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  • Offer Profile
  • Since 1937, Daifuku has focused on material handling – the movement of finished goods and work in progress. Our world-class systems lead the industry by combining conveying, storage, sorting, picking and controls. Our products serve customers in a range of industries and countries.

    We have refined our expertise not only as a manufacturer but also as a system integrator, so that we can provide precise solutions to the challenges faced by customers across a variety of industries. We have also established a consistent support system ranging from consulting to after-sales service.

Product Portfolio
  • Solutions

  • Daifuku provides solutions in the following categories.
      • Manufacturing

      • Daifuku's solutions for the manufacturing industry help companies streamline logistics in their production processes. From food, beverages, and medical supplies to machinery, metalworking, electrical products, daily commodities, and everything in between, Daifuku has material handling solutions that meet automation and labor-saving needs in virtually any manufacturing sector.
          • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

          • Daifuku offers solutions for establishing safe and resilient production system.
          • Food and Beverage

          • Daifuku offers safe and reliable solutions to help customers meet market demands for quality products
          • Electronics and Machinery

          • Parts & Raw material Supply
            Daifuku's solutions for improved material supply

            Work-in-Progress Handling
            Daifuku's solutions for improved material receiving, material supply, and WIP handling

            Production Tool Management
          • Cold Chain

          • Daifuku offers solutions for increasing efficiency, improving the work environment, and lowering labor cost of cold chain systems.

          • Retail & E-commerce

          • Daifuku offers a variety of order preparation solutions for wholesalers, retailers and home delivery businesses
            • Recieving & Replenishment
            • Order Preparation
            • Packing & Shipping
          • Agriculture

          • Receiving, Packing & Shipping
            Daifuku solutions for streamlining the flow of agriproducts from farmers to consumers.

            Cooling & Curing
            Daifuku solutions for streamlining the flow of agriproducts from farmers to consumers.

          • Batteries

          • Daifuku provides safe and efficient solutions to streamline the mass-production process for lithium-ion batteries.
          • Film

          • Film Solutions
            Film roll handling solutions for an efficient and safe production environment

          • Columbarium

          • In urban area where land space is limited, the needs for having nearby columbaria instead of having tombs in far-distant cemetery gardens is increasing. Daifuku's automated columbarium uses vertical space efficiently to provide adequate rooms for urns as well as rooms for prayers within a limited land space of urban area.

            Indoor prayer rooms always provide comfortable praying environment to visitors and allow them to pay their respects to the deceased regardless of the weather outside. Besides, the indoor barrier-free worship area provides smooth access to elderly people and visitors with wheelchairs comparing to outdoor grave.
        • Distribution

        • Daifuku has a wealth of experience providing material handling solutions to companies so they can deliver products to stores and consumers more quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Daifuku's offerings continue to boost quality and service levels, serving as the logistics infrastructure component distribution companies need to meet diversifying consumer needs.
            • E-commerce

            • For e-commerce and distribution, logistical capabilities are what enable companies to meet important customer demands in buying what they want anytime and anyplace and geting their deliveries as quickly as possible. Daifuku's solutions help distribution sites manage massive quantities of items—including long-tail elements—and quickly process order data to get shipments promptly out the door.
            • Mass retailer

            • Distribution centers are facing increasingly sophisticated demands in streamlining product reception and stocking procedures at store locations and enhance overall sales productivity. Daifuku's logistics systems allow our customers to manage products and information in a consolidated framework, cross-dock transfer and distribution center items, shorten lead times, make deliveries by category and route, eliminate the need for store-based inspections, and more.
            • Co-op

            • With lifestyles growing more and more diverse, co-ops are seeing their individual delivery services expand at incredible speeds. Companies not only have to stock both regular products and a diverse mix of other items but also need to operate distribution systems capable of grouping and shipping products quickly and accurately. Daifuku strives to innovate co-op distribution by developing cutting-edge solutions, such as picking systems that incorporate the latest IT resources.
            • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

            • In pharmaceutical distribution, mounting efforts to separate medical and dispensary functions have accelerated the shift toward small-lot distribution. Daifuku strives to serve pharmaceutical wholesalers by constructing material handling systems that allow users to minimize shipping errors and reach new levels of automation and labor efficiency. As part of its business service management efforts, which aim to keep shipments moving in disaster and emergency situations, Daifuku also provides total solutions that cover the entire scope of potential responses, including earthquake countermeasures.
            • Food Wholesalers

            • Food distribution centers are now performing more functions and growing more complex than ever before, with employees needing to process orders in various units—including by the case, bowl, and/or piece—and control temperature to ensure that products are stored at optimal temperature, such as room temperature, refrigerated, frozen, or fresh. Daifuku installed systems into numerous distribution centers for food wholesalers to enable high-frequency/small-lot shipping, batch processing in three temperature zones, reductions in lead times, and decreases in distribution costs.
            • 3PL

            • Third-party logistics (3PL) providers handle physical distribution operations for client companies. In serving their diverse base of client shippers, these providers have to offer individual customers optimal distribution services that go above and beyond the conventional approach. Daifuku has been providing distribution systems for the manufacturing and logistics industries for decades, giving the company the experience it needs to establish high-caliber 3PL distribution centers.
            • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

