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  • Offer Profile
  • Since 1984, B+B Thermo-Technik designs and manufactures thermal element plug connectors and temperature probes.

    Innovations always provided us a projection against our competitor’s.

    Customers pay our wages and salaries. Therefore our customer is the centre of our thinking and acting. For him, we investigate, analyse and realise nearly everything in the big area of the temperature measuring technology.

    We want effective communication and we are open for factual criticism. We promote the ideas and self initiatives of our employees in the best way.

    In a generous factory with modern mechanisms we create the basis, in order successfully to place us to the competition.
Product Portfolio

  • B+B Thermo-Technik has been developing and manufacturing both standard and customer specific temperature probes, high quality thermocouple connectors and a wide range of accessories since 1984. Customers include well known OEM’s, retail distributors, Universities, and “the man in the street”.
    Take advantage of our vast experience and abundance of technical “Know-How”. We are able to use our professional expertise to cover all your temperature applications and solve possible problems.

    Working hand in hand with our customers to arrive at the optimal solution is one of our strengths. B+B is used to developing the idea through to the prototype and on the production series. Simply send your enquiry.
    • Temperature probes
    • Infrared thermometers
    • Stationary infrared thermometers
    • Temperature sensors
    • Temperature probes
    • Temperature modules / temperature transducers
    • Thermocouple connectors
    • Temperature measurement systems
    • Digital temperature measurement systems
    • Infrared temperature measurement
      • Temperature sensors

      • If installed, unobstructed, leaded or unleaded – in our B+B online shop you can find all kinds of temperature sensors like platinum sensors (Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000), NTC, KTY and semiconductor sensors.
        Operating temperatures of -200°C … +600°C
      • Cable probes

      • Our cable probes can, depending on the design, be used for temperatures up to 350°C. Suitable for the measuring unit we deliver different temperature probes such as PT100, PT1000, Ni1000, TK5000, NTC 5K©, NTC 10K&, KTY 81-110, KTY 81-210


        • Construction of transformers
        • Solarthermics
        • Air conditioning technique
        • Heating engineering
      • Screw-in probe

      • Ideal for usage in liquid and gaseous media. Our screw in probes are used in dry and humid rooms for a temperture range from -40°C …. +400°C. For the measurement unit different temperature probes are used such as PT100, Pt1000 or thermocouples according to DIN EN 584 type J and K


        • Air conditioning technique
        • Heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning technique
        • Furnace construction
        • Plant construction
        • Engineering
        • Plastics industry
      • Temperature probe with connection head

      • Reliable density with under- and overpressure during usage in liquids and gaseous medias can be be expected from our temperature probes with connection head. The connection head is suitable for ambient temperatures up to +100°C. The measuring range for standard applications is -50°C …. +800°C and is extendable up to +1200°C. In the measurement unit different thermocouples according to DIN EN 60 584, class 1 and DIN 43710 or Pt elements according to DIN EN 60 751 can be used.


        • Plastics industry
        • Pharmacy and Medicin technique
        • Engineering
        • Food Industry
      • Penetration probe

      • B+B offers a wide range of robust and steamproof penetration probes. The penetration tube is made of stainless steel and is available with centric or bevelled penetration tip. Our penetration probes are used in the control of cooking and baking processes and in all domains of the food and beverage industry. For core temperatures of -50°C … +260°C.


        • Food control
        • Meet processing machinery
        • Freezer cabinets
        • Cooking ovens
        • Baking ovens
        • Cooking and smoking units
        • Quality assurance in the food industry
      • Temperature probe for handheld units

      • B+B offers measurement instruments for different measurement applications. For that reason we have numerous temperature probes for handheld measurement units. Available as penetration-, air-, immersion- and surface probe. Depending on the design the probe tips are suitable for temperature ranges of -50°C … +1100°C.
      • Outdoor probe

      • The B+B outdoor probes are ideally suited for measuring temperature outdoors. The sensor is constructed with a IP54 impact resistant and UV resistant plastic housing. The probe can be installed easily e.g. on an outdoor wall with just one screw.


