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  • The VAHLE Group - Holistic system provider for mobile industrial applications

    As one of the world market leaders, VAHLE develops high-quality power, data transmission and automation systems that are used in mobile industrial applications worldwide. Quality, dynamics, innovation and passion are the cornerstones of our company.

    Founded in 1912 by the inventor of the first conductor rail, Paul Vahle, four generations have since developed the family business into a high-tech company. Then, as now, our mission was to provide intelligent applications that support the needs of our customers.For over 100 years, we led the industry and impacted the world market with our innovations.

Product Portfolio


    Conductor systems (open and insulated), cable reels and charging contacts: We offer the right technology to supply mobile industrial applications of all kinds with energy safely and reliably.

    The number of electrified vehicles and conveyor systems is growing as a result of technological progress and the advancing energy revolution. This not only reduces noise levels and CO2 emissions, but also forms the basis for automation processes - for example in large container terminals.

    IInductive solutions are now being used in more and more areas. Contactless power supply makes driverless transport systems, conveyor systems, packaging machines and amusement rides more flexible, as well as increasing their productivity.

    Whatever your requirements, our vPOWER products for energy transmission will offer a safe solution


            • Smart Collector: intelligent current collector

            • Introducing the world's first intelligent current collector for electrified monorail systems and stacker cranes.

              The Smart Collector's sensor technology records data about the current collector's movement and detects anomalies in the conductor rail and system to help avoid unplanned downtime. This allows you to optimize your processes and sustainability reduce your costs. 



            • With the invention of the first copper conductor system, Paul Vahle laid the foundation for our success story, which has now spanned more than 100 years. To this day, our light metal or solid copper conductor systems are used wherever moving industrial applications need to be supplied with power in particularly harsh environments.

              VAHLE open conductor systems consist of a T-shaped steel base covered with a copper profile. The resulting high mechanical strength ensures safe and reliable contact with the current collector. We also offer a light weight metal option. For high currents and especially in humid environments, we recommend the use of our proven solid copper rails.

              Our versatile open conductor systems can be adapted to meet your specific track layout, including suspended and curve tracks. The conductor systems withstand even the harshest conditions such as frost or extreme heat. Since the copper components hardly show any wear, these systems are particularly durable and economical.

              Despite their light weight, our open conductor systems are characterized by optimum conductivity, high load-bearing capacity and incomparable robustness. Whether in the heat of iron and steel mills, the humidity of shipyards and harbors, or the dusty environment of coking plants and cement works, our products keep things moving where other systems reach their limits.


            • A true classic from VAHLE: Already in the mid-1980s, the U10 was developed in the course of the advance of the electric monorail system.

              Since then, we have continuously improved the insulated conductor rail and expanded it into an intelligent overall system by combining it with our systems for data transmission, positioning and control. The durable and low-maintenance U10 is mainly used in the manufacturing and production lines of the automotive industry, but is also a popular and proven means of power and data transmission in the field of intralogistics.

              Thanks to the small installation space and individually manufactured injection-molded parts to accommodate the individual rail elements, the U10 can be flexibly adapted to almost any track layout.

              The U10 is touch-protected for safe use. Its individual insulation allows any number of poles, while the specially shaped protective conductor prevents unintentional polarity reversal and unintended electrification of the vehicle.

              Thanks to its high compatibility with other VAHLE products, the U10 conductor system can be integrated into your plant as a vSystem system solution. vSystem then offers a complete system with the U10 for power transmission, APOS Optic for positioning, SMGM for data transmission, VCS for control and the VAHLE Smart Collector System for diagnostics.

            • INSULATED CONDUCTOR SYSTEMS U15 | U25 | U35

            • In all industrial sectors, mobile applications need energy. Depending on the environment and power range, crane systems and port technology, conveyor belts and Ferris wheels, elevators or rolling gates place completely different demands on the systems.

              VAHLE's lightweight insulated conductor systems U15, U25 and U35, designed for indoor and outdoor applications, are easy to maintain due to their single installation."With options for various conductor materials, they are also particularly flexible and can be installed suspended, laterally, vertically and even on curved tracks.

              In combination with the VAHLE Multi Carrier (VMT) or the VAHLE Support Profile (VTP), the suspension distances as well as the application area of the U15 and U25 can be extended. n addition, various positioning systems can be integrated, allowing us to meet individualized customer requirements.

              The U35 conductor system with aluminum/stainless steel conductor is used for the electrification of RTG, RMG and STS cranes in saline environments, especially maritime port facilities. This cost-effective alternative to copper conductor systems has proven its high wear resistance and durability in this harsh environment worldwide.

              VAHLE offers a wide range of conductor systems to meet the needs of various applications. Our touch-protected systems, designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0100, can be assembled with any number of poles.