            • Using its latest distribution solutions, Daifuku assists in brand development for production regions and distribution rationalization at the logistics stage. In the agricultural field, Daifuku covers every process—from production to logistics—by providing optimal solutions for the cultivation of mushrooms and other produce, storage facilities, fruit sorting and shipping centers, markets, vegetable and fruit distribution centers, and more. Daifuku also has substantial experience constructing freezer systems and other resources in the fish processing industry.
              • Grading
              • Receiving, Packing & Shipping solutions
              • Cooling & Curing
          • Cleanroom

          • Daifuku provides cleanroom transport and storage systems that automate semiconductor and flat panel production to users across the globe. Thanks to the incredible technical prowess that puts Daifuku at the forefront of the industry, these systems produce minimal amounts of dirt, keep vibration levels low, and ensure top-notch reliability to facilitate operations at cutting-edge semiconductor and flat panel plants. In recent years, unique technologies like nitrogen purging and air flotation have allowed manufacturers to miniaturize their semiconductors and give their flat panels even sharper image quality, enhancing the production of the world's most advanced digital products.
                • Semiconductor

                • Daifuku's array of semiconductor solutions includes dependable storage and transport systems for keeping production lines continually running; nitrogen purge storage systems, which accommodate the increase in semiconductor miniaturization needs; and resources for maximizing utilization rates at production facilities.
                • Flat Panel Display

                • As flat panels keep getting bigger and the demand for tablets and smartphones continue to grow, companies need to increase their production capacity levels and deliver even better image quality through high-definition products. For manufacturing sites at the forefront of the industry, Daifuku's Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) for flat panel manufacturing elevate production efficiency levels to new heights.
            • Automotive

            • The Daifuku Group has almost a century of experience in delivering systems for automotive production lines. Daifuku supplies automakers with automation and labor-saving systems that cover the entire production process from pressing, welding, painting, and assembly to part management, part supply, and engine testing. With cutting-edge distribution technologies and solutions that facilitate automotive production, Daifuku drives motorization across the globe by helping manufacturers produce vehicles for the global eco-car market and vehicles for specific domestic markets.
                • Welding

                • One of the first processes that manufacturers started automating was the welding process, a series of tasks where noise, weld spatter, and dust create some of the harshest work conditions on the production line. To facilitate this process, mass-production plants use welding robots capable of finishing a single vehicle in under a minute. For this reason, transport systems need to move extremely quickly and maintain excellent stopping accuracy.
                • Painting

                • The painting process consumes considerable amounts of resources: all the paint, water, electricity, and gas used in the first, middle, and finish coating as well as in baking add up quickly. Many manufacturers are taking steps to save energy in a variety of ways. Daifuku provides systems that ensure better energy performance and productivity without sacrificing the coating quality.
                • Assembly

                • While automation is now redefining most phases of automotive production, the assembly process—a phase that involves selecting and mounting parts for specific models—still relies heavily on manual labor. Transport systems minimize unnecessary movement, provide a safe and user-friendly environment that alleviates workloads, and ensure flexible compatibility with layout modifications when users introduce new models and take steps to boost efficiency.
                • Engine Testing

                • The engine testing process involves evaluating the quality of the engine—the "heart" of the vehicle—through trial operations and meticulous inspections. Daifuku uses its expertise in transport technology to provide comprehensive systems that cover transfers from production lines, test preparation, and data measurements.
                • Inspection

                • Once all the parts have been assembled, the completed vehicle moves on to the inspection process for a series of rigorous checks. Companies use slat conveyors and other conveyor systems to move products through a inspection-specific environment, where workers check to make sure that the vehicles are airtight to keep out rain and other substances, painted evenly, and free of any scratches.
                • Parts Logistics

                • To improve productivity at their plants, automakers need parts logistics systems that make it possible to accept, store, sort, and retrieve parts according to production plans. Daifuku fuses its experience in automotive production and its systemization technologies to sustain a steady stream of new, innovative solutions, including the world's first temporary storage and sorting system.
              • Airport

              • Daifuku develops baggage handling systems for airports through a cooperative approach with its Group companies based in the United States, Europe, China, and New Zealand. Offering a lineup of belt conveyor technologies and security systems that have made a major impact in the US market, tilt-tray systems that have garnered a sterling reputation around the world, automatic baggage check-in solutions that are gaining traction in airports, and package tray systems that run at world-leading speeds of 600 m per minute, Daifuku provides outstanding airport solutions worldwide.
                  • Check-Ins

                  • Daifuku's safe and highly-reliable conveyors streamline baggage processing during check-in procedures. In addition to offering solutions that help users save on check-in staff labor, Daifuku also develops automatic check-in systems to make airport operations more efficient.
                  • Baggage Screening System

                  • In-line conveyor systems inspect every bag with multi-step scanning procedures that utilize x-rays and Explosion Detection Systems (EDS). The system sends bags that clear the inspection on to the airport loading area and divert suspect bags to a separate area for further inspection.
                  • Conveyor and Sortation Systems

                  • Daifuku's baggage transport and sorting solutions include versatile belt conveyors capable of handling baggage of virtually any shape and size as well as tilt-tray sorters and package tray systems for ensuring that every piece of baggage gets transported and sorted properly. From small- and medium-sized local airports to major international hub airports, Daifuku builds optimal systems and operation frameworks.
                  • Interim Storage

