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  • Core business of our company is the manufacture of customized industrial trucks, side loaders and special equipment for handling difficult and bulky goods.

    In manufacturing and distribution the world over our machines are designed to facilitate the efficient material flow and turnover of goods, even in very narrow aisles.

    Our trucks are tailor-made to exactly match the end users specific needs and characterized by their longevity and funcionality.
Product Portfolio
  • The right product for every application

  • From electric multi-directional sideloaders to heavy duty transport vehicles - HUBTEX offers its customers a wide range of products for various handling tasks. Whether long goods, heavy loads or plates, we find the right solution for every customer. And thanks to the HUBTEX modular principle, the right vehicles can be put together for every challenge.

      • For internal heavy-duty transport | AGV Ready
          • In-house transport of heavy loads

          • The in-house transport of heavy loads greater than 20 tons, for example in the automotive, aviation, metal and electrical industries, represents a special challenge which we, as a specialist supplier, are happy to meet with our platform transporters.
            We will put together the appropriate vehicle configuration for you individually, depending on your requirements. Basic requirements for the vehicle, such as load capacity, route and operating concepts, are just as important as the automation of these vehicles, for example.
          • Turning ideas into reality

          • As soon as the transport task is defined and an initial idea has been established, HUBTEX develops a vehicle specification for you, based on our modular system, which will be coordinated and fine-tuned with you in several stages.
          • Platforms transporters

          • Our SFB platform transporters are available with single-axle steering, all-wheel steering or multi-way steering. They can either be fully automated or controlled via a driver's cab. Thanks to their modular design, the transporters can be adapted to numerous applications and requirements. These include the transport of welding robots, machine parts, castings or even steel girders and coils.
          • Rail-mounted trucks

          • A load capacity of up to 350 tons, a wide range of operation variants and the highest safety standards – these are just some of the outstanding advantages offered by our rail-mounted trucks (GW).
            For example, they are used by the heavy-duty industry for handling raw materials and steel.



          When handling long items, users face particular challenges. The loads have different dimensions and often have to be transported in narrow aisles. Vehicle concepts which can be flexibly adapted are therefore in demand. And this is where HUBTEX comes in with its multidirectional forklifts. Over the past 40 years, the core product has been developed in countless variants. Our multidirectional forklifts are suitable for the universal handling of long goods, packets of sheets, chipboard, tools, cable drums, rollers, oversized pallets and round materials in narrow aisle racking systems or are freely movable indoors and outdoors.

            • ESTL & PHOENIX

              • Up to 35t load capacity
              • Up to 12.50m lift height
              • Adaptable to all applications


              With the ESTL andPHOENIX modular systems, our sideloaders with multidirectional steering can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers with maximum flexibility. A variety of series with application-specific fork carriage variants, cabs, lift masts and individual equipment options are available for selection for the right solution. The almost infinite number of combinations offered by these series mean that a HUBTEX multidirectional sideloader will always be suitable for its application.


              With the HX multidirectional steering system, HUBTEX is setting innovative standards for its core product multidirectional sideloaders with electric drive. Using the optionally available omnidirectional steering system enables the trucks to change without stopping from longitudinal to transverse drive. This lessens the time needed to switch wheels, provides excellent maneuverability and has the added benefit of significantly reducing wear.


              A remote maintenance system is available for most HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloaders. The IoT solution transfers important vehicle data, such as fault codes and battery charge status, to a cloud. In the event of a sideloader malfunction, HUBTEX engineers access the truck’s data directly and provide fast assistance. Users benefit from maximum machine availability and minimized production downtime. Retrofitting on used vehicles is also possible.


              • Up to 4.5t load capacity
              • Up to 7.50m lift height
              • The alternative to diesel and gas

              Limited to the best-selling variants, the MAXX multidirectional sideloader offers an economical alternative and is available in three versions: with a load capacity of 3,000 kg and a powerful 48-V drive, or with a load capacity of 4,500 kg and a 48 or 80-V drive. One highlight of the new development was the ergonomics of the driver's cab. In the spacious cab, in addition to generous legroom, the driver has outstanding all-round visibility and, thanks to the new HIT3 multifunctional display, all the important truck information such as the wheel position, speed and battery display at a glance. In addition, the hydraulic damping of the drive wheels ensures that the vehicle maintains permanent contact with the floor or ground, resulting in a shock-absorbing effect.


