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  • Offer Profile
  • AT – Automation Technology is an internationally known manufacturer of thermography systems and 3D sensors. Founded in 1998, the company has more than 15 years of experience in delivering the industry with high-quality vision components and application solutions.

    With a wide range of thermography systems, AT provides customers reliable solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT), automation and monitoring of industrial plants.
Product Portfolio
  • 3D Sensors for Scans by Means of Laser-Triangulation

  • Trough our CX series, we offer OEMs precise 3D sensors for measurements by means of laser triangulation. The CX sensors are characterized by high resolutions (up to 12 megapixel) and high speed(up to 200,000 profiles/s).
      • C5-CS Series

        • Sensors withIntegrated Laser Line Generator
        • Profile Resolution up to 4096 Points/Profiles (4K Ultra-HD)
        • Integrated 3D Evaluation Algorithms with up to 200 kHz
        • Enhanced 3D Imaging Technology (HDR-3D)
        • Support of GigE Vision and GenICam-Standard
        • Robust Enclosure with IP67
        • M12 Connectors for Industrial Use
        • Service-Friendly Design
        • Connection for Laser Protection / Emergency-Stop Function
        • Sophisticated 3D Scan Features like Autostart, Automatic-AOI-Tracking, Multiple AOIS, etc.
      • C2 Series

      • The C2 models are based on a new slim design that reduces weight and size as well as the pricing. The C2 series consists of the models C2-640-GigE, C2-2040-GigE and C2-2040HS-GigE which mainly differ in its specifications of resolution and measuring speed. The C2-2040HS-GigE comes with a resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels and delivers a profile frequency of max. 25 kHz. The C2-640-GigE on the other hand features a sensor with 648 x 488 pixels and reaches a measuring speed of up to 15 kHz. The housing is equipped with the protection class IP67 and due its easy handling and low costs, the C2 camera series is the perfect solution for a wide range of different 3D applications.
        • Measuring Speed up to 25.000 kHz
        • Resolution up to 2048 x 1088 Pixel
        • Compact and robust Enclosure with IP67
        • Industrial-Suited Connectors
        • Compatible to GigE Vision Standard and GenICam-Protocol
        • Integrated Evaluation Algorithms (MAX, TRSH, COG, FIR-PEAK)reach maximal Profilerate, independently of the chosen Algorithms and ist Parameters.
      • C4 Series: Highspeed 3D Sensors with High Resolution

      • The C4-Series consists of 3 different 3D-Sensors that feature measuring speeds of up to 71,5 kHz and an resolutions of maximal 12 Megapixel, depending on the model. The integrated C4 processor detects the height-profile of the measured surface with a sub-pixel precision of up to 1/64 of a pixel without losing speed. The data-exchange is based on a Gibabit-Ethernet interface and complies with the GigE-Vision standard. The use of this standard reduces integration efforts by the user considerably. The setup of the camera is done in a very fast and simple way per Plug & Play through the GenICam protocol.
        • Highspeed 3D-Sensors for Scans by means of Laser-Triangulation
        • Profile Speeds of up to 71,5 kHz
        • Resolutions of up to 12 Megapixel
        • Integrated 3D Profile Algorithms: MAX, TRSH, COG, FIR-PEAK
        • Precise 3D Imaging with HDR-3D-Technology
        • Sophisticated 3D-Scan Features like Automatic AOI-Tracking, Automatic AOI-Search, Autostart, Multi-AOIs, etc.
        • GigE Vision and GenICam Compliant
      • C5 Series: 3D Sensors with Ultra-HD-Resolution

      • The 3D-Sensors of the new C5 Series come with resolutions of up to 12-Megapixel and collect the 3D data with measuring speeds of up to 200,000 Profiles per second (depending on the model). The developers have devoted special attention to industrial suitability and have equipped the 3D sensors with a ruggedized housing (IP67), M12 connectors, air barriers and many more features.

        Until now, 3D-recordings in a two-digit megapixel resolution were reserved only for the camera C4-4090-GigE. The C5 Series combines the high-resolution characteristics of the C4 camera with the compact and ruggedized design of the C2 sensor family, merging thanks to state-of-the-art technology the best of both worlds. The result is ultra-high resolution high-speed 3D-sensors that enable a reliable industrial use even in harsh environments.

    • Infrared cameras record and analyse thermal radiation. Thus our infrared monitoring solutions detect conditions that optical applications cannot identify and start countermeasures in good time.
        • Thermography Systeme for Monitoring of Industrial Plants

        • IRMonitor is a flexible solution concept for early fire detection and temperature monitoring of industrial plants by means of thermography. Infrared cameras detect objects through their thermal radiation and are able to perceive certain characteristics regarding the condition of these objects, which conventional cameras cannot pick up. IRMonitor is thereby able to detect potentially hazardous situations based on critical temperature developments and to initiate security measures.