                  • Daifuku's solutions enable airports to manage baggage in interim storage when passengers check-in early for flights or need to make a layover. Airports can install conveyor-based storage lines or even integrate equipment with automatic warehouses in a baggage tray system.
                  • Baggage Loading

                  • Carousel-type conveyors allow personnel to do all their work at a given location. In situations involving large throughput loads, assigning multiple personnel members to the task can accelerate the loading process.
                  • Baggage Claim

                  • Implementing a carousel-type conveyor gives large numbers of travelers simultaneous baggage access. The system boasts a safety-oriented design that prevents travelers from getting their hands pinched in moving parts and safeguards against entanglement.
                  • System Monitoring

                  • This solution enables users to monitor baggage handling systems in real time. With the ability to keep a constant eye on transport route status, airports can boost their overall operational efficiency levels
                  • Maintenance and Operation Services

                  • Elite Line Services, a Daifuku Group company, supports airport baggage handling systems for maintenance and operation services, maintenance services for passenger bridges and ground support equipment (GSE), and other airport operations.
                • Public and Other Sectors

                • Daifuku has applied the techniques and expertise it has honed in the manufacturing and distribution to develop systems for supplying, collecting, storing, and managing sterilization containers for surgical instruments at hospitals, automating storerooms in libraries, and other solutions for various facilities and service sectors.
                    • Hospital

                    • Daifuku's automated warehouse and vertical carousels enable hospitals to manage sterilization containers containing sets of surgical instruments by procedure and retrieve sets according to surgery schedules. By also incorporating automatic guided vehicles, hospitals can automate the entire container management process all the way to supply and collection. Storing tools on vertical carousels in central supply rooms helps hospitals save space, as well.
                    • Library

                    • Libraries hold massive collections of books. With Daifuku's automatic warehouse solutions, library administrators can store their collection at the optimal temperature and humidity conditions, process user requests, and swiftly retrieve the appropriate items from the shelves. In addition to developing solutions for books, Daifuku also provides automated warehouse systems for historical newspapers, statistical data, and microfilms.
                    • Automatic Ossuary

                    • Daifuku offers automated ossuary systems that let users make the most out of limited cemetery space, allowing families a simple, convenient way to pay respect to their loved ones. Daifuku's lineup also features video equipment that shows portraits of the deceased and footage of old memories, creating a new, unforgettable experience for people visiting gravesites.
                    • Insurance and securities

                    • Distribution centers often process enormous volumes of pamphlets, forms, and stored documents. With Daifuku's cutting-edge lineup of material handling systems, users can boost their storage efficiency levels with high-density storage, make storage and retrieval less labor intensive, and ship orders quickly and error-free.
                    • Rail

                    • In the field of rail vehicle maintenance, Daifuku's automated warehouses and other solutions help users do a safer, more efficient job of storing and supplying wheels and axles, air conditioners, pantographs, and other equipment that require regular maintenance and replacement.
                    • Electric power

                    • Distribution systems are instrumental in storing electrical wires and the many other products that go into forging secure lifelines. In the event of an earthquake or another disaster, companies need to be able to ship out voltmeters as quickly as possible. To meet these needs, Daifuku ensures that its automated warehouses have optimal vibration control and seismic isolation capabilities. These solutions help companies mitigate risk and establish stable supply structures.
                    • Recycling

                    • Efforts to decrease electrcity consumption, reduce labor, and boost work efficiency is becoming increasingly vital for recycling distribution, which includes everything from automobiles and appliances to rare metals. By installing the latest systems for separation and sorting operations and incorporating automated warehouse solutions for storing recyclable parts and materials, companies can take their storage and management capabilities to the next level.
                  • Functional Systems

                      • Storage Systems

                      • Our rich product line-up, which includes our world-class automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), meets the diverse needs in manufacturing and logistics brought on by rapid changes in society. Furthermore, our systems are able to meet cleanroom specifications, which are essential in the production of semiconductors and LCD panels, and can be used for parts distribution. We provide optimized automated storage systems for a wide variety of industry and business conditions.
                          • Manufacturing and Distribution

                          • Unit Load AS/RS
                            Unit load AS/RS store products and parts in pallet units in shelf racks. We provide AS/RS that can be easily installed in existing buildings or rack-supported building systems. Our systems can be applied to not only room temperature items, but also refrigerated, frozen, hazardous materials, long materials, metal dies, and other diverse items for storage.

                            Mini Load AS/RS
                            Mini load AS/RS store small products and parts in container and cardboard box units. Using stacker cranes, the system can use a single carriage to store and retrieve one case at a time, or a twin carriage that allows multiple cases to be processed simultaneously, with other diverse specifications available. In addition, we have a full line up of multiple specifications and products to match the needed usage and performance, such as the Shuttle Rack, which consists of transfer carts on each rack level and a vertical lifter.