        • Building automation
        • Heating / cooling / air-conditioning technology
      • Temperature modules / temperature transducers

      • We offer accurate reliable digital temperature measuring transducer in a miniaturised PCB design with modern ASIC technology - digitally calibrated for connecting Pt1000 sensors for measuring temperatures with a measuring range of -270…+1370 °C.

        For I²C bus applications, we offer temperature measurement platinum sensors. The intelligent B+B temperature module adjusts the non-linear signal of the pt1000 sensor and translates it into an I²C or voltage output.

        Our tTransducer module for standard housing PK 101 can be used for connecting platinum sensors to a SPS or to PC-cards, measuring transducers are needed, which implement the resistance change of the sensor in a standard current or voltage signal.

      • Thermocouple connectors

      • The thermocouple connectors are the ideal connection between components and thermocouple materials. B+B thermocouple connectors are used everywhere you measure and control temperature with thermocouples and where the portability of the measurement instruments respectively probes are the most important criteria. The different colours of our housings are analogue to the colour coding of the various national and international standards (DIN IEC 584-3, DIN EN 60584).Due to their design the thermocouple connectors are polarised and depending on the design (tpye K, J, S, T, N, R, B) usable for temperatures up to +900°C


        • Tempeature measurement with thermocouples
        • Industrial applications
      • Temperature measurement systems

      • B+B offers suitable temperature measuring devices for various applications whether for the expert in Industry and Laboraturary or the daily private usage. If you measure surfaces or core temperatures – even for demanding and easy measurement application – we can offer you the most suitable temperature measuring device. Please note to state the measuring range and the required accuracy and select according to the functions your device. We also offer you with the measurement unit the suitable handheld probe for your appllication.


        • Surface temperature measurement
        • Core temperature measurement
        • Air temperature measurement
        • Temperature measurement of liquids
      • Digital temperature measurement systems

      • The digital temperature measurement systems of B+B Thermo-Technik are pre-calibrated, ready to use (plug&play) and designed for direct connection to PC-systems. Thanks to the open communication protocols they can also be integrated in complex measurement automation processes supported through our softwares LabView® and ProfiLab. For a more comfortable Logger Software with graphical surface, for real time visualization of the measurement rates we can offer the PCLOG which dan be delivered subject to a charge on request


        • In complex measuremebt automation processes
        • Quality assurance
        • Room control
      • Infrared measurement instruments

      • Temperature measurement with infrared is often mandatory with moveable or difficultly accessable measurement objects. B+B Thermo-Technik offers you high precise infrared temperature measurement systems for the mobile handheld devices as well as for the stationary (DM-Series) applications.
        B+B has the right measurement system for many different kinds of surfaces and materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us for selecting the most suitable unit for your application.


        • Reliable temperature measurement with moving objects
        • Ideal for difficultly accessable measurement objects
        • Quick and non-contact temperature measurement
        • For non-contact measurement in the food industry

    • Since 1st August 2011 B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH has taken-over the whole business sector of the humidity – and pressure measurement technique of HYGROSENS INSTRUMENTS and produces innovative products for humidity measurement.
      B+B offers the optimal solution for your application and leads you competent and reliable from the idea to the development and the serial production!
      Please do not hesitate to contact us!

      In our online shop you can find a wide range of
      humidity probes, deliverable on stock. Furthermore you can find
      a wide range of accessories and measurement units!
        • Digital humidity- / temperature sensors HYT

        • With the HYT-sensors you measure the relative humidity and temperature. The measuring rates are transferred with I²C-Bus. Our HYT-sensors have a measuring range of 0 … 100% RH and -40 …+125°C. This results in a lot of application possibilities in different operating areas.


          • Cooling technology
          • Consumer products
          • Building automation
          • Medicine technique
          • Autoclaves
          • Drying technology
          • Laboratory
          • Pressure dew point
          • Handheld measurement instruments
          • Humidity transmitters
          • Industrial applications
          • Measurement technique
          • Sensor technology
        • Capacitive humidity sensors

        • Capacitive humidity sensors are mechanically robust, dew resistant, alcohol resistant and suitable for many application areas.


