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  • Today, MHS is a single-source provider of turnkey material handling automation solutions, able to handle virtually all aspects of distribution center projects in-house, from system design and fabrication to controls, installation and aftermarket support. We’re proud of the trust and reputation we’ve built and look forward to solving the challenges facing the market now and in the future.
Product Portfolio
  • Industries

  • With more than two decades of experience collaborating with customers across industries, we have the expertise required to develop, integrate and support advanced automated systems tailored to your unique requirements.
      • PARCEL

      • Move more packages to more places, faster than ever

        Our dedicated parcel team brings extensive industry experience and expertise for projects of all sizes and throughput requirements. From smaller regional service providers to global logistics corporations, we provide customized, automated systems with the equipment, software, and workflows to meet the unique requirements of each site.

        MHS solutions keep polybags, corrugated boxes, soft pack mailers and more moving efficiently and reliably through sorters, scales, and scanners. Our innovative designs deliver the high productivity needed to meet customer demands, with ongoing Lifecycle Performance Services to maximize system longevity and performance during critical peaks.

      • Leverage the latest technology tailored to unique omni-channel requirements

        Whether an operation is replenishing stores, shipping e-commerce orders or doing both, retail, wholesale and third-party logistics (3PL) distribution and fulfillment facilities face the same challenges regardless of the products they handle. To remain competitive, facilities in every market must better balance a variety of conflicting demands: Ballooning inventories, but increasingly expensive warehouse space. Faster delivery times, but leaner logistics budgets. Higher throughput requirements, but a dwindling labor pool.

        Addressing these challenges requires a focus on innovation and design expertise to deploy automation in the most efficient, effective manner while optimizing overall output. From smaller, independent facilities to multi-site operations, each industry and application poses unique requirements, with strict standards for traceability, product care, inventory management and more.

        MHS provides the technologies, industry experience and dedicated approach to go above and beyond when solving even the toughest challenges across a variety of multi-channel industries.
      • E-COMMERCE

      • Meet consumer expectations quickly and accurately

        From apparel and electronics to even groceries and eyewear, consumers keep ordering more products online. Just as product diversity grows, so do consumer expectations for fast, accurate and inexpensive delivery. MHS understands the unique pressures e-commerce operations face from fast-growing startups to established retailers with omnichannel strategies.

        MHS offers a broad range of automation solutions capable of meeting unique operational requirements for storage capacity, seasonal peaks, returns processing and order velocity. Our software and controls allow for the workflow flexibility, maximum throughput and order accuracy needed to compete in a crowded, evolving marketplace. We provide the expertise and custom solutions to boost performance and manage costs today, with the adaptability and scalability to handle future e-commerce realities.

      • Adapt to evolving challenges and compete in a global marketplace

        From small, specialty operations to large, global corporations, manufacturers today must overcome a unique combination of pressures. Just-in-time strategies, greater product variety, limited floorspace and decreased reliance on labor all converge to require new, innovative ways to optimize the various processes in the production environment. Solutions from MHS play a critical role in optimizing material handling operations in manufacturing facilities, whether you handle individual or case quantities for direct-store deliveries or pallet loads for wholesale replenishment. Our dedicated teams create solutions to solve challenges throughout the manufacturing facility and supply chain, optimizing everything from kitting, buffering, storage and internal load transportation to e-commerce and in-store order fulfillment. Our approach offers a comprehensive package of products, system design, on-time installation, ongoing support and willingness to go above and beyond to solve the mission-critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

      • Food and beverage operations face complex forces that shape the way they must do business. Changing consumer preferences, including growing demand for online grocery delivery, are pushing operations to deliver round-the-clock productivity. But margins remain tight and relying on a scarce, turnover-prone labor pool to maintain and optimize critical automated systems introduces a level of downtime risk businesses cannot afford.

