Company Profile

Ideas move the world …

… having this slogan on our minds we are successfully developing innovative systems for cable entry and EMC cable shielding for over 15 years now. Globally leading companies from various sectors rely on our know-how and our innovative strength. Numerous patents and certifications are both an incentive and aspiration for us.

icotek - worldwide

The icotek GmbH is a privately held company within the icotek group. At our headquarters in Eschach, Germany we develop our products and distribute them worldwide. With offices in the UK, France, Switzerland, the U.S. and Turkey as well as representatives in over 50 countries, we are a strong and reliable partner for the global industry. We provide expert advice, a high delivery capability and a broad range of services for our customers around the globe.

icotek - innovative

The patented cable entry systems from icotek are used in a variety of industries and application areas and have become indispensable over the years. The fields of activity range from machine tools, railway technology, wind turbines, solar technology, vehicle construction and packaging machines to automation and robotics.

Wherever electric lines, pneumatic and hydraulic hoses or optical fibre have to be securely routed into a machine, a plant or a control cabinet the icotek systems are in use, tightly sealing the routed lines and providing superior strain relief. If you have an application that has the possibility of extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures can occur, we offer reliable solutions.

The icotek product range is complemented by innovative solutions for EMC cable shielding. They ensure the safe operation of machinery and equipment by reliably and efficiently reducing high frequency interferences at the cable shield.

icotek - competent

icotek stands for innovation and high quality products, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany as well as for creativity and competence whenever customer- or application-specific solutions are required.

But there is more to it than innovative products. At icotek customer service is our number one priority. 95% of our products are available from stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. We provide free product samples and CAD drawings upon request. Technical advice and support on site are also part of our services.

... the origin of every movement is imagination.

Product Range

  • Wiring: Cable conduit system
  • Wiring: Cable entry ATEX
  • Wiring: Cable entry components
  • Wiring: Cable entry enclosure
  • Wiring: Cable entry frame
  • Wiring: Cable entry grommet
  • Wiring: Cable entry system
  • Wiring: Cable gland
  • Wiring: Cable glands for cables with connectors
  • Wiring: Cable grommets
  • Wiring: Cable pass-through
  • Wiring: Cable shield clamp
  • Wiring: Cable ties
  • Wiring: EMC cable clamp
  • Wiring: EMC strain relief plate
  • Wiring: Energy chain
  • Wiring: Energy tube
  • Wiring: Energy wiring
  • Wiring: Gland plate
  • Wiring: Hook-and-loop cable ties
  • Wiring: Locknut
  • Wiring: Punch driver
  • Wiring: Shield bracket
  • Wiring: Shield plate
  • Wiring: Split cable entry frame
  • Wiring: Split cable gland
  • Wiring: Strain relief