          • Hygrometer
          • Consumer products
          • Wheather stations
          • Room humidity measurement
          • Humidity controllers for sanitary vans
          • Heating technology
          • Cooling technology
          • Air conditioning technique
          • Humidifier and air dryer
          • medical humidity measurement, humidity measurement in automobiles
        • Resistive dew sensor

        • The resistive dew sensor with additional interdigital structure for detection of water and beginning condensation has a exponentially rising and resistive characteristic which grants a simple signal report and a stable switching performance at the dew formation threshold. The big area allows a optimized thermic contacting to register the surface humidity on cooled objects. For that purpose the dew sensors can be put on e.g. metalic materials. Application areas are building automation, control cabinets, cooling covers, shop windows, humidor devices, submersible pumps and other objects, which have to be protected against dew formation.
        • Electrolytic polymer sensor

        • A further sensor is an electrolytic polymer sensor for measuring relative humidity in the air. The sensor transforms the current humidity value to an impedance, which can be measured electrically. The physically measuring principle is based on the characteristics of a hygroscopic material, which changes the conductivity subject to the air humidity in the surroundings. Typical areas of applications are climate control, household appliances, office and communication equipment, building automation, climate technology, air humidifiers, air dryers.
        • Pressure proof humidity-temperature module

        • The B+B humidity-temperature module DHYT with I²C interface offers the optimal requirements for the usage in process controls and process automation. The DHYT is ideal for the usage in autoclaves and drying systems


          • Machinery engineering
          • Environmental technology
          • Plant construction
          • Medicine technique
          • Drying technology
        • humidity and temperature probes

        • The humidity modules (humidity or temperature) or humidity transducers (humidity or temperature) of B+B Thermo-Technik are characterized by their high accuracy, good long-term stability and also by their excellent price-performance ratio. The humidity modules or the humidity transmitter provide a linear scaled output signal of 0…5 V/ 0…10V/ 4…20 mA as well as an I²C Interface for analysis.
        • Humidity modules / transducers

        • The B+B Thermo-Technik humidity modules (humidity and temperature modules) or humidity transducers (humidity and temperature transducers) are characterized by their high accuracy, good long-term stability as well as a very good price-performance ratio. The humidity modules or transducers provide a linearly scaled output signal of 0…5 V/ 0…10 V/ 4…20 mA or an I²C interface for evaluation.
        • Hytelog Multisensor

        • The B+B humidity and temperature measuring system Hytelog Multisensor is an efficient measuring and recording system which can be connected to up to 3 sensors for temperature and humidity.


          • Control of storages, in the food industry, quality assurance or in the climate technology
          • Humidity measurement systems for customer specific projects, microcontroller applications (Windows or Linux)
        • Humidity and temperature probe with serial interface

        • Efficient humidity and temperature measurement system. The system is delivered with a compact measuring probe in a stainless steel housing with a sinterfilter. The measuring probe is calibrated which can be checked regarding to accuracy with the reference cells, also available at B+B. Of course we also offer a re-calibration.


          • Control of storages, in the food industry, quality assurance or in the climate technology
          • Humidity measurement systems for customer specific projects, Windows or Linux
        • Absolute humidity controller

        • The absolute humidity controller with SD-Card is an intuitive and easy useable switching device which allows you to keep the humidity in rooms in a constant area. The two probes of the absolute humidity controller measure the relative humidity and the temperature in outdoor area as well as in the indoor area,.The measured values are then worked out in the absolute humidity and dew point. With the measured and calculated values and the manually adjusted limit values the absolute humidity controller can decide by its own when it is essential to start a drying or a ventilation process.
        • Level controller

        • The level controller is ideal for the simultaneously control of the minimum and maximum liquid level in rainwater tanks or compressor-pressure tanks.


          • Water replenishment / Control of rainwater cisterns
          • Control of condensate reservoirs and compressor-pressure tanks, boilers, wells and sources, cattle troughs
          • Control of pumps
        • Dew point controller for flat suface

        • The condensation monitor is an electronical humidity switch which detects dew formation or beginning condensate formation on objects.


