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    We are your partner for the entire product life cycle with an extensive product portfolio and customized service and spare parts solutions.

    For the following applications:

    • Water
    • Waste Water
    • Industry
    • Energy
    • Building Services
    • Mining
Product Portfolio
  • KSB’s digital TOP solutions

  • Smart future in the here and now.

    Top preparation, top equipment, TOP services: Discover KSB’s digital pump solutions.

    The global phenomenon of digitalisation is unstoppable. From communication all the way to product development. Digitalisation has also long since arrived in industry. Every day sees products become smarter, more automated and more reliable. This is good news for you: digitalisation brings innovations promising better efficiency and lower operating costs. But if you want to remain competitive in the future, you have to switch to digital solutions now. KSB can help.

    With KSB’s smart services, you can prepare your system for the long-term digital future as well as profiting from immediate benefits. Step by step into the digital world with KSB. It’s very simple – and faster than you can imagine. 

      • KSB Guard

      • The first and easiest step towards digitalising your plant

        The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Increasing digitalisation and networking of products, value creation chains and business models offers many industrial companies attractive opportunities. At the same time, a lot of companies are not sure how and where to start digitalising their systems. And yet it can be so simple: with KSB Guard.

        KSB Guard is your quick and easy introduction to the world of KSB smart services. KSB Guard can be quickly attached to your pumps and immediately helps you to make your system more reliable and reduce your operating costs.

        KSB Guard is KSB’s intelligent pump monitoring system comprising sensors and a cloud application which enables you to keep a mobile eye on the performance and status data of your pumps at all times.

        The cloud-based solution monitors all connected pumps in parallel and immediately notifies you of any irregularities. How to detect faults and anomalies faster than ever before while maintaining a solid database for further optimisation measures – system-wide.  

        More efficiency, more reliability

        • Reliable
          KSB Guard monitors the status of your pumps at regular intervals and notifies you immediately of any deviations. This allows you to fix problems before more substantial damage occurs.
        • Quick
          KSB Guard saves resources starting with the installation: the sensor unit is easy to install and pumps are quickly registered.
        • Straightforward
          KSB Guard provides specific status data to help you plan maintenance intervals. You also know sooner what to expect when performing maintenance work.
      • MyFlow Technology

      • World novelty MyFlow Technology: complexity reduced by over 50 percent

        Imagine you could cover the same operating range you used to need 43 pump casing sizes for with only 18 sizes. Imagine you could adjust the operating point with a simple click, without having to machine the impeller. Actually, you can – with MyFlow Technology. The unique drive solution for constant flow applications reduces variant complexity by more than 50 percent!

        Constant flow – now more individual than ever

        MyFlow Technology offers a number of benefits and paves the way for economic, energy-efficient operation by:

        • Reducing complexity: fewer variants, same output
        • Increasing planning reliability by allowing pump operating points to be adjusted as required
        • Expediting commissioning compared to conventional solutions
      • Sonolyzer

      • Discover the optimisation potential of your systems with the KSB Sonolyzer® app

        With this app, KSB brings Digital Industry straight to your smartphone. In just a few seconds, KSB Sonolyzer® measures the noise frequency of the asynchronous motor and checks whether there are potential energy savings to be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency. To do so, the app uses an estimation algorithm that was developed by KSB and is the first of its kind on the market. It can be used not only on KSB pumps but also on rotating equipment produced by many other manufacturers.

        Take advantage of potential energy savings

        With the KSB Sonolyzer® app, you can contact your local KSB specialist directly by e-mail or phone to obtain a detailed efficiency analysis with SES System Efficiency Service analysis tool. The app determines your location and puts you in direct contact with the relevant specialist.

        The data package provided by the KSB app is an ideal starting point for obtaining a quick, detailed FluidFuture® analysis and for using the resulting potential savings identified to increase the efficiency of your pumps.

    • State-of-the-art industrial applications

    • Industrial pumps and industrial valves from KSB are designed for almost all applications in industry and work under the harshest of conditions while achieving the highest levels of safety.

      Innovative technology for industry and utmost reliability

      Whether standardised pumps, canned motor pumps, submersible borehole pumps, diaphragm or butterfly valves – KSB's cutting-edge, technically advanced product range for industrial applications covers virtually all requirements of processes in industry. High-performance industrial valves from KSB also provide efficient, durable and ecological service.

