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  • The LEMKEN family business is an internationally leading specialist supplier for professional arable farming. Our programme comprises powerful, versatile, high-quality technology for soil cultivation, sowing and crop protection. All of our activities are focused around developing innovative solutions to support farmers in feeding the world.
Product Portfolio

  • We have been developing pioneering electronics for agricultural machinery for over ten years. Our solutions are created in close cooperation with the people who use them on a daily basis – farmers and contract farmers all over the world. This is what allows us to provide you with precisely the solutions that you need to farm your fields successfully.


    In 2009, we established a consortium with other experts under the CCI umbrella. Our goal is to drive decisive advances in the ISOBUS standard for agricultural machinery, which already allows farmers to network devices from different manufacturers, to coordinate workflows and to adapt them precisely to their individual conditions. However, the full potential of electronic solutions has not yet been exploited by far. Many more innovations are in the pipeline, including the following:

    • iPads as particularly versatile extensions for operating terminals, displaying process-related data and managing jobs.
    • Numerous additional applications for the CCI terminal, which allow farmers to benefit from even more options.
    • Tractor Implement Management (TIM), which allows implements to interact with tractor controls.





        TurnControl is part of the standard equipment of the Juwel and Diamant 12 mounted reversible ploughs. The great advantage: This electrohydraulic control allows both the rotation and the tilt of the plough to be adjusted particularly safely and reliably. Additional optional functions:

        • Automatic triggering of the plough furrow press
        • Electrohydraulic depth adjustment of the support wheel



        TurnControl Pro is the ISOBUS-compatible, fully electronic control solution for the Juwel 8V. It handles automatic plough rotation and the adjustment of plough tilt, working width and working depth as standard. The scope of functions can be expanded further upon request.

        The user interface can be displayed on any universal terminal, and functions can additionally be assigned to AUX-N-compatible joysticks. Perfect plough adjustment at the push of a button!

        TurnControl Pro is AEF-certified and has been awarded a DLG prize for superior operating comfort.



        The Solitronic system control is available in a standard and an ISOBUS version. The ISOBUS version is certified under the AEF Guidelines and therefore compatible with a wide range of universal terminals. Solitronic ISOBUS is optionally available for the Saphir 8, Solitair 9 & 12 and Compact Solitair series. Apart from the basic functionalities, it offers numerous additional functions for easy, efficient sowing.

      • Terminals, auxiliaries and apps for controlling LEMKEN implements.

        LEMKEN offers customised, universal and innovative solutions for the easy control of your implements.

        The LEMKEN CCI-200 Terminal provides a perfect overview and can be used universally.

        LEMKEN auxiliaries are additional operating elements that facilitate implement control, such as joysticks and toggle switch panels.

        The comprehensive range of available CCI.Apps allows you to expand your CCI-200 terminal by many useful additional functionalities.

      • ISOBUS

      • ISOBUS offers a great deal of benefits to agriculture!

        Standardised control structures simplify implement operation, as a single terminal can be used for several implements. It is also possible to share the use of additional control elements, that is so-called auxiliaries such as joysticks and toggle switch panels. This facilitates the use of part width section-specific cultivation measures and permits data and information to be exchanged between implements and farm management software.

        BUS stands for Binary Unit System, which serves to transfer data between several participants sharing a single transmission route. The term ISOBUS, which is derived from the international ISO 11783 standard, is the trade name of a data bus for agricultural and municipal use. This standard defines connectors and cables, participants, data formats and interfaces.

        The core ISOBUS components are:

      • ISOBUS-capable operating terminal (UT)
      • ISOBUS job computer on the implement
      • Standardised tractor implement connector
      • ISOBUS auxiliary control element (AUX-N joystick)
      • Tractor ECU
      • GPS receiver

      • Data exchange made easy - with the new agrirouter

        Agriculture 4.0 offers enormous potential. Sub-area-specific cultivation through simplified planning and networked solutions enable more efficient management with optimum environmental protection.

