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Company Profile

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd is one half of a joint venture based in Plymouth, in the South West of England, UK. It is a gyroscope and inertial systems engineering development company.

Jointly owned by UTC Aerospace Systems, who are based on the same site in Plymouth, and Sumitomo Precision Products, the company was formed in 1999. The two companies each bring an equal strength to the joint venture.

UTC Aerospace can trace its heritage in gyroscopes and inertial sensors back to the Sperry Gyroscope Company which was founded in 1913, giving this half of the venture a great depth of expertise in the field of complex inertial systems and their deployment in real-world applications. Sumitomo Precision Products, based in Amagasaki, Japan, bring a unique expertise in the field of silicon MEMS fabrication.

Take a look at our Timeline for more details on our heritage – some big names there you’ll recognise!

After 20 years of successful partnership, Silicon Sensing Systems has become a highly respected supplier of reliable, quality products to a worldwide market.