Yang Ming

Company Profile

Yangming Marine Transport Corporation (Yang Ming) was established on December 28, 1972. Yang Ming's management philosophy: "Teamwork is our spirit. Excellence is our quest." Yang Ming's operating fleet currently comprises 43 vessels with a total tonnage of 1.7 million DWT. Of these ships, 14 are fully owned by Yang Ming. The fleet composes of full-container ships, huge bulk carriers, ore/coal carriers and supertankers. Ever since the founding of Yang Ming, it has adopted and practised the management philosophy "Teamwork is our spirit. Excellence is our quest." In the meantime, innovation and the solving of problems by concerted efforts, in line with the motto of "Punctual, Speedy, Reliable and Economical" service, have been the keys to our outstanding performance and efficiency. Ranking among the world's leading containerized marine service companies, Yang Ming's fleet is young in the world.

Product Range

  • Bulk carrier
  • Container ship
  • Product Carrier
  • Tanker