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Company Profile

Raytrix was founded in 2008 and sells 3D light field cameras for professional applications and research since 2010. We started with the goal to explore the potential of light field technology and make it feasible for individual applications. By now we are a team of highly motivated people continually improving the quality of our light field cameras and exploring new application areas.

Light Field cameras are a new type of 3D-cameras that capture a standard image together with the depth information of a scene. Metric 3D information can be captured with a single light field camera through a single lens in a single shot using just the available light. Raytrix has specialized on developing light field cameras for industrial applications. A patented micro lens array design allows for an optimal compromise between high effective resolution and large depth of field. Raytrix cameras are already in use in applications like volumetric velocimetry, plant phenotyping, automated optical inspection and microscopy, to name a few.