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  • Mech-Mind Robotics is a leading specialist in AI + 3D vision solutions for automation & 3D cameras. By providing cost-effective and stable AI and 3D vision solutions for customers in, for example, the manufacturing industry, logistics and production, we enable automation of the most challenging applications.
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  • All in One


    Mech-Mind Robotics offers you a holistic 3D vision concept for the automation of a wide range of applications: from industrial manufacturing with the help of robot-enabled machine tending and order picking to smart warehouse and intralogistics. Each all-in-one solution includes the powerful 3D camera sensors Mech-Eye, the intuitive software Mech-Vision for machine vision of three-dimensional point clouds, and the graphical environment Mech-Viz for code-free robot programming.
      • 1. See Mech-Eye: 3D Cameras

      • Intelligent, high-resolution cameras in various sizes and configurations.
      • 2. Understanding Mech-Vision: AI image analysis

      • Image analysis and processing of 3D point clouds is performed using artificial intelligence and deep learning, regardless of object size, shape, and color.
      • 3. Act Mech-Viz: Process Software

      • Robot control can be this simple: The purely graphical and code-free programming enables convenient, fast integration.


      A compact aluminum housing, powerful LEDs or lasers, and completely fanless thermal management make the Mech-Eye 3D camera a perfect building block in automation.

      Even partially transparent or reflective surfaces are precisely detected by our highly sensitive sensors. With the support of artificial intelligence, high-quality 3D images are created - the optimal basis for the automatic detection of unsorted, heterogeneous objects, the calculation of gripping position and collision-free motion sequences. Fast, precise and with outstanding stability. The 3D cameras from Mech-Mind Robotics are CE, FCC and VCCI certified.

      Cost efficient
      The Mech-Mind solutions can be easily implemented in almost any working environment. All system components and interfaces are technically coordinated and compatible with the robots of almost all manufacturers. This allows you to achieve your return on investment (ROI) in a short time.

      High performance
      The three-dimensional point cloud is calculated with high performance on the vision controller or directly on the camera. We guarantee consistent performance even after many 10,000 hours of operation.

      State of the art technology with an excellent price-performance ratio. This is what the all-in-one solutions from Mech-Mind Robotics stand for. Our quality standards are high - that's why we offer up to 60 months warranty on request.

      Plug & Play
      Mech-Mind Robotics' industrial solutions include everything you need for your individual automation needs. Simply connect the Mech-Eye 3D camera to the vision controller and start Mech-Eye Viewer for the first images. Automatic routines for exposure or camera calibration make commissioning easy for you.

      Wide range of cameras
      Our focus is on 3D. With a wide range of intelligent camera models for 3D imaging, we meet requirements for all conceivable applications in automation. And all this with just one vision controller.

      Enhanced option
      Small components require high accuracy even at longer distances. Choose the Enhanced Option and benefit from increased camera resolution.
        • TECHNOLOGY


          The Mech-Eye 3D cameras use structured light to determine the depth information of three-dimensional objects. A projector (LED or laser) projects various patterns onto one or numerous objects. At least one 2D camera captures the pattern. For each pixel the corresponding depth information is calculated. This creates a three-dimensional image of the captured object.
        • INTERFACES

        • Mech-Eye 3D cameras offer a variety of interfaces and can therefore be used extremely flexibly:

        • addition to Mech-Vision, other compatible software solutions can also be used in conjunction with Mech-Eye 3D cameras. If you also want to integrate our camera into your software, then contact us at

          • Nano

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.6 - 1.1 s
            • Resolution (px) 1,280 × 1,024 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.1 mm @ 0.5 m
            • Working distance 300 mm - 600 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 1.5 A
          • Pro S

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.3 - 0.6 s
            • Resolution (px) 1,920 × 1,200 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.1 mm @ 1 m
            • Working distance 500 mm - 1,000 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • Pro M

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.3 - 0.6 s
            • Resolution (px) 1,920 × 1,200 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.2 mm @ 2 m
            • Working distance 1,000 mm - 2,000 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • LSR L

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time: 0.5 - 0.9 s
            • Resolution (px) Depth: 2,048 × 1,536 px
            • RGB: 4,000 x 3,000 / 2,000 x 1,500 px
            • VDI/VDE accuracy: 1 mm @ 3 m
            • Working distance: 1,200 mm - 3,000 mm
            • Interface: GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply: 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • Pro L

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.7 - 1.1 s
            • Resolution (px) 2,048 × 1,536 px
            • Calibration accuracy 3 mm @ 3 m
            • Working distance 1,200 mm - 3,500 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • Log S

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.3 - 0.5 s
            • Resolution (px) 1,280 × 1,024 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.2 mm @ 1 m
            • Working distance 500 mm – 1,000 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • Log M