              Our MAXX electric multidirectional sideloader has been awarded the FLTA Award 2019 in the category “Ergonomics” by the British Fork Lift Truck Association. In doing so, we prevailed against renowned competitors. In addition, it has also been nominated for the globally important IFOY Award and here it received the “Best in Intralogistics” certificate for 2019 during the test days.


              These are the main arguments in favor of the multidirectional sideloader. The electric multidirectional sideloader provides an optimum view of the load from the cab thanks to the new free-view lift mast and the cab without the obstructive B column. The specially developed free-view lift mast provides optimum forward visibility. With this new design, the mast profiles are closer together, which considerably improves visibility from the cab past the mast. This offers particular advantages in terms of load pick-up, as the driver's view of the right fork has also been considerably improved in comparison with the previous design of the mast.


              • Up to 3t load capacity
              • 3wheel
              • Combined indoor and outdoor use

              As part of the BASIX series, the HUBTEX DS 27 and DQ 30 E models are also reduced to the most common effective widths up to 3 tons and are the entry-level version of electric multidirectional sideloaders with elastic tires for combined indoor and outdoor use. As genuine 3-wheel universal sideloaders, they are the right choice for light applications up to 3 tons. They are used in DIY stores, by profile producers, window manufacturers and much more.

              BACK TO BASIX

              The acquisition costs for an individually configurable multidirectional sideloader are often too high, especially for applications in combined indoor and outdoor use with low operating hours. This is where standardized vehicles are in demand. The three-wheel electric multidirectional sideloaders are typically used for loading and unloading trucks, handling long goods and pallets in mixed floor and ground conditions such as concrete, asphalt and paving in combined indoor and outdoor applications.


              Thanks to the high-performance steering system, the three-wheel universal sideloader from HUBTEX achieves the fastest switching times for changing direction between longitudinal, transverse, diagonal and circular travel. This ensures more sensitive handling and a more efficient work flow than with conventional 3-wheel trucks, for which diagonal travel is not possible, for example. The DQ 30 is operated via joystick and the DS 27 via push button.


              • Up to 2t load capacity
              • 4 wheel
              • Solely Reiner indoor use

              In case of short operating times or multiple drivers, it often requires a fourway sideloader which is easy to operate and inexpensive to purchase. At the same time, the driver must be able to enter and exit the cab quickly. All of these criteria are fulfilled by the new EASY fourway sideloader from HUBTEX for the transport of long goods up to 2 tons.

              EVERYTHING EASY

              The EASY is intended as a fourway sideloader for simple indoor applications. It was deliberately designed as a low-cost sideloader with reduced equipment options. The EASY has a load capacity of up to 2 tons and its 4-wheel chassis is driven by one drive motor. Three wheels have a synchronized steering system to deliver HUBTEX’s multidirectional steering for longitudinal, transverse and circular travel. The fourway sideloader is ideal for handling profiles in the aluminum or plastics industry, for window manufacturers or in retail and is intended for operating times of 3–4 hours per day, working indoors with good floor conditions.



                  • Up to 14t load capacity
                  • Diesel- or gas drive
                  • Outdoor use


                  The HUBTEX vehicles in the DQ series are ideal for outdoor use, especially with poor ground conditions. The driver is the focus of the latest development, the DQ-X. The cab has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and visibility has been increased to a maximum thanks to more compact masts and fork carriages. The intelligent vehicle control system, in combination with the latest motor technologies, reduces noise, exhaust emissions and energy consumption to a minimum. The vehicle is universally suited for the transport of long goods in narrow aisles or as a conventional frontloader for pallet and block stacking.


                  Energy efficient, quiet and highly ergonomic: The 4-way sideloader DQ 45-X from HUBTEX offers maximum user-friendliness. The redesigned universal sideloader drives with low emissions, quietly and also has an intelligent vehicle control system including special tyres for outdoor use - especially when handling and transporting heavy and bulky loads.


