• Offer Profile
  • GKS Company is an enterprise based in Kressbronn at Lake Constance. Customer intimacy is a huge priority with us.

    We are a one stop company. As project partner we manage your project from day one. MARINE We maintain cooperative, fair relationships with our customers.

    This kind of association promises long-lasting collaboration in a spirit of trust. You benefit from our slim-line structure: quite often, we can implement individual requests even during production.

Product Portfolio
  • One Stop Service: Electrics - Hydraulics - Marine control systems

  • GKS-Marine is your One Stop Service company. We offer everything from Planning, Engineering up to the production and control units, power units, hydraulics and spare parts. Our main fields of activity are:

    • Specialist for marine control systems for VSP propeller actuators
    • Servo support for mechanical actuators such as for VSP propellers
    • Service and repairs
    • VA or steel tank construction
    • Cylinder construction
    • Hydraulic unit construction
      • Marine control systems for VSP propellers

      • By choosing GKS-Marine, you will benefit from more than 35 years of experience in control systems engineering for Voith Schneider propellers. In close collaboration with Voith, our control systems have been constantly updated and perfected.

        From the control panel in the wheel house to the actuator for your propeller, you will receive everything from a single source. Our response to requests is fast and reliable. Whether during production or commissioning: We will meet your requirements wherever possible so as to provide you with the best customised solution.

        We manufacture actuators:

        • mechanical – hydraulic
        • electric – hydraulic
        • electric – mechanical

        „EC“ Control signifies hydraulic cylinders and a valve set, „EC/A“ a fitted actuator.

      • Servo support for mechanical actuator

      • Excellent ease of use

        The hydraulic servo support ensures minor physical effort when using the control elements on the control panel. This is similar to the universally familiar power steering found nowadays in every motor vehicle. This ease of use is ensured by GKS systems irrespective of the length of the mechanical linkage of bars. The precision catch on the joysticks also provides precision control for the boat.

        High degree of operational safety

        In case of hydraulic breakdown, the mechanical linkage of bars can be moved as before. The operating forces will then be as great as without servo support.

        Easy installation

        The hydraulic servo support is a compact unit and ready for easy retrofitting. Simply separate the linkage of bars near the control panel and connect both ends to the servo support.

      • Control / Control Components

      • The control unit comprises individual sub-assemblies that can be assembled according to customer requests and requirements. The flexible implementation of your requests, our reliability and everpresent sympathetic ear for suggestions has guaranteed customer satisfaction for more than 35 years.

        Increased convenience for GKS controls such as:

        • Autopilot
        • Dynamic positioning by GPS
        • Excess load control for drive motors
        • Tachograph function
        • Fuel savings of up to 30% possible
        • Error diagnosis by remote maintenance
        • Integration of external signals
        • Multiple control stations
        • Customisation available

        Main fields of activity:

        1. EC Control electro-hydraulic actuator for VSP propeller
        2. EC /A Control electro-mechanical actuator for VSP propeller
        3. Marine Control Station: Requests in connection with the arrangement of components are implemented in close collaboration with the customer. Target is a convenient control station unit.
      • Product Range / Accessories / Spare Parts

      • GKS-Marine offers a complete range of products related to hydraulics, electrics and control components.

        We supply you quickly and reliably with all the important components from our extensive accessories and spare parts warehouse. You can obtain hydraulic cylinders made of steel or stainless steel for the actuation of Voith Schneider propellers and lifting keel controls, for barriers and lifting platforms. Our comprehensive range also includes control blocks, joysticks, steering units, display devices, motor pump units, control cabinets and control engineering, hydraulic valves, filters, tanks, hydraulic units etc. Take advantage of our convincing full range.

      • Service & Distribution

      • The fact that you will be discussing your project at GKS-Marine with a member of the top management team is not a coincidence but part of our philosophy. To our way of thinking, face-to-face consultation is the basis of successful collaboration. Our competent service team comprised of control engineers, electricians and hydraulics engineers offers you a comprehensive customer service. Whether your problem is of an electrical or hydraulic nature, we will find a suitable solution for you.

        We offer:

        • Fast and competent service
        • Installation
        • Preventative maintenance
        • Individual consultation
      • Hydraulic unit construction

      • Complete engineering and production of marine hydraulics