      KSB products for industry are highly versatile and suitable for use in a vast range of possible industrial applications, from the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries to fire protection, snow-making and sugar production. In addition, KSB products offer highest levels of quality and performance. Industrial pumps and valves from KSB are designed to meet the harshest operating challenges: extreme temperatures, high pressures, aggressive, corrosive or solids-laden fluids – KSB products always ensure smooth operation. Reliable, safe and sustainable.

        • Eta keeps the world on the move.

        • KSB's Eta pumps keep the world on the move with unrivalled product and service diversity as standard. All pumps from the Eta family offer optimised hydraulic systems in an (almost) infinite number of variants.

          The Eta pump is a classic that has proved successful over decades and has been a constant focus of optimisation for KSB. It also represents the globe's most popular family of standardised water pumps – 1.5 million of them are in use worldwide. This is all the more remarkable when one considers that every Eta is manufactured to specific customer requirements.

          The Eta family comprises a total of 43 different sizes. These can be run with 2-, 4- or 6-pole motors. The range has been extended to include additional sizes, so that pumps can now be selected even closer to the best efficiency point. In addition, every Eta built by KSB is fitted with an impeller that is trimmed exactly to the optimum operating point.

          Over the years, the Eta pumps have reached such a level of technical refinement that our customers can totally depend on the excellent characteristics of these globally standardised products. Thanks to their versatility, the pumps of the Eta family have become firmly established in numerous industrial applications, in the building services sector, and in water and energy supply. At the same time, Eta pumps set standards in terms of availability and servicing: new products and spare parts can be supplied at short notice while assembly and dismantling are extremely straightforward. One standard worldwide.

        • Energy-efficient and reliable: the Movitec high pressure pumps

        • With a wide range of design variants to choose from, Movitec pumps are capable of handling a variety of applications. The Movitec high-pressure in-line pump is the perfect solution for our customers, ensuring high performance in diverse areas of use. Thanks to the systematic development of materials, as well as connection and seal variants, Movitec is now ideally suited for more duties than ever.

          KSB has further enhanced its Movitec high-pressure pumps in terms of materials, seal variants and connection options. The pumps are now even more versatile than before, Featuring optimised hydraulic components, the high-pressure in-line pump already fulfils the minimum efficiency requirements of the European ErP regulation for 2015. It thus plays an important role in saving energy at component level. Furthermore, with the comprehensive energy efficiency concept FluidFuture® KSB optimises the entire hydraulic system.

          Benefits of the Movitec high-pressure pumps:

          • Reliable
            Product-lubricated plain bearings made of tungsten carbide, cast pump foot, torsion-resistant pump shroud and confined O-ring
          • Long service life
            Corrosion-resistant hydraulic components made of stainless steel
          • Service-friendly
            Any standardised mechanical seal can be fitted (to EN 12756) and easy access and cartridge mechanical seals can be fitted to allow quick replacement
          • Flexible
            Various material and connection variants, extended temperature and pressure range
        • MegaCPK - the best standardised chemical pump in its class.

        • MegaCPK is a particularly powerful standardised pump destined for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and many other fields of application. The optimised design of its hydraulic components sets new standards in energy efficiency. This standardised pump offers particular flexibility and suitability for numerous applications, and can be easily adapted to local conditions.

          By being where its customers are, KSB is able to respond directly to customer requests and current trends by developing its type series accordingly. Time and again, chemical pumps by KSB have set standards in chemical industry. MegaCPK, for example, has set numerous standards:

          Energy efficiency
          Trimming the impeller to match individual customer and plant requirements, and high-efficiency drives contribute to utilising energy optimally. The required operating point can even be achieved with smaller sizes. Using the chemical pump with PumpDrive saves up to 60 % of energy. In addition to this, PumpMeter indicates to users how efficiently the pump is running.

          Variant diversity
          The new standardised chemical pump is based on a comprehensive modular design system that accommodates for any adaptation to the customers’ needs. It is available in a choice of hydraulic systems, impeller and casing types, shaft seals and in many materials. The extended selection chart offers even more additional sizes.

          Operating reliability
          The pump is more rigid, generates only minimal axial thrust and offers exemplary hydraulic characteristics. Its low NPSH ensures that the pump runs quietly and smoothly. So MegaCPK stands for high operating reliability – day after day.
        • Elements of success: take on every challenge with Magnochem

        • KSB has further developed its standardised chemical pumps to leave them optimised for the challenges and customer requirement of today's market. The result is pumps that are well-equipped to take on any job and any challenge – pumps like Magnochem, whose innovative modular design system and first class reliability represent the basis for multiple patents pending.

          The versatile magnetic drive pump continues the success of KSB's standardised chemical pumps. As KSB's second improved type series, Magnochem, available in numerous variants, meets the most stringent customer requirements.