              To prevent icing, the insulated conductor systems can be heated. But even under extreme heat, they ensure reliable power transmission. This is because the systems are also available as heat-resistant versions. U25 and U35 are even available as high-temperature versions, suitable for use in environments with humid, salty air.


            • Mobile industrial applications require a reliable power supply. Cranes, rides, sorter systems and collector rings place completely different demands on the systems depending on the environment and power range.

              For high-frequency special systems, such as those used in intralogistics and theme parks, VAHLE has two solutions in its range: the U20 and U30 conductor systems. Due to their solid copper profile, high wear resistance and resistance to acids, they ensure a reliable power supply even in harsh environments and with complex track layouts.

              Incidentally, the heavy-duty types available in addition to the standard versions are also available as heat-resistant versions. They meet the complex requirements in galvanizing plants, pickling and electroplating lines or pressing plants.

              The standard length of U20 and U30 is six meters, and curved tracks are also possible. In order to adapt the conductor systems individually to the respective environment and route, they can be bent on site or already in the factory.



              • Track-guided storage solutions are on the rise. They are extremely space-saving and promise a high turnover rate. Regardless of whether small parts or high-bay warehouses are involved, operation is usually fully automated. Reliable power and signal transmission is required so that the load-carrying vehicles can be controlled quickly and precisely.

                The VKS10 compact conductor system was specially developed for stacker cranes and has been a market standard for leading suppliers for many years. The multifunctional complete solution enables the transmission of drive power, control currents and other signals.

                Thanks to up to 10-pole design and a wide power range, the contact-protected system is suitable for aisle, lift mast and multi-applications. The universal VTP support profile allows large suspension distances and easy implementation of different positioning systems. Complex and expensive auxiliary constructions are thus a thing of the past.

                The VKS10 is compatible with the Smart Collector, the world's first current collector for intelligent system inspection from VAHLE. The system helps to detect problems and faults at an early stage and to better plan maintenance cycles.


              • The requirements in intralogistics are increasing. Especially in e-commerce, where small quantities often go hand-in-hand with high item variance, the challenges are great. To increase the throughput of automated warehouses, many manufacturers rely on scalable systems and dynamic high-speed applications.

                The VAHLE Compact Line (VCL) is a true all-round talent. Thanks to its modular design, the multipolar energy supply system is suitable for almost all track-guided vehicles used in bearings. Thanks to high clearance and creepage distances, the VCL ensures reliable power and signal transmission even in heavily contaminated environments.

                In shuttle applications of all kinds, the VCL is used as a two- or three-pole variant. Its ultra-compact design allows it to be concealed in the drive profile. The very long service life of the current collectors and collector brushes keeps maintenance and follow-up costs low.

                For automated sorting and retreival systems (AS/RS) in small parts warehouses and stacker cranes in pallet warehouses, the VCL offers a four- to six-pole solution. By combining it with the VAHLE Multi Carrier (VMT), the system scores with large suspension distances as well as reliable mechanical protection of the conductor rail. In addition, optical positioning systems can be easily integrated.


              • Industrial automation is advancing inexorably. Almost everywhere there are now storage or conveyor systems that rely on self-acting as well as robot-assisted technologies and thus enable higher productivity in a smaller area. In intralogistics, shuttles and stacker cranes store and retrieve goods quickly. In the production sector, on the other hand, for example the automotive sector, automated skillet lines transport the heavy car bodies along the production lines.

                In order to reliably control these mobile automated helpers, an uninterruptible power and signal connection is required. Since the applications are becoming smaller and smaller, there is usually little installation space available for them. This is why VAHLE has developed the VKS compact conductor system. Despite its ultra-flat form, the VKS can be used with up to six poles. This allows the system to transmit control currents as well as other signals in addition to the drive power.

                Thanks to its stable and solid extruded housing and its high power range, the VKS is particularly versatile. The contact-protected system can be integrated in lateral, suspended and vertical systems with or without curves. In combination with the VAHLE MULTI CARRIER (VMT), the compact conductor system also allows the installation of a positioning system.

                For many years, the low-maintenance VKS has served leading suppliers of automation technology as a standard solution, as it ensures smooth operation even in the case of heavy contamination or under extreme temperature conditions in deep-freeze warehouses.



                • Crane systems are of fundamental importance in many production processes. Only with their help can heavy loads be lifted and moved. To be able to perform this task reliably at all times, the machines depend on a robust power supply.

                  VAHLE has developed the contact-protected enclosed conductor system KBH especially for standard cranes in then the low- to mid-power range. In this system, the poles for the power supply are embedded in a lightweight but stable hollow-chamber plastic profile. The current collectors are guided therein by ball bearings and can thus compensate for even large tolerances on the track.

