logistics centres and distribution centres.

        • Our extensive experience and ability to innovate has allowed us to develop a wide range of explosion-proof solutions complying with the European ATEX regulations, directives 94/9/EC and 2006/42/EC. All JASO ATEX products are certified by the following technical studies housed at the LOM official laboratory:

          • JASO-CP01-14-EX for HOISTS - LOM 14 ATEX 0030*
          • JASO-PG01-14-EX for EOT CRANES - LOM 14 ATEX 0031*

          An explosion could occur if a combustible material makes contact with the air together with an ignition source. The JASO – ATEX products prevent this source of explosions with their exclusive design and technology. Our products are designed for working safely in flammable atmospheres in the petrochemical industry, refineries, electric power stations and, ultimately, in any type of industry where an explosion of this type could occur.
      • HOISTS

      • Hoist product line with capacities of up to 100 t.

        With two product ranges, 'N' Range with a two-speed lifting motor and 'V' Range with a lifting frequency converter, we offer the best solutions for your company with lifting capacities of up to 100 t in crane and jib configurations.
          • V RANGE

          • This range of hoists includes an overspeed variator in the lifting motor as a standard.
            • Transfer and Lifting Variator - Smoother and quieter starts.
            • Closed Loop Vector Control - Safer with more system control.
            • Continuous Lifting and Transfer Brakes - Less wear.
            • Cable, effective rupture 220 kg/mm² - Greater resistancy coefficient.
            • Hoist Junction Box with IP-55 protection - Simpler maintenance and better insulation.
            • Adjustable Lifting and Transfer Speeds, from 0 to a nominal velocity - Greater versatility.
            • Encoder mounted outside the motor, making the reading of the variator more reliable.
            • Electric Multi Tension Solution - Versatility, so it doesn't have to be adapted to work in different countries.
            • A more compact hoist reduced in length by 36 %, thereby not overreaching the trolley frame and so ensuring closer links.
          • N RANGE

          • Our cable hoists with a two-speed lifting motor are supplied with the proven experience of thousands of pieces of equipment installed in recent years.
            • Dual winding motor brake with a short circuit rotor and IP 55 protection as well as other protections available on request.
            • Instantaneously triggered electromagnetic brake in case of power failure.
            • Elevation reducing gear of our own design comprised of gears mounted on bearings that turn continuously in an oil bath in a hermetically sealed cabinet.
            • Completely mechanised laminated steel drum, following the current FEM regulations.
            • Cable-Guide: Nodular casting, breakage and wear resistant. Consists of two pieces, which makes it easy to assemble. A spring is attached to the cable-guide which maintains tension during load elevating and lowering operations.
            • Load Limiter: With a snap action switch that complies with the machinery safety directive.
            • Load Block and Hook: Made from forged alloyed steel and suspended from a cross piece made from the same material, it is mounted on an axial bearing and contains a safety latch that prevents slings from being released.
            • Limit Switch: Operated by the cable-guide, it limits hook movement in extreme positions.
        • JIBS

        • Reliable cranes that optimise manufacturing and assembly process production. Jib cranes that facilitate daily work.

          Jib cranes are designed for the connection between workplaces and the handling of light loads within the industrial process. They are available in capacities of up to 10 t and arms up to 7 m, along which moves the wire rope hoist. Due to their design they provide the operator with mobility in a limited work space and thus improve the productivity of production lines. Jib cranes stand out for their easy and quick handling, assuring a secure and precise operation.
            • GANTRY JIB CRANE

            • A fixed column anchored to the floor that can turn through 360º. Versatility and productivity in constrained work zones and production lines.

              Designed for handling light loads within the industrial process. They have a lifting capacity of up to 10 t and a fixed column anchored to the floor that can turn through 360º using a mechanised bearing. The best solution for providing the operator with mobility in a limited work space and improving production line productivity.

            • Machine anchored to the wall or a pillar. Optimal for work zones and production lines with little space.

              Cranes for handling light loads within the industrial process. With capacities of up to 10 t, it is anchored to a wall or pillar and can turn through 270º using a mechanised bearing. The best solution for providing the operator with versatility in a limited work space and to improve production line productivity. Double-girder and single-girder configurations available.

            • Fixed to a vertical rail anchored to the wall, these cranes aim to handle light loads throughout the bay within the industrial process.

              The best solution for providing the operator with versatility in a limited work space and to improve production line productivity. Cranes with capacities of up to 10 t. Double-girder and single-girder configurations available.
          • INDUSTRIES

          • We apply our extensive experience, technology, ability and our know-how in the most demanding environments in order to always offer the optimal solution for each project.
              • Iron and steel industry

              • Leaders in the most demanding environments.
                Leading companies in the iron and steel industries throughout the world rely on JASO Industrial Cranes solutions. More than 50 years offering lifting equipment for the most demanding environments, always guaranteeing maximum safety and productivity in highly aggressive environments such as steelworks, foundries, steel rolling mills and in finished and semi-finished product plants.

