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  • Offer Profile
  • When you work with Rockwell Automation, you engage a supplier focused on listening to you – and
    learning about your issues and objectives. Then, we apply our domain expertise, global execution ability and certified project management methodology to help you create and execute innovative solutions that meet or exceed your business goals.
    Whether your automation challenges are centered
    on discrete, process or safety control, drive systems, energy management, information or sustainable production, we will draw on our in-house expertise and partner resources to deliver repeatable, scalable and maintainable solutions on time and within budget.
Product Portfolio
  • Highlights

        • Integrated Architecture

        • Leveraging exceptional, industry-leading features that include:
          • Multiple Disciplines— Functionality for a full range of automation applications with common equipment and standards
          • Scalable Dimensions— Offerings that are right-sized by product, architecture and core multiple discipline functionality
          • EtherNet/IP— A single network of IT-friendly Ethernet for information, I/O and motion
          • Real-Time Information— Live data and open access throughout your power and control system, enterprise and supply chain
          • Knowledge Integration— Premier integration of device and system to maximize and secure your intellectual property

          The Integrated Architecture system provides the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, helping companies to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand.

    • Product Directory

    • Our extensive product portfolio and services and support capabilities are designed to improve your processes through every stage of your manufacturing cycle - from design and installation through operation and maintenance.
        • Allen-Bradley

              • Circuit & Load Protection

              • Circuit Protection Circuit Breakers
                Electronic Circuit Protection
                Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
                Supplementary Protection Circuit Breakers
                Low Voltage Motor Protectors
                Medium Voltage Motor Protectors
                Supplementary Protection Motor Protectors
                Surge Protectors & Filters
              • Computers & Operator Interface

              • Computers, Extreme Environment
                Computers, Industrial Environment
                Graphic Terminals
                Industrial Monitors
                Message Displays
              • Condition Monitoring

              • General Purpose Protection Modules
                Specialty Protection Modules
                Portable Instruments
              • Connection Devices

              • 1492 I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems
                Cordsets & Field Attachables
                Safety Connection Systems
                Network Media
                Power Media
                Terminal Blocks
                Safety Connection Devices
              • Drives & Motors

              • Drives, AC Low-Voltage
                Drives, AC Medium-Voltage
                Drives, DC
                Drives, Servo
                Drive Software
                Motors, Industrial
                Motors, Servo
                Safety Drives & Motors
              • Energy Monitoring

              • 1404 PowerMonitor 3000
                1407 Combination Generator Control Module
                1408 PowerMonitor 1000
                1411 Current Transformers
                1412 PowerPad Portable PowerMonitor
                1413 Capacitor Bank Controller
                1420 PowerMonitor 500
                1425 PowerMonitor W250
              • Input/Output (I/O) Modules

              • Chassis-Based I/O
                Distributed I/O, In-Cabinet Modular
                Distributed I/O, On-Machine Modular
                Distributed I/O, In-Cabinet Block
                Distributed I/O, On-Machine Block
                Distributed I/O, Embedded
                Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules
              • Lighting Control

              • Combination Lighting Contactors
                Feeder Disconnect Lighting Contactors
                Multi-Pole Lighting Contactors
              • Motion Control

              • Actuators
                Motion Software
                Drives, Servo
                Motors, Servo
                Safety Motion Control
              • Motor Control

              • Contactors, Starters & Disconnect Switches, Low Voltage
                Motor Control, Medium Voltage
                Soft Starters, Low Voltage
                Motor Control Centers, Low Voltage
                Safety Isolation Systems
                Drives, AC Low-Voltage
                Safety Motor Control
              • Networks & Communications

              • EtherNet/IP Network
                ControlNet Network
                DeviceNet Network
                Process Instrumentation Networks
                Wireless Solutions
                Other Industrial Networks
                Gateway & Linking Devices
              • Power Supplies

              • 1607-XT ArmorPower On-Machine
                Control Circuit Transformers
                Switched Mode Power Supplies
                Uninterruptible Power Supplies
              • Programmable Controllers

              • Large Control Systems
                Small Control Systems
                Micro & Nano Control Systems
                Safety Programmable Controllers
              • Push Buttons & Signaling Devices

              • Push Buttons, 16 mm IEC
                Push Buttons, 22 mm IEC
                Push Buttons, 30 mm NEMA
                Push Buttons, Specialty
                Emergency Operators
                Audible Devices
                Visual Devices
                Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices
              • Relays & Timers

              • General Purpose Relays
                IEC Industrial Relays
                NEMA Industrial Relays
                Safety Relays
                Solid-State Relays
                General Purpose Timing Relays
                NEMA Industrial Timing Relays
                Safety Relays & Timers
              • Sensors & Switches

              • Condition Sensors
                Presence Sensing
                Hazardous Location Switches
                Limit Switches
                Safety Interlock Switches
                Safety Sensors & Switches
              • Signal Conditioners

              • 931H High-Density
                931S Standard
                931U Universal
              • Safety Products

              • Safety Connection Devices
                Safety Drives & Motors
                Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules
                Safety Motion Control
                Safety Motor Control
                Safety Programmable Controllers
                Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices
                Safety Relays & Timers
                Safety Sensors & Switches

          • Informed Decisions. Optimized Plant.