        Consultative service, support and parts from MHS can help food and beverage operations manage these challenges and get the greatest value and efficiency out of automated material handling systems. From predictive analytics and replacement parts to system upgrades, maintenance and remote support, the MHS Lifecycle Performance Services team is your comprehensive resource to protect uptime and take control of costs and staffing challenges.

      • Achieve competitive advantage Using high quality components

        As a system integrator you want to provide the best solutions for your customers’ logistics challenges. With our high quality subsystems and components, MHS supports you in creating a competitive advantage for you and your customer, today and tomorrow. We call that ‘Solutions for integrators’. With our subsystems and components, MHS will support you in creating a competitive advantage for you and your customers, today and tomorrow. Support & maintenance are crucial to ensure that business processes are not disrupted. Maximum availability is our aspiration. You can consult or use our Lifecycle performance services department to guarantee maximum uptime to your customer.

        Co-creating the best solution for your customer

        We at MHS understand how important a customer-centric approach is. Our own experience in material handling and our strong focus on research and development have resulted in a unique, self-developed product portfolio. Our high-quality warehouse automation solutions are reliable and can handle high capacities. From giant logistics hubs to local distribution centers, systems integrators take on a variety of projects and customers, each with a unique mix of demands. MHS offers a broad product portfolio and expertise to take a leadership role in system design or simply support installations of all sizes and across industries.

        Investment in innovation ensures the latest technology to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and situations, with a well-earned reputation for project management, reliability, and ongoing support. Whether unique package handling requirements, limited floor space or aggressive timelines, MHS is ready to go above and beyond to solve key challenges and deliver maximum value through the life of the system.

    • MHS is a comprehensive resource for best-fit, turnkey solutions for a broad range of material handling workflows. We conduct data analysis, system audits and simulations to make sure your processes perform at the highest levels, with solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

        • Handle massive order volumes with maximum labor efficiency

          Today’s supply chains face an increasingly challenging labor climate, with industry growth far exceeding worker availability. This leads to high turnover and places a premium on maximizing the efficiency of that limited labor pool. For fulfillment centers pushed to serve high volumes of direct-to-consumer orders at high velocities, this starts with optimizing operators’ time and eliminating unproductive, low-value tasks.

          In traditional operator-to-goods order fulfillment operations, time spent walking storage aisles can account for half an operator’s shift. Goods-to-operator workflows are flipped, sending inventory to operators and eliminating time spent traveling between pick locations, allowing operators to focus on picking more orders, more accurately.

          Orchestrating such a solution requires a tightly integrated package of automated equipment, software, and order picking technologies to make the most of available space and labor. MHS has the workflow expertise, software capability, and integration experience to translate hypothetical benefit to tangible results, keeping operators engaged and creating adaptable systems to maximize long-term return on investment.

        • Ensure efficient operation and tracking in the DC and beyond

          Automatic identification and data collection play a critical role in today’s increasingly complex, highly automated supply chains. Inside the distribution center, identification systems ensure items move along the right path, informing proper divert points, value-added services, and outbound destinations. Elsewhere in the supply chain, traceability initiatives for food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations depend on scannable labels, as do step-by-step updates for direct-to-consumer delivery.

          MHS has experience with a broad range of identification solutions and the expertise to leverage these data-driven systems for the highest performance and accuracy. From barcodes and scanning devices to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and dimensioning equipment, take advantage of reliable, best-fit technologies to track and optimize storage, replenishment, order fulfillment and other distribution center processes.

        • Relieve labor from challenging, manual tasks on the dock

          Loading and unloading cargo on the warehouse dock is one of the most labor-intensive tasks in any facility. These jobs are subject to extreme temperatures and expose staff to the risk of repetitive stress injury from constant lifting and twisting, making the process of finding and retaining staff an ongoing challenge.

          Solving the challenges of loading and unloading requires a multifaceted approach, one that considers lightly automated ergonomic assistance all the way to cutting-edge technology in pursuit of complete automation. MHS has the process expertise and integration experience to not only assemble the right mix of technology for loading and unloading tasks but engineer them as part of high-functioning, integrated systems, capable of optimizing critical warehouse processes.

