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  • Our vision – “PLANETA lifts your world”

    PLANETA stands for the most satisfied customers and partners in the industry. Every single one of our employees is an important link in a strong chain and contributes to this success in an open, respectful and fair environment. Our high-quality and continuously improved products and services are the guarantee for our sustainable corporate success

Product Portfolio
  • Hoists - Lifting equipment

  • Decades of experience and the use of the very latest production technologies underpin our successful formula for lifting gear, suspension units and crane technology. PLANETA lifting gear is designed for the harshest of application conditions, and is fully compliant with the latest Machinery Directive and with applicable standards. This lifting gear is used wherever process safety and longevity really matter. Every item of PLANETA lifting gear that leaves our factory undergoes an extensive delivery test, and is sent out together with the test documents required.
      • Manual lifting equipment

      • PLANETA hoists and trolleys are designed to have a long service life even under the toughest operating conditions and comply with the machinery directive. Each hoist that leaves our factory is tested with an appropriate excess load before delivery. This is certified in an inspection report when a serial number is assigned, and is enclosed with the item.

        When developing our hoists, we do not only place value on a long service life, but also on absolute functionality, maximum safety during use and an appealing design.
        We only use galvanised load chains that conform to DIN EN 817-7-T and that are manufactured in Germany or Europe, in order to guarantee the highest level of safety.
        We guarantee that spare parts will be available for a long time so that you can work with your hoist for many years.
        We are happy to assist you with the recommended annual inspection of your hoists by passing you on to a designated, trained PLANETA service partner throughout the entire federal territory.

        • EX-protected lifting gear

        • This is the lifting gear that operates in areas containing combustible or highly flammable vapours, liquids or dust, where a spark has the potential to start a fire or an explosion.
          According to ATEX Directive 95 (Directive 97/9/EC), as of 01/07/2003, we as a manufacturer of lifting gear and cable winches are obliged to produce lifting gear in accordance with the applicable rules, standards and regulations for explosion-protected operating materials, classified by Ex classes. For your safety!
          On the basis of this classification, we can present you with an appropriate quotation for the lifting gear in which you are interested. Here is an overview of the classification of explosion-protected operating materials according to Directive 97/9/EC. The standards, regulations and directives of the appropriate authorities, e.g. chemicals industry associations, regarding the use of equipment in areas at risk of explosion, must be observed prior to installation, assembly and operation of "EX-protected lifting gear".
          We shall be pleased, in our capacity as a market-leading company, to offer you lifting gear suitable for the following applications in Ex-protected areas:

          • Deployment in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
          • Temperature classes up to T4 or 135°C
          • For gases in explosion groups IIA, IIB, IIC and dusts
          • Air hoists

          • A hoist cannot be selected solely on the basis of its load capacity. Ease of operation, type of task, frequency of use, required speed and fineness of control are important factors to consider. The LIFTMASTER air chain hoist can basically be used wherever electric hoists work. In addition, it is particularly suitable for explosive areas and in corrosive environments, because its motor is inherently spark-proof and extremely insensitive to environmental influences. Cost-intensive protective measures are therefore not even necessary.
            • Electric hoists and accessories

            • Do you lift loads in your production facility several times a day and do you place great emphasis on process reliability, durability and workplace safety when you work with your lifting equipment?
              If so, then we would be pleased to advise you on the correct choice of a suitable PLANETA electric hoist, quality products from flexible series production, designed in accordance with the most recent EC Machinery Directives.
              Compact design, great ease of maintenance and long service life. Can be used for a vast array of lifting applications, as solo hoists, installed in a trolley or as a crane hoist. We offer load bearing capacities of up to 100 t as standard.
              PLANETA electric hoists are in operation wherever process reliability is an important issue for the crane system. In gruelling three-shift operation in the automotive and other industries, in dusty or chemically aggressive environments, for external use, in the entertainments industry or for extreme lifting heights and speeds in wind power plants. Developed as standard for the most demanding of requirements:
              • Crane technology

              • The first step towards an optimum solution is to perform a joint analysis of your customer-specific requirements and the infrastructure conditions. The aim of every planning session is to obtain the maximum benefits from a crane system in your operations. This claim applies to every task - from a simple hoist to a complex special-purpose crane system.
                When drawing up a requirements specification, determining load levels and planning installation space, PLANETA technicians and engineers consistently make use of the very latest CAD systems and calculation software.
                Here, we will give you an overview of a vast array of crane solutions to provide a point of reference. As a manufacturer, we are always pleased to discuss and agree with you the details of an optimum crane system for your workplace processes.
                • Lifting and transporting accessories

                • PLANETA has a large and wide range of lifting accessories and securing belts to secure your load. All of these products are produced to leading-edge technical standards and are subject to extremely stringent safety checks.
                  • Load-bearing equipment

                  • Our lifting clamps enable metal sheets and steel plates to be lifted, turned and transported in all directions. Definitely with a little more freedom!
                    PLANETA lifting magnets are ideal for integrating into machine tools, steel structures, cutting torch systems, shipyards, foundries and steel works for moving injection moulding tools and punching tools and for general requirements in modern industrial companies.
                    • Workshop equipment

                    • As a long-term partner of our production connection trade, PLANETA offers many other items of lifting gear and transport equipment, all made to a high standard of quality. A brief overview should convince you of our complete range of products.
                      • Rope winches - individual and custom-built

                      • Wherever standard lifting gear cannot be used for a job that involves the towing and lifting of loads or people, there is no alternative to the rope winch. As a consequence, PLANETA rope winches are in most cases adapted and manufactured exclusively to suit specific customer requirements.

                        You will find PLANETA rope winches in virtually every sector of industry, e.g. in plant construction, shipping or also in wind power towers. And these are just a few of the sectors. Our products represent the highest standards of quality, safety and durability, and they are matched precisely to your individual needs.

                        Because PLANETA plans, designs and builds its rope winches and control units in-house, we are able to provide you with solution-oriented, rapidly available and therefore cost-effective products.