          With its combinable hardware and software modules, IRMonitor offers a flexible solution for early fire detection and plant monitoring. An IRMonitor system can be set up with a large number of infrared cameras so that even large areas with many different angles can be fully monitored. This allows reliable system solutions for both simple and complex applications that can easily be adapted to suit the customer’s specific requirements.

          Typical Applications:
          • Rafineries
          • Chemical Plants
          • Gas and Oil Production

          Steel Ldle Monitoring
          Torpedo Car Monitoring
          Slag Detection
          Continuous Casting Monitoring
        • Thermography Systems for Early Fire Detection

        • IRMonitor is a flexible solution concept for early fire detection and temperature monitoring of industrial plants by means of thermography. Infrared cameras detect objects through their thermal radiation and are able to perceive certain characteristics regarding the condition of these objects, which conventional cameras cannot pick up. IRMonitor is thereby able to detect potentially hazardous situations based on critical temperature developments and to initiate security measures.

          An IRMonitor system can be set up with a large number of infrared cameras so that even large areas with many different angles can
          be fully monitored. Automated self-checking image evaluation
          ensures that hazardous situations can be detected around the

          Typical Applications:
          • Chemistry and Oil Production
          • Coal Storages
          • Wood Processing
          • Biomass Warehouses
          • Waste/Recycling Facilities
          • Conveyor Belts

      • With active thermography, hidden defects in all manner of materials can be detected. Our  ndt solutions are not only compact and user-friendly but also come with short measuring times and certain inspection results.
          • Mobile NDT Systems for Maintenance

          • The mobile inspection system called C-CheckIR uses active thermography for the reliable detection of delaminations, water inclusions, debondings, etc. in composite materials. C-CheckIR fulfills the requirements of DIN 54192 for Non-destructive testing with active thermography and is suitable for several aircraft testing procedures (e.g. Airbus NTM 55-40-50 or Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-04, 53-30-01). ). C-CheckIR is easy to operate and does not require any extensive training. The complete inspection head of C-CheckIR is mounted on a light support frame that only needs to be placed at the right position on the object to be inspected. The system is controlled from a handy tablet-PC through a very intuitive user interface. For the most common materials, such as CRP or GRP, C-CheckIR already features pre-set inspection parameters, so that the operator can start measuring right away. Of course, the inspection parameters can be easily adjusted if required.
            • Non-Destructive Inspection Process
            • Short Measuring Times
            • Optimized for Mobile Use
            • Easy to Use
            • Imaging Measuring Results
          • Compact NDT Systems for In-Line Productions

          • Compact NDT Inspection Heads
            The uncooled infrared camera, specially developed for NDI-tasks, offers a thermal sensitivity until now known only from thermal imagers with cooled detector. Moreover, all required components and functions have already been integrated into the inspection-head.

            The communication with the C-CheckIR Sensor takes place through a standard Ethernet cable, simplifying the connection of one or more Sensor heads to an evaluation system. The amount of components in the system has been reduced to a minimum, simplifying not only its installation, but also the required space and weight for mobile applications. The inspection heads are available with one, two and four excitation sources, enabling covering an area ranging from around 300 x 400 mm up to 1 m² per measurement. For the NDI measurements, the inspection heads support the techniques of Pulsed- and Lockin-Thermography with user-selectable excitation-patterns and frequencies.

            For an active thermography measurement, the sensor-head needs only to be connected to a laptop or desktop computer with the IrNDT analysis software. So, with C-CheckIR Sensor, AT offers its customers a very flexible NDT system that supports different evaluation methods and that can be used for mobile inspections as well as for Inline production processes.
          • NDT Systems for Research & Development Laboratories (R&D)

          • IrNDT is a high-quality solution for non-destructive testing of sundry materials. The setup captivates by its modular architecture and supports all known NDT techniques .

            We devote special attention to a user-friendly design and efficient use. Therefore, we maintain a regular exchange with our customers and redesign our ndt systems continuously. In this way we can provide ndt systems that are suitable for many types of applications.
            • Suitable for many Materials
            • Modular Software Architecture enables Easy Upgrading of System Solutions
            • Very flexible measuring and evaluation algorithms for application-specific inspections
            • Graphical interface for easy setup of measuring parameters
            • Integrated script-engine for the creation of Macros forsolving complex inspection tasks
            • Integrated COM/DCOM automation interface for control and data exchange
            • Presets of parameters for the inspection of the most common materials