          These processes include receiving, returns processing, cross-docking, packing, and shipping, each of which come with an opportunity to optimize labor and product flow in and out of the building.

        • Get orders out the door efficiently and accurately

          In the world of e-commerce, consumers not only expect access to a broad inventory but delivery that is both fast and free. Competition is only a click away and logistics operations are responsible for much of the customer experience – getting the right order, to the right location, at the right time.

          Meeting these standards hinges on optimized order fulfillment, and MHS has the lineup of software, picking technology, automation equipment, and workflow expertise to maximize efficiency and accuracy. From less than 5,000 to more than 50,000 orders per day, in goods-to-operator workflows or value-added services, take advantage of best-fit solutions designed maximize system utilization and productivity from scarce, turnover-prone labor resources.

        • Maximize throughput of various products and packaging types

          Conveyor and sortation systems are critical infrastructures as supply chains strive to deliver on the increasingly aggressive service commitments of online commerce and retail distribution. As distribution centers face higher order volumes, skyrocketing SKU variety, faster delivery times and a diverse array of challenging packaging types, the challenge falls to conveying and sorting solutions to keep operations moving with flexibility and efficiency.

          From less than 5,000 to over 40,000 items per hour, MHS offers a broad array of conveyor and sortation technology, and most importantly, the experience and expertise to produce a system that meets unique operational requirements. MHS maintains control of all aspects of conveyor and sortation systems in-house, handling design, engineering, installation, fabrication and controls to bring together all elements of a complete, tightly integrated solution. In greenfield and brownfield projects alike, this expertise optimizes product flow and makes the most of limited floor space and labor.

        • Carefully release and control inventory flow

          With distribution centers housing massive inventories to serve ever-growing order volumes and SKU variety, automated systems are critical to managing product flow, maximizing storage capacity and meeting fulfillment deadlines. MHS offers access to the broad lineup of storage and buffering products that high-performance facilities need, from high-density automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to specialty conveyor products.

          Managing the flow of inventory requires a unique combination of technology, operational expertise, and controls to make multifaceted storage and buffering systems work together. This allows operations to house greater storage capacity in a reduced footprint and offers flexibility to scale up for peaks or sustained growth. From AS/RS releasing inventory in the proper sequence to careful accumulation and release of parcels to shipping sorters, take advantage of storage and buffering solutions backed by years of experience and expert support.

          • AS/RS

          • Maximize storage density and reduce manual touches

            From e-commerce and apparel to beverage and home improvement, SKU proliferation and rising commercial real estate costs push operations to fit as much inventory into as little square footage as possible. The answer is to take advantage of vertical space, with automated systems capable of maximizing a facility’s cubic volume and providing quick access to inventory to keep critical processes moving efficiently.

            Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) receive, put away and retrieve inventory automatically – even in cold environments – and are capable of handling a wide variety of packaging types and load sizes. These systems are ideal for manufacturing and distribution operations looking to reduce labor requirements, boost inventory accuracy and cut operating costs in a variety of workflows, including goods-to-operator order fulfillment.

            MHS offers the software expertise and industry experience to deliver the right AS/RS system as part of an integrated solution built around unique operational requirements.

          • Automate repetitive tasks, boost labor efficiency

            Your operation needs relief from labor challenges. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can handle a variety of repetitive, turnover-prone tasks and offer the flexibility to adapt as facility layout and business changes.

            But a successful robotics deployment requires far more than just technology. MHS Robotics backs advanced AMR solutions with decades of systems integration experience and robust support for maximum operational benefit. Rather than leading with proprietary technology and shoehorning your application to fit, MHS Robotics takes a clean sheet approach to provide the right AMR solution based purely on your needs.
            Non-conveyable AMR
            Automate the transportation and loading/unloading of bulky and irregularly shaped items that are accounting for a more significant portion of package volumes.