        The ISOBUS standard has noticeably facilitated communication between machines from different manufacturers. However, the exchange of data between agricultural machinery and software products from different suppliers has often been an insurmountable problem. There has been little progress in this area so far due to a lack of standards. The new agrirouter should overcome this hurdle and enable all farmers to participate in the digitalisation of agriculture. LEMKEN and other agricultural equipment manufacturers have joined forces to develop the agrirouter in order to significantly reduce data conversion problems and the number of communication interfaces in agricultural equipment. In practice, data transfer with the agrirouter then looks like this:

        The farm manager plans the fertilisation of his fields on a PC or tablet. Using an app from supplier A, he uses soil maps, soil samples and yield expectations to determine the fertiliser quantity for the various plots and sends the work order by mobile phone to the communication unit of the crop protection device from supplier B. This combines the data with the GPS data transmitted by supplier C's tractor. The employee now fertilises the individual plots. This work is simultaneously documented and the data is automatically entered in the field register of supplier D, which in turn is linked to the accounting programme of supplier E. The data is then entered into the field register of supplier D, which in turn is linked to the bookkeeping programme of supplier E.


    • For perfect germination rates

      Precision, economy and efficiency: that’s seed drill technology by LEMKEN! For perfect seed placement in both conventional and conservation tillage.

      LEMKEN seed drills can be used mounted, semi-mounted or trailed. Working widths of 2.5 to 12 metres create optimal conditions for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms. With hopper volumes of 650 to 5,800 litres, the machines offer high efficiency.

      Discover the benefits of our mechanical and pneumatic seed drills and drill combinations for yourself: our machines meet the needs of farmers and contractors all over the world.


        • Perfect sowing in all soils

          The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficiency seed drill technology accessible to small and medium-sized farms.

          SAPHIR 7
          High-efficacy mechanical seed drill technology for any conditions of operation
          The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficacy seed drill technology accessible even to medium-sized farms.

          SAPHIR 8
          Electric seeding shaft drive for reliable, variable seed metering
          The Saphir 8 mechanical seed drill is distinct from the Saphir 7 in that it features an electric seeding shaft drive with electronic speed control.


        • For optimal seed placement

          Whether in conventional or conservation tillage: a drill combination from the Compact-Solitair range is always a good choice. These implements offer not only high precision and efficacy, but are also available in a wide range of models and thus ensure also optimal reconsolidation in any type of soil!

          Fast, trailed pneumatic drill combination
          LEMKEN’s Compact-Solitair 9 meets all requirements for high efficacy in sowing.

          A new dimension of fertilisation and drilling
          Drill combinations with precise fertiliser placement for sowing rapeseed and cereals.

          Finely tuned cultivation intensity
          The first choice for high-efficacy sowing even under the most challenging conditions.


        • Precision and efficiency

          Precision drilling is the youngest product group in the LEMKEN sowing range. The Azurit 9 precision drill with the unique DeltaRow method can be combined with the Solitair 25 pneumatic seed drill or the Compact-Solitair seed drill combination. It can also be combined with the Solitair 23 and Solitair 12 SW hoppers for fertiliser supply.

          AZURIT 9
          The Azurit 9 precision seed drill from LEMKEN impresses with its innovative DeltaRow method for precision drilling. The placement of the grains in two offset rows gives the plants a significantly greater surface area than with conventional methods.

          SOLITAIR 12 SW
          LEMKEN offers the Solitair 12 SW seed trailer for holding fertiliser when working with the Azurit single-seed drill on large farms. The hopper has a capacity of 5,800 litres, allowing daily acreage performances of up to 60 hectares.


        • Successful sowing

          Whether working with conventional or conservation tillage, whether running small, medium-sized or large farms with extensive fields – the pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range always offer high precision and efficiency. They are available in various models to meet a wide range of requirements for optimal sowing.

          SOLITAIR 8
          The pneumatic seed drill for small and medium-sized farms
          The Solitair 8 is ideal for small and medium-sized farms that are looking for a cost-efficient way of using high-precision pneumatic seed drill technology for conventional and conservation tillage.

          SOLITAIR 9
          The versatile pneumatic seed drill
          The Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill is available as a mounted rigid or folding version, or as semi-mounted folding version in working widths of 3 to 6 metres.

          SOLITAIR 12
          Superior acreage performance in sowing
          With its Solitair 12, LEMKEN offers a trailed pneumatic seed drill with working widths of 8 to 12 metres for superior acreage performance and economy.