                            Racking Systems
                            We have a range of racks to respond to diverse storage needs, including the New Goodrack, most suitable for storage of heavy items in pallet units; the Goodshelf, a medium weight storage shelf for excellent storage of small items, cases and loose items; the Mobile Rack, a heavy weight movable rack that allows high-density storage by moving its shelves; and the Mobile Shelf, a medium weight moving shelf.
                          • Cleanroom Production Lines

                          • Clean Stocker
                            The Clean Stocker is an AS/RS for temporary storage of work-in-progress products in the semiconductor manufacturing process and for conveying and storage of flat panel display (FPD) cassettes. The shelf modules are expandable to match the required numbers of semiconductors to be stored, and various stockers corresponding to the cassette size for each generation of FPD are available. Consideration is also given to high transfer capacity, prevention of dust generation, maintainability, and safety.

                            Zip Tower 30
                            The Zip Stocker 30 is a rotating shelf system maximizing storage capacity within a compact footprint. The Zip Tower is a configuration of the vertically stacking Zip Stocker that provides storage and lifting functions using free space under floors and roofs.

                            Nitrogen Purge Stocker
                            The Nitrogen Purge Stocker is a stocker enabling the containers being stored to be filled with nitrogen. This enables response to miniaturization, a keyword in the evolution of semiconductors.
                          • Automobile Production Lines

                          • SPDR, a parts temporary storage and sorting system

                            The SPDR (pronounced spider) grabs and transports storage cases for parts placed on the floor inside the area automatically using its arm, and sorts and stacks them for storage. The chucking part of the arm is of unique construction and is the first in the world to be able to handle cases of different sizes. It is able to grab a single case or multiple stacked cases, and enables the picking retrieval of the lower tier cases, multiple retrievals, and grouping retrievals to flexibly respond to the requirements from the production line.
                        • Conveyor Systems

                        • Daifuku provides a wide variety of lineups to address deliveries and production, which are becoming smaller in quantities and lots due to the diversification and complication of consumer needs. Our products not only improve efficiency but offer optimum transport services with high reliability and functions that will not damage the products. We also deliver transport systems that meet the miniaturization needs of semiconductors and the refinement needs of glass boards, factory automation systems for almost all processes in automotive plants, and conveyor systems for baggage handling at airports. Daifuku contributes to the streamlining of logistics through time and cost reduction.
                            • Manufacturing and Distribution

                            • Conveyor Systems
                              We offer various types of conveyors including chain conveyors for heavy cargo, roller-type conveyors for cases, accumulation conveyors, and inclined belt conveyors. Our lineups can flexibly accommodate the characteristics and installation requirements of customers' loads. The conveyors form an optimal transport system in combination with our automated storage and peripheral equipment, including sorting and picking devices.

                              Automatic Guided Vehicle
                              Daifuku offers automatic guided vehicles, including the FAV, which operates without rails; the FAC and Sorting Transfer Vehicles (STV) on rails; and the overhead monorail system Space Carrier (SPC). The FAV can travel laterally and diagonally, while the STV can combine with automated storage to create an advanced composite system. Since the SPC makes effective use of ceiling spaces, it flexibly allows various layouts.
                            • Cleanroom Production Line

                            • Cleanway
                              The overhead monorail system Cleanway (CLW-07II) is used for intrabay and interbay transport. With high-speed transport of up to 200m/min and non-stop divert and merge operation, the CLW-07II can directly transport objects without passing through a storage system by using a noncontact power supply system to provide power to the cart.

                              Cleanway for Reticle Transfer
                              Because of its low profile, this Cleanway is widely used for reticle transfer purpose. A noncontact power supply system is employed to provide power to the cart. High-speed transport of 200m/min at max and non-stop divert and merge operations are possible.

                              Clean Space Carrier and Clean AGV
                              Daifuku's overhead monorail Clean Space Carrier and the rail guided system Clean RGV transport cassettes between Clean Stockers. They also supply cassettes to production devices. Additionally, Daifuku manufactures a cassette transporting conveyor called Clean Lifter and its peripheral transfer equipment. Products are customized according to customers' facility layout.
                            • Automotive Production Lines

                            • Chainless Conveyor System "Flexible Drive System"
                              The Flexible Drive System (FDS) is a chainless conveyor system that moves products with rollers that push the preceding carrier. FDS enables slow but stable transport and performs best in assembly and processing lines. Flexible conveying lines are created by using multiple drive rollers. This system is ideal for reducing operating noise and creating a pleasant work environment.

                              Electrified Monorail System - Ramrun
                              The Ramrun is Daifuku's top selling product. It transports automobiles in various stages of production inside a factory. The Ramrun can use overhead or floor monorails. Options are available to mount lifting and load transfer units. The HID (non-contact power supply) Ramrun model is ideal for clean and quiet operations. HID is also recommended for dusty and humid environments.

                              Chain Conveyor Systems
                              Daifuku's floor and overhead chain conveyor systems use trolley or Daifuku Magic technology. They are all robust and reliable systems that can be used in various environments. Uses include very harsh situations such as the transport of medium- and heavy-weight loads and coating work.

                              Engine Testing System
                              This system has an important role to thoroughly check and improve the quality of engines, which can be called "the heart" of automobiles and machines. We provide comprehensive systems which cover all processes including test preparations, test and various data measurements and those processes' peripheral transfers. The motoring bench, which does not use fire, and test equipment for EV (electric vehicles) are also available.