            Information from your control system in context and on demand gives you an advantage: analyze production, improve equipment performance and product quality. The power of information is only a click away with Rockwell Software.
                • Design & Configuration

                • Design and Configuration provides integrated environments for creating and modeling production processes, programming automation controls, as well as tools to setup equipment, order and product definitions. This integrated approach streamlines the overall planning, development and deployment processes resulting in faster, lower-cost implementations.

                  Faster start up. Integrate to create:
                  • Automation control programming
                  • Setup and propagate reusable equipment
                  • Order and product definition
                  • Rapid process development, simulation and deployment
                • Production Management

                • Production Management addresses order sequencing and execution, tracking and genealogy, and interactive manufacturing process control. By synchronizing actionable real-time information across manufacturing methods, materials, manpower and machines, you can improve coordination of multiple production processes — regardless of location.

                  Achieve real-time coordination across your plant-wide production processes:
                  • Order scheduling and execution
                  • Tracking and genealogy
                  • Resource management
                  • Multi-site production synchronization
                • Data Management

                • Data Management provides tools and methods to enable integration and workflow across disparate systems, as well as storage of master data, event, process and production information. It creates a foundation for contextual information by organizing, synchronizing, archiving and aggregating data collected by automated or manual systems.

                  Data is valuable. Collect, transform and integrate yours:
                  • Event, process, or master data collection and storage
                  • Integration and workflow across disparate systems
                  • Organize, synchronize, archive and aggregate data
                  • Automated and manual data collection
                • Quality & Compliance

                • Quality and Compliance helps you adhere to established standards and specifications related to the execution of operational processes and procedures. An automated, proactive environment improves first-pass quality and product consistency and simplifies the regulatory reporting process.

                  Comply the first time and every time:
                  • Simplify regulatory compliance and reporting
                  • Automated, proactive quality environment
                  • Improve first-pass quality
                  • Enhance product and process consistency
                • Asset Management

                • Asset Management improves overall security, intelligence and predictability related to plant resources. Monitoring and auditing equipment or network health, as well as overall resource availability creates a foundation for optimizing maintenance and plant operations.

                  Put your technologies to use and improve your plant operations from the inside out:
                  • Risk mitigation and change management procedures
                  • Comprehensive diagnostics and device configuration
                  • Calibration and real-time monitoring
                    Audit operator actions and device health
                • Performance & Visibility

                • Performance and Visibility provides a window into the process by incorporating the creation of performance metrics, as well as the situational display of manufacturing information at the machine, line, plant, and enterprise level. Reporting and analysis tools, operator interfaces and management dashboards deliver contextual, localized, role-based information for better decision-making.

                  Keep an eye on your performance:
                  • Reporting and analysis tools
                  • Role-based operator interfaces and dashboards
                  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
                  • Situational display at machine, line, plant and enterprise levels
            • Anorad - LINEAR MOTION SOLUTIONS

            • Solutions for High Tech Manufacturing
              From high performance multi-axis positioning systems to component-level linear motor products, no other company can provide the breadth of products to support your precision motion system integration. Our state-of-the-art positioning products include:
              • Multi-axis Precision Gantries
              • Linear and Rotary Positioning Stages
              • Linear Servo Motors
              • Servo Controls and Drives
              • Engineered-to-Order Solution
                  • PRECISION GANTRY SYSTEMS

                  • Anorad gantries are not simply a set of bolted together single-axis systems. Instead, with over 30 years of multi-axis system expertise, Anorad engineers have carefully refined each component to serve its unique function as part of an integrated gantry system. To maximize customer value, Anorad offers a myriad of related products to best suit your specific application:
                    • Servo drive, control and software packages
                    • Application-specific software
                    • Custom engineering capabilities

                  • For over 30 years Anorad has been the technological leader in the design, manufacture and application of precision positioning stages. Following is a brief description of our diverse line of precision stages for designing state-of-the-art motion control systems.
                    • Linear Positioning Stages
                    • Engineered-to-Order Systems

                  • Anorad is the industry leader in developing customized motion control solutions for the most challenging precision positioning applications.
                    • Anorad's diverse product portfolio gives system designers a wide assortment of motion control technologies to build from
                    • Our experienced applications engineers help specify the optimal motion solution, and can model system dynamics to ensure performance prior to manufacture

                    Following are just a few examples of Anorad's engineered-to-order capabilities.

                    • Positioning Stages
                    • Precision Gantry

                  • The most complete linear motor product line from the people who invented them. Anorad's direct drive linear motors have high force density, high stiffness, enable extremely smooth velocity control and require minimal maintenance.