        • Digital technologies have long been part of everyday agricultural life: they help us to tailor our work more flexibly to our needs. They enable much more targeted sowing, fertilisation and irrigation - and thus conserve valuable resources.

          Digital technologies in agriculture are:

          • highly efficient
          • productivity-enhancing
          • labour-saving
          • sustainably

          For LEMKEN, the key to digitising agriculture is universal data management. This is the only way to link agricultural information, software applications, machine data and services from different providers. Intelligent products - such as the LEMKEN weather station - form the basis for this.



        After more than 10 years of experience, plant protection at LEMKEN has long outgrown its infancy and, like soil cultivation and sowing, represents an important product area of the company.

        The crop protection division was added in 2005 with the acquisition of the companies Jacoby in Hetzerath and RTS in Meppen. The models acquired were then marketed under the name LEMKEN. With the Sirius mounted sprayer, the first LEMKEN device development was presented in 2007. As the first self-developed trailed sprayer, the Vega started series production at the new factory in Haren at the beginning of the year. Further new crop protection sprayers will follow. Not to forget the Primus and Albatros trailed field sprayers, which have been tried and tested for many years and round off the range.

        With the construction of the crop protection plant in Haren, the best conditions have been created for further developments in the product area and sufficient production capacity, also for the future. LEMKEN is thus meeting the demands for better environmental protection and increasing precision in the growing crop protection market.

          • SIRIUS


            The Sirius field sprayer offers a high capacity for the larger farmer or contractor. A close-coupled design means large tank volumes can be used in a mounted format. In this way, Sirius combines the output of a trailed machine, with the convenience of a mounted machine.

            • The innovative tank design with integrated baffle guarantees a high degree of driving safety and easy system cleaning. The Sirius is available with tank volumes of 900 to 1,900 litres.
            • Its compact design with optimised centre of gravity distance keeps the front axle relief low and ensures safe road transport.
            • The HE (HorizontalExtend) boom with package folding is available in working widths of 12 and 15 metres.
            • For 15 to 24 metres working width, the rear-folding, fully hydraulic SEH (SectionExtend) boom is available for the Sirius 10. The square boom profile increases stability and offers sufficient space for housing large nozzle bodies. Folding the implement to its transport width of less than 2.50 metres increases driving safety and facilitates both operation on the field and road transport.
            • The QuickConnect upper link coupling system allows Sirius field sprayers to be mounted quickly and safely to tractors.
            • The Sirius 8 features the Easyspray electric remote control. The Sirius 10 is operated via the LEMKEN Ecospray computer, whose functions can be extended by additional modules such as TeeJet Matrix for automatic part width section control and EcoControl for controlling the boom via a joystick.
          • GEMINI

          • Up to 1,100 litres greater tank volume

            The combination of the Sirius and the Gemini front tank allows you to increase your field sprayer’s capacity by up to 1,100 litres, converting your tractor instantly into a compact, agile self-propelled unit with greater capacity.

            • The Gemini front tank is available in two versions: The basic model allows the full volume to be used for fresh water or liquid fertiliser; alternatively, a powerful agitator ensures that spraying liquids remain homogeneously mixed at all times without forming any deposits.
            • Up to 50% greater reach.
            • Ergonomic filling centre for easy set-up and filling.
            • Optimised ballasting for high driving safety.
            • Easy switching between suction, clean water or spraying liquid, agitation and cleaning.
            • With its compact, clear design, the combination is very agile, despite the large tank volume.
            • A smooth substructure and special mounted frame provide large ground clearance and are gentle to existing crops.
            • Lights and step for increased safety.

          • Greater efficiency on the field

            Our range of trailed field sprayers offers professional crop protection for any needs:

            The Primus is the good value entry-level model with all essential basic functions, while the Albatros is a professional-level trailed field sprayer that is available in a wide range of models to meet even the most demanding requirements with ease.

            The sophisticated design details of the Vega support a superior level of crop protection.

            The perfect entry into trailed crop protection technology
            With its outstanding performance and consistently high component quality, the Primus is synonymous with professional crop protection, high acreage performance and maximum economy particularly on farms that specialise on the production of market...

