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  • Founded in 1983, Gloning Krantechnik GmbH has grown over the last 30 years into one of the most prominent providers of specialised crane systems in Europe.

    Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is now well established in a great number of industries due to the customised solutions it has implemented in the materials handling sector; a diverse portfolio of reference projects testifies to a wealth of expertise in this area. The participation of the Siemag Tecberg Group GmbH in 2012, has enabled Gloning Krantechnik GmbH to make remarkable progress in the market for specialised crane systems, both in terms of growth and expansion.
Product Portfolio
  • Industries

    • Metal Products

    • Over the last few years, Gloning Krantechnik GmbH has been continuously refining the development of the load-stabilised crane through a strategy of ongoing cooperation with the steel trade and by addressing the individual requirements of the sector. Our solution has clearly prevailed over the standard crane.

      The major benefit for the operators of load-stabilised cranes manufactured by Gloning Krantechnik GmbH lies in the mechanical cable guying. This eliminates the pendulum swings which are normally caused by acceleration and braking when moving the load by means of the crane and the trolley. Gloning provides a proprietary, angled cable guying system, which in addition results in a far lower rate of wear on the cables than similar systems, due to the principles inherent in its design.

      This specially designed, angled cable guying system ensures that the required levels of both accuracy and safety are attained, in spite of the high crane and trolley speeds involved. This has made the Gloning guyed crane the preferred high-end solution in the steel trade.
    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Thanks to the flexibility of our various component manufacturers, Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is in a position to provide the optimum solution for your particular application. Our engineers transform a standard crane into your individually designed, highly competitive crane solution.

      Furthermore, Gloning Krantechnik develops special solutions for the systems engineering and materials handling sectors, in close cooperation with the customer.
      Our many years of experience in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors recommend Gloning Krantechnik as the ideal partner for developing custom solutions to meet your requirements.
    • Special Purpose Cranes / Standard Cranes

    • Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is not only able to implement individual solutions in the industries specifically mentioned, but would be pleased to develop and realise a special purpose crane system to meet your particular needs, no matter what business you are in.

      Also in the field of standard cranes, thanks to the benefits of lean production and flexible design Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is an excellent choice, and can satisfy all customer requirements in combination with steel structures and crane tracks.
    • Aerospace Engineering

    • As both an engineering discipline and a part of transport technology, aerospace engineering deals with the development, operation and maintenance of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and satellites.

      The technical, scientific and environmental aspects of these systems are under continuous further development. Increasingly complex, all-embracing crane systems are needed to produce these high quality products. Gloning Krantechnik GmbH has moved forward to become a customised provider of systems to the aerospace industry in recent years, thanks to its focus on the production of specialised cranes.
    • Logistics

    • Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is a leading supplier of crane systems to the logistics sector, thanks not only to the numerous and varied applications already implemented, but also to the constant exchange of ideas and experience which takes place between customer and supplier.

      Increasingly, the Gloning guyed winch is being used in these applications. This eliminates the pendulum swings which are normally caused by acceleration and braking when moving the load by means of the crane and the trolley. In this way, loads such as shipping containers, coils and long pieces can be transported quickly and safely.
    • Clean Rooms

    • The volume of investment in clean room technology has exploded in recent years. The degree of cleanliness required rises year for year, enabling the production of even more effective and powerful components. In order to take advantage of this development, over the last few years Gloning Krantechnik GmbH has advanced to also become a provider of specialist crane systems, designed specifically for use in clean rooms.

      Whether in the foodstuffs sector or in the semiconductor industry, Gloning clean room cranes are individually configured to fully satisfy the requirements of both the customer and the working environment. What is considered to be the highest level of cleanliness today, will be surpassed by the competition tomorrow. That is why Gloning Krantechnik tenaciously develops and improves their clean room crane technology - in order to satisfy your requirements.
    • Energy

    • The continuous development of our guyed crane systems for the steel trade has enabled us to provide and implement solutions in the field of energy technology.

      Drastically reduced wear, as well as the enormous speeds achieved, make the Gloning Energy Crane the crane of first choice for rapid, continuous gripper operations, with the advantage of guying. This feature enables all positions within the bunker to be accessed quickly and collision-free. In addition, the intelligent crane control system ensures safe, unattended, continuous operation. Due to this unique control system, the required level of efficiency is achieved in full at the end customer‘s site.
  • Services

      • Service / Modernisation / Manufacturing

      • Due to the enormous vertical depth of manufacture, Gloning Krantechnik GmbH is able to respond flexibly to all customer requirements, while always guaranteeing the high quality standards for which Gloning products are known.

        The service staff, who all participate in on-going training, are always happy to carry out maintenance, modifications and repairs to crane technology of all kinds, irrespective of the manufacturer. Spare parts for all types of crane systems can be procured, due to the neutral, independent business approach taken by Gloning Krantechnik GmbH.