Company Profile

Fallshaw castors combine form and function. You won\'t have to choose between style and performance - you can have both. We think hard about the design so that you won\'t have to. Our greatest compliment is when our customers forget about our castors - what do we mean by that? * Furniture castors should be a considered part of furniture design, with colour, finish and style seemlessly blending to the point that the castors are just a part of the whole, rather than a noticeable afterthought. * Castors used on trolleys should steer true with minimal push effort, great ride comfort and brakes that work effectively every time - when castors are designed well people are not conscious of how a trolley moves - it just happens. * Serious working castors should have long product life with minimal and easy preventative maintenance - castors should not cause interruptions to equipment use due to high wear rates or breakdowns; they should soldier on unnoticed. When you choose a Fallshaw castor, you can then forget about it because it is designed to perform.

Product Range

  • Caster
  • Wheel