          Wide range of variants:

          Magnochem features two new methods of circulating cooling/lubricating fluid in the rotor space. New operating modes such as a dead-end configuration variant for solids-laden fluids and a variant for low-boiling fluids significantly expand the series' spectrum of applications. A new auxiliary impeller prevents a drop in pressure and the resultant vaporisation of cooling/lubricating fluid, allowing critical fluids that require absolute operational safety to be handled with total control.

          Alongside its versatility, Magnochem also provides maximum operating reliability. The reduced number of static seals and silicon carbide plain bearings with DLC coatings play an important role in ensuring Magnochem's operating reliability.

          The plain bearings' new back-to-back configuration with thrust bearings arranged internally ensures that the bearing load is minimised. This further contributes to increased operating reliability and service life.

        • Vita pumps range: high performance for high-end processes.

        • Vita pumps from KSB meet the stringent hygienic requirements applying to sterile processes, and conform to EHEDG criteria.

          Your first choice for all sterile processes – the Vita range

          The Vita pumps product range comprises a total of five type series, which have served reliably for many years in high-end applications of the pharmaceutical industry. KSB is a sought after supplier when it is about delivering pumps that can be cleaned without leaving any residues, and that are made of materials which meet specific hygienic requirements while offering resistance to abrasive, aggressive and highly viscous fluids: we offer system solutions from a single source for all life sciences applications, which meet the requirements of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). 


        • BOA H - the reliable bellows globe valve

        • Absolute reliability and energy efficiency are characteristic features of the BOA-H globe valve. The short, easy-to-insulate bonnet minimises heat losses.

          The BOA H bellows globe valve is completely maintenance-free. It is designed for applications in the industry, building services, power stations and in shipbuilding. It is ideal for continuous operation and has a good throttling function with excellent flow coefficients.

          Bellows, throttling plug, V-port plug – reliability made by KSB

          • The bellows of the BOA H globe valve is confined when the valve is fully open and thus protected against pressure surges. Even if pressure peaks occur, maximum reliability is maintained.
          • The proven throttling plug combines effective throttling with excellent flow coefficients.
          • The new, seat-guided V-port plug is well-suited to extremely demanding applications. It benefits from a spring steel design which minimises vibrations.

          Energy-efficient and easy to use – benefits of the globe valve

          Optimised model made of nodular cast iron for high-temperature applications
          Made of optimally combined materials without plastic components, the valve ensures smooth processes even at very high temperatures.

        • SISTO-C diaphragm valves spell safety

        • The perfect valve for hygienic and sterile applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

          The maintenance-free SISTO-C diaphragm valves made of forged stainless steel meet the stringent requirements applying in terms of sterility and purity. All valve models are built without dead volume and can be cleaned or sterilised without leaving any residues.

      • Pumps, valves and systems for water applications

      • As a reliable systems supplier KSB provides its customers with expert consulting on suitable pumps, valves and systems for water applications.

        KSB offers ideal solutions for:

        Water extraction
        KSB provides innovative technology for water extraction and groundwater management. Our products move water reliably and efficiently.

        Water treatment
        KSB links technical progress and customer benefits with many years of experience in water treatment and conditioning as well as in seawater desalination.

        Water transport
        KSB products reliably provide water transport and water distribution.

          • Responsible water extraction

          • Water is precious. At KSB we are well aware of our responsibility, offering top technology to extract water or lower the groundwater level. KSB pumps, valves and systems are used with great success all over the world.  

            KSB is a competent partner supplying solutions for water extraction as well as for groundwater management and drawdown. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for prime quality.

            Overview of applications covered by KSB products:

            • Extraction of water from rivers and seas
            • Water extraction from wells, shafts and discharge tubes
            • Water extraction from dams and lakes
            • Groundwater management
              • Get down to the job for years: Submersible borehole pumps from KSB

              • Why is supplying water with KSB’s submersible borehole pumps so reliable and efficient? Because they’re totally dependable, year after year.

                We design each pump and drive to match the specific application, fluid and power requirements - which puts you on track for energy-efficient operation and low life cycle costs. Thanks to the many combination options KSB customers are able to configure the right pump for every requirement, application and project size. Submersible borehole pumps achieve heads of up to 1,550 metres, equalling pressures of more than 150 bar. The pump sets can be supplied for either 50 or 60 Hz and suitable voltages. The material variants are precisely matched to the fluid handled and the temperature. The maintenance-free submersible borehole pumps come in a favourable design. Being particularly slim, they are well-suited to installation in:

                • Wells
                • Discharge tubes
                • Water tanks

                They can also be installed directly in rivers and lakes.