                  The compact and inexpensive KBH enclosed conductor system has been the market standard in the "ow- to mid-power range for many years. It is available with four- or five-pole assignment and with different conductor cross-sections. This allows high rated currents of up to 200 amperes to be transmitted. KBH is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be equipped with an optional heating wire that prevents the formation of frost on the contact bars.

                  Other advantages of the KBH enclosed conductor system include short delivery times and easy installation. The clip technology for suspensions, connection caps, connectors and feeders also enables simple maintenance and repair processes, ensuring that the system has a high level of availability. In addition, the VAHLE APOS Magnetic positioning system can be fully integrated into the KBH housing.


                • In order to reliably fulfill their transport tasks in closely clocked production processes, mobile consumers must not only be supplied with energy, but also be precisely controlled.

                  VAHLE has designed the MKH enclosed conductor system especially for this requirement. The contact-protected system can accommodate up to 10 poles and enables control signals to be transmitted in addition to the main current. The current collectors guided in the plastic profile and mounted on ball bearings compensate for even large tolerances. This makes the MKH the four-pole standard solution for crane systems, bucket conveyor systems and transfer cars in the low- to mid-power range.

                  The compact enclosed conductor system is easy to install and can be used both indoors and outdoors. An optional heating function prevents the formation of frost even in humid environments. In addition, the VAHLE APOS Magnetic positioning system can be fully integrated into the MKH housing.


                • Crane systems and transfer cars have to perform reliably even in harsh and adverse environments. Salty sea air or hot temperatures stress the applications far beyond normal levels. Under such conditions, the demands on the systems for power and signal transmission are particularly high.

                  The VAHLE LSV | LSVG enclosed conductor system meets these requirements. The contact-protected system has a lightweight but sturdy aluminum housing. Its copper sections are mounted on insulators and allow different loadings between 60 and 300 amperes. Ball-bearing current collectors compensate for even large tolerances. Moreover, an optional heating function prevents the formation of frost.

                  The robust LSV | LSVG enclosed conductor system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be installed both in deep-freeze areas and in environments with extremely high temperatures. Thanks to a maximum assignment of up to 11 poles, various control functions can be implemented. The torsion-resistant light metal jacket allows large suspension distances of up to 3 m even without a substructure.

              • FESTOON SYSTEMS

                  • LARGE FESTOON SYSTEMS

                  • In concrete and steel plants, crane systems are often stretched to their limits. Container gantry cranes in large ports, whose trolleys alone weigh several times as much as a small car, are also subjected to extreme loads every day.

                    A reliable power supply is essential to ensure that the hoists can perform their tasks day in, day out. As a rule, festoon systems are used for this purpose.

                    Large festoon systems from VAHLE are manufactured individually for the respective requirement. The scalable systems can accommodate round or flat power and data cables.

                    The trolley and roller characteristics are always aligned with the carrier system available on site and the speeds travelled. This ensures safe and smooth system operation.

                    The large festoon systems can be supplied pre-assembled to reduce on-site installation work to a minimum. The use of high-quality materials also ensures high resistance – even to environmental influences such as salty or humid air. At the same time, this reduces the amount of maintenance required, which noticeably increases system availability.

                  • SMALL FESTOON SYSTEMS

                  • Trailing cables are often used to supply moving machine parts with energy, data and gaseous or liquid substances. Cables and hoses are fastened in festoon systems, which allow them to move smoothly and without great mechanical stress along the travel path.

                    VAHLE has a large standard range of small festoon systems. The flexible systems can accommodate both round and flat cables and can be attached to different track profiles.

                    The rollers and bearings of the cable trolleys are protected in the rails against moisture, dust or icing. As a result, the systems ensure safe, reliable operation of hoists and transport systems of all types even under adverse conditions.

                    Existing power and data cables can be integrated into the festoon systems to enable simple on-site connection. In addition, the travel rails can be adapted to the course of the track – depending on minimum radii and cable sags.

                    This makes the small cable carriers the right solution for virtually any application.

                • CABLE REELS

                    • MOTOR POWERED CABLE REELS

                    • Mobile and movable equipment are often supplied with energy, data and other media via flexible line and hose systems. This is because they easily accommodate the movements of crane trolleys, gripper arms or conveyor systems. To ensure safe operation, however, cables and hoses must be released or automatically coiled to the correct length.

                      Heavy loads can cause strain, especially over extended travel distances as the weight accumulates. To cope with this, some cable reels are equipped with a motor drive. This supports the winding and unwinding and prevents unwanted rolling movements by means of a braking device.

                      VAHLE offers motor powered cable reels of all sizes for the power supply of crane systems in ports, steel mills and companies in the environmental industry as well as for mobile vehicles and loading machines.