                              Paint System - E-DIP
                              The E-DIP is a transport system that can freely change the angle of a car body in a water or paint tank during the coating, washing, and undercoating processes. This technology improves the quality of coating work and reduces the length of the process.
                            • Airport Baggage Handling Systems

                            • Belt Conveyor
                              This is a standard transport system that is able to carry baggage of various sizes and shapes. Daifuku's belt conveyors are widely used in airports all over the world. Horizontal and vertical sorting units can be installed so that various layouts are available for different purposes.

                              Tilt-Tray Sorter
                              Individual baggage are placed on a tray set on a chain conveyor. The trays are tilted to discharge baggage according to destination, achieiving a high level of sorting performance. Curved and vertical units enable three-dimension layouts.

                              Baggage Tray System
                              Operable at 600 m/min, this is the fastest transport system in the world. Individual baggage are placed on a dedicated tray with an RFID tag embedded, and the baggage and tray are controlled as one unit to prevent missing baggage. The system can be easily combined with an automated storage system for temporary storage. Daifuku's Baggage Tray System is optimal for international hub airports and large airports.
                          • Sorting and Picking Systems

                          • In the logistics industry, consumers are demanding quicker and more accurate delivery capabilities, such as the same-day shipment of e-commerce, in addition to multi-item and small lot delivery services. Daifuku has provided sorting and picking systems to numerous distribution centers for convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmaceutical wholesalers. We are also successful in delivering systems to sorting facilities for agricultural products, contributing to the stabilization of quality and supply. Daifuku provides optimal distribution solutions most suited to the age of e-commerce by constructing systems which can quickly supply products to consumers.
                                • Manufacturing and Distribution

                                • Sorting Systems
                                  We actively support multi-item and small lot delivery in the distribution, transport, and storage industries by offering products with higher speed and more accuracy. Our products include the slide-shoe type Surfing Sorter and Surfing Sorter Mini; the Shuttle Rack, which consists of load-transfer carts on each rack level and vertical lifters; and the Finger Domino Sorter, which gently sorts fruit.

                                  Picking Systems
                                  Our picking systems include the digital picking system eye-navi, which embeds radio indicator on trays; automatic piece picking equipment; and the Picking Cart System system. These systems enable more accurate, quicker, and easier work with digital displays. Our customers can implement a system that is optimized for the item number and storage quantity the need to handle.
                            • IT System

                            • In the present day when logistics systems that conform to management strategy, such as linkage functions with ERP systems and production/sales/management systems, cross docking, and improvement of transport and delivery, are required, we combine the flows of goods and information by means of a optimum system linking distribution facilities and software. Accurate and rapid information management enables the optimization of the entire supply chain, and improvement of the overall efficiency of distribution flow can be achieved with our total distribution solution package, which integrates all of our material handling expertise.
                                  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

                                  • Daifuku's warehouse management system (WMS) fuses together state-of-the-art information technology and optimum distribution equipment and technology to create quality logistics information systems. The system can also easily be enhanced and renovated in the future. From the initial implementation to high-level distribution needs, Daifuku's WMS meets a wide range of requests and requirements.
                                  • Automated Warehouse Management System

                                  • We developed our automated warehouse management system based on our expertise accumulated with our extensive installation record. Various functions which are necessary on site, including free location operation, lot control, and inventory check functions, are consolidated in a single package. The system can also be customized according to customers' requests.
                              • Wireless Power Supply Solutions

                              • Since the development of the world's first monorail-type, non-contact power supply system in 1993, Daifuku's wireless power systems have been employed in a wide range of industrial fields including the automotive, semiconductor, flat panel display (FPD), medical products, food, and food container industries. Clean, safe, and maintenance-free, we have sold over 8,000 units.
                                  • Battery Charging Solutions

                                  • Daifuku developed a wireless battery charging solution for electronic vehicles, such as fork lifts and automatic guided vehicles. Conductive parts are not exposed, so sparks are not generated and there is no risk of electric shock. This allows for safe charging even in environments with water, oil, or dust. The system's non-contact design means that there is no wear, providing maintenance-free operation even in situations where charging has to be performed frequently. The system can charge batteries even if the stopping position deviates slightly for easy opportunity charging. Automatic charging prevents stoppages due to insufficient battery power.
                                  • Noncontact Power Supply

                                  • This system can supply power without using trolleys and movable cables, or cableveyors, to carriers and machines while they are moving. Since it can be used in the dust-free cleanroom environment, Daifuku's noncontact power supply system are widely used for intrabay and interbay transportation in semiconductor production and for transport and storage of glass board cassettes for flat panel displays. Since it does not generate dust or sparks and can be used in harsh environments with water, steam and oil, the noncontact power supply system is also employed for transport systems in automobile assembly and coating lines.
                                • Products

                                    • Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)

                                        • Unit-load ASRS "Compact System"

                                        • High-density pallet storage, high-speed operation, and versatility make Daifuku’s Pallet ASRS the best-selling automated storage system in the world.
                                          With its flexible design up to 40 m, the pallet ASRS "Compact System" is customized to fit our customers' specific installation environment and operating conditions.

                                          1. Fast & dependable
                                          Daifuku offers a variety of stacker cranes to fit your specific load profile and weight, building dimensions, and operating environment. All systems feature high-quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance.

