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  • FS Solutions (Flexible Systems Solutions) is a provider of turn-key solutions, components as well as assembly kits for process automation and internal transport in aluminium and stainless steel.
    Since the start in 2005, FS Solutions has built up an impressive reference list in manufacturing high-end transportsystems and production automation for various industries, such as: food, tobacco, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), electronica and plastic.
Product Portfolio
  • FS Solutions, the best in flexible transportsystems

  • FS Solutions (Flexible Systems Solutions) is a provider of turnkey solutions, components as well as assembly kits for process automation and internal transport in aluminium and stainless steel (INOX).
    To produce the most optimal solutions FS Solutions works together with several cooperation partners in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

    Since the start in 2005, FS Solutions has built up an impressive reference list in manufacturing high-end transportsystems and production automation for various industries, such as: Food, Tobacco, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Electronica and Plastic.

    Our engineers and production employees have a lot of experience in the development, further improvement and manufacturing of complete solutions for various production processes.
      • FS Solutions transportsystems

      • FS Solutions can provide you with the following conveyor systems:
        1. Mat-Top Conveyor in Aluminium and INOX;
        2. Chain Conveyor Transport Systems;
        3. Belt Conveyor Systems;
        4. Sorting Systems.
          • Mat-Top conveyors

          • Aluminium or stainless steel, transport in a straight line or a combination of straight lines and bends, modular or a complete system. Thanks to this versatility, the Mat-top conveyor can be used in numerous sectors. "Mat-Top" is the brand name of an FS Solutions chain conveyor.

            The modular Mat-Top conveyor can be used for many purposes, such as adding, filling and packaging individual products. However, it is also possible to transport bulk containers and cardboard boxes.

            At FS Solutions, you have a choice of various Mat-top transport systems:

            • FS-MTS-100 transport system: for transport in straight lines only
            • FS-MTC-150 transport system: for transport in straight lines and bends
            • Aluminium or stainless steel

            Facts & figures Mat-Top conveyors
            • Heavy load possible up to 250 kg for straight transport and 350 kg for straight transport with bends
            • Quiet, ± 67 dB(A) at a speed of 35 metres/minute
            • Small link size available for very small transitions
            • Low frictional resistance means less energy consumption
            • Quick and easy installation
            • Minimum stoppage during cleaning and maintenance
            • Chain conveyor transport systems

            • A chain conveyor – made of aluminium or stainless steel – is suitable for the internal transport of various products, semi-finished goods and even raw materials. Long distances are easily bridged at high speed.

              Efficiency and speed for your internal transport
              A chain transport system is interesting due to the high speed over a long distance. It is no longer necessary to move products and/or goods individually or in batches. A chain transport system will save you time!

              Little maintenance and limited production stoppage
              The use of a chain that can stretch resolves the issue of lengthening the chain where necessary. This makes removing links a thing of the past and it minimises the frictional resistance. In short: safe and efficient!

              Facts & figures of FS Solutions’ chain conveyor
              • High level of safety due to small opening in bends and at the drive
              • No "chain sack" required
              • Even course, small chain links 25.4 mm
              • Quiet, around 67 dB(A) at a speed of 35 m/min
              • High speeds 80 m/min
              • 20% lower chain weight
              • Fast and simple installation
              • Minimum stoppage during cleaning
              • Belt conveyor systems

              • The conveyor belt is suitable for many industries. Both general cargo and bulk goods are transported quietly, horizontally or in a straight line. A conveyor belt is characterised by the simplicity of the installation, its high reliability and long life. In short, the conveyor belt can operate in your internal transport for years without any maintenance.

                Delivery programme
                FS Solutions has two series of conveyor belts that are both available in aluminium or stainless steel. The 40 series is suitable for light products and the 80 series for medium to heavy products. Ina addition to the standard conveyor belts, FS Solutions also offers customised ones. Different types of belts are available: PVC, PU or plastic link conveyors.

                Facts & figures:
                • Option to stretch integrated in the tensioners
                • Drive via drum motor, direct drive or vertical drive under the belt
                • Load up to 1000 kg is no exception
                • Maintenance free and quiet
                • Different versions: horizontal, incline and Z-shaped
                • Sorting systems

                • FS Solution’s sorting system sorts quickly and without errors. The sorting system can sort 24 hours a day if you wish.

                  RFID technology for sorting
                  The Easy Sorter – the sorting system for libraries – sorts books and/or multimedia item with RFID technology at high speed and without errors. When they are handed in, the items return to the intended place to be borrowed again using specially designed carts. A sorting lift can be installed if the sorting process covers several storeys.

                  Facts & figures Sorting systems
                  • High work productivity
                  • Improved sorting accuracy
                  • Capacities between 0 and 1,500 units per hour
                  • Low operating costs
                  • Input from several digital input points
                  • Sorting process available over various different storeys
                  • Quiet, around 55 dB(A)
                  • Roller conveyor

                  • Use of roller conveyor
                    A roller conveyor is used light to heavy products with a flat and stable bottom. Our roller conveyors are available with various roller diameters and materials, and if necessary can also be equipped with a drive. Thanks to this versatility, the roller tables and tracks are suitable for many different types of internal transport.

                    Facts & figures:
                    • Non-driven roller tables / driven roller tracks
                    • Various roller diameters and materials
                    • Various materials (galvanised steel, PVC or stainless steel)

                    • Spiral conveyor

                    • The "smart" spiral conveyor was developed in collaboration with a specialised spiral constructor.

                      Facts & figures:
                      • The "smart spiral" is extremely suitable for small products, between 20 and 180 mm
                      • The spiral’s diameter is only 1000 mm
                      • The chain width is 120 mm
                      • The spiral is available in various versions/heights
                      • Aluminium profile system

                      • Exclusive trade partner MS+ Automation
                        FS Solutions is an exclusive trade partner from the MS+ Automation profile system. The high quality of this German product fitts well to the quality FS Solutions will guarantee. Anodized aluminium is the base of this system.

                        Profile system: the power of simplicity
                        The aluminium profile system are easy to work, quickly installed, provide flexibility and can be re-used at any time. The systems can be supllied either as components, in prefabricated from or ready-assembled.

                        Facts & figures Aluminium Profile system:
                        • Easy connections without processing, including very strong screw connections
                        • Wide accessory program helps with solving many different challenges
                        • profiles can be supplied in several sizes
                        • the 40 and 30 profiles are manufactured with core canal holes which are self-thread forming
                        • Profiles can be delivered in different versions Light - Normal - Heavy
                        • For clean rooms and better looking design profiles with a closed T-sot can be supplied