                      The systems have various drive components. Their conductor ring ensures reliable transmission of power, control, data and video signals. Even the integration of fiber optic cables is possible.

                      In addition to cables, the corrosion-protected reel bodies can also accommodate rotary unions for hoses for the transmission of gaseous and liquid substances. Depending on the application, the winding and unwinding is cylindrical or spiral.

                      VAHLE motor powered cable reels are also particularly suitable for retrofitting gantry cranes in container handling.

                    • SPRING OPERATED CABLE REELS

                    • Mobile and movable equipment depend on a flexible power supply. Many applications also require the transmission of data signals or the supply of compressed air, hydraulic fluids and gases. To prevent the cables and hoses from being damaged and endangering operation, they must be automatically wound and unwound.

                      VAHLE also offers the right solution for this and has a wide range of spring operated cable reels in its portfolio. They are mechanically driven by steel spiral leaf springs, which makes the systems particularly durable.

                      They also have an impressive range of applications. In addition to cranes of all kinds, they also include booms of construction and emergency vehicles, stage equipment, as well as intralogistics and the environmental industry. Thanks to their comprehensive corrosion protection, they withstand even aggressive operating conditions.

                      VAHLE spring operated cable reels comply with all VDE and accident prevention regulations (UVV). Numerous standard designs can be supplied quickly. However, systems with individual reel dimensions can also be ordered.

                      The cable can be taken off horizontally or vertically on the left or right side.

                  • CONTACTLESS POWER SUPPLY

                      • CPS 140KHZ

                      • Many companies are faced with the challenge of having to achieve increasingly higher throughput rates in ever shorter production cycles in order to remain competitive. This can only be achieved if production technology and conveyor systems are fully available at all times. Power transmission plays a key role in this.

                        An extremely flexible solution, especially for mobile applications, is contactless power transmission. Since inductive systems dispense with any mechanical contact, they are wear-free, which reduces both maintenance times and operating costs.

                        Another advantage is that the technology can provide peak power quickly and enable unlimited driving speeds.

                        With the CPS140, VAHLE has a small-sized and powerful inductive solution on offer to safely supply mobile applications with power. The concept of the CPS140 kHz is particularly geared towards linear applications such as sorter systems or packaging machines.

                        For heavy systems such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or crane systems, the more powerful 20 kHz technology offers an alternative. The voltage-limited CPS140 also impresses with its high power density and low installation effort.

                        The variable combination of the primary unit with a wide variety of pickups and controllers also makes the system easily scalable. Especially where many mobile applications are in use, the CPS offers considerable price advantages.

                      • CPS 20KHZ

                      • To increase their productivity, many companies are working to shorten their production cycles and increase their throughput rates. To realize this, manufacturing technology and conveyor systems must be fully available at all times. The energy supply system plays a key role in this.

                        Contactless forms of energy transmission are increasingly being used in mobile applications. Inductive systems, like VAHLE’s CPS20, are wear-free and low-maintenance. These benefits can help significantly reduce plant downtimes and operating costs.

                        With the CPS20, VAHLE has a established solution for inductive energy supply in its product range that has been tried and tested in practice for many years. In order to also reliably supply applications such as electric monorail systems, crane systems and heavy automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the system covers a higher power range compared to 140 kHz technology.

                        The voltage-limited CPS requires only minimal installation effort. In addition, the primary unit can be variably combined with a wide variety of pickups and controllers, making the system easily scalable. Thus, the CPS offers considerable price advantages especially where many mobile applications are required.

                    • CHARGING CONTACTS

                        • CHARGING CONTACTS

                        • Digitization is making an indisputable impact on industry. Many areas, such as the internal transport of goods, are turning automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and there are hardly any industries where AGVs do not play a role. They can even be found in amusement parks as "mobile vehicles" within rides. In order to achieve high productivity, the battery-powered vehicles must be supplied with energy in the shortest possible time.

                          VAHLE is a pioneer in the field of charging contacts for a wide range of power requirements and offers the world's largest standard range. The solutions are characterized by current collectors with long-life pressure contacts and the use of technically high-quality sliding plastics, which make the charging elements extremely wear-resistant.

                          Based on 30 years of market experience and in-house production, VAHLE also supplies solutions designed to meet specific requirements. Designs, dimensions and performance requirements can be individually adapted and, if desired, even branded in the customer's corporate design. The service and engineering team looks after every project from the initial contact to the development of prototypes and series production.

                        • SHUTTLE CHARGING SYSTEM

                        • Shuttle warehouses promise high throughput rates and short access times. Their adaptable and efficient vehicles can transport a wide variety of loads and handle a high number of storage and retrieval operations in a short time. In terms of energy supply, leading manufacturers are increasingly relying on point charging in view of ever more powerful battery storage systems (ultracaps).