                                          2. Advanced control system
                                          Daifuku’s local intelligent network control system offers a comprehensive solution: from front-end controls to full-scale inventory management computer systems. Our software provides full control of shuttle-rack machines and load-handling systems. The software monitors the system in real time to assist with trouble and control auxiliary equipment (such as quantity indicator displays for order picking).

                                          3. Simple operation & maintenance
                                          End-of-aisle controllers allow operators to easily manage loads without entering machine aisles. The power supply and other major components are readily accessible for quick and easy maintenance.

                                          4. Improved operation efficiency
                                          The high-speed S/R machine automatically stores and retrieves loads quickly and efficiently. Not only does this dramatically reduce cycle time, but it also reduces the number of forklifts and forklift traffic. Daifuku S/R machines reduce energy costs by using low electricity and regenerating power.


                                          • Single-deep
                                          • Double-deep
                                          • Aisle change
                                          • Dual crane
                                          • Pallet-less handling
                                          • Long pipe & plate handling
                                          • Cold resistant
                                          • FMS
                                        • Rack-supported building ASRS "Rackbuil"

                                        • The rack-supported building RACKBUIL is an ASRS rack constructed as a building in accordance with construction codes, regulations and laws. It is space efficient and cost effective solution especially for mass-storage and high-rise Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).
                                          Since our first Rackbuil construction in 1966, Daifuku has continued to provide distribution centers and frozen warehouses with customized, mass-storage facilities.
                                          The system includes rack, concrete foundation with anchors, roof, wall, thermal insulant, refractory covering, sprinkler and other fire-fighting equipment in addition to material handling equipment and IT system.

                                          • Dock shelter
                                          • Ante-room with auto-shutter
                                          • Rooftop solar panel
                                        • Mini-load ASRS "Fine Stocker"

                                        • Daifuku's mini-load ASRS provides fast and efficient storage & retrieval for containers or small cases. Its high speeds ensure timely inventory supply for both order-picking and manufacturing operations. The mini-load is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing material flow systems.

                                          1. Fast and accurate
                                          The mini-load crane moves quickly and accurately to handle throughput for high-volume order picking or manufacturing.

                                          2. High-rise, high-density storage
                                          Mini-load ASRS utilizes more vertical space than traditional selective rack systems. Loads are placed on shelves with high precision to optimize storage density.

                                          3. Smooth, quiet performance
                                          The mini-load uses aluminum masts and urethane wheels to achieve stable and quiet movement, even at high speeds. Our low-noise mini-load systems can be installed virtually anywhere, including next to offices or on upper floors in buildings.

                                          4. Improved operating efficiency
                                          The high-speed S/R machine automatically stores and retrieves loads quickly and precisely, delivering them directly to operators for picking. This eliminates time spent looking for and retrieving items. Mini-load systems are also perfect for sequencing items prior to sorting, improving the efficiency of later handling processes.

                                          5. Reduced energy consumption
                                          The latest mini-load ASRS model is 15% more lightweight than the previous model.
                                          The motor was also made smaller, reducing electricity consumption.


                                          • Fork extractor
                                          • Side-hook extractor
                                          • Roll handling extractor
                                          • Dual cranes

                                          • U-shaped conveyor
                                          • Magic Cross Conveyor
                                          • Flow rack with Pick-to-Light
                                        • Vehicle-type mini-load ASRS "Shuttle Rack M"

                                        • Daifuku's "Shuttle Rack M" is a fast, vehicle-type ASRS designed to provide storage and sorting function by group or by certain sequence. It is perfect for following needs.

                                          ・Buffer before shipping
                                          ・Buffer between picking and assorting
                                          ・Buffer before palletizing
                                          ・Picking inventory
                                          ・Buffer before merging
                                          The "Shuttle Rack M" can handle cartons, totes, and trays.
                                          Both single-deep and double-deep configurations are available.

                                          • Easy Maintenance
                                          Faulty shuttles can be replaced with little disruption to the system. Other shuttles continue to operate while maintenance is being performed on one shuttle. By controlling the number of active shuttles, maintenance can be systematically performed on each shuttle without interrupting the handling process.

                                          • Energy Saving
                                          The system has one shuttle vehicle installed on every level. Each shuttle travels at high speeds to quickly store and retrieve loads. By using lightweight vehicles to transport loads, the "Shuttle Rack M" consumes 60% less power per cycle than conventional crane systems.
                                      • Vehicle Systems

                                            • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

                                            • Daifuku's Automated Guided Vehicle systems offer flexible and efficient movement of materials for a wide variety of factory and warehouse applications.
                                              Daifuku's real-time inventory control software not only controls automated material handling equipment, but also provides precise material tracking.

                                              • Chain conveyor type
                                              • Roller conveyor type
                                              • Fork type
                                              • Roll handling type
                                              • Tunnel tow type
                                              • Front tow type
                                              • Miniload type
                                            • Rail-guided vehicle system "Sorting Transfer Vehicle" (STV)

                                            • Daifuku's rail-guided vehicle system SORTING TRANSFER VEHICLE is a pallet sorting system designed to provide high-throughput material handling in conjunction with the ASRS.
                                              A single or multiple STVs connect crane aisles and in/out stations to efficiently store and deliver pallets.
                                              STV systems can work with ASRS as pallet sorters and sequencers in shipping preparation areas, or as a standalone system.