                  The focus of all new developments of the DQ-X with a load capacity of 4.5 t is the driver, which is why the newly designed cab and mast are highlights of the new series. The ergonomic cab offers improved legroom and the best all-round visibility in its class during transport and loading. The visibility is essentially made possible by the newly developed free-view lift mast and the compact fork carriage. In addition, the new windows with reduced reflection also contribute to optimum visibility. The driver is not distracted by reflections in the windscreen and can concentrate fully on the work process.


                  Users of the new fourway loader can choose between different driving modes depending on their work requirements. The new eco mode ensures especially energy-saving driving. Thanks to an intelligent vehicle control system, the pumps and cooling system are only supplied with as much energy as is required to carry out the current work. This saves fuel and also significantly reduces vehicle noise.



                    • Up to 7t load capacity
                    • 3in1
                    • HX steering

                    The new FluX series from HUBTEX is a new generation of omnidirectional counterbalance forklift trucks for combined indoor and outdoor use. The vehicle is designed for handling pallets and long goods in equal parts. The intelligent vehicle control, in combination with state-of-the-art electric motors and the patented HX steering system, makes the truck efficient, easy to use and unbeatable in its class. Special features of the FluX include its compact frame length and the fixed lift mast. This makes the forklift ideally suited for loading and unloading trucks. The cab has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and the visibility is enhanced by more compact lift masts and fork carriages.


                    One of the unique selling points of the FLUX is the combination of 4-wheel multidirectional chassis system and the patented HX steering system from HUBTEX. In addition to its high driving speed of up to 12 km/h, the HX steering system is a particular advantage: thanks to the steering system used as standard for the first time in the FLUX, the truck can change direction from longitudinal to transverse drive quickly and without an intermediate stop, causing little wear and tear. As a result, users benefit from significant time savings, depending on the operating conditions, especially when switching between the handling of long goods and pallets. The loading and unloading of trucks is also significantly faster due to the lack of mast feed. The automatic speed reduction dependent on the steering angle allows for optimized speeds to be driven safely.


                    The handling of wooden materials presents manufacturers of forklifts and industrial trucks with major challenges. Innovative solutions are required to transport long, heavy and bulky loads safely, even over rough ground and in narrow aisles. HUBTEX has now extended the application range of its FluX and is also offering the electric multidirectional counterbalance forklifts for loads up to 7 tons. The new FLUX 70 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and combines the advantages of an electric multidirectional truck with those of a heavy-duty truck with an internal combustion motor.



                      • Up to 30t load capacity
                      • Electric drive
                      • Indoor and outdoor use


                      Wherever heavy loads need to be transported, handled or loaded in confined spaces, the HUBTEX RoxX electric heavy-duty compact forklift comes into its own. The RoxX is used both indoors and outdoors. In comparison with conventional forklift trucks, the RoxX is characterized by very compact external dimensions in length and width. In short: The HUBTEX compact forklift is used anywhere where conventional frontloaders cannot be used due to their significantly larger dimensions. All vehicles in the RoxX series have a sturdy, robust free-view lift mast and offer maximum maneuverability as well as optimum all-round visibility from the driver's cab. The purely electric drive results in extremely energy-efficient, low-maintenance and quiet operation.


                      Heavy loads are often transported by frontloaders. But when space is limited, these trucks quickly reach their limits due to their vehicle length. a robustHUBTEX's RoxX heavy-duty compact forklifts offer and maneuverable solution. The development is based on a cooperation between HUBTEX and Dimos. The two international manufacturers of industrial trucks have been collaborating on new products and solutions for intralogistics since the end of 2017. One result of this successful cooperation is the new RoxX heavy-duty compact forklift, which, in various series, facilitates the handling of load capacities from 8 to 30 tons in confined spaces. All vehicles in this family have sturdy, robust lift masts and offer maximum maneuverability as well as optimum all-round visibility from the driver's cab.


                      Whether coils, reels of paper, converters or tools – the new RoxX series from HUBTEX will transport these loads safely and reliably. The vehicle is very maneuverable and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The compact design of the RoxX offers significant advantages over conventional frontloaders: it is up to 25% narrower and around 20% shorter with the same load capacity. There are two steering systems available for the RoxX. An electro-hydraulic steering system with one steering axle is fitted as standard. Further space savings can be achieved with the optional electric steering system. A new, patented single-wheel steering system significantly reduces the turning circle, resulting in an additional space saving of 50% in the turning radius compared with standard steering. In this case, the pivot point of the vehicle is ideally located at the center of the drive axle.