            Detachable cart
            Keep freight moving smoothly from dock to staging with AMRs capable of self-docking and moving carts laden with bulk freight without manual intervention.

            Robotic arm integrated on AMR
            Combine technologies to create a custom solution that fully automates more complex, specialized applications like each picking.

            Forklift-style AGVs
            Automate the repetitive transportation and storage of pallet loads to and from production lines, staging areas, the dock and more.

            Conveyor supplements integrated on AMR
            Move products directly to and from fixed automation components with no manual loading and unloading required, ideal for sorting items to correct outbound destinations and more.
          • CONTROLS

          • Maximize quality, efficiency, and adaptability with single-source control solutions

            From sortation and conveyor to AS/RS, palletizing and more, you need an efficient, easily scalable controls solution that maximizes top-line benefit of integrated systems – not disconnected islands of automation. MHS combines the design approach, expertise and production capability to provide turnkey controls ready to grow with even the most sophisticated systems.

            Central panels and messy, long runs of wiring? Not here. ControlBlox, the distributed controls architecture from MHS, uses a localized, modular design that distributes I/O and motor control throughout the facility.
            • Modular – Easy to customize, fast to install and simple to expand, reconfigure or incorporate in new projects.
            • Pre-engineered and pre-built – Can be rapidly deployed with the shortest lead times in the industry, helping reduce overall cost.
            • Localized connections – Enable safer, simpler and faster maintenance, while making issues easier to detect and troubleshoot in the first place.

            Panel fabrication
            MHS has extensive experience engineering, designing, and fabricating control panels – enabling us to provide complete solutions with minimal subcontracting.
            • Simple vendor management – MHS builds all control panels in-house, handling wiring and fabrication.
            • Broad compatibility – Tailored to your organization’s standard, with a successful track record supporting Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and more.
            • Standards compliant – MHS is a UL-compliant panel fabricator certified to build panels compliant with CE guidelines. All NFPA, NEC, and CSA codes and guidelines are followed.

          • Maximize visibility with the right information to the right people

            Today’s operations need close control over the finely tuned symphony of automated equipment responsible for maximizing productivity in parcel handling, e-commerce, and other logistics facilities. The right HMI and visualization solutions are critical to providing visibility into system performance and quick access to system data for faster maintenance and information sharing.

            User-friendly, minimalistic designs and intuitive, zoomable functionality allow even non-engineers to get the most out of automated systems. High-level dashboards and detailed equipment statuses are easily accessible, allowing everyone from upper management to maintenance technicians to get the information they need, where and when they need it – on both work stations and mobile devices.

            Through the proprietary Zooming Operator Environment (ZOE) platform and comprehensive equipment controls expertise, MHS provides the HMI tools operations need for visibility, flexibility, and insight.

          • Maximize labor productivity in mission-critical picking processes

            In the always-on world of e-commerce, consumers not only expect access to a broad inventory but delivery that is both fast and free. Competition is only a click away and logistics operations are responsible for much of the customer experience – getting the right order, to the right location, on time. It starts with order fulfillment operations, and light-guided systems are critical to maximizing efficiency in fulfillment workflows.

            Light-guided systems are an efficient, accurate alternative to paper-based systems, with a proven track record of boosting productivity and accuracy. Simple, easy-to-read displays make training easy, enabling new employees to be productive more quickly than ever. With warehouse jobs becoming increasingly difficult to fill and plagued by high turnover rates, light technology enables operations to get consistent, efficient results in a variety of mission-critical order fulfillment processes.
          • PRINT + APPLY

          • Enable traceability and swift movement through automated systems

            Print-and-apply solutions are critical pieces for today’s supply chain operations, both inside and outside production facilities and distribution centers. Proper labeling gets the right data to automated equipment to ensure swift movement through internal processes and out to loading docks. Elsewhere in the supply chain, traceability initiatives for food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations depend on scannable labels, as do step-by-step updates for direct-to-consumer delivery.