            The professional trailed sprayer for demanding crop production
            The Albatros is available in a wide variety of models to allow this field sprayer to be optimally tailored to any individual operating requirements.

            The innovative trailed field sprayer for professional crop protection
            The sophisticated design details of the Vega fully meet the demands of modern, high-performance crop protection.


        • We let your soil breathe

          LEMKEN is always at least one step ahead as far as pioneering soil cultivation solutions are concerned. Our ploughs, furrow presses, cultivators, compact disc and rotary harrows feature numerous well-designed details and additionally powerful electronics to combine operating comfort with ultimate safety and reliability of use for both conventional and conservation tillage.

            • PLOUGHING

            • Clean plough furrows: the first step to reliable, high yields

              In recent years, ploughing has once again gained more importance, especially due to the expansion of maize cultures. In the context of preventing crop disease, controlling weeds mechanically due to increasing resistance against a range of crop protection agents, and controlling mice and other pests, there still is no sustainable alternative to ploughing. Recent studies have shown that ploughing is, for example, unrivalled for loosening and aerating the main root zone to allow rapeseed roots to develop optimally, and ploughing thus establishes an ideal basis for high, reliable yields.

              LEMKEN’s entire plough programme stands out through a comprehensive offer of features and accessories for all ploughs. This allows farmers and contract farmers to select the primary soil cultivation implement that is just right for their specific needs. The available features include mechanical and hydraulic stone protection systems, a range of options for selecting the distance between individual bodies to ensure blockage-free operation, and versions with continuous and graded working width adjustment.

              Profitable in any soil
              LEMKEN’s mounted reversible ploughs are safe and reliable to use, robust and easy to tow, making them not only economical, but also very versatile.

              Maximum safety, reliability and economy
              Our comprehensive range of mounted reversible ploughs includes the right model for any needs. These robust ploughs are designed for efficiency and extremely high continuous loads.


            • A broad programme for stubble cultivation and preparation for mulch seeding

              In recent years, the aims of stubble cultivation have changed in many places. In the past, stubble cultivation was mainly employed to control weeds and loosen the soil, but most fields are nowadays largely free from weeds, with very few weeds still producing seeds in crops. Modern combine harvesters with extremely wide cutting units need to process very large volumes of straw, which harvesters are often unable to chop optimally and distribute across the full working width. It is particularly important to incorporate volunteer cereals and these large volumes of organic matter intensively when seeding a subsequent crop into mulch. At the same time, capillary action needs to be disrupted during the first stubble cultivation pass to prevent moisture from being lost. Once volunteer cereals have emerged, seeding into mulch takes place at greater depths in order to reduce the density of straw in the topsoil and thus to improve the emergence conditions for the subsequent crop.

              Versatile all-rounders
              Our comprehensive range of compact disc harrows positions our customers ideally for both conventional and mulch seeding approaches.

              Optimal stubble cultivation
              The Kristall and Karat cultivators produce optimal results in stubble cultivation and can also be used for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

              Perfect for reduced soil cultivation
              The versatile pre-cultivator topas is an all-roundern that siuts a wide range of needs.

              Loosening without ploughing
              The Dolomit pre-loosener loosens the soil across the full surface, especially before a pass with a rotary harrow/seed drill combination, and is suitable for a universal range of applications.


            • Furrow presses for optimal soil porosity

              Ploughing loosens and crumbles the soil and increases its pore volume at the same time. This brings air and warmth into the soil and breaks capillary action in the soil. With tight crop rotations, there is often no time for the soil to settle gradually and natural tilth formation processes to take place. While the ploughed soil should not be allowed to dry out, it is essential that capillary action is restored as quickly as possible within the seed horizon.

              LEMKEN furrow presses do an outstanding job in supporting soil tilth. They are positioned immediately behind the plough, where they reconsolidate the topsoil and break down large clumps at the right moment and at the optimal degree of moisture. This favours tilth formation and prevents drying out.

              Good reconsolidation and optimal transport
              Our integrated furrow presses are permanently attached to the plough and ensure optimal reconsolidation.

              FURROW PRESSES
              High effifacy in any soil
              The VarioPack furrow press contributes to optimal reconsolidation under any conditions of operation.