                • ELECTRIC REACH TRUCKS

                      • ELECTRIC REACH TRUCKS

                        • Up to 6t load capacity
                        • Large load centres
                        • Narrow aisle width

                        The HUBTEX reach truck is characterized by its compact design combined with a high load capacity. It comes into play whenever the load capacities of standard reach trucks from the major series manufacturers reach their limits.                                                                                            
                        With our SQ series, not only do you benefit from significantly higher load capacities with the same aisle dimensions, but also, for example, from the smallest turning circles promoted by our multidirectional steering system. This means that we can offer you the perfect solution for your “heavy” handling problem and will be by your side with all our expertise as your partner for customer-specific reach trucks.


                        Mass-produced reach trucks reach their limits with load capacities greater than 2.5 tons. This is the case at Carl Schlenk AG, where materials weighing up to 4 tons need to be transported. In the search for a new reach truck, the company was faced with the challenge of finding a truck that had the same dimensions as conventional reach trucks but with a 1.5 ton greater load capacity. The result of the search is the SQ 40 electric reach truck from HUBTEX: This vehicle combines a higher load capacity with an overall width of 1300 mm and an overall length of 2870 mm. Thanks to the benefits of the SQ 40, loading and stacking will be able to be carried out more safely at Carl Schlenk AG in the future, making optimum use of the limited space available.


                        HUBTEX lift trucks are as flexible and individual as the requirements of our customers. In addition to the compact SQ series, this range also includes a heavy-duty version and a multidirectional version. Among other things, this makes it possible, for example, to efficiently transport large weights with particularly compact load dimensions. This diversity of variants makes it possible to exploit the synergies in the areas of development, production and procurement to the benefit of the customer. Numerous customers, such as those in the tire industry, already rely on HUBTEX vehicles. But customers involved in the handling of heavy loads can also be convinced by our reach trucks. This is why it is already being used in the handling of metals, coils and reels.

                  • LONG LOAD ORDER PICKER


                    HUBTEX offers a wide range of solutions for the picking of aluminumplastic or steel profiles, strips and pipes. We recommend our MU-OP and MU-SO models for small and medium turnover rates. These two models are specially designed for picking long profiles and pipes, mostly in guided narrow aisles. These vehicles combine the advantages of a multidirectional sideloader with the options of manual order picking in very narrow aisles. 
                    Our electric multidirectional sideloaders with removable order picking platform offer even greater flexibility, but with a larger aisle width. As multidirectional sideloaders without a platform, these can transport and store loads and pick individual profiles with a platform. 
                    Another variant for applications with a high rate of turnover is the EZK order picking platform. These vehicles are particularly suitable for applications with a high rate of turnover, as they can pick from both sides of a rack aisle. 

                    OPTIMAL USE OF RESOURCES

                    The use of HUBTEX order pickers increases efficiency when handling long and bulky goods in narrow aisles. HUBTEX follows the principle of bringing the operator to the goods. This reduces the work effort and prevents damage to the goods.


                        • Up to 5t load capacity
                        • Up to 12.50m lift height
                        • Adaptable to all applications

                        Our multidirectional order picking sideloader in the 1-man version (MU-OP) and the 2-man version (MU-SO) can be adapted to your individual requirements. The models are specially designed for picking profiles and pipes in narrow aisles. At the same time, these trucks can be used as conventional electric multidirectional sideloaders for the stacking of complete packs. 


                        The MU-OP model is designed for one operator for the order picking of lightweight loads, such as aluminum, plastic or steel profiles. Its narrow rear frame, the optimized design of the lift mast and the central standup cab in front of the mast make the vehicle very narrow and therefore ideal for use in guided aisles. The central configuration of the standup cab in front of the lift mast gives the driver a clear view into the rack compartment, enabling him to pick light loads directly from the rack. Despite the slender design of the cab, all functions of the multidirectional sideloader are included, making the truck a fully-fledged electric multidirectional sideloader. This means that this vehicle can transport complete packs and bundles or provide manual assistance for order picking processes.