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.3 - 0.5 s
            • Resolution (px) 1,280 × 1,024 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.3 mm @ 2 m
            • Working distance 800 mm - 2,000 mm
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A
          • UHP

          • TECHNICAL DATA
            • Typical capture time 0.6 - 0.9 s
            • Resolution (px) 2,048 × 1,536 px
            • Calibration accuracy 0.03 mm @ 0.3 m
            • Working distance 300 mm (+/- 20 mm)
            • Interface GigE, C++, C#, Python, ROS
            • Power supply 24V DC / 3.75 A


          Mech-Vision is the latest generation of Mech-Mind Robotics' innovative software for machine vision of three-dimensional point clouds. It is operated completely code-free via a graphical user interface. Using intelligent algorithms such as 3D vision and deep learning, Mech-Vision performs complex tasks in a wide range of logistics and industrial manufacturing applications: From machine tending to bin picking in order picking and palletizing to automated gluing and joining of unsorted and even moving objects. With precise localization, reliable error detection and exact size measurement.


                  • With Mech-Vision, you can process the 3D point clouds from 3D camera sensors and recognize objects using clustering, model and CAD matching, and deep learning. This provides you with information about the component location, component size and component properties. Based on this information, the best gripping points are then determined and transferred to the Mech-Viz robot controller.

              • Mech-Vision allows easy processing of 3D point clouds without programming knowledge. Predefined functions can be simply dragged and dropped into the workspace to solve object recognition tasks. Pre-processing and optimization of point clouds can also be implemented in Mech-Vision in just a few editing steps.
                  • Clustering and surface segmentation

                  • Surface Segmentation identifies contiguous surfaces in the point cloud. Assuming that these points all belong to the same object, the center of the surface is output as the gripping point. This method is particularly suitable for applications with a focus on high speed and low accuracy requirements.
                  • Model matching

                  • The Mech-Eye 3D camera generates a point cloud model of a component. An ideal gripping point is then defined on the object. This model is then searched for in the point cloud during operation. The method is accurate but requires more computing time than Surface Segmentation.
                  • CAD matching

                  • Instead of a sensor model, CAD matching uses an available CAD model. The advantage: compared to camera-generated models, such computer-generated templates are fully defined and usually very detailed. The imaging is free of camera noise, which shortens computing times.
                  • Deep learning

                  • Deep Learning uses 2D data to train a neural network that identifies exact positions in the point cloud. Different methods such as classification, instance segmentation or grasp point prediction are used.
                  • Point cloud editor

                  • Mech-Vison includes an integrated editor that can be used to automatically edit point clouds.
                  • Container detection

                  • Many applications require the detection of the load carrier (container) before a component can be picked out of it. Mech-Vision, in conjunction with Mech-Viz, determines the exact position of the load carrier as required. The collision model is thus automatically adapted to the current position of the load carrier.


                  Let the camera decide: Mech-Eye precisely delivers all the necessary data for classification, segmentation or gripping point prediction where classic machine vision algorithms reach their limits. Use pre-trained neural networks for this or simply train them yourself with the Mech-Mind Deep Learning Kit. Completely locally in your system environment - without access to the cloud.

                  • SMART. CODE-FREE. AI-BASED.

                    In just a few clicks to 3D simulation of the entire motion sequence: With Mech-Viz, Mech-Mind Robotics provides the latest generation of a fully visualized programming environment for robots. The best thing: No line of code is required to program your individual application-- everything is controlled via the graphical user interface.    

                    Intelligent algorithms such as path planning, collision detection and grasp planning are firmly integrated. And like all components of the Mech-Mind Robotics systems, Mech-Viz also supports all common robot brands.


                      • With Mech-Viz, all common robots can be programmed visually and code-free, regardless of the manufacturer. The all-in-one system from Mech-Mind Robotics recognizes the object and uses AI to calculate the fastest motion sequence for the robot. Mech-Viz generates collision-free paths to the desired object. Each variation of the gripping point is checked for collisions. But even more: With Mech-Viz you can simulate your application in advance in a 3D visualization and thus optimize it before commissioning. Many robot brands are already stored as 3D models in Mech-Viz.
                    • STRENGTHS

                        • Plug & Play

                        • With our 3D Vision Bundles, you get everything you need to directly expand your robot application. Connect your robot controller to the Vision IPC, connect the smart Mech-Eye 3D camera to the IPC and start the calibration. With Mech-Vision and Mech-Viz pre-installed, you can immediately create your first robot controller.
                        • Intelligent algorithms

                        • Mech-Viz autonomously takes care of intelligent path planning and generates collision-free movements to the desired gripping point. Numerous tools such as the Pallet Editor help with typical palletizing tasks - as well as in all other application areas.
                        • Compatibility