              • KSB introduces its new 4-inch pump type series: UPAchrom 100

              • Discover the new generation of KSB's 4-inch submersible borehole pumps: the UPAchrom 100 series for absolutely efficient and reliable water extraction.

                UPAchrom 100 is made of high-grade stainless steel materials with well-designed hydraulic systems. Reliable, flawless performance is part of the programme.

                Powerful in all applications

                Incredibly versatile: UPAchrom 100 can be used for the following applications:

                • Domestic water supply
                • Water supply systems
                • General irrigations systems
                • Spray irrigation systems
                • Drawdown of groundwater levels
                • Pressure boosting
                • Air-conditioning systems
                • Fire-fighting systems
                • Cooling circuits
              • UMA-S: Our high-efficiency submersible motor for submersible borehole pumps

              • Once installed, submersible borehole pumps are characterised by their durability and wear resistance. Consequentially, energy costs make up 90 % of the entire life cycle costs. This is where huge savings can be made with the UMA-S synchronous motor, thus increasing the overall efficiency of your installation.

                Minimising energy costs with UMA-S

                With KSB’s UMA-S synchronous submersible motor you not only provide your submersible borehole pump with a powerful and reliable partner for all fluids and operating conditions. You will also be operating your submersible borehole pump more efficiently than ever before – continuously, for decades. Because the submersible motor keeps the energy and operating costs to a minimum and helps achieve top results.

                Extremely powerful, highly economical: That’s the UMA-S submersible motor

                The submersible motors’ efficiency advantages over common asynchronous motors, even at fixed speed, equal a minimum of twelve percent – at full compatibility. Combined with an integrated speed control system you can even save up to 40 percent in energy costs, thanks to the optimised operating mode.
                This graphic shows a comparison between the UMA-S permanent-magnet synchronous motor and a common asynchronous squirrel-cage motor at full speed.

              • UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps by KSB - high operating reliability, long service life

              • Whether in well systems or general water supply – KSB’s innovative UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps provide maximum reliability and save energy costs.

                UPA 150C submersible borehole pumps are suitable for well diameters from 150 millimetres (six inches). They can be installed either vertically in narrow deep wells or in horizontal position.

                Applications of KSB’s UPA 150C submersible borehole pump:

                • Handling clean or slightly contaminated water 
                • Irrigation and drainage, spray irrigation 
                • Industrial and municipal water supply
                • Groundwater drawdown and management 
                • Raw and service water supply 
                • Pressure boosting 
                • Drinking water supply (certified to ACS, the French drinking water regulations)
              • Well pump measurement by KSB - keeping an eye on energy costs in well systems

              • Submersible borehole pump efficiency is a crucial factor in groundwater pumping: Poor efficiency will cause high energy costs. KSB tests the pump in the well by means of special measurements and determines the pump’s overall efficiency.

                KSB has carried out more than 4000 well pump measurements. The tests have revealed that one third of all measured submersible borehole pumps were operated at an overall efficiency below 40 percent. They used far too much energy and pumped the water uneconomically.

                Given that well pumps often run thousands of hours per year, improving the overall efficiency by even a small percentage will yield significant energy savings for the wells.

                Often, the energy costs saved in a single year exceed the price of a new, optimised pump.

                Benefits of KSB’s well pump measurement

                KSB provides the operators of well systems with:

                • An exact overview of their submersible borehole pump’s efficiency
                • A reliable quantitative approach for lowering operating costs
                • A payback analysis providing facts for sound economical decisions
                • A clear statement on potential savings of energy costs for the well systems
              • SEZ, SEZT, PHZ, PNZ tubular casing pumps - reliable transport of large amounts of water

              • KSB’s tubular casing pumps of the SEZSEZTPHZ and PNZ series are ideally suited to transporting seawater in desalination plants and to handling cooling water in power stations and industrial plants.

                Be it water extraction or water supply, KSB’s tubular casing pumps ensure top efficiencies and absolute reliability even when pumping huge amounts of water. KSB’s tubular casing pumps are perfectly suited to long-term operation.

                Applications from water extraction to cooling water transport:

                • Seawater transport in desalination systems for the production of drinking water (key application in water engineering)
                • Handling cooling water for power stations and industrial plants
                • Water extraction for flue gas desulphurisation
                • Water extraction and drainage in low-lift pumping stations

                Maintenance-free plain bearings: KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings 
                The largest advantage of KSB’s tubular casing pumps: They are fitted with KSB-developed, maintenance-free, wear-resistant RESIDUR ceramic bearings. KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings are able to cope with continuously high loads and demonstrably reduce life cycle costs. All tubular casing pumps can be retrofitted with KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings.