            MHS offers access to a broad range of print and apply solutions, appropriate for operations of all sizes and compatible with a wide range of packaging types. Enjoy consistent print quality and label application for consistent scanning all throughout the supply chain.
          • ROBOTICS

          • Automate repetitive and increasingly complex tasks with the most advanced robotic technologies

            With warehouses facing challenges finding and retaining labor, MHS Robotics can automate the repetitive, turnover prone tasks that are the highest-value targets for automation.

            MHS Robotics combines the cutting-edge technology and agility of a startup with the industry and application knowledge of an experienced integrator. This approach delivers cutting-edge robotics that fit established material handling processes and work seamlessly as part of large, integrated systems.

            Our commitment to research and development works to apply the latest advances in vision, sensing and gripping technologies to expand the capability of automation to handle increasingly complex tasks. From singulating items in preparation for sorter induction to unloading at the receiving dock and more, MHS provides innovative robotics ready to address challenges facing your business.
          • SINGULATION

          • Keep automated systems moving with a single-file stream of product

            Today’s parcel and e-commerce operations face unprecedented package volumes that challenge the entire distribution puzzle, from last-mile delivery to automated systems inside the distribution center (DC). Growing volumes mean increased bulk flow in the DC, challenging operations to find the right singulation solution to convert multiple flows into a single-file stream of product ready for automated sortation systems downstream.

            Space savings are also critical, as operations feel the pressure of high commercial real estate and construction costs. Conveyor-based singulation solutions provide an efficient means to produce consistent, single-file throughput. A single self-contained singulator is the ideal solution for operations looking for an alternative to large, complex controlled merge systems at a fraction of the cost and floor space requirements.

            Leverage the singulation expertise and experience of MHS to keep throughput flowing smoothly in a complete, integrated system.
          • SOFTWARE

          • Our modular software solutions flex to meets your unique requirements for control and agility.

            MHS Helix is a modular warehouse software solution designed to handle the complexity of automated parcel, distribution and fulfillment operations, without the expense of custom programming. The system leverages decades of warehouse software and controls experience to make the most of labor, processes and automated equipment in an efficient package.

            Helix is a warehouse execution system (WES) that utilizes template-based modules that work together in customized configurations for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functions.
          • SORTATION

          • Move a broad range of products and packaging to the right places at the right time

            Increasing order volumes, strict requirements for delivery speeds and constantly evolving packaging. Sortation systems must handle all of these challenges and more to keep finely tuned parcel and e-commerce distribution operations moving. From less than 5,000 to over 50,000 items per hour, MHS offers a broad range of sortation technology to meet today’s needs and expand capacity as the business grows.

            MHS maintains control of all aspects of sortation projects in-house, from design, engineering, and installation to controls, manufacturing and ongoing maintenance. This expedites project timelines and simplifies troubleshooting, ensuring high-quality systems that run at peak efficiency. For greenfield and brownfield projects alike, take advantage of integration expertise to optimize product flow, with the right sortation technology and supporting systems in an efficient footprint.
          • VOICE

          • Reduce training time and maximize productivity

            Today’s logistics workforce is characterized by change, with employers flexing their workforce with temps and new hires to support high growth and seasonal demands, and high employee turnover. These workers are involved in a variety of tasks and workflows, from value-added services and replenishment to order picking and receiving – and in the fast-paced, always-on world of e-commerce, they need to get up and running quickly. With competition only a click away, businesses must continually optimize processes to enable ever-faster delivery and preserve profitability.

            Voice solutions have a proven track record of success with employees of varied experience levels, ages and language skills. The simple, two-way voice dialogue offers clear instruction for fast-startup and training, and a consistent high level of accuracy and performance. MHS has the operational and software expertise to provide a tailored, best-fit voice solution for your operation capable of adapting and scaling to changing business requirements and operational realities. Unlock the potential of hands-free, eyes up work to gain competitive advantage and get the most out of today’s challenging labor pool.