                        The MU-SO model with two operators is recommended for the order picking of medium to heavy loads. In this model, the cabs are arranged next to the lift mast. This allows for easy order picking by two people, particularly in the case of longer loads.
                        When stacking complete packs, the truck is controlled by one driver. Optionally, both cabs can be equipped with all operating controls. However, as both cabs are usually only used when picking long loads, one complete control station is usually sufficient. The second cab is equipped with reduced equipment options but complete safety functions. 

                        Furthermore, the MU-OP and MU-SO series are equipped with all proven HUBTEX standards, such as two-part chassis frames, robust lift masts, ergonomic workstations, three-phase AC technology and HUBTEX information terminals with color graphic displays. 


                        • 2in1
                        • Complete multidirectional sideloader
                        • Complete order picking vehicle

                        The multifunctional 2-in-1 solution – on the one hand, the electric multidirectional sideloader with removable order picking platform from HUBTEX can be used as a conventional multidirectional sideloader. On the other hand, by attaching a platform, it can also function as a complete order picking vehicle. During the order picking operation, all functions are controlled from the platform. Lift truck and platform form one unit, providing the operator with maximum flexibility.
                        In addition to one-sided rack operation in narrow aisles, this order picking truck can also be used for two-sided rack operation in free-range aisles. The ready picked goods are safely removed by a separate lift truck or a transfer station. 

                        MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY

                        Killing two birds with one stone: Whether used for picking processes with a removable picking platform, or "simply" as an electric multidirectional sideloader for moving and stacking long and heavy loads, our versatile all-rounder combines both capabilities perfectly.  
                        Long loads can be securely moved and stored using the HUBTEX electric multidirectional sideloader without a platform. The detachable platform provides maximum flexibility and an optimum order picking vehicle for every order situation. As soon as the HUBTEX order picking platform is attached, the multidirectional sideloader can be controlled via a control panel on the platform. Order picking directly from the rack saves a considerable amount of time. Without a platform, the complete goods packs would first have to be placed on the floor and then picked from there.


                        Even with the platform mounted, our electric multidirectional sideloader can be easily manoeuvred thanks to the greatest possible overview.
                        Don't think so? - Then see for yourself!


                        • Order picking on both sides of the shelf
                        • High turnover rate
                        • Narrow shelf aisle width

                        The electric two-sided order picking platforms of the EZK series are solely order picking platforms. Whether in the 2-mast or scissor lift version, they enable the picking of profiles up to 8 m in length. The goods can be easily picked from either side of the rack aisle. A load shifting device is optionally available for both models to facilitate the removal of the customer consignment by a separate lift truck.

                        EZK TWO-SIDED ORDER PICKERS 

                        In order to pick profiles quickly and without damage, manufacturers and dealers need an order picking system adapted to the individual requirements of the respective warehouse. With the help of a vehicle concept especially adapted to your needs and requirements, all areas of application can be mapped with the order picking platforms from HUBTEX.
                        In its basic version, the platform solution from HUBTEX is suitable purely for picking pipes and profiles on both sides of a rack aisle. Two operators stand on the platform and pick the long loads manually. Once the consignment is ready, stacking in this case is with multidirectional sideloaders. In the next expansion stage, the vehicles can optionally be equipped with telescopic tables which stack the consignment in the rack system and enable the direct transfer to the next production stage. Consequently, no additional lift truck is required to unload the goods, meaning that the rack aisles can be particularly narrow if required.

                    • SHEET ORDER PICKER

                    • BOARD AND DOOR ORDER PICKERS

                      Manufacturers, dealers and processing companies – they all have logistical value chains which involve the order picking of heavy and bulky sheet stock. This is because valuable wood sheets and decors in particular must arrive damage-free at the next production step or end customer. Today, there is a whole range of solutions for this complex process: from manual order picking by employees to fully automated logistics systems. It is therefore particularly important for decision-makers to have an overview of the systems available on the market and to be familiar with the decisive factors when selecting the right solution.
                      Another variant for applications with a high rate of turnover are the EZK order picking platforms, as they can pick from both sides of a rack aisle

                      •      saving up to 80% of time 
                      •      quick and safely 
                      •      efficient use of resources
                      •      reduced damage to goods, less breakage


                      We meet your challenge – the removal of heavy and bulky wood materials from the racks and their transport for loading poses numerous challenges for logisticians.  
                      HUBTEX vehicles give you a picking solution that is tailored to your individual needs and economically beneficial.  