                        • Mech-Viz already supports all common robot types and thus offers a uniform control for different manufacturer types. If your model is not yet supported, Mech-Mind Robotics usually realizes a system integration for you within a few days.
                        • 01 FURNISHING

                        • Easy programming and process creatio
                          With the help of predefined functions, Mech-Viz enables simple programming and process creation via drag & drop. Even complex tasks can be solved simply and efficiently.
                        • 02 OPERATION

                        • Efficient thanks to machine Learnin
                          At the heart of every all-in-one solution from Mech-Mind Robotics is its artificial intelligence. From the processing of a high-precision 3D point cloud to the collision-free calculation of motion paths, machine learning ensures a stable, reliable and efficient automation process.
                      • Application

                          • Machine Tending (Bin Picking)

                          • LET YOUR ROBOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IT SEES.

                            With the support of artificial intelligence and deep learning, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement solutions for bin picking. Whether it's a classic reachpick out of a box with sorted parts, or random bin picking with chaotic and heterogeneous parts - Mech-Mind Robotics enables any type of machine tending controlled by machine vision. Our AI is specialized in detecting bulk material or partially structured workpieces and calculating the optimal gripping point. Taking the singularities of each robot into account, a collision-free motion sequence is automatically calculated.

                            • Cost-effective
                              In the field of AI-driven vision systems, made in China not only means state-of-the-art technology, but also an excellent price-performance ratio. Most of our 3D vision solutions provide our customers with an ROI of less than one year.
                            • Intelligent motion
                              control With optimal path planning and collision monitoring, Mech-Mind Robotics ensures particularly high stability and reliability even in challenging situations. Smart algorithms thus enable process-reliable solutions for every conceivable application in bin picking.
                            • AI-supported and intelligent
                              At the heart of Mech-Mind Robotics' all-in-one solutions is its sophisticated artificial intelligence. With the help of Deep Learning, robots recognize complex components and pick them up at the right place. This not only enables random bin picking of unsorted objects - it also reduces the need for matching with CAD templates.
                            • Quick and easy deployment
                            • With the visualized and code-free programming interface Mech-Viz, robots can be controlled quickly and easily with just a few clicks. The entire motion sequence can also be simulated in advance and thus reliably checked. Mech-Mind Robotics thus meets the need for automation technologies that are as low-threshold and highly flexible as possible.

                            Crankshafts are usually difficult to handle due to their structure and reflective surface. Thanks to the high-quality detection data of the Mech-Eye camera, the path planning can be easily adapted for the Mech-Viz robot controller. Collisions are thus reliably avoided.
                          • Order Picking


                            Using advanced technologies, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement vision solutions for automated picking in a logistic center. 

                            Unsorted objects are detected by the artificial intelligence and placed collision-free in defined target containers. The remaining packing volume is always taken into account. The special feature: The AI autonomously calculates the optimal gripping point, even for objects with wrinkles, heterogeneous textures, tapes or cable ties. Thanks to the deep learning  system developed by Mech-Mind Robotics, the system can also reliably identify and sort cardboard boxes and soft packaging.

                            • Cost-effective
                              Since product development and manufacturing of Mech-Mind Robotics' logistics solutions are done in China, the attractive price-performance ratio of our all-in-one solutions usually enables a return on investment (ROI) within one year.
                            • Intelligent motion
                              control Based on artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms, we offer solutions for collision-free movement of very complex objects in challenging environments.
                            • AI-supported and intelligent
                              A variety of AI algorithms recognize and locate objects with box, bag and bottle shapes in real time and with high precision - without
                            • Seamless integration
                            • Developed with the special needs of the logistics industry in mind, our system solutions for order picking can of course be integrated into your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

                            The Mech-Mind Robotics solution for order picking can handle goods in all imaginable shapes and types. Boxes, small bags, bottles, semi-transparent and black objects, whether sorted or randomly distributed. The goods are commissioned into the respective boxes depending on the order.
                          • Parcel Picking and Sorting

                          • PARCEL PICKING IN LOGISTICS

                            With the help of intelligent Deep Learning models tailored to logistics, Mech-Mind Robotics offers cost-effective and easy-to-implement all-in-one solutions for automated sorting of packages in logistics centers and warehouse areas.

                            Parcels and packages of different sizes and properties are automatically detected by the system and the optimum gripping point is determined.