                                              • Fast, high throughput

                                              STVs glide smoothly and quietly at speeds up to 200 m/min, with load transfer speeds of 30 m/min. Each vehicle speed is adjusted according to position, space availability, and load presence (loaded/empty). Vehicles are assigned to stations to maximize efficiency, avoiding unnecessary movement and energy consumption.

                                              • Flexible
                                              Straight or L-shaped layouts are available for single-shuttle systems. Straight and continuous loop layouts are available for multi-shuttle systems. Standard components can be easily configured to meet a variety of building layout, space and performance requirements.
                                              STV systems are designed to expand along with your business. As operating volume increases, simply add more STVs to the system to increase capacity. STV layouts can also be expanded using the existing power supply, connecting new components to the existing track and input/output stations as needed.
                                              • Reliable
                                              STVs sort loads to different stations without complex conveyor intersections that are likely to cause errors or damage to pallets. This is in part because the STV is travelling while the pallet remains stationary on top of it.
                                              STV maintenance work can be done while the system is running unless it is a single-shuttle system.

                                              • Single shuttle system
                                              • Dual shuttle system
                                              • Multi-vehicle loop system

                                              • Gravity buffer conveyor
                                              • Maintenance station
                                              • Off-peak evacuation pit
                                        • Conveyors & Sorters

                                            • Conveyors

                                            • Roller Conveyors
                                              • Free Roller Conveyor: Roller conveyor without motor power. Conveys using gravity or with manual assistance.
                                              • Powered Roller Conveyor: Straight roller conveyor driven by flat belts.
                                              • Accumulation Roller Conveyor: For buffering loads at regular intervals. Motorized conveyor rollers operate only at necessary sections.
                                              • Curve Roller Conveyor: Curve section for conveyor. Allows for flexible layout designs adapted to building conditions.
                                              • Merge Roller Conveyor: Allow smooth merging of loads from tributary lines to main line.
                                              • Merge Roller Conveyor: Allow fast and smooth merging of loads from tributary lines to main line before sorter.

                                              Belt Conveyors
                                              • Straight Belt Conveyor: For conveying items other than rigid totes
                                              • Inclined Belt Conveyor: Conveys loads to a higher or lower position
                                              • Curve Belt Conveyor: Curve section for conveyor. Allows for flexible layout designs adapted to building conditions.
                                              • Space alignment & Speed-up Belt conveyor: A set of belt conveyors adjusts load spacing and conveying speed for smooth feeding to sorter.
                                            • Case Sorter "Surfing Sorter"

                                            • Daifuku’s Surfing Sorter is a high speed, positive divert sorter designed to accurately track and gently sort all types of carton sizes and configurations at designated points along the transportation line with a highly reliable sort rate.
                                              A wide range of cartons, totes and materials are easily and conveniently transported to their assigned zones at high sortation speeds.
                                              Along with various peripheral conveyors and automation equipment to derive full advantage of the sorter capacity, Daifuku provides fast and reliable sortation solution for your logistics needs.

                                              • Smooth diverting: Duck-beak shape shoes minimize the risk of cartons/totes getting caught in between.
                                              • Gentle sorting control: Gentle shoe movement controlled by magnetic switches allows gentle guiding of loads to avoid damage.
                                              • Safety monitoring mechanism: Monitoring system keeps eyes on shoes, switches, chains and slats checking movement and position.

                                              • Single side sorting
                                              • Double side sorting

                                              • Merge conveyor
                                              • Space & Speed control conveyor
                                              • Chute junction conveyor
                                              • Chute with brake
                                              • Palletizing Robot
                                            • Piece Sorter "Surfing Sorter mini"

                                            • The "Surfing Sorter Mini" is a slide-shoe sorter aimed to sort piece items by shops or categories quickly. "mini" can handle such small item as 55Lx55Wx1H(mm) while achieving 10,000 items/h throughput rate. It best suits for high-SKU low-volume items such as CD/DVD, electrical parts, apparel products and so on.
                                              With various product-friendly chute choices, "mini" will improve your order preparation efficiency.

                                              • Plate chute: Basic plate chutes is suitable for apparel products, books and mails.
                                              • Belt chute: Flat belt chutes are suitable for sensitive products such as electrical goods.
                                              • Free roller chute: Free roller with moderate inclination is suitable for CDs, DVDs and foods.
                                          • Picking Systems

                                              • Digital Pick System (Pick-to-Light System)

                                              • Pick-to tote movement is linked to display units equipped at each picking window for more efficient and accurate picking.
                                                When a pick-to tote arrives in a picking zone, the indicator light turns on and quantity is displayed at picking windows for the items that need to be picked. The operator responsible for that zone follows display instructions when picking items, pushing completion buttons next to the display units after picking.
                                                The Digital Pick System works great for a wide variety of picking needs, for both LMHV (low-mix, high-volume) and HMLV (high-mix, low-volume) operations.
                                              • Advanced pick-to-light system "eye-navi"

                                              • Daifuku's "eye-navi" is a pick-to-light system that uses RFIDs for tote identification to provide higher productivity and shipping accuracy.
                                                A picking tote, RFID, and display unit travel together on conveyor lines. Operators perform picking operations while following the pick-to-light indicators.