                          • 2in1
                          • Complete multidirectional sideloader
                          • Complete order picking vehicle

                          The multifunctional 2-in-1 solution – on the one hand, the electric multidirectional sideloader with removable order picking platform from HUBTEX can be used as a conventional multidirectional sideloader. On the other hand, by attaching a platform, it can also function as a complete order picking vehicle. 
                          In the KP series configuration, the picking process is manual, while in the VK configuration, the picking process is completely automated with the aid of the vacuum suction device.
                          Our VK models can be used to prevent any damage caused by the manual picking of wood sheets. 

                          ANYTHING BUT STANDARD 

                          User report – J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH
                          J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH relies on flexible electric multidirectional sideloaders from HUBTEX for order picking as well as for the stacking and retrieval of large-format wood sheets. 
                          Maximum delivery capacity, ordering service and optimum flow of goods are just a few of the decisive factors that led J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH from Villach to decide on two HUBTEX wire guided electric multidirectional sideloaders.  The great thing with this flexible concept is that one of the two identical MQ 70 Series 2131 PU lift trucks can be extended with the quick addition of an order picking platform if required. 
                          The 4500 mm wide order picking platform has a load capacity of 2.7 tons and can accommodate sheets measuring up to 3000 x 2070 mm. Without a platform, the MQ 70 can move loads up to 13 m in length and 7 tons in weight. “The removable platform gives us excellent flexibility and an optimal fleet for every order situation,” says a spokesperson for J. u. A. Frischeis GmbH.

                          2 IN 1 

                          The multifunctional 2 in 1 solution - the electric multidirectional sideloader with pickable picking platform from HUBTEX. Without a platform, the ESTL can be used as a fully-fledged returnable stacker. Once the platform is picked up, it functions as an order picking stacker.


                          • Order picking on both sides of the rack
                          • Robust construction

                            High carrying capacity

                          The storage and order picking of mainly doors and frames in pallet racks are the main tasks of the electric multidirectional twosided order pickers of the MK series. This order picker is a classic electric multidirectional sideloader with an integrated liftable cabin for picking individual customer orders.

                          WELL THOUGHT-OUT SAFETY CONCEPT

                          The optional installation of various sensors and light barriers can prevent the HUBTEX electric multidirectional twosided order picker from colliding with people or structural obstacles. The all-round protection practically excludes injuries and damage to the vehicle and other objects.


                          The MK series vehicle with optional multi-directional steering is characterised by its robust design and high load capacity. The powerful driving motors and the large Vulkollan wheels allow speeds of up to 8 km/h. The truck is equipped with a high load-bearing capacity. The two-stage mast with full free lift can be extended up to a height of 6,600 mm.

                          PROGRAMMABLE POSITION DATA

                          The vehicles can optionally be equipped with transponder antennas in the vehicle frame. In addition, transponders must be integrated into the roadway. These transmit signals to the transponders installed in the vehicle, which automatically ensure a dead straight and safe journey in the racking aisle. As soon as the desired rack area has been reached, the driver determines the end position with the help of the cross-line lasers mounted on the picking platform. The desired rack height can be reached with the picking platform. Thanks to the pre-programmed position data, the goods can now be picked quickly and easily with the vacuum suction device.

                      • PLATFORM AND RAIL-MOUNTED TRUCKS


                        The in-house transport of heavy loads greater than 20 tons, for example in the automotive, aviation, metal and electrical industries, represents a special challenge which we, as a specialist supplier, are happy to meet with our platform transporters.
                        We will put together the appropriate vehicle configuration for you individually, depending on your requirements. Basic requirements for the vehicle, such as load capacity, route and operating concepts, are just as important as the automation of these vehicles, for example.

                        TURNING IDEAS INTO REALITY

                        As soon as the transport task is defined and an initial idea has been established, HUBTEX develops a vehicle specification for you, based on our modular system, which will be coordinated and fine-tuned with you in several stages.

                          • TURNING IDEAS INTO REALITY

                          • CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU NEED?