          • With cooling cealings to avoid condensation
          • In swimming halls and window panels to grant anti frog
          • In drinking water plants or industry plants to detect “sweats” in cold pipes
          • In halls and storages to detect condensation on cold outdoor walls or steel door or to protect stonework
        • Hygrostat (Humidity controllers)

        • The humidity regulator TW2001 is an electromechanical hygrostat for relative air humidity. Contrary to electronic units the hygrostat requires no auxiliary energy. The switch contact is of high rating and can be directly used for control of electric loads. Design for controlling air dryer. The contact switches-on in case of exceeding the stated limit value. Switching capacity 240 V AC / 5 A or a design for controlling a humidifier and an universal design with changeover contact.
        • Leakage detector with potential free switching output

        • The leakage alarm unit is working according to the operating principal of the electrolytic conductimetry. For detection and reporting of liquid splashes and for reduction of damages in high quality establishements and the building stock
        • Rain detector with case

        • The sensor surface reacts to rain or snow. The switching polarity and sensitivity are adjustable. To guarantee the function of the rain sensor even at temperatures below freezing it is equipped with an automatic heating system. The attachable heater prevents frosting and dew formation and accelerates drying. In the most sensitive adjustment the device even recognises fog.


          • Market gardens
          • Controlling of roof-lights
          • Controlling roller shutters and blindss
          • Building automation
        • Humidity controller

        • B+B offers you a humidity controller which is your support to avoid mould formation and building damages in humid areas such as showers, bathrooms, swimming halls and sanitary rooms. In addition to the time controlled automatic function via the light switch the unit offers a humidity control operation and switches on the fan at critical air humidity values and in that way it ensures a dry room climate.


          • Humidity controls in baths, WC, showers and further sanitary rooms
          • Kitchens and kitchenettes

      • Pressure measurement technique is used for measurements in liquids and gaseous medias. We offer you a wide product range from sensor elements to sensor modules and pressure measurement systems for you measuring application:
        • pressure sensors,
        • pressure transmitter,
        • pressure sensor modules

        In our online shop you can find a wide range of products for the brightness and motion measurement technique, available on stock, and also a wide range of accessories and measurement units!
          • Pressure sensors

          • Precise pressure measurement in liquids and gaseous media are possible thanks to the high-quality ceramic and stainless steel pressure sensors from B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH! Contrary to relative pressure sensors the back side of the ceramic pressure sensors exhausted and sealed. It is measured against vacuum. Due to the ceramic as material the senosr has an excellent resistance against aggrassive and corrosive mediums. Our stainles stell pressure sensors are measuring cells with thick films on stainless steel. An essential advantage is the high burst pressure.


            • Food Industry
            • Pneumatics
            • High pressure
            • Fuel pumps
            • Gases
            • Fuel cells
            • Industrial trucks
            • Cooling technology
            • Braking systems
          • Evaluation electronic for pressure sensors

          • With our evaluation electronic you can connect the ceramic as well as the stainless steel pressure sensors. Our universal evaluation electronic is made for an easy entry to the technology. Experienced users may also directly access to the register of the ASIC which is available as accessory “ZMD Labkit”. With access to the register they can adjust digitally.


            • Evaluation kit for pressure sensors
            • Evaluation- and reference design for ASIC based measurement amplifier
            • Signal processing with random measuring bridges

        • B+B offers a wide range of products for precise measurement of brightness in outdoors and indoors and for detection of motion, like our PIR sensors (passive infrared), which is the most common motion detector type. Furthermore our product range is completed by our B+B radar motion detectors which react to all movements towards the sensor in contrast to the PIR sensors which registers only objects with a temperature difference to the background. Our brightness sensors are protected against overvoltage and transients and therefore suitable for permanent use.
          Typical application areas for our brightness- and motion sensors:
          • Automatic control of illumination
          • Reporting of presence
          • OEM applications
          • Alarm and security technology
          • Fan controlling for bath and sanitary facilities
          • Automatic control of illumination through motion

          In our online shop you will find numerous products fo the brightness- and motion technique, deliverable on stock, as well as a wide range of accessories and measurement instruments!

