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  • Offer Profile
  • German Engineering Meets Chinese Dynamism

    Two partners, one company, one vision – founded by German engineers and the Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Group, Yuanda Robotics unites the best of two cultures to create quality that makes a difference. Together, we are committed to advancing the evolution of robotics and to making robots accessible to everyone. We develop robots that are as approachable as an ordinary power tool and as easy to use as a smartphone.

    Our robot feels, sees, and understands. It perceives its environment, constantly learns new things, and finds solutions. That’s what we are striving to do as well. Our vision: robots that serve people from setup to deployment – collaborative, intuitive, friendly.
Product Portfolio
  • Industrial Power Tool

  • Adapt & Automate

    Versatile and cost efficient: Our collaborative robot is an all-round power tool that can be quickly integrated at a low investment cost. It is able to perform sensitive precision operations in diverse industrial settings, from manual to semi- and fully-automated processes. Get ready to automate!

      • Out-of-the-box setup and seamless integration

        Your Yuanda Robot can be set up in record time. Unpack it, plug it in, and switch it on – it’s running. Switching tools is just as easy: The system software will detect and adjust to the change automatically. No experts needed!

      • Quick adaption to a wide variety of production processes

        The Yuanda Robot is the perfect choice for small batch sizes or for applications that require frequent adjustments and flexibility. Meet the demands of short product life cycles, and easily teach your collaborative robot new skills on demand.

      • Integrated torque sensors for adaptability, fault tolerance and safety

        The Yuanda Robot can execute sophisticated skills much like a human. By analyzing any contacts transmitted through torque sensors in all axes, it can react directly to the application environment by adjusting tool position and pressure in real time or by validating successful production inline.
    • User Experience

    • Collaborate & Control

      Meeting the highest safety standards of today’s robotics industry, the Yuanda Robot is designed to work seamlessly and safely with humans without the need of enclosures. Its ease of use allows for quick commissioning by anyone – no training required.

        • Intuitive hardware interfaces for direct interaction and control

          Physical controls are accessible and prominent to create fluent workflows and minimize set-up times in a diverse set of application scenarios. Highly sensitive force control allows the user to hand-guide the robot’s arm with no effort, for example during installation or programming.

        • Cutting edge user interface design for quick workflows

          It’s easy to teach your Yuanda Robot with our visual programming interface – whether you are a newbie or an expert. Use drag and drop commands to set up your application, use 3D visualizations to run simulations, and supervise your robot on a customizable dashboard.
        • SAFETY FIRST

        • Experience collaborative robotics first hand – without worry

          The Yuanda Robot complies with requirements for human/robot collaboration as specified in DIN ISO 10218 and 13849. Sensitive torque sensors in all axes register any exterior impulse. The robot detects unwanted collisions immediately and stops accordingly.
      • Vision Intelligence

      • Look & Learn

        The Yuanda Robot comes with advanced vision intelligence consisting of an integrated camera and a processing system for visual data. Yuanda Vision can detect and memorize objects, evaluate product quality, recognize critical process changes, and much more.

          • Robot-guided learning and process adjustments in real time

            An object and its contour can be registered via Yuanda Vision. During this process, Vision can define or correct a gripping position and tool orientation for handling the identified object, for example in a pick and place application.

          • Environmental orientation through reference points

            QR tags serve as guides for a programmed application and can contain valuable information about an object or task. Placed in the vicinity of the Yuanda Robot, they orient it and enable it to adjust to the working environment and the task at hand.

          • Visual process monitoring and good/bad case distinction

            Yuanda Vision can classify a batch of objects according to a required process quality. A component does not lie in the intended position? Two components have not been assembled correctly? Vision distinguishes good from bad and decides on whether to continue production accordingly.
        • INTERFACE

        • Programming Made Easy

          With your Yuanda Robot’s visual programming interface, you can configure and perform applications directly on your desktop computer or tablet with a minimum of time and effort. The interface is designed for optimal ease of use, offering clearly-mapped workflows valuable to experts and newbies alike.

          To create a program, simply drag and drop predefined commands into your program outline and hand-guide the robot arm to quickly parameterize the desired actions. Then, test the application in a virtual or real environment and monitor the robot in real time. Save time using our ready-to-use program templates to set up your robot for common tasks or create your own custom templates and reuse them for similar applications.

            • Build and modify customized program flows, guided by a clean interface that supports the user through a clear visual structure and intuitive interaction patterns.

            • Use our powerful interface to verify the actions of your Yuanda Robot on its digital twin, right before they become real. Quickly create perfect motion patterns with instant path preview.

            • View all important stats of the Yuanda Robot in one place. Easily adjust settings during runtime and receive warnings and alerts in real time.
          • SOLUTIONS

          • At Home in All Industries

            Assembly in the morning, spray painting at noon, testing in the afternoon, packaging at night – quickly set up and deploy your robot to perform a wide variety of skills and workflows depending on your needs. 3C electronics, automotive, metal processing, or mechanical engineering – the Yuanda Robot is as unique and versatile as the task you assign to it.
              • PICK AND PLACE

              • Handle your work pieces precisely, rapidly, and safely. Quickly set up external tools and sensors, or just let the robot palpate the perfect pose for your product by itself with fully controlled interaction forces.
              • MACHINE TENDING

              • Just minutes of teaching for hours of work: Open the lid, place the work piece, close the lid and let the robot start the machine before removing the work piece again.
              • PACKAGING

              • Automatically-generated packaging and palletizing patterns accelerate programming. Hand-guided and supported by the integrated camera, you are done in minutes.
              • QUALITY CONTROL

              • Use the visual and tactile senses of the robot to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing processes. Detect missing parts on work pieces and verify fittings using vision, force control and highly-precise motion control.
              • TESTING

              • Take advantage of the robot’s sensitivity to simultaneously test and measure. Quickly set up testing patterns for your products using predefined templates for common test scenarios.
              • SCREW DRIVING

              • Controlling actuated tools is easy: In addition to the tools already supported ex-factory, you can put your own tools, such as automated screw drivers, into operation in just a few steps.
              • ASSEMBLY

              • Let the robot build your product rapidly, carefully, and sensitively – visual and haptic quality check included.
              • DISPENSING

              • Highly accurate on any path, the robot is perfectly suited to reproduce exact shapes. It can even produce automatically, using our integrated Yuanda Vision feature.