                            It is precisely where mass-produced vehicles reach their limits that our development department comes into its own. Often mass-produced vehicles are only able to fulfill the application requirements to a limited extent and are therefore not the ideal solution for the customer in question. Since it was founded in 1981, HUBTEX Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in realizing customer requirements and wishes away from the large series manufacturers . More than 50 employees in development work closely with our customers and partners to solve even the most complicated logistics and warehousing tasks. The vehicles are the result of a high level of engineering expertise, many years of manufacturing experience, innovative technologies, high quality components and continuous process control throughout production in Fulda.  HUBTEX vehicles are characterized not only by their effective operation, but also by their unique longevity.

                            FROM IDEA…

                            The development process of a vehicle begins with a precise needs analysis for our customers. This enables us to determine which requirements must be met and to what extent in order to streamline the warehouse processes as far as possible. Here, the length, width and height as well as the weight of the load to be transported are decisive factors. In addition, there are external factors such as aisle width, (already existing) guidance systems and the floor conditions on site. It is also important to know which application scenarios and durations must be covered in order to incorporate efficient energy planning in the development process. Once these items have been worked out, a first sketch is made of the product to be manufactured, and this is constantly refined as the process progresses

                          • FREE-MOVING PLATFORM TRANSPORTER

                            • Up to 130t load capacity
                            • Platform height starting at 457mm
                            • Indoor and outdoor use

                            FOR IN-PLANT HEAVY-DUTY TRANSPORT

                            The transport of heavy and bulky loads presents a particular challenge. HUBTEX is able to meet this challenge with heavy-duty platforms in its new SFX series. The new SFX platform transporters are available in the load capacity classes 25 t, 40 t and 65 t. In addition, special designs up to 130 t are also possible. The compact, self-propelled heavy-duty transport vehicles for indoor and outdoor use have a large loading area for transporting bulky, heavy loads. Thanks to its modular design, the cost-effective base of the transport system can be equipped with various steering systems or a platform lift and can therefore be expanded into an AGV.

                            Typical applications would be in-plant heavy-duty transport within the automotive and aviation industries and especially along the value chain of the metal processing industry, from foundry to trade to processing, and many other areas for example in mechanical engineering. A solution designed exactly for the application will offer you maximum benefit, high vehicle availability and a long service life.

                            MODULAR SYSTEM

                            The high degree of modularity offered by the new heavy-duty platforms makes these vehicles adaptable to a wide range of applications. The frame of the new SFX is divided into three fixed areas front axle, rear axle and center section. Variability at the interfaces of the subassemblies facilitates order-specific adaptation of the length and width compatible to the transport task. Prefabricated modules, such as the wheel stool or the load wheel and drive rocker guarantee universal vehicle standards.

                        • SPECIAL-PURPOSE VEHICLES

                            • TOOL CHANGERS

                              • Up to 30t load capacity
                              • Low platform height
                              • Precise positioning

                              HUBTEX tool changers with load capacities of up to 65 tons help to reduce the changing times for pressing and stamping tools and so improve production efficiency. A HUBTEX tool changer is used in particular when changing tools with single presses which, due to their dimensions and mass, do not have a sliding tool platform. The compact chassis also allows for extremely low entry heights below the tools.


                              Thanks to its innovative chassis, every HUBTEX tool changer can carry very high load capacities with very low platform heights. This is achieved by installing several rows of smaller wheels, which are individually designed and calculated depending on the additional load. 


                              The tool changers from HUBTEX are characterized by their compact dimensions, as the entry situation for pressing and stamping tools or other machines is usually very confined. This is made possible by the individual frame structure of the vehicle. 


                              Precise docking at the center of the press is a prerequisite for fast and reliable tool changes. This avoids the need to reposition the tool on the lifting table. The exchange vehicle approaches the press with the tool platform raised. When the tool platform is lowered, the docking hook moves into the holder on the press bed. The precise positioning can be covered by a variety of assistance systems. Simple systems such as a line laser at the control station for precise positioning of the transporter in front of the press bed in combination with a lift height indicator and distance display of the tool platform are just as conceivable as a fully automated positioning system.

