Company Profile

The BYD Company Limited employs 180,000 employees with a yearly turnover of over €8.5 billion, and is headquatered in Shenzhen (China).

Established in 1995, BYD is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, and specializes in forklift, automotive, electric vehicles and buses, as well in new energy (solar) and IT, with its ultimate goal to spur mass-market adoption of green technologies and help preserve the environment, reduce air pollution and resolve global energy crisis.

BYD Europe has been present in Europe since 1999, servicing the European market for batteries and energy storage solutions from Rotterdam. Lately BYD Europe has become a major supplier of pure electric solutions to public transportation all over Europe. Major countries like Germany, Poland, France, UK, Netherlands and Spain are using BYD pure electric buses and/or taxis.

BYD Forklift started operations in 2010 in Shaoguan, China, with a one million sq. meters - 50,000 units per year factory euipped with the latest manufacturing technology such as automatic robot welding. The BYD forkligts have been since then marketed in China, and will be sold and serviced in all of Europe starting 2015. The BYD forklift headquarter is located since 2013 in Rotterdam.