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Company Profile

Pressure Sensor Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of sensor products.
With a global operation comprising a vertically integrated factory with state of the art automation in China and extensive Research and Development Centres in Shenzhen and in Newport News Virginia, USA. We are well- placed to handle OEM projects and more standard sensor requirements from customers world- wide. A fully equipped series of meeting rooms in all facilities means that customers can meet in full privacy at any time.
Compliance with ROHS and other standards is assured by top of the range SMT machinery, fully automated assembly, testing and oven reflow.
We offer a comprehensive sensor design and development programme, using multiple technologies, including diaphragm isolated oil filled, MEMS die attach, bonded foil strain gauge and high temperature, inorganically bonded, media isolated, piezoresistive. The factory is vertically integrated to perform such processes as Wafer Etch/Release through all phases of the process. This ensures that all major product and development programs are done in house without depending on external resource.

A fully integrated SAP manufacturing system allows us to provide our customers with complete project management.

We have more than 2,000 global employees, with customers all over the world.

We recognise the value of long-term strategic partners, and offer top quality service and customer support.

Pressure Sensor Limited/ Your long-term partner for sensor design and manufacture. We look forward to working with you. Please Contact us.

Product Range

  • Fluid sensors: Pressure sensor
  • Hydraulic sensors: Pressure sensor
  • Sensor: Pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Board mounting pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Differential pressure transducers
  • Sensors: Differential pressure transmitters
  • Sensors: Electronic pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Mechatronic pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Piezoelectric pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Pressure gauge
  • Sensors: Pressure switche
  • Sensors: Pressure transducer
  • Sensors: Pressure transducer, high precision
  • Sensors: Pressure transmitter, high pressure
  • Sensors: Pressure transmitter, low pressure
  • Sensors: Pressure, barometric pressure sensor
  • Sensors: Pressure, piezoceramic
  • Sensors: Pressure, silicon OEM-pressure modules
  • Wireless sensor: Bluetooth pressure sensor
  • Wireless sensor: Pressure sensor