            • Efficient water treatment

            • At KSB we are experts in water treatment, water conditioning and seawater desalination. KSB pumps, valves and systems stand for technical progress and meet all recognised standards.

              Seawater desalination
              KSB is a recognised specialist for reverse osmosis (RO) processes and offers optimum solutions for MSF (multi-stage flash) and MED (multiple effect distillation) processes.

              Water treatment
              KSB pumps stand for innovative technology and top performance in water treatment. They are energy-efficient and reduce the life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.

                  • KSB Multitec-RO - high-pressure pumps for optimum desalination

                  • The high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series are employed in reverse osmosis processes. They stand for operating reliability coupled with low energy and maintenance costs in the desalination of seawater and brackish water.

                    The multi-stage high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series are ideally suited to small and medium-sized systems. For example

                    • In hotels 
                    • Onboard vessels
                    • In transportable containers

                    In desalination the pumps handle up to 10,000 cubic metres of water per day. They manage heads of up to 1000 metres and a maximum flow rate of 850 cubic metres per hour.

              • Optimum water transport

              • KSB’s trusted pumps, valves and systems provide reliable water transport and water distribution.

                KSB products are employed in water transport around the globe. Its pumps, valves and systems help drain flood-prone areas, for example, or provide the required pressure to overcome heights.

                KSB products are suited to the following water transport applications:

                • Raw water transport
                • Pressure boosting
                • Water distribution
                • General irrigation and spray irrigation
                • Flood control
                • Polder pump stations
                • Drainage
                • Systems and rehabilitation
                  • Omega and RDLO volute casing pumps - reliable operation with low life cycle costs

                  • The axially split, single-stage volute casing pumps of the Omega and RDLO series stand for top performance in water transport. They are versatile and allow maximum energy savings.

                    KSB’s RDLO and Omega pumps

                    RDLO and Omega pumps are ideally suited to handling raw water, clean water, service water and seawater. They transport fluids with a minimum of flow resistance, thus lowering the energy and life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.

                    RDLO and Omega are suited to the following applications:
                    • Extraction, pressure boosting and general transport in water utilities and desalination plants
                    • Cooling and service water supply in power stations and industrial plants
                    • Fire-fighting systems
                    • Shipbuilding
                    • General petrochemical applications
                    • Seawater desalination


                    Benefits of RDLO and Omega pumps:


                    • Large number of characteristic curves 
                    • Broad spectrum of standard and special material variants 
                    • Shaft sealed by gland packing or mechanical seal 
                    • Flange design to DIN EN or ASME 
                    • Horizontal or vertical installation 
                    • Comprehensive range of accessories


                  • Multitec by KSB - versatile high-pressure pump with low NPSH values

                  • Multitec is one of the most versatile pumps in KSB’s extensive range. A large choice of available materials and designs ensures an ideal match for the fluid to be handled and the system the pump will be installed in.

                    The Multitec high-pressure pump in ring-section design is also available with a PumpDrive variable speed system.

                    Multitec high-pressure pumps are suited to the following applications:

                    • Water supply
                    • Drinking water supply (ACS)
                    • Industry (ATEX)
                    • Irrigation
                    • Power stations
                    • Heating, filtering, fire-fighting, reverse osmosis, snow guns, washing plants

                    Benefits of the Multitec high-pressure pump:

                    • Flexible
                      Ideal adjustment of suction and discharge nozzles to the system
                    • Low NPSH value
                      Special suction impeller
                    • Reliable
                      Wear-resistant, self-aligning plain bearing made of silicon carbide; excellent suction performance
                    • High availability
                      Balancing of axial thrust for a long service life
                    • Easy to service
                      Easy dismantling of bearing assembly and mechanical seal
                    • Low operating costs
                      Only one shaft seal on most installation types; hydraulic system with optimum efficiency
                    • Versatile
                      Large choice of materials and designs; seven installation types
                  • Now also available for large-scale water projects: KSB Multitec 200 / 250

                  • The Multitec pump series covers an outstanding range of applications. The wide choice of materials and variants makes the Multitec multistage ring-section pump a true all-rounder. With its Multitec 200 / 250, KSB now offers you a pump for large-scale water projects.

                    The Multitec family has a proven track record, especially in applications where water needs to be pumped at a high pressure over long distances. The pumps of this series are suitable for a large variety of applications. 