                          VAHLE has developed the shuttle charging system, which is unique on the market to date, especially for this application.Variable lengths and charging positions are made possible due to its modular design. Since the charging contacts are hardly larger than a matchbox, the ultra-compact SLS can be integrated into the shuttle rail in a space-saving manner.

                          The shuttle charging system ensures high energy outputs and enables particularly fast charging. The charging positions can be driven on both sides and installed both inside and at the end of an aisle. In order to be able to supply the shuttles with energy while they are in motion, the contact area can optionally be extended to several meters long charging sections. Wear-resistant overrun elements ensure a long service life.

                      • DATA COMMUNICATION


                        Secure and interference-free data transmission is a fundamental prerequisite for communication between man and machine. An equally reliable and simple solution for data exchange between control and automation devices is the use of energy-carrying conductor rail systems.

                        The more complex the processes, the more control signals and diagnostic information are generated. Today, the data volumes are often so large that the transmission rates of busbars are no longer sufficient.

                        Instead, shielded slotted waveguides are used as the transmission medium, which allow higher speeds and at the same time reliably protect the data stream against environmental influences.

                        The right solution for every communication method: Our flexible vCOM products ensure secure and interference-free data transmission at all times.

                          • SLOTTED MICROWAVE GUIDE

                              • SLOTTED MICROWAVE GUIDE MINI (SMGM)

                              • Digitization is increasingly shaping workflows and infrastructure in production halls and large handling centers. The Internet of Things (IoT), which allows machines to communicate autonomously and be operated remotely, opens up new possibilities. In modern production, steadily growing amounts of data are generated for control and diagnostics. While this data is often sent via conductor lines with low transmission rates for simple transport tasks of mobile applications, this communication method is no longer possible today for more complex applications due to the necessary data rates.

                                To make this possible, large volumes of data must be transmitted quickly and without interference. This applies even in free-radio environments where complex planning is required to make the most of limited free-radio frequencies.

                                The SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) data communication system, which was specially developed for these applications and environments, enables the integration of absolutely interference-free data transmission. It is also specially designed to meet the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0. Communication takes place in a shielded aluminum profile, the so-called slotted microwave guide, so that no interference or any influence on other communication systems in the environment need to be taken into account. The plug and play solution can be easily integrated into all common EMS profiles and systems without extensive configurations and due to its compact design.

                                By combining it with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and drive control (vDRIVE), it is available as a system solution. Also available is the SMG Service Tool, which allows users to analyze and, if necessary, adapt the system.

                              • SLOTTED MICROWAVE GUIDE XTREME (SMGX)

                              • In ports, on open industrial sites or in amusement parks, technical applications are exposed to various weather influences. To ensure reliable and safe operation of crane systems or amusement rides, power and data transmission systems have to withstand all the rigors of the weather.

                                With the SMGX (Slotted Microwave Guide Xtreme) data communication system, VAHLE has adapted the proven SMGM system for outdoor use.

                                It is based on the functional principle of the SMGM system, but has particularly robust mechanical components and also ensures significantly higher tolerances. The shielded slotted microwave guide enables high transmission rates and avoids unwanted interference signals from or to the outside. The system can also be used in indoor installations and its optional heating system ensures outdoor wall applications under extreme conditions.

                                Like its sister product, the SMGX system can be combined with the proven VAHLE conductor system without extensive configuration.

                                By combining it with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and drive control (vDRIVE), it is available as a system solution. The comprehensive SMG service tool can also be used here, allowing users to analyze the system and adapt it if necessary.

                            • POWERCOM

                                  • POWERCOM 485

                                  • With the aim of making the flow of materials as efficient as possible, many production companies use automated conveyor systems. A prerequisite for the automatic applications on the various vehicles to be able to perform their service safely and reliably is an uninterrupted data transfer to the central control system.

                                    With the POWERCOM 485, VAHLE has a tried-and-tested system for data communication via conductor system and contact lines in its product range. Its modem has an RS485 interface that is specially designed for the PROFIBUS field bus according to IEC 61158.

                                    The POWERCOM 485 ensures interference-free communication with a maximum of 64 nodes per segment at system lengths of up to five kilometers. It is compatible with almost all common VAHLE conductor systems and is also convincing due to its simple installation.

                                    In combination with the products from the positioning sector (vPOS), it is available on the market as a system solution consisting of power, data and position.

                              • POSITIONING


                                In Industry 4.0, the bar is set high for positioning systems. To ensure smooth assembly and production processes, cranes, conveyors, bucket conveyor systems and co. must be positioned to the millimeter, even at high travel speeds.