                    Anorad manufactures both zero-cogging ironless linear motor products as well as high-force iron-core linear motor products. To meet the most demanding specifications, some of our linear motor offerings can be made vacuum compatible, we have a linear motor capable of 25 g acceleration and speeds to 6 m/s; air and water cooled linear motor options; plus a variety of windings and custom-built linear motor designs for unique applications.

                  • Anorad offers a comprehensive line of high performance servo drives and controls that integrate seamlessly with our linear motion products. Our high performance multi-axis bus-based and standalone controls provide optimum performance for precision positioning packed with innovative features such as 32k encoder multiplication, real time error mapping, position event generation and more, all fully supported by an extensive software library. Anorad's linear motion products can be integrated with Rockwell Automation's controls, drives and enterprise software including Allen-Bradley® world-class motion control products into one seamlessly integrated solution for faster machine development, lower total cost and unsurpassed flexibility.
              • Anorad - INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS

              • Anorad has over 30 years experience providing precision motion solutions to many of today's high-tech industries. We are well-versed in the positioning requirements, motion dynamics and operating environments associated with these industry segments and can leverage this expertise to provide you with the optimal solution to your precision motion requirements. From building block stages and linear motors, to multi-axis gantry and air bearing systems, Anorad has both the products and the know-how to meet motion challenges in these sectors and many others.
                    • Solar photo voltaic cell

                    • Anorad precision positioning systems help solar panel manufacturers achieve superior results. With systems already established for various generations of flat panel machines, Anorad stands ready to meet the challenging applications the rapidly growing solar market. Our manufacturing expertise in large-travel motion systems and familiarity with AOI, precision printing, and delicate pick-and-place applications makes Anorad your optimal choice for Solar Motion applications.
                      • Scribing
                      • Sorting & Stringing
                      • Tabbing & Taping
                    • Semiconductor Fabrication

                    • Anorad is true pioneer in the microelectronics manufacturing industry and remains on the cutting edge to this day. Their precision motion systems are a proven enabling technology in many critical wafer fabrication processes. These include motion platforms for high-vacuum compatible positioning systems, lithographic processing tools and automated optical inspection systems
                      • Lithography Systems
                      • High-Vacuum Compatible Systems
                      • Wafer Inspection
                    • Semiconductor Packaging

                    • Semiconductor packaging applications require several important precision motion steps — from wafer dicing, chip scale and wafer-level packages, multi-chip module assembly, die sorting, die bonding, and final package lead inspection. Anorad's multi-axis motion control expertise using linear motor based precision gantry and positioning stage products can help you overcome your motion control hurdles to deliver highly repeatable and highly reliable electronic package positioning solutions.
                    • Electronics Assembly

                    • The combination of high speed and high accuracy provided by our stages is well-suited to the needs of electronics manufacturers. We've produced hundreds of machines for PCB assembly and inspection applications such as adhesive / underfill dispensing, component pick-and-place as well as pre- and post-reflow AOI.
                      • Dispensing
                      • Component Placement
                      • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
                    • Flat Panel Display

                    • Anorad precision positioning systems help flat panel display process tool manufacturers achieve superior results. With systems already established for 3rd 4th and 5th generation substrates, Anorad stands ready to meet the challenging applications in this rapidly growing market. Our manufacturing expertise in large-travel cleanroom compatible motion systems and familiarity with AOI, precision printing, and delicate pick-and-place applications makes Anorad your optimal choice for FPD processing equipment.
                      • Automated Optical Inspection
                      • Substrate Processing
                      • Drop-On-Demand / Inkjet Printing Applications
                    • DATA STORAGE INDUSTRY

                    • Anorad provides linear motor based precision motion solutions to a variety of applications in the data storage industry. These include many critical steps in hard disk drive (HDD) production including bar placement, slider sorting, and head gimbal assembly (HGA). Anorad also has expertise developing motion systems used in flex circuit and suspension assembly manufacturing as well in-process inspection of many key hard drive components.
                      • Head Gimbal Assembly
                      • Slider Sorting
                    • LASER APPLICATIONS

                    • The machine tool ruggedness of our stages and the familiar CNC interface of our controls are well regarded by laser manufacturers and users. We built our early reputation by providing solutions for this industry, and we continue to lead the way with positioning equipment for CO2, YAG and excimer laser processes.
                      • Laser Machining
                      • Laser Photoplotter
                      • Laser Inspection
                    • Precision Assembly

                    • Advanced manufacturing processes require flexibility to respond to changing demands. The versatility provided by our wide range of positioning products can help the system integrator or end user meet those demands with easily customized positioning systems. Economical automation platforms can be adapted to a wide variety of high accuracy and high-speed tasks. We supply equipment to many different industries, from automotive to consumer products to aerospace manufacturing.