                    Applications of the KSB Multitec series:

                    • Water supply, drinking water supply, irrigation
                    • Pressure boosting
                    • Fossil-fuelled power stations
                    • Condensate transport, boiler feed systems
                    • Heating systems, hot water supply
                    • Filtration systems and washing plants
                    • Fire protection systems
                    • Snow-making systems
                    • Industrial plants
                    • Desalination plants
                    • Geothermal energy and heat recovery systems
                  • KSB hydraulic systems for large and powerful concrete volute pumps

                  • The BEVERON pump is the result of close cooperation between KSB and Bosman Watermanagement. This concrete volute pump is ideally suited to flow rates of 4 to 30 cubic metres per second.

                    In response to the rising demand for large volute casing pumps, Bosman Watermanagement, manufacturer of concrete volute pumps, introduced its BEVERON pump.

                    KSB engineering plays a major role: KSB fits the BEVERON pumps with powerful, reliable SEZ hydraulic systems. It uses product-lubricated, wear-resistant KSB Residur ceramic bearings, which are able to cope with continuously high loads. This well-proven bearing type ensures reliable operation and increases the pumps’ long-term availability.

                    KSB’s hydraulic systems are used in the following applications:
                    • Coastal protection and flood control
                    • Irrigation
                    • Drainage
                    • Low-lift pumping stations
                    • Water removal at shrimp and fish farms
                    • Dry docks

                    KSB also supplies impellers made of duplex stainless steel for the BEVERON pumps. The impellers have a long service life and contribute considerably to smooth operation of the concrete volute pumps.

                  • Energy-efficient and reliable: the Movitec high pressure pumps

                  • With a wide range of design variants to choose from, Movitec pumps are capable of handling a variety of applications. The Movitec high-pressure in-line pump is the perfect solution for our customers, ensuring high performance in diverse areas of use. Thanks to the systematic development of materials, as well as connection and seal variants, Movitec is now ideally suited for more duties than ever.

                    KSB has further enhanced its Movitec high-pressure pumps in terms of materials, seal variants and connection options. The pumps are now even more versatile than before, Featuring optimised hydraulic components, the high-pressure in-line pump already fulfils the minimum efficiency requirements of the European ErP regulation for 2015. It thus plays an important role in saving energy at component level. Furthermore, with the comprehensive energy efficiency concept FluidFuture® KSB optimises the entire hydraulic system.

                    Benefits of the Movitec high-pressure pumps:
                    • Reliable
                      Product-lubricated plain bearings made of tungsten carbide, cast pump foot, torsion-resistant pump shroud and confined O-ring
                    • Long service life
                      Corrosion-resistant hydraulic components made of stainless steel
                    • Service-friendly
                      Any standardised mechanical seal can be fitted (to EN 12756) and easy access and cartridge mechanical seals can be fitted to allow quick replacement
                    • Flexible
                      Various material and connection variants, extended temperature and pressure range
                • Leisure Park Applications

                      • KSB pump technology puts the splash into water

                      • From leisure park to visitor magnet: KSB pump equipment creates fascinating effects in water systems. Quality is of the utmost importance here, as the pumps and valves face extreme demands.

                        Pumps and valves from KSB do more than just move water to specific locations. They also create those special effects that make leisure parks such fun.

                        Pump technology that is used in leisure parks has to fulfil exacting requirements since the pumps and valves face extreme demands during continuous operation. They can serve a variety of purposes in water systems: they circulate and lift water and generate waves, currents and fountains.

                        The equipment used in water systems also needs to provide high levels of reliability and safety. KSB provides pump equipment you can rely on – the technology and quality of our products have been proving their worth for decades. KSB pumps meet the most stringent safety standards. They are durable and work efficiently and reliably.

                  • Waste Water

                  • Environmentally aware and efficient – KSB, your strong partner in waste water engineering

                    Pumps, valves and systems from KSB are the key to responsible waste water handling. From waste water transport and treatment through to disposal – KSB products operate with complete reliability.

                    KSB’s extensive experience in waste water engineering ensures smooth process flows in industrial, municipal and domestic waste water transport. For KSB, a responsible approach to the environment is just as important as delivering maximum efficiency, product and service quality. A case in point are KSB‘s proven waste water pumps, valves and systems for use in waste water treatment and biogas plants. Pumps, valves and systems from KSB also provide safety in flood control.  

                      • Reliable. Efficient. New: the next generation of waste water pumps

                      • The new generation of waste water pumps: in combination with non-clogging impellers and high-efficiency KSB motors, the Amarex KRT and Sewatec type series offer even better overall efficiency.