                                With the optical variant, the code tape is glued on (steel construction/support profile). The magnetic code tape is drawn into support systems - matching the conductor rail or contact line. The reading head outputs the position value and other status information on the respective interface and can be read in via the control system.

                                Depending on the application, we use both optical and magnetic methods for this purpose.

                                Both variants enable absolute position determination without reference movement. This means that the systems supply correct position data immediately after switch-on or after voltage interruptions.

                                Whatever your requirements: With our vPOS products, we guarantee seamless and precise positioning in any environment.

                                  • APOS MAGNETIC

                                      • APOS MAGNETIC (TOUCHLESS)

                                      • Automated conveyor systems are gaining ground in in-plant material flow. The automatic systems are cost-efficient, offer optimized space utilization and enable high speeds. In order to steer them to their place of use without gaps and with millimeter precision, exact positioning is required.

                                        In contrast to its sister product, the APOS Magnetic Touchless ensures a contactless process. While it is also based on a magnetic code tape, the reading head is guided along the code tape by a guide carriage in a fully contactless, wear-free manner. The system can be combined with the VAHLE MKH or KBH conductor systems, or it can be used separately as an empty housing.

                                        The system also requires no referencing for absolute position determination. This allows the current position to be available immediately after switching on or after a voltage loss. The magnetic method is resistant to moisture, dust and changing light conditions, and works absolutely reliably in any position.

                                        As a leading supplier of magnetic positioning systems, VAHLE has many years of market experience.

                                        Like its sister product, the APOS Magnetic Touchless is compatible with other components for energy supply (vPOWER), data transmission (vCOM) and control (vDRIVE) and is available as a system solution.

                                      • APOS MAGNETIC (GLIDING)

                                      • Nowadays, the internal flow of materials is often handled by automated conveyor systems. The automatic systems score points with high speeds and better space utilization. In addition, their acquisition pays off very quickly thanks to lower operating costs. In order to be able to use them safely and effectively in networked assembly lines, seamless and exact position determination is required.

                                        The APOS Magnetic Gliding positioning system from VAHLE relies on a very robust system using a magnetic process. The absolute position is encoded on a magnetized code tape and is decoded safely and reliably by means of a gliding reading head. The system is very compact and has a high compatibility with VAHLE conductor systems, so that a very compact and highly reliable overall system can be offered.

                                        APOS Magnetic Gliding ensures absolute position determination even immediately after power-up or after a voltage loss. "Additionally, the magnetic method works well even in damp, dusty or difficult lighting conditions.

                                        VAHLE is the market leader in the field of magnetic positioning and has many years of market experience in various application areas.

                                        APOS Magnetic Gliding is compatible with other components for energy supply (vPOWER), data transmission (vCOM) and control (vDRIVE) and is available as a system solution.

                                    • APOS OPTIC

                                          • APOS OPTIC

                                          • The production lines of modern industry are becoming increasingly intelligent. The degree of networking of the systems is rising rapidly – and with it the demands on process reliability. Automatically controlled conveyor systems along assembly lines must therefore be positioned with millimeter precision under all conditions.

                                            VAHLE has developed an optical positioning system that meets this requirement at all times. Two cameras integrated in the reading head optically scan a DataMatrix code along the line and determine the absolute position without any reference movement. By simultaneously detecting up to six code fields, gaps of 40 millimeters can be reliably traversed. Integrated LED illumination ensures reliable detection even in demanding environments.

                                            The code tape can be integrated into the support profile of the conveyor system by means of an aluminum rail or glued directly onto a continuous steel structure.

                                            The APOS Optic is optimized for combination with the VAHLE vDRIVE drive control system and is also compatible with various conductor systems (vPOWER) from VAHLE. If required, the APOS Optic can be supplemented with additional components for data transmission (vCOM) and designed as a system solution.

                                            In addition, a comprehensive diagnostic kit is available to optimally align the read heads and also ensures comprehensive diagnosis of the system in the event of a fault.

                                      • CONTROL SYSTEMS


                                        Along the entire supply chain, heavy loads have to be transported and lifted for flexible assembly. Communication between stationary and mobile equipment plays a central role here.

                                        Transport tasks along the manufacturing chain are now mostly handled by intelligent conveyor systems. In industrial production, for example, electric suspension and pallet conveyors as well as push skid systems are used, which must be controlled reliably and with pinpoint accuracy.

                                        The prerequisite for this is a continuous data link. The transfer can be designed as simple half-wave communication via the power-carrying conductor rail or via additional systems that offer higher transmission rates.

                                        Whatever your requirements are: Our scalable vDRIVE-System for drive control guarantees uncomplicated integration - even as a retrofit of your existing plant.