                            • Cost-effective
                              Mech-Mind Robotics offers the logistics industry complete automation solutions from a single source. Due to the easy deployment of our 3D vision systems, you usually achieve a return on investment (ROI) of less than one year.
                            • Intelligent motion
                              control Built on powerful AI algorithms, our solutions recognize and analyze a wide variety of situations and environments. Collision-free path planning with monitoring of the robot singularity is thus given in a process-safe manner.
                            • AI-supported and intelligent
                              With our sophisticated algorithms such as path planning and collision monitoring, we implement process-safe and easy-to-use all-in-one solutions for a wide range of applications in intralogistics.
                            • Easy deployment
                            • With the visualized and code-free programming interface Mech-Viz, motion sequences can be programmed with just a few mouse clicks. The integrated, three-dimensional simulation allows you to make further optimizations in advance.

                            Mech-Mind Robotics offers easy-to-implement, vision-guided complete turnkey solutions for picking packages. All sizes and types of packages are supported, such as common shipping packages, poly bags or envelopes. The all-in-one solution supports objects of different sizes, textures, tapes and barcodes. Both densely packed objects and randomly placed objects are detected.
                          • Palletizing and Depalletizing


                            With the latest technologies such as Deep Learning, Mech-Mind Robotics offers complete, cost-effective and easy-to-implement automation solutions for palletizing. The intelligent loading of pallets and boxes is AI-supported with optimal space and room utilization.


                            • Cost-effective
                              Most of our 3D vision solutions for palletizing and depalletizing give you an ROI of less than one year.
                            • Intelligent motion
                              control With the support of artificial intelligence and deep learning, our all-in-one solutions recognize a wide variety of situations and environments. A collision-free motion sequence with monitoring of the robot singularity is thus fulfilled in a process-safe manner.
                            • AI-supported and intelligent
                              With our sophisticated algorithms for path planning and collision monitoring, even unsorted pallets can be loaded and unloaded with process reliability.
                            • Quick and easy deployment
                            • The robot is controlled via Mech-Viz: a graphical programming interface that functions completely without coding. With just a few mouse clicks, the motion sequences are defined and then automatically calculated. The result can be checked in advance via an integrated, three-dimensional simulation and individually adapted if necessary.

                            Mech-Mind Robotics' autonomous palletizing and depalletizing algorithm allows the robot to remove the objects carefully and avoiding collisions, ensuring maximum stability.
                          • Assembly, Localization & Sealing


                            By using artificial intelligence, Mech-Mind Robotics enables fully automated assembly processes, such as those required in the automotive, household appliance and furniture industries. The cost-efficient all-in-one solutions can be implemented quickly and easily in almost any automation process. 

                            With the help of high-resolution 3D point clouds, image recognition ensures the process-reliable assembly, screwing and sealing of complex components - regardless of their size or material composition. Even cable connections can be carried out with the highest precision. 


                            • Cost-effective
                              Especially in industrial manufacturing, the cost efficiency of process architectures is a decisive success factor. Due to their ease of implementation and attractive price-performance ratio, the system solutions from Mech-Minds Robotics usually enable a return on investment within one year.
                            • Intelligent motion
                              control With impressive speed and high precision, Mech-Mind Robotics' 3D scanners and AI even support assembly operations in motion. Thanks to Deep Learning, the robots gain the ability to automatically adjust the orientation of disordered components.
                            • AI-supported and intelligent
                              Dark or reflective surfaces are often a real challenge in automated assembly and sealing processes. The coordinated interaction of sensitive camera sensors and intelligent visualization software from Mech-Mind Robotics enables fast detection and collision-free action even in difficult lighting conditions.
                            • Easy deployment
                            • There is no easier way to program the robotics process: Our Mech-Viz process software does away the need to write a single line of code. Instead, the individual process steps are configured quickly and easily on the screen using visualized modules. Including automatic simulation of the motion sequence.

                            In applications such as gluing operations, the Mech-Eye camera detects the orientation of the component and adjusts the path planning for the Mech-Viz robot controller accordingly. Advanced algorithms such as collision checking, planning of gripping poses and motion planning enable fast programming and error prevention.

                            • 01 INTELLIGENT SOLUTION

                            • Together with our customers, we design individual complete solutions that are simple, fast and flexible to use.
                            • 02 COST EFFICIENT

                            • Automation processes should not only be easy to integrate, but also meet the highest demands. At costs that pay off for every company.
                            • 03 VERSATILE

                            • The all-in-one automation solutions from Mech-Mind Robotics can be flexibly and quickly adapted to the specific requirements of individual application areas.
                            • 04 PLUG & PLAY

                            • After individual assembly of our components, your automation system can be put into operation immediately with all common robot types.
                            • 05 RELIABLE AND STABLE

                            • In terms of collision avoidance, our products offer optimal safety and high stability throughout the entire motion sequence - even for complex requirements.
                            • 06 EASY TO PROGRAM

                            • Advanced algorithms including collision checking, sigularity avoidance, grasp planning and motion planning are integrated into the system. This allows the user to program faster and helps to avoid errors.