Company Profile

Fronius supplies a complete range of primary switched mode battery chargers, specially designed for vehicle starter batteries and traction batteries. The Acctiva range consists of starter batteries, while the Selectiva range is for traction batteries. The Acctiva product range consists of professional chargers for use in workshops with cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and emergency vehicles. The Selectiva product range includes solutions for ground conveyors, working and lifting platforms and electric vehicles.

For 60 years, Fronius has been carrying out research and development of battery chargers, a quarter of a century of this, with the revolutionary Active Inverter technology. Even more: In this field we regularly introduce new ideas and bring revolutionary innovations onto the market. Our long years of experience guarantee maximum reliability in heavy-duty industrial use. From professionals for professionals.

But no wonder: When it comes to innovations, we do not make compromises. All our developments are made directly within our company. Of course, we always remain in close contact with universities, research institutes, and battery manufacturers. But here too it is also true that only those who are committed to accepting new ways of thinking can start revolutions. In a positive way. For high tech competence in all sectors.