                        Energy-efficient waste water pumps and motors for optimum efficiencies
                        Municipal, domestic or industrial waste water: the submersible motor pumps of the Amarex KRT type series are the perfect match for all waste water transport requirements. And so are the waste water pumps of the Sewatec series. They, too, are first choice for waste water applications.

                        Not least because KSB’s waste water pumps combined with high-efficiency motors enable significant energy savings. This applies to both Amarex KRT and Sewatec.

                        Reliable and efficient: the new non-clogging impeller

                        Maximum efficiency and a minimum clogging risk for KSB waste water pumps are provided by the F-max free-flow impeller. With the asymmetric arrangement of its vanes, F-max offers a large, free passage that allows solids of different sizes to pass without difficulty. Moreover, the slightly convex profile of the hub in the middle of the impeller reliably prevents all risk of clogging from long-fibrous materials such as hygiene wipes. The F-max free-flow impeller is available for the submersible waste water pumps of the Amarex KRT and the dry-installed waste water pumps of the Sewatec series.


                      • AmaDS³ - Waste Water Pump Station with Solids Separation System

                      • The AmaDS3  waste water pump station with integrated solids separation system  works reliably and helps prevent clogging.


                      • The Amajet system - effective stormwater tank cleaning

                      • KSB’s Amajet system can be employed wherever tanks and storage sewers require cost-efficient cleaning. 

                        Stormwater, waste water and mixed water to be recycled are collected in special tanks and transported to the waste water treatment plant. With Amajet KSB offers an effective tank cleaning system.


                        • Stormwater tanks
                        • Storage sewers
                        • Pumping stations
                      • Reliable and efficient waste water treatment with KSB products

                      • KBS has the perfect solution for every stage of the municipal sewage treatment process. KSB pumps, valves and systems ensure economically efficient and reliable waste water treatment.

                        Mechanical sewage treatment
                        Sand filters KSB offers their tried and tested Amarex KRT, Amacan and Sewatec centrifugal pump types for mechanical sewage treatment.

                        Biological treatment
                        Biological sewage treatment uses microorganisms to dissolve organic substances and break down nitrogen compounds.

                        For biological sewage treatment KSB recommends

                        • Amamix submersible mixer
                        • Amaprop low-speed submersible mixer (agitator)
                        • Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube
                        • Amaline recirculation pump
                        • Amarex KRT submersible motor pump
                        • Sewatec dry-installed pump

                        Advanced sewage treatment
                        Advanced treatment involves the removal of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate from the sewage by special biological processes with the aid of chemicals or filtration processes.

                        Submersible mixers from the Amamix and Amaprop product family
                        Submersible mixers from the KSB pump range offer an excellent solution for advanced sewage treatment. These include the horizontal submersible mixers from the Amamix and Amaprop product families. Tertiary Treatment: Advanced waste water treatment:

                        Sludge treatment
                        KSB’s Amamix submersible mixers are employed in sludge treatment. They are used to reliably and efficiently homogenise the sludge in the treatment tanks.


                      • Amamix submersible mixer - energy-efficient waste water treatment

                      • KSB’s Amamix submersible mixer ensures ideal energy input in waste water treatment processes. High efficiency levels are achieved thanks to the optimised propeller design.

                        Waste water treatment applications for Amamix submersible mixers

                        • Sludge silos
                        • Balancing tanks
                        • Sewage tanks
                        • Stormwater stand-by tanks
                        • Digesters
                        • Thickeners
                        • Ice prevention
                        • Nitrification tanks
                        • Denitrification tanks
                        • Biological phosphate removal tanks
                        • Flocculation tanks
                        • Pump sumps
                        • Flow acceleration
                        • Biogas digesters (fermenters)
                        • Biogas post-digesters
                        • Biogas sludge storage tanks
                        • Biogas mixing tanks
                      • Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube - slim design and powerful performance

                      • Amacan submersible pumps in discharge tubes are used in waste water treatment and in aquaculture. They may have a compact and slim design, but they are extremely powerful.