                We design and install cranes for scrap handling, EAF charging and ladle handling cranes, cranes for forging, Tundish cranes and cranes for steel rolling mills.

                Lifting solutions for steel mills and foundries
                We are experts in the design and manufacture of cranes for steelworks and foundries. With more than 100 EAF charging and ladle handling cranes installed worldwide, we design, manufacture and install high-capacity, high-performance cranes to meet maximum safety and productivity levels.

                Lifting solutions for steel rolling mills
                We guarantee the performance of our cranes for finished and semi-finished products. Various configurations of magnetic crossbars and rotating trolleys that ensure correct product discharge and optimise the logistical flow in loading and unloading.

                Cranes for product storage
                At JASO Industrial Cranes, we offer automated solutions for the storage of metal materials such as coils and long products of different materials. We adapt our cranes according to the environment and our clients' production demands.
              • Energy

              • We offer lifting solutions worldwide in energy industry production and operation.

                Renewable Energy (Eolian)
                With various cranes installed worldwide in wind turbine production plants, JASO Industrial Cranes satisfies all lifting needs within the production process with double- and single-girder cranes, hoists and transport carts.

                • Double- and single-girder cranes and hoists.

                Hydroelectric energy
                With a configuration range of 1 to 400 t. JASO Industrial Cranes focuses the design of its turbine handling cranes on providing exacting performance during the assembly process and their subsequent intermittent use during the life cycle of the hydroelectric plant. JASO I. C. supplies turnkey lifting projects to this type of plant, from turbine handling needs to gantry cranes for handling hatches, as well as auxiliary cranes and maintenance hoists.

                Thermal energy
                We supply all kinds of lifting solutions for optimising space and performance reliability after intermittent use after the assembly period. The main applications are:
                • Cranes for boiler rooms.
                • Cranes for maintenance workshops.
                • Cranes for turbine rooms.


              • Waste Management

              • Commitment, experience and solutions in different waste treatment phases.
                We design, develop and apply our JASO Automation Software, aimed at greater effectiveness in the movements of cranes within treatment plants and an increase in work cycles, thereby reducing the risk of equipment failure. We can develop different process configurations from semi-automated cranes to fully automated cranes that are always controlled remotely, ensuring that the simultaneous tasks to be carried out within the production plants are performed effectively throughout the entire process.

                Altogether, the main differences when using cranes instead of a front loading system during the energy conversion processes are:
                • Elimination of diesel fuel emissions within the plant.
                • Floor space optimisation.
                • Work time/cycle improvement.

                With installations completed in the last few years for the leading Engineering firms in the sector, mainly in Europe (France, Spain and the UK), we have the experience and know-how necessary to adapt to your needs.
              • Automation

              • Cranes for the automotive industry.
                Leading companies in the automotive industry trust JASO Industrial Cranes. We provide a variety of lifting solutions for handling and production chain logistics throughout the world.
                • Cranes for specific processes.
                • Cranes for automobile pre-assembly lines.
                • Cranes for automobile assembly lines.
                • Cranes for assembly line manufacturing.

                Within our range of standard cable hoists of up to 100 t and special open winch configurations fully tailored to the customer's requirements, you will find the ideal solution for handling materials (coils), dies, compacted products, packaging for sheeting, and, in general, any material or equipment used in the production or supply chain.

                We currently offer technology such as the Anti – Sway system for the handling of dies or variable speed solutions with frequency converters that facilitate its handling and exact positioning.

                With long-term global experience in the supply of equipment and maintenance services, we can offer the solution that best adapts to your needs.
              • Shipyards

              • Design and technology to face the challenges of shipyards.
                Cranes from JASO Industrial Cranes for shipyards, especially in high capacity and length gantry-type configurations, ensure continuity within the production process in the naval sector and are adapted during the main ship production phases, from the unloading of materials going through block and sheeting assembly, to hatch handling.

                Lifting technology in shipyards for safer and more efficient production from start to finish.

                Installation of equipment and fittings such as crossbars or manipulators ensures that the production and assembly processes for the different parts of the ship are carried out without interference and with a solution where safety is top priority.

                Contact us and with our lifting engineering experts, we will carry out a tailored study that adapts perfectly to your facilities.
              • Ports and Intermodal Terminals

              • Latest generation technology for the logistical flow at ports and intermodal terminals.
                We consider the optimisation of work cycles and precision of container positioning to be vital within the logistical management of container terminals. To this end, we offer the latest generation of automated solutions that best suit your project, combined with a program of services that will make sure your company never slows down.