                                          • CONTROL SYSTEM VCS1

                                          • Today, hardly any production line in the automotive industry can do without automated conveyor systems. Electric monorail systems are proven and established transport systems for material flow in production, manufacturing and assembly and are therefore predestined for use in intralogistics and automotive.

                                            In order for the conveyor systems to perform their tasks with positional accuracy, a reliable control system is required. The VAHLE VCS1 control system covers all requirements for use in connecting conveyor technology. For data transmission between the stationary and mobile sides, various communication types are available, such as half-wave communication, rail bus, as well as the VAHLE SMGM slotted waveguide system for Ethernet-based fieldbuses as PROFINET.

                                            Available up to a power class of 1.5 kW and a variety of different interfaces, the control system can be used in almost any application. In addition, numerous functions for positioning and distance control are available.

                                            By means of the available function libraries, the controls can be easily integrated into the plant PLC for easy-to-implement process and diagnostic data communication.

                                            The drive parameters are set using VAHLE configuration software, which was developed in-house and is easy to use. All drive parameters and the respective vehicle number are stored on a data plug that is easily accessible from the outside. In the event of servicing, this enables the unit to be replaced quickly without the otherwise necessary parameterization of the control system.

                                            Status and operating information can be easily displayed on the integrated two-line OLED display. For setup operation as well as simple diagnostic tasks, the control features a specially developed infrared remote control.

                                            Additional components such as curve block controls for maintaining the safety distance when traveling through a curve or separation block controls for travel zone separation or for avoiding voltage carry-over at separation points of conductor-fed conveyors are also available.

                                            Combined with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and data transmission (vCOM), the VCS1 control system is also available as a system solution.

                                          • MODULAR CONTROLS VCSX

                                          • Electric monorail systems are suitable for a wide variety of transport tasks in production and logistics processes and are used across all industries. Complex conveyor systems are implemented by means of branching and merging elements (e.g. switches) as well as vertical transfer devices, lifting stations or hoists.

                                            The VAHLE VCSX control series is ideally suited for use in these applications due to its modular and configurable construction kit concept, consisting of variously combinable options in housing sizes, power class combinations, data transmission types, encoder support and I/O connection, and can be easily adapted to the respective requirements.

                                            VAHLE's many years of experience in the industries relevant to these applications have made it possible to define precisely fitting standard designs. This also allows short delivery times to be realized.

                                            The modular design concept also allows simple retrofitting and thus the greatest possible compatibility with existing systems, especially complete modernization (system retrofit).

                                            In conjunction with the safe VCS-SMG-SAFE drive control system, even complex, safety-related requirements can be solved quickly and easily. Data transmission with the stationary plant PLC is carried out via the PROFINET / PROFIsafe profile using slotted waveguides.

                                            Status and operating information is shown on the integrated display. For setup operation and simple diagnostic tasks, the VCSX multi-axis controller has a specially developed infrared remote control. Combined with the modules for energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and data transmission (vCOM), the VCSX control system is also available as a system solution.

                                          • SAFE APPLICATION CONTROL VCS-SMG-SAFE

                                          • Today, applications in intralogistics and automotive production are subject to a high degree of automation. The increasingly complex requirements for plant flexibility present logistics planners and system integrators with ever greater challenges.

                                            In contemporary machine and plant design, the use of functional safety is playing an increasingly important role. However, safe shutdown not only serves to protect the operating personnel but also to prevent disruptions in the production process.

                                            The safe and TÜV-certified application controller VCS-SMG-SAFE, coordinated with the drive controller VCSX, enables the simple implementation of safety functions through pre-designed technology applications. The safety module already contains a fail-safe configuration matched to the respective application ex works. The safe control and monitoring of the drive technology is completely solved via the VCS-SMG-SAFE.

                                            Encoder-supported safety functions such as safely reduced speed (SLS) or safe position (SPOS) can be easily implemented for electric monorail applications, for example.

                                            Individual system parameters can be easily adapted to the respective on-site installation. There is no need for complex programming in the plant PLC. Data exchange is reduced solely to the transmission of process and diagnostic data.

                                            In addition to a safe input for manual/automatic changeover, the VCS-SMG-SAFE supports one HTL and one SSI encoder interface. The communication to the plant PLC as well as to the drive control VCSX is done via the proven and fail-safe PROFIsafe communication protocol. Data transmission between the stationary and mobile sides is based on the SMGM slotted waveguide system, which is absolutely immune to interference.

                                            Combined with the modules for drive control (vDRIVE), energy supply (vPOWER), positioning (vPOS) and data transmission (vCOM), the safe application control VCS-SMG-SAFE is part of the VAHLE system solution.