            • Industrial Infrared Cameras

                • IRSX Series: Smart Infrared Cameras

                • IRSX smart infrared cameras are self-contained, industrial grade thermal imaging systems. Consistently designed as all-in-one solutions they combine a calibrated thermal imager, a powerful computing unit and a variety of industrial interfaces in a rugged housing small enough to fit in the tightest of space. Once installed, IRSX-I cameras communicate directly with your process control, providing an outstanding functionality for Smart Industry 4.0.
                • FLIR A35, A65, A15, A5: Compact Infrared Cameras with an Attractive Price

                • The models FLIR A35, A65, A15 and A5 are compact designed infrared cameras with an attractive price. The models of FLIR Systems’ AXX series are the perfect solution for those applications that only require the benefits of a thermal image but do not need exact temperature measurement. The FLIR AXX models feature the GigE communication protocol and are compatible to the GenICam Standard. Due to this the integration and configuration can be completed in a quickly and easily.
                • FLIR A615: Infrared Camera for Automation and Monitoring

                • FLIR A615 targets monitoring and automation applications and is a perfect instrument for industries which rely on permanent monitoring of objects that are fast moving or when the temperature changes over time is quiet fast. The infrared camera FLIR A615 also complies with standards like GigE Vision and GenICam. Due to its compliance to standards, FLIR A615 is a Plug&Play device wich is easy to integrate in existing vision systems.
                • FLIR A315: Infrared Camera for IR Monitoring & Automation

                • The FLIR A315 is designed for integration into machine vision and automation systems for implementation of non-contact imaging and temperature measurements. It has standard interfaces for easy deployment and connections to back-end systems and networks via Gigabit Ethernet. This means that the camera provides a high level of flexibility in developing the command and control program.
                • FLIR A310: Infrared Camera for Automation and Monitoring

                • The FLIR A310 belongs to the new generation of fixed infrared cameras and breaks new ground in many ways. For example, it is equipped with a number of essential functions, such as power supply via Ethernet or MPEG-4 video streaming. This infrared camera can be operated in a network via Ethernet connection and, with the appropriate settings for alarm thresholds, can independently perform control and alarming tasks via the digital inputs and outputs. The A-Series consists of compact and cost-effective infrared cameras that can be completely controlled via a PC. This camera model has an uncooled detector with 320 x 240 pixels and is ideal for thermography applications in automation and monitoring.
                • FLIR A300: IR Camera for Automation & Monitoring

                • The infrared camera FLIR A300 can be installed discretely almost anywhere to monitor industry plants or processes and its ideal for applications where temperature trends are very important. The infrared camera features best available standards like power supply via Ethernet or MPEG-4 video streaming. A300 allows you to see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.
                • FLIR A310f: Infrared camera with Enclosures

                • The FLIR A310f comes with an infrared camera and a suitable enclosure (IP66). F-Series thermal security cameras not only let you see intruders and other threats to your facility clearly in total darkness, but it also protects your infrared camera in applications with harsh environments. Furthermore, this infrared camera are equipped with a heater to defrost their protective windows. Otherwise the IR cameras used are identical to other models of the A-Series. Among other features the A310f offers an uncooled detector and an Ethernet connection for network operations. This is why the A310f of FLIR Systems means an ideal infrared camera for automation and surveillance duties.
                • FLIR A310pt: Infrared camera with pan-tilt unit

                • The infrared camera with pan-tilt unit FLIR A310pt enables you to distribute single- or multi-camera solutions that cover vast areas. Utilizing standard Ethernet hardware and software protocols, you can more efficiently control Pile Monitoring, Warehouse Monitoring, Vessel Monitoring, Heat Exchanger Monitoring and Sub-station Monitoring. The FLIR A310pt is an affordable solution for problems demanding built-in smartness, such as image analysis and alarm functionality. Its precision pan-tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality. Multi-sensor configurations also include a day/night zoom color CCD camera on the same pan-tilt package.
                • FLIR AX8: Temperatursensor

                • The FLIR AX8 daylight and thermal imaging camera is enclosed in a small, affordable housing. This sensor provides continuous temperature monitoring and alarming, ensuring continuous condition monitoring of important electrical and mechanical equipment. AX8 provides early detection of temperature-dependent problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, making it the ideal temperature sensor for continuous condition monitoring and fire protection in control cabinets, processing and manufacturing facilities, data centers, mass transportation facilities, power plants and storage facilities.
              • Infrared Cameras for NDT and R&D

                  • Compact Infrared Camera for NDT Applications

                  • The IRS-NDT is an infrared camera specially developed for NDT applications. It has a high temperature sensitivity and is ideally suited for uncooled NDT (non-destructive testing) applications due to its integrated intelligence. Due to its extremely compact design, the camera takes up very little space when integrated into systems or protective housings. Data transmission is enabled via a Gigabit Ethernet interface and guarantees fast and flexible data transmission even over long distances (up to 100m). For NDT applications that require a compact solution, we recommend using the IRSX-NDT camera in combination with our C-CheckIR sensor probe. Together, both components literally set new standards in the size and complexity of thermographic NDT systems. This enables their use in many new application areas such as mobile maintenance or quality inspection in the production process.
                  • FLIR X8400sc: Infrared Camera with High Sensitivity