                                                Minimal waiting between orders
                                                • Space between totes is minimized
                                                • Delay at one picking point does not slow down entire system

                                                Simple, low-cost configuration
                                                • Simple conveyor configuration
                                                • Conventional tracking control is unnecessary

                                                High shipping accuracy
                                                • Wireless display makes it easy for operators to identify the right tote for picked items
                                                • Inspection functions on wireless display to double-check picking in real time
                                              • Picking Cart System

                                              • Walk-through picking using handcart equipped with multiple totes and inspection devices.
                                                An operator picks items following instructions given on the cart display, and scans item barcodes to confirm type and quantity of picked items. The cart has an integrated scale which simultaneously double-checks picking procedures by measuring the weight of picked items.
                                                This system provides approximately 50% greater efficiency and accuracy than conventional list picking operations.
                                              • Digital Assort System (Put-to-Light System)

                                              • Daifuku's "Digital Assort System" is the reverse operation of the Digital Pick System (DPS). The put-to-light system consists of digital display units and racks similar to the DPS.
                                                Operators walk through rack aisles, placing items in totes following the display instructions.
                                                The Digital Assort System is perfect for transfer center operations where items received are immediately sorted for shipment according to destination.
                                            • Rack Systems

                                                  • Mobile Rack

                                                  • Daifuku's heavy-duty aisle-opening pallet rack, Mobile Rack, is suitable for pallet storage simplifying location control and expediting forklift input/output operation.
                                                    With its smooth dolly movement, user-friendly interface, and several safety devices, Daifuku's Mobile Rack has a great reputation in the material handling industry.

                                                    • Space Efficient:
                                                      The mobile rack system consists of two fixed racks at either end of the system, with racks on dollies in-between. Compared to conventional fixed racks that require aisle space every two rows, the mobile rack needs only 1 aisle space per system since dollies slide to open an aisle where needed. This system reduces the storage rack footprint by 50%.
                                                    • Useful operation modes
                                                    • User-friendly interface
                                                    • Safety devices


                                                    • Rail
                                                    • Rack
                                                    • Special environment
                                                  • Dolly-type pallet storage system "Shuttle Rack L"

                                                  • Daifuku's "Shuttle Rack L" consists of racks with lanes, battery-powered dollies, and battery chargers. Forklift places a dolly at the necessary lane before selecting an operation mode using the remote controller. The number of dollies can be adjusted to match throughput. The Shuttle Rack L's simple configuration makes it easy to add more dollies and racks after installation.

                                                    • Space-efficient: 2~3 times more storage capacity than normal fixed racks with identical footprint.
                                                    • Conserves energy: Dollies are equipped with batteries that regenerate energy during deceleration and can operate up to eight hours on a single charge.
                                                    • Easy operation: Ten operation modes to meet a variety of handling needs. User-friendly, remote-control management.
                                                    • FIFO control: Layout makes it easy to manage products according to FIFO or LIFO order.

                                                    Operation Modes
                                                    1. Store
                                                    2. Retrieve
                                                    3. Retrieve all
                                                    4. Retrieve [n] pallets
                                                    5. Compact Pull
                                                    6. Compact Push
                                                    7. Send to opposite side
                                                    8. Continuous store
                                                    9. Count stored pallets
                                                    10. Rescue
                                              • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

                                                    • WMS package software "WareNavi Fine"

                                                    • Daifuku's "WareNavi Fine" is the comprehensive WMS package software backed up with the know-how acquired through over 6000 material handling projects.
                                                      The program is designed to control every phase of distribution center operations in real time, including: receiving, storage, replenishment, picking, sorting, and shipping.

                                                      • Monitoring & analysis
                                                      The digital dashboard gives center managers an at-a-glance view of operation status. This helps managers take early action in case of delay, trouble, or accident. A variety of statistical data such as ABC analysis, work volume analysis, operation record analysis and stock turnover rate table can be created to easily analyze operations.

                                                      • Customizable
                                                      Software parameter settings can be manually adjusted according to current operation needs.

                                                      • SoundPicker
                                                      • SoundChecker
                                                      • Voice Picking System
                                                • Other

                                                      • Ergonomic worktable & pushcart "Level Cart"

                                                      • Daifuku's Level Cart is a unique pushcart equipped with an automatic leveling table keeping the working height always the same.
                                                        Our original leveling mechanism without motors or hydraulics requires little maintenance and works fine for many years.
                                                        With its unique function and robust design, Level Cart has been used in various industries over 45 years.
                                                        It perfectly fits for operations at assembly cell, small parts inspection line, kitchen and cafeteria.


                                                        • Convenient
                                                        The working height of the leveling table is always kept the same without using motors or hydraulics.

                                                        • Ergonomic
                                                        No need to bend down for placing or picking up materials at lower position. Level Cart frees operators from strenuous and repetitive bending down and lifting operations.

                                                        • Flexible
                                                        Level Cart is equipped with two fixed wheels in front and two swivel wheels with stoppers in rear side. Smooth wheels enable to move Level Cart anywhere and any point in your workplace.

                                                        • Efficient
                                                        No need to repeat standing up and down. The automatic leveling table supplies the works always at the same height so that operators can concentrate on their core and value-adding task.