                                        • SYSTEM SOLUTIONS


                                          Automation in logistics and industry is advancing. In modern production facilities, assembly and manufacturing processes are now highly individualized. Even in large goods handling centers such as ports, all processes have long been networked with each other.

                                          In such an environment, the demands on conveyor and crane systems are also increasing. To meet these, the systems must not only be reliably supplied with power and data, but also efficiently positioned and controlled. This in turn requires perfectly coordinated interaction between the various components.

                                          VAHLE has specialized in this systems business for many years. Through the smart combination of our products for power transmission, data communication, positioning and control, we provide you with customized and highly reliable complete solutions - from A to Z from a single source.

                                            • SMART COLLECTOR

                                            • PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE POWERED BY VAHLE

                                              Unplanned system failures often have unpleasant consequences. If the automated conveyor systems in modern production lines come to a standstill, nothing works anymore. The result is often a loss of sales, which can skyrocket to unimaginable heights if troubleshooting is time-consuming and tedious.

                                              To solve this problem, VAHLE has developed the Smart Collector. The world's first intelligent current collector uses special sensor technology to record its linear and rotary movements and passes this data on to the Main Unit, where it is evaluated. In this way, the entire conductor rail system is monitored during operation.

                                              For this purpose, the current collector arms of the Smart Collector are equipped with neodymium magnets. By measuring their magnetic fields without contact, the sensors register even the smallest changes in the flow of movement caused by wear of the conductor system. This allows anomalies to be detected at an early stage, maintenance cycles to be optimally scheduled and thus the availability and productivity of the entire plant to be significantly increased.

                                              The Smart Collector was specially developed for electric monorail systems (EMS) and stacker cranes (SRM), but can also be used in other types of plant. To this end, the smart system is compatible with various VAHLE conductor systems as well as data transmission and positioning solutions.

                                            • ERTG SYSTEM

                                            • The eRTG system consists of an electric telescopic arm with a current collector trolley that enables automatic retraction and extension into the conductor rail system. The system is available in two versions. The "2+2" version features two conductor systems next to each other, while the Trimotion version features four conductor systems in a row

                                              Both systems have sensors to ensure automatic retraction/extension and steering. A synchronization unit allows seamless switching from diesel power to mains power.

                                            • EMS SYSTEM

                                            • Overhead conveyor systems such as electrified monorail systems are a tried-and-tested means of covering long distances in the production process. The vehicles can be driven individually on their mounting rails and controlled with pinpoint accuracy. If one fails, it can be easily removed from the system without affecting the other vehicles.

                                              Since rail systems and hangers can be individually designed, EMS are particularly flexible and are therefore also used in numerous industries. Regardless of the specific area of application, all systems have one thing in common: to ensure reliable operation and maximum availability, they depend on a high-performance energy and data supply system.

                                              VAHLE has developed a process-safe overall solution especially for these requirements. The U10 insulated conductor rail, which can be adapted to almost any track layout, serves as the basis. By combining it with the SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) data communication system, the APOS Optic positioning system and the VCS1 drive control, you receive all components from a single source.

                                          • OUR SYSTEMS FOR YOUR INDUSTRY

                                              • Amusement Rides

                                              • Intelligent solutions for the rides of the future

                                                The amusement, leisure and adventure sectors are often at the cutting-edge of the industry. That's why many ride builders and manufactures rely on VAHLE to provide roller coaster and ride passengers with increasingly extraordinary experiences.

                                              • Crane Technology

                                              • Individual solutions for heavy loads

                                                Cranes are used in many industries. Steel producers, recycling yards and companies from the construction industry VAHLE offers reliable systems for energy and data transmission.

                                              • Intralogistics

                                              • Automated conveyor technology in the internal flow of goods

                                                Increasing production rates, high throughput volumes and short delivery times require partially or fully automated intralogistics.

                                              • Automotive

                                              • Innovative solutions for flexible production processes

                                                Adaptable manufacturing processes are the key to the greatest possible efficiency in vehicle production. VAHLE solutions for energy and data transmission make a significant contribution to this.

                                              • Port Technology

                                              • nnovative solutions for the ports of tomorrow

                                                Zero emission is the requirement for the port of the future. With the solutions for energy and data transmission from VAHLE, port operators are getting closer to this goal.

                                              • People Mover

                                              • Automated transport systems for the mobility of the future

                                                Streetcars, sky trains or rolling sidewalks are the future of resource-saving mobility. Many manufacturers rely on components from VAHLE for the design.

                                              • General Industry

                                              • Innovative solutions for special mobile applications

                                                Stadium roofs, waste incineration plants, facade elevators: Mobile industrial applications are used in many areas. VAHLE offers various special solutions for reliable energy supply and data communication.