          The following links will lead you to our online shop directly:
          • Brightness sensor 100000 Lux with transducer 0 … 10V
          • Radar motion detector module
          • Passive infrared motion detector
          • Miniature motion detector
          • Miniature motion module power consumption 40µA
          • Radar motion module with signal report
          • Brightness probe with sensor-switching module
            • Radar motion module

            • Radar motion detector modules can capture – in contrary to infrared motion detectors- „cold“ moving objects as well as objects with a temperature difference to the ambient temperature. Even under most difficult conditions smallest movements are detected precise.


              • Alarm units
              • Light management
              • Building automation
              • Sanitary technology (soap dispensers, wash basins)
              • Door opener
              • Machine-safety
            • Passive infrared motion detector

            • The motion detector module is suitable for numerous applications in which motion or attendance is registrated and thus switch operations hae to be triggered. The sensor reacts to the heat radiation of moving objects. The module has a timer as well as a high-performance relay output and hence is ideally suited for e.g. automatically controling lights. Due to the digital evaluation filter which is integrated in the ASIC the module is also ideally suited for alarm applications, where a high triggering safety has to be achieved.


              • Automatic illuminating devices
              • Alarm and security technology
              • Presence detection
              • Contactlesshygienic switches for the sanitary facilities
            • Miniature motion detector

            • The motion detector module is suitable for many applications where motion or presence is registered and so switching operations are caused. The sensor reacts to the heat radiation of moving objects
              The compact SMD module has some characteristic features which guarantee universal applicability despite its small size.Very high sensitivity, adjustable in 4 steps. Integrated window comparator, TTL- and CMOS-compatible open collector output with pullup, which can also control LEDs and relays directly. Additional analogue output for your own evaluation circuit.


              • Automatic illuminating devices
              • Alarm and security applications
              • Presence detection
              • Contactless hygienic switches for the sanitary facilities, building automation, OEM applications
            • Radar sensor IPM-165 and radar motion detector modules

            • Radar motion detector modules can capture – in contrary to infrared motion detectors- „cold“ moving objects as well as objects with a temperature difference to the ambient temperature. In contrary to passive infrared motion detectors, which only register objects with a temperature difference to the background, radar motion detector modules react to all kinds of movements towards the sensor. The motion sensitivity is very high, even the smallest movements are detected.


              • Level measurement
              • Sanitary appliances
              • Alarm and security applications
              • OEM applications
              • Automotive
            • Brightness sensor

            • The measurement of the illumination happens with a precise and long-term stable photodiode with industrial performance characteristics. The processing of the measuring signal takes place with the most modern sensor technology with an ASIC. The high sensitivity over a large area of illumination values and its wiring makes the brightness sensor applicable even under very bright lighting conditions. A high accuracy for typical control tasks over a large brightness area is the result of the 3-point calibration. Further advantages of the brightness sensor are the adjustment options between AC and DC supply voltage as well as the output of the measuring value as a 0-10 V standard signal.


              • Building automation, bright/dark switching operations
              • Sun sensor
              • Brightness sensor for rain-protected weather stations
              • brightness sensor for switching solar modules
              • brightness sensor under strong sun radiation
            • Brightness probe

            • Universal light probe for general applications. The moulded probe is robust and resistant against environmental influences. With the universal sensor switching module SENSW-MOD12V, SENSW-MOD24V, SENSW-GEH230V the light probe becomes a twilight switch for universal application areas.


              • Control of the outside lightning
              • Operating of the shades and the marquees in the winter garden
              • Alarm technology
              • Control of the outside lightning and monitoring of illuminating devices
          • Air quality

          • B+B offers optimal and innovative products to measure the air quality. Our products are suitable for the following applications:

            • School rooms
            • Offices
            • Business areas
            • Hotel rooms
            • Fitness rooms
            • Climate recording
            • Weather stations

            In our online shop you can find a wide range of products for the measurement of air quality, available on stock, and also a wide range of accessories and measurement units!