                Our gantry cranes for manoeuvring and piling containers are configured with semi-automated systems that increase crane productivity.

                With units installed in ports and intermodal terminals, they are the best solution to position containers and improve the logistical flow.
              • Railway

              • Experience that makes us into leaders in lifting solutions for the railway sector.
                Within the manufacturing process of cars, wagons and trains in general, we have vast experience in applying solutions using double-girder cranes, transport carts, auxiliary cranes and hoists. We achieve ideal performance in order to optimise the flow of production.

                Contact our experts and we will make a tailored study of the possible solutions that best fit your needs.
              • Construction and Infrastructure

              • The most reliable cranes for the different phases of construction and infrastructure.
                We design and supply cranes in high-capacity gantry and double-girder configurations for the construction of tunnels, handling and supply of voussoir, as well as their production processes within manufacturing centres.

                We are versed in tunnel construction projects for motorways, metros and general roadways in which the crane, together with the tunnelling machine ( TBM ), is the most critical element because it must provide pieces for the production process that will work 24 hour days year-round.

                Our high-capacity gantry cranes, designed in FEM M6 and M7 groups to prevent interference and withstand the demanding work cycles of the project, are the right solution to ensure that your infrastructure is completed on time.
              • Manufacturing

              • More than 50 years offering lifting solutions in manufacturing plants.
                At JASO Industrial Cranes, we are committed to the customer's production requirements. We know the different processes both within the steel -making industries as well as in assembly production lines. We offer solutions to maintain the established plans and material advances in the most demanding environments.
                • Experience and know-how in manufacturing processes.
                • Work cycle optimisation.
                • Tailored solutions in manufacturing processes from start to finish.
                • Multi-sector lifting solution experience in manufacturing processes.

                We hoist everything from raw materials to finished products using our two-speed cable hoists or with a series frequency converter, offering different configurations such as single- and double-girder cranes, gantry cranes and various types of cantilever cranes.

                We can offer what your project needs for lifting or transfer, in short, the necessary services so that you can focus on planning your production without unanticipated incidents.
              • Aeronautics

              • Precision and safety in the manoeuvring of sensitive pieces. The best solutions in process cranes for the aeronautics industry.

                The assembly lines of the aeronautics industry require lifting, turning and positioning large components and pieces. Cranes capable of carrying out large tasks that are adapted to individual processes.

                Cranes in singles- and double-girder configurations for independent or synchronised use for the handling of voluminous pieces within production hangars. These cranes supply the strict precision necessary for the positioning of said pieces.

                With anti-roll and micro-speed lifting systems, the most-requested configurations are single- and double-girder cranes and gantry cranes for all kinds of handling, from the smallest piece to semi-finished aeroplane parts.

                We have the experience and the know-how to carry out your project whatever its size may be.
              • Storage and Logistics

              • Experts in crane automation for stock preparation and space optimisation.
                We know the production process and storage logistics in detail. We are experts in crane automation.
                • Manufacturing phase preparation.
                • Stock preparation.
                • Space optimisation in warehouses.
                • Intelligent warehouses.
                • Productivity optimisation.
                • Minimisation of picking errors.

                We consider stock management to be critical, and so at JASO Industrial Cranes, we develop 100% automated solutions for handling long steelwork, coils, and other products.

                Together with the customer, we study work cycles, production facility and warehouse layouts, and the objectives to be achieved, so to develop the solution they need.

                Our cranes make intelligent warehouses highly effective high-performance spaces by optimising space and working continuously. This improves safety and productivity, additionally minimising human error when preparing stocks and picking.
              • Petroleum and Gas

              • More than 50 years meeting the challenges of the most demanding industries.
                Together with EAF charging cranes in steelworks, these are the cranes that work in the most demanding environments. Extremely humid conditions, flammable atmospheres, environments with extreme temperatures of up to minus-50 degrees, and above all, intense work cycle demands when transporting coke from the pit to its final destination.

                Cranes from JASO Industrial Cranes for handling coke in the petroleum sector are designed with special materials, redundant safety measures, and follow the directives necessary to ensure optimal functioning with no unforeseen delays. A crane designed and manufactured to combat high temperatures, dust and constant humidity.

                We have a range of ATEX cable hoists and tailored explosion-proof solutions that, together with our assistance service, make safety the first priority above all other aspects.

                Maximum productivity in demanding industries
                We can automate lifting and transfer operations so that productivity is adjusted to the customer's programs and thereby achieve maximum crane output.

                With extensive experience in these solutions, we have the crane that best suits your needs.