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Business Profile

Two partners, one company, one vision – founded by German engineers and the Shenyang Yuanda Aluminium Industry Group, Yuanda Robotics unites the best of two cultures to create quality that makes a difference. Together, we are committed to advancing the evolution of robotics and to making robots accessible to everyone. We develop robots that are as approachable as an ordinary power tool and as easy to use as a smartphone.

While we are experts in all technical aspects of robotics development, what really matters to us is the human factor. For Yuanda Robotics, people are at the center of every decision. We want to positively shape the future of work, to make work places safer and more ergonomic, and to help make increasingly-automated work environments accessible to all.

Our robot feels, sees, and understands. It perceives its environment, constantly learns new things, and finds solutions. That’s what we are striving to do as well. Our vision: robots that serve people from setup to deployment – collaborative, intuitive, friendly.

Starting from scratch with a highly-motivated team, we showcased our first collaborative robots at the Hannover Messe 2018 after only one year of development. This year, we proudly present the next evolution and our final products.

After completing the certification process, the Yuanda Robot will be available in October 2019.

Our Background
When it comes to the complex field of robotics development, our international team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, each bringing indispensable skills to the table.

Yuanda Robotics’ founding members are teaching and conducting research at university level in the wide field of mechatronics while fostering a deep practical knowledge of today’s industries as managing directors of FORWARDttc, partner firm of Yuanda Robotics. Here, they apply their skills to drive automation and integrate robotics systems for a diverse set of clients. Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Group, the funding investor of Yuanda Robotics, contributes an established infrastructure founded on years of experience and expertise in material manufacturing and processing.