              • Sensormodule for dust detection

              • Through light scattering method the highly sensitive optical sensor detects particles of smoke, dust, cigarette smoke, pollen as well as house dust pores and mite dust in ambient air starting at a particle dimension of 1 µm. Areas of application: Air purifiers, Air-analysis and control systems, airconditioners, vents & fans, smoke exhaust, smoking lauchnes, innovations for allergy sufferers. Special saving potential laysin the exact regulation of control units.


                • Air purifiers
                • Air-analysis and control systems
                • Airconditioners
                • Vents and Fans
                • Smoke exhaust
                • Innovations for allergy sufferers
              • kiro air CO2 traffic / measuring device

              • The kiro air measures the CO2 concentration of room air, temperature and humidity and shows the current values ​​on a paper-white display. The air quality is displayed using a CO2 traffic light and also warns with a signal ton. The compact CO2 measuring device was developed to monitor the quality of the room air in the simplest possible way and to be able to quickly initiate necessary measures.


                • Living rooms
                • Work and office spaces
                • Schools, classrooms
                • Seminar rooms
                • Other closed rooms with a large number of people
            • Accessories

            • In addition to our range of temperature products, especially temperature probes, we also offer a wide spectrum of accessories.
              You have a wide range of connection heads: type B, MA and BINOX, thermo cables, turned parts, probe caps, bayonet springs, screw-in fitting nipples, screw-in sleeves, protection tubes and other accessories
                • Turned parts

                • B+B offers you a wide range of turned parts.
                  Among other things for example compression glands (G1/4“, G1/2“, M8x1), protective tubes made of 1.4571 and1.4301 stainless steel
                • Cables

                • Our range fulfills the corresponding thermo cable for your application. For example, helical cable, copper wire, thermo wire and compensating cable.
                • General accessories

                • B+B is able to offer you a wide range of quality accessories for all your thermocouple connectors and temperature probes. These include compression clamps, connection heads, protection tubes, ceramic terminal blocks, bayonet caps and various fittings
              • Technologies

                  • CNC

                  • We use the latest CNC technique for the manufacturing of turned and milled part. Due to the additional use of CAM geometrical datas can be read directly from CAD. These results in a more efficient use of the CNC machinery.

                    The usage of these technologies allows us the processing of:
                    • High-alloyed acid-resistant steels
                    • Nonferrous metals
                    • Plastics
                  • Electronics

                  • Safe measurement technik with the lates electronics technology:
                    • Efficient and quick working with the ASIC technology
                    • High-precise reconciliation in our calibration laboratories for temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness and motion
                    • Own assembly plant allos a high flexibility
                    • ESD conform working areas
                  • Temperature

                  • Our product range for temperature measurement extends from the manufacturing of sensors or resistant thermometers to thermocouples. We offer for numerous applications the suitable measurement technique – from OEM applications to special industry solution

                    Our aim is to fullfill the requirement of our customers for innovative and standard products.
                    • Development and manufacturing of temperature probes
                    • High precision temperature measurement
                    • Wide product range
                    • Customer specific solutions
                    • Different temperature applications of -200°C to +1800°C
                    • OEM applications
                  • Humidity

                  • A lot of technical processes are dependent or suggestible of the air humidity. In order to secure smooth production processes it is essential to detect the air humidity. Mostly the relative humidity serves as a reference quantity.

                    As the relative air humidity is very dependent on the temperature we offer you reliable measurement systems, which combine a wide range of humidity – and temperature sensors, for the control of the air humidity. These measurement instruments are especially suitable for the cooling – and airconditioning technology as well as for the building automation.