                  • The FLIR X8400sc thermal imaging camera is designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity. The IR camera means an ideal solution for R&D and NDT applications. State-of-the-art connectivity and ease of use allow the user to concentrate on the measurements and not on the camera.
                  • FLIR X6000 Series: High-end Infrared Cameras for NDT and F&E

                  • The FLIR X6000sc Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity. They are ideal for R&D and ndt applications. State-of-the-art connectivity and ease of use allow the user to concentrate on the experiment and not on the camera.
                  • FLIR A6700sc Series: Cooled High-End Infrared Cameras

                  • Designed for electronics inspections, medical thermography, manufacturing monitoring, and non-destructive testing, the A67XXsc camera series of FLIR Systems is ideal for high-speed thermal events and fast-moving targets. Short exposure times allow users to freeze motion and achieve accurate temperature measurements.
                  • FLIR A6600/A6650: High Speed Thermal Imaging Camera

                  • Manufacturing and process engineering specialists use the thermal imaging cameras FLIR A6600 / A6650 with great success for a full range of automation applications. Practical uses include: automated inspections, process control, condition monitoring, fire prevention & detection, and continuous optical gas imaging.

                    Powerful cooled FLIR A66xx-Series thermal cameras can help you see minute temperature differences, capture high speed processes and thermal events, measure temperatures of very small targets, and synchronize with other measuring devices.
                • AUTOMATION SYSTEMS

                • The temperature means an imortant factor for many industrial processes. With our infrared imaging software IRControl, you can automate measurement, evaluation and control tasks in real-time.
                      • IRControl Infrared Imaging in Real-Time

                      • IRControl is the first all-in-one software package for infrared image processing in real time. It provides the basis for measurement, evaluation and control tasks in industrial automation, R&D and other challenging applications. Even complex tasks in industry can be realised in a short time without major programming work.

                        You can create workspaces, defining all the measurement, evaluation and control functions you need for your particular requirements without programming with the graphic interface. Should your task require complex automated processing, you can use the integrated macro engine from IRControl which provides full access to the main functions of IRControl through macro commands.

                        Should your task require complex automated processing, you can use the integrated Macro Engine from IRControl which provides full access to the main functions of IRControl through macro commands.

                        • Graphical User-Interface for Easy Creation of Application-Specific Workspaces
                        • Very Flexible Measuring and Analysis Functions, inclusive Emissivity Adjustment and Image Subtraction
                        • Remote Control and Data Transfer via COM / DCOM Automation Interface
                        • Field of View Enlargement by Operation of the Infrared Camera on a Pan-Tilt Unit
                        • Highspeed Recording of Image Sequences and Measuring Values
                        • Integrated Script-Engine for the Creation of Macros for Solving Complex Inspection Processes
                        • OPC Server Support

                        Typical Applications:
                        • Thermoforming
                        • Inspection of Electronic Components
                        • Inspection of Weldings
                  • Markets and Solutions

                      • Iron & Steel

                        • Condtion Monitoring of Steel Ladles
                        • Torpedo Car Monitoring
                        • Process Monitoring and Control in Continuous Casting
                        • Slag Detection
                      • Aerospace

                        • In-Service Testing (NTMs Boeing, Airbus)
                        • In-Production Testing
                        • Inspection of Turbine Blades
                        • R&D testing systems
                      • Plastics

                        • In-Production NDT of Composite Materials
                        • Mobile In-Service Systems
                        • NDT Laboratory Systems for Composites
                        • Process Monitoring and Control
                        • Thermoforming
                      • Automotive

                        • In-Production Testing
                        • R&D Testing Systems
                        • Tire Inspection
                        • Adhesive Inspection
                        • Welding Seam Inspection
                        • Early Fire Detection in Tire Stocks
                      • Petrochemistry

                        • Early Fire Detection in Chemistry and Oil Storages
                        • Process Monitoring
                        • Condition Monitoring
                        • Gasifier Monitoring
                      • Energy Supply

                        • Monitoring of Substations
                        • Condition Monitoring of Power Transformators and Electrical Systems
                        • Early Fire Detection in Coal Storages and Conveyors
                      • Elektronics

                        • Solar Cell Inspection
                        • Circuit Board Testing
                        • Testing of Heat Transfer of Power Devices
                      • Wood Industry

                        • Surface inspection
                        • Quality Control and Sorting
                        • Early Fire Detection in Wood and Paper Storages