                            • GLASS TRANSPORT SYSTEMS

                            • SAFE AND EFFICIENT FLAT GLASS HANDLING

                              We have more than 35 years of experience in the development and production of multidirectional sideloaders and special-purpose vehicles and we have devoted this to offering our customers in the plate glass industry a complete product portfolio of innovative solutions from the transport of glass packs through warehousing to dispatch. The product range is divided into special electric multidirectional sideloaders and glass frame transporters.
                              HUBTEX multidirectional sideloaders are used for the internal transport of glass packs weighing up to 20 tons. Unpackaged glass packs, packaged glass in so-called end caps and glass packs on stillages are transported.
                              HUBTEX glass frame transporters are used in the plate glass industry for the transport of A and L stillages of up to 42.0 tons. These transporters can be used for indoor or combined indoor and outdoor applications.
                              HUBTEX offers various vehicle solutions along the value chain. Consulting in these vertical markets poses particular challenges. Our consultants convince with their sound industry knowledge within the logistics chain in the plate glass industry.

                              MORE THAN 10,000,000 WORKING HOURS OF EXPERIENCE IN GLASS HANDLING

                              We offer you the following advantages:
                              More safety
                              – Minimized glass breakage
                              – Optimized visibility for the operator
                              More efficiency
                              – Faster handling processes
                              – Increased storage capacity
                              Cost optimization
                              – Reduced operating costs (TCO)
                              – Reduced personnel costs
                              High vehicle availability


                            • AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES


                              HUBTEX industrial trucks are used at various points of the aviation value chain. The intelligent use of fully and semi-automated solutions is key to the resource-efficient manufacturing planning offering significant reductions in production delivery times. In addition, the use of optional lithium-ion batteries guarantees long operating times with low follow-up energy costs, ensuring maximum productivity and use of the individual solutions.

                              UNIVERSAL HANDLING SOLUTIONS 

                              The forklift trucks from HUBTEX for use in the aviation industry are characterized by the numerous options for individualization and can therefore be optimally integrated into the respective logistics or production process. 

                            • SPECIAL-PURPOSE VEHICLES

                            • HUBTEX special-purpose vehicles are unique models specially customized to the specific conditions of customer use. The principle of the “customized solution” is our philosophy in the field of special-purpose vehicles. The vehicles are custom-built to meet the exact requirements. It is not easy to define a standard for these vehicles, nor is it easy to define the loads to be carried: Aluminum rolls, solid material, tubes, window profiles – the goods to be transported vary with regards to dimensions, weight and method of handling.
                              HUBTEX solutions in the area of special-purpose vehicles include large press and tool transporters as used in the automotive industry. For example, HUBTEX delivers this type of machines to Skoda in the Czech Republic. The electrically driven platform transporter moves bulky production tools and must be able to manage weights of up to 63 tons on deck.

                              PUTTING IDEAS INTO ACTION

                              As soon as the idea has been established, HUBTEX develops a concept that is subsequently coordinated and realized by further dialog. You always benefit from our expertise gained from 35 years of experience in special-purpose machinery manufacture.

                            • X-WAY MOVER

                              • Up to 14t load capacity
                              • Up to 7,5m lift height
                              • adaptable to all applications at the air cargo terminal

                              From unloading the trucks and placing in storage to loading the goods on the aircraft, there are a number of different vehicles carrying out a variety of tasks in the air cargo sector.
                              Can you imagine a single vehicle taking over the different tasks in the air cargo sector? With the X-WAY-Mover, the complete ULD handling process from the landside to the airside can be handled. The versatile device of the latest generation is a joint product of the companies HUBTEX from Fulda and DIMOS from Petersberg. The internationally active manufacturers of industrial trucks and special vehicles have been working closely together in the air cargo sector since 2017. Already in 2004 DIMOS designed a combined handling vehicle for the air cargo sector, which has now been extended by functions and thus optimized.

                              OPTIMAL MANOEUVRABILITY

                              The new HX steering (limitless 360° steering) leads to increased manoeuvrability of the vehicles. Even in confined spaces, the X-Way Mover offers optimal manoeuvrability, and is able to switch from longitudinal to transverse travel without stopping. The patented HX steering results in reduced tyre wear and accelerated work processes. The steering mechanism is also intuitive and easy to use.