                    Product range:
                    • Humidity sensors
                    • Humidity probes
                    • Humidity modules / transducers
                    • Humidity- and temperature measurement units
                    • Digital humidity measurement systems
                    • Humidity switching devices / controllers
                    • customer specific calibration
                  • Pressure

                  • In processes where you have to measure in liquids and gaseous medias you need pressure measurement technique. We offer you for your application a wide range from sensors to sensor modules as well as pressure measurement systems.
                    • customer specific design and temperature compensated, precise calibration
                    • precise pressure measurement in liquids and gaseous medias
                    • Pressure sensors
                    • Pressure modules
                    • Pressure transducer
                    • Pressure measurement from -1 bar (vacuum) to 2500 (3000) bar
                • Industries

                    • Automotive

                    • B+B provides the leading enterprises in the automotive industry with customer-specific developed measuring probes.The highly developed sensors of B+B make it possible to built better and better vehicles.

                      • Mineral insulated thermocouples
                      • Screw-in probe (e.g. Pt200)
                      • Temperature probe for pipes
                      • Infrared sensors
                      • Outside air temperature sensors
                      • Cooling liquid temperature sensors
                      • Oil temperature sensors
                      • High pressure sensors (Common Rail)
                      • Oil pressure sensor
                    • Mechanical engineering

                    • B+B delivers various temperature probes according to the requirements of the machinery industry. We develop customer-specific solutions but also provide a wide range of standard products for various applications.

                      • Mineral insulated thermocouples with connection cable
                      • Screw-in probe
                      • Resistance thermometer
                      • Cable probe with cable adapter 90°
                      • Temperature probe with connection head
                      • Mounting controllers and indicators
                      • Surface probes
                      • High quality pressure transducers 4…20 mA
                      • Humidity- and temperature probes 4…20 mA
                    • Medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy

                    • B+B offers temperature sensors for different measurement applications of the biotechnology, pharmacy and medical technology. The excellent long-term behaviour of the B+B temperature probes regarding frequent temperature changes and precise measuring values predestines these products:
                      • Mineral insulated thermocouples
                      • Screw-in probes
                      • Screw-in probes
                      • Cable probes
                      • Autoclaves probes
                      • Temperature- / humidity modules
                      • Infrared measurement
                      • CO2 measurement systems
                    • Enviromental technology

                    • B+B delivers a wide range of products for the various applications in the environmental technology. Toxicity has no chance as B+B has the best measurement solutions.

                      • Gas sampling probes
                      • VOC sensor modules for room ambient
                    • White goods

                    • B+B delivers temperature probes for the use in household appliances. Thanks to well-engineered products and well-established production processes B+B provides its customers with a highly reliable, precise and long-lasting sensor technology.

                      • Temperature probes for ovens and cooking chambers
                      • Screw-in probes
                      • Penetration probe
                      • Penetration probes for food
                      • Cable probes
                    • Building automation

                    • Building automation
                      B+B delivers various components for the building automation. They include e.g. temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, switching modules, control devices, brightness and motion sensors as well as probes for detecting of liquid level or devices for the measuring of air quality, like the innovative VOC-probe. Additionally we offer a wide range of services such as the development of individuel OEM-products or our calibration service.

                      • Temperature probes (collector probes, probes for tubes, screw-in probes, outdoor probes)
                      • Temperature- and humidity measurement systems
                      • Tripple sensor (CO2, temperature, air humidity)
                      • VOC-sensor
                      • Sauna probes
                      • Humidity controllers
                      • Dew point controller
                      • Rain detector
                      • Level controller for liquids, liquid level probes
                      • Leakage unit
                      • Brightness sensor,brightness probe
                      • Motion sensor module
                      • Controller, indicator
                      • Datalogger
                      • wheather protection housing / heat absorption hat
                    • Food

                    • In the food industry the hygienic recording and controlling of temperature is an essential factor. B+B delivers optimized temperature sensors for the hygienic application in the food industry. They include e.g. temperature probes which are adapted for the hygienic use in the food industry like the B+B temperature probe with connection head BINOX and the screw in and penetration probes as well as contact-free infrared measurement technology, indicators and controllers, digital and infrared thermometers and temperature and humidity measuring devices.

                      • Customer specific temperature probes
                      • Accessories for temeperature probes
                      • Mounting controllers and indicators
                      • Thermocouple connectors
                      • Temperature humidity probes
                      • Temperature- and humidity measurement units
                      • Infrared – temperature measurement technique