              TRAILING ROLLERS
              Versatile and essential
              LEMKEN offers a comprehensive range of trailing rollers for any conditions of operation. Each trailing roller guides implement depth precisely and supports consistent, reliable drive.


            • Perfect seedbeds - the basis for optimal crops

              An ideal seedbed forms the basis for optimal crop development. Ideally, the prepared soil will be well levelled and loosened across the full implement width and to the full working depth. LEMKEN seedbed preparation implements produce an optimal distribution of soil aggregates and establish a good crumbling structure in the seeding layer. Following rollers ensure even reconsolidation all the way through to the depth at which seeds are placed. Soil reconsolidation additionally protects the water supply needed for seedlings. Precise seedbed preparation and high acreage performance at low wearing part costs are decisive arguments for using LEMKEN seedbed preparation implements in modern arable farming.

              Our Korund and System-Kompaktor seedbed combinations meet all requirements of arable farming for the preparation of ideal seedbeds.

              POWER HARROWS
              Efficiency in all cultivation methods
              The rotary harrows from the Zirkon range are optimally designed for maximum continuous loads. For perfect seedbed preparation in both conventional and conservation tillage – in all types of soils!

          • TECHNOLOGY

          • We think further ahead

            As the Agrovision Company, we do everything to enable our customers to work comfortably, efficiently, and sustainably.

            This core principle has made us the technological leader in the farm machinery industry. Thus numerous innovations innovations are based on it which act as a decisive driving force for the work processes of farmers and contractors worldwide.

              • OPTIQUICK

              • Precise ploughing

                The LEMKEN OptiQuick adjustment system allows you to adjust your plough precisely to your individual operating conditions. Both the front furrow width and the tractor/plough traction line can additionally be adjusted optimally within a very short time. This not only minimises material wear and reduces fuel consumption, but also saves time and money.

              • DURAMAXX

              • Our stable, user-friendly plough body

                The DuraMaxx bodies enable the service lives to be increased by 150 % and the set-up time to be reduced by up to 80%.

                The DuraMaxx parts are manufactured from much harder steel than conventional plough bodies. This is made possible as the material is no longer weakened by drilling and punching. Mouldboards and slats are supported fully by the frog and other support structures. This means they can be used completely without compromising stability.

                The DuraMaxx plough bodies are designed in such a way that mouldboards, slats, and shins can be changed quickly without tools.


              • For disruption-free ploughing

                All LEMKEN overload protection systems protect share points when they hit obstacles. All LEMKEN ploughs are equipped as standard with a double-cut shear bolt protection. The auto reset systems use a roller mechanism which provides smooth tripping with high trip and re-entry forces when the plough makes contact with an obstacle.

              • DUAL-SHIFT

              • Change of rotational direction – correct tine position simply and quickly

                The DUAL shift gears from LEMKEN facilitate not only changing the speed of the rotors but also the direction of rotation of the rotors.

                The change in the direction of rotation enables the knife tines to be set to “grip” or “drag”.

              • DISC ARRANGEMENT RUBIN 12

              • Large discs in a symmetrical arrangement

                The serrated concave discs of the Rubin 12 with a diameter of 736 mm and a thickness of 6 mm represent a new performance class among compact disc harrows.

                The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in both row enables working without lateral pull, even when driving on a slope.

                Specially curved and coiled legs ensure maximum clearance between the discs. This prevents clogging, along with the slight offset of the middle discs.

              • DOUBLE DISC COULTERS

              • LEMKEN Double disc coulters for perfect seed placement

                Increasing cost pressure means that farmers must be flexible in deciding whether to use conventional or conservation tillage. Modern seed drills are increasingly fitted with Double Disc coulters allowing use in conservation tillage. They can be used under nearly all conditions and allow the farmer freedom of choice when deciding which tillage method to use.

              • QUICKCONNECT

              • The innovative coupling system

                QuickConnect, the automatic top link coupling system for the Sirius sprayers from LEMKEN,
                combines for the first time two important benefits:

                • It provides enough space between tractor and machine for the easy and safe connection of all services.
                • The system moves the machine close to the tractor, before, allowing the mounted LEMKEN Sirius sprayer to be used with a great tank without any problem.