                        The slim design makes the Amacan submersible pump ideal for installation into narrow discharge tubes. Amacan variants offered by KSB:

                        • Amacan K – Submersible pump in discharge tube with non-clogging impeller
                        • Amacan P – Submersible pump in discharge tube with axial propeller

                        Amacan K submersible pump

                        Waste water treatment applications
                        • Mixed water and activated sludge pumps in waste water treatment plants
                        • Irrigation and drainage pumping stations
                        • Stormwater pumping stations
                        • Water pollution control, flood control and aquaculture

                        Amacan P submersible pump

                        Waste water treatment applications
                        • Raw and clean water pumps in water works and sewage treatment systems
                        • Cooling water pumps in power stations and in industry
                        • Industrial water supply
                        • Stormwater pumping stations
                        • Irrigation and drainage pumping stations
                        • Water pollution control, flood control and aquaculture
                    • Energy Efficiency

                    • Optimise the energy efficiency of your hydraulic system with KSB

                      Make full use of potential savings and benefit twice. With highly efficient pumps and valves as part of KSB's FluidFuture® energy efficiency concept and state subsidies.

                      With FluidFuture®, our comprehensive energy efficiency concept, your system’s energy efficiency can be optimised in four steps. KSB's experts always look at the hydraulic system as a whole and its entire life cycle. Make use of all the potential savings by combining our expert knowledge with energy-efficient products. One energy-saving concept – many benefits: with FluidFuture® you don't just save costs and energy. It also is child's play to meet the requirements which the current ErP directive places on your system's energy efficiency.

                          • FluidFuture® Optimise the energy efficiency of your hydraulic system

                          • Optimise the energy efficiency of your hydraulic system

                            With FluidFuture® we optimise your system’s energy management in four steps. For maximum energy efficiency we always look at the hydraulic system as a whole and its entire life cycle. Our combination of expertise, experience with energy efficiency optimisation, and future-oriented products and services result in a maximum of savings. 

                            The FluidFuture® energy-saving concept

                            These are the four steps we take to optimise your system’s energy efficiency. Our systematic and targeted approach ensures maximum energy savings for industrial plants and other hydraulic systems. Benefit from this fast and economical optimisation in four steps: maximum energy efficiency at minimum costs.
                            This is how the energy-saving concept works:

                            Step 1: System analysis Based on rapid potential identification and detailed measurements we record the load profile, offer maximum transparency and detect saving potentials.

                            Step 2: Selection We define the system structure and select matching high-efficiency pumps and components.

                            Step 3: Commissioning We provide expert installation and professional commissioning.

                            Step 4: Highly efficient operation Intelligent pump technology and continuous monitoring ensure savings also in the long term.

                      • Automation

                      • Optimise your system with KSB's innovate automation and drive solutions.

                        For new installations or retrofits in existing systems, KSB offers the right automation technology. It can easily be integrated in building management or process control systems.

                        Make use of intelligent KSB automation solutions to control pumps and other system components, and tap previously hidden potentials for saving energy. Tailor-made system solutions by KSB provide the preconditions for an energy-efficient operation of your pump system; they also ensure operating reliability and system availability.

                          • PumpMeter

                          • PumpMeter. Gain a deeper insight into your pump.

                            Is your pump operating in an efficient and cost-saving manner? The innovative PumpMeter pump monitoring unit identifies the current operating point and measures all key data of the pump. Its EFF energy efficiency icon signals potential for energy savings.

                            KSB's PumpMeter clearly shows you whether your pump is operating in its optimum. It measures the suction and discharge pressures of your pump around the clock and establishes the pump’s operating point based on the differential pressure. The direct connection to your process control system allows you to have central access to all relevant data. This helps you decide on where to implement optimisation measures and save.

                          • SuPremE

                          • KSB SuPremE® in IE5*: the energy diet for your system

                            Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent and more - with the most efficient magnet-less pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5* efficiency requirements. Discover the benefits of synchronous motor technology and familiarise yourself with the way this innovative drive solution works.

                            Why the KSB SuPremE® IE5 motor* is so efficient is also explained in our interview with experts. The motors are well suited not only for driving pumps but just as well for powering fans and other rotating equipment.

                          • PumpDrive

                          • PumpDrive: flexible speed control for maximum efficiency

                            PumpDrive is the latest generation of KSB’s variable speed systems. It ensures demand-driven pump operation and, hence, maximum energy savings.

                            Saving energy with PumpDrive? PumpDrive continuously matches pump speed to system requirements. This ensures energy-efficient and reliable operation of the pumps. Speed control of pumps is highly recommended, especially for systems with fluctuating demand. Demand-driven operation through speed control saves up to 60 percent on energy and increases both the efficiency and the availability of the pump.

                            PumpDrive lowers energy costs and reduces the pump’s life cycle costs by controlling the pump input power. Maximum energy savings can be realised by combining PumpDrive with the PumpMeter pump monitoring unit and KSB SuPremE®, the world’s most efficient magnet-less pump motor.