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  • Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

    An award-winning pioneer in guidance, navigation and control technologies, Guidance Automation has over 30 years’ experience in developing advanced solutions for the global robotic vehicle market and has thousands of systems in service.

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Product Portfolio
  • Innovative guidance and navigation solutions for intelligent, autonomous transport vehicles

  • Our product portfolio includes kingpiN™ generic vehicle controller, moNitrav™ fleet management system and a range of navigation solutions including state-of-the-art landmark/natural feature navigation.

      • Converting your manual vehicles to automated vehicles

      • Our state-of-the-art technologies can be used to:

        • Automate your own manual vehicles
        • Provide navigation systems for AGVs
        • Replace your line-following technology with ‘virtual line’ technology using your existing AGV
          • Navigation Systems

          • Our three navigation systems have been developed to provide the solutions best suited to the different environments in which automated vehicles operate.

              • BEACON
                The World's Highest Accuracy Target Positioning System

              • Pinpoint accuracy from target-based laser navigation - ideal for large areas

                Beacon is an all-in-one integrated laser scanner and navigation module.

                It provides a highly accurate navigation solution via a laser which is usually mounted high-up on the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to provide clear line of sight to a well-distributed set of reflective targets.

                To identify these reflective targets Beacon uses a rotating, slightly fanned, laser beam that covers a full 360-degree area (or a combination of scanners if mounted lower).

                By measuring the distance and angle to these targets from the laser scanner, it is possible to determine a vehicle’s precise location at any time during a given process or journey.

              • SCENE
                A Versatile Guidance System

              • A camera or laser scanner based flexible solution for ‘fixed’ infrastructure environments, easily adapted for all vehicles

                Scene is a unique 2D laser-based navigation solution for guiding autonomous vehicles.

                It derives range and bearing to natural surfaces, so consequently the vehicles position from fixed structures within its operating environment.

                This makes Scene one of the most versatile, adaptable guidance systems available.


              • Vaporline
                Navigation by virtual lines and tags

              • Navigation by virtual lines and tags

                The traditional line following AGV is a robot which follows a pre-defined path controlled by a feedback mechanism. The path can be visible, like a coloured line on the floor, or a magnetic material or wire buried in the floor.

                These systems have significant drawbacks as a physical line needs to be applied either to the surface of the floor (which is unsightly and subject to damage when other vehicles cross them) or buried in the floor which is expensive and less flexible if the path has to be changed.

                At Guidance Automation we have developed a unique solution; Vaporline, which requires no physical lines to be applied to the floor of your facility.

            • Vehicle Control & Route Management

                • Scalable traffic management system for material handling applications

                • kingpiN™ supports all vehicle drive configurations and forms the central component of a scalable Guidance Navigation, and Control solution.

                  A smart controller specifically designed and built for robotic vehicle applications. A built-in pedigree that accelerates robotic vehicle development without compromising the user’s ability to stay in control of vehicle functionality.

                  Ready to use with a range of navigation/localisation technologies and third-party traction and steer motor drives. A truly modular solution, allowing user choice and easy adaptation to application needs.

                  kingpiN™ can provide position by using the optional onboard and external navigator / localiser solution that can determine a vehicle’s position by:

                  • Natural feature/contour
                  • Reflector constellation
                  • Surface-based reference marks e.g. RFID, lines, barcodes
                  • GPS/GNSS
                  • Inertial navigation

                  Used in vehicle applications including: Mobile conveyors, Tow tractors, Pedestrian tugs, submarine AGV, Pallet trucks, Fork lift Trucks, Floor Cleaning Machines, Autonomous Mobile Pick Carts/Robots, Surface printing vehicles.

                  All systems are supported by our engineering teams who have 25 years’ experience in pioneering autonomous vehicle guidance technologies.

                  Reduced development cost, reduced time to market, access to proven state of the art guidance and navigation technologies.
                • Scalable traffic management system for material handling applications

                • Always on the fast track, always on time, always there.

                  Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav™ manages the movement of autonomous vehicles around the work environment to ensure optimal process throughput and effective use of resources.

                  Harnessing the power of Industry 4.0, moNitrav™ provides:
                  Dynamic route and task optimisation for “Always on fast track” operation
                  Real time adaptation to changing demands and throughput requirements
                  On demand task injection and prioritisation
                  On route task cancellation/re-routing
                  Easy interface to warehouse management, production management and a range of specialist materials handling systems (e.g. baggage handling)

                  Implement right first time solutions and rapidly achieve ROI.
                  PC simulation mode enables users to determine the optimal autonomous transport strategy and number of vehicles required to achieve desired throughputs before commitment to major investment.

                  Optimize throughput and react to changing demands and busy period congestion:
                  moNitrav™ analytics: Re-running the same routes regardless of operational demands and traffic situations results in inefficiencies, unnecessary queues, lost time and revenue and less than optimal use of resources. SMART analytics monitor conditions in real time for continuous and dynamic fleet schedule and routing optimisation
                  moNitrav™ dynamic fleet routing: real time, dynamic routing to ensure your loads are picked and fast tracked to the correct location in the most efficient way. Multi vehicle type fleets supported
                  moNitrav™ real time scheduling: dynamic job allocation for optimal throughput and priority job injection for last minute or on-demand orders, job cancellation and re-routing
                  traNsitrak: Independent vehicle operation for a stand-alone or small vehicle fleet operation.
                  • For simple repeated vehicle schedules that follow a repeated pattern.
                  • Allows user- defined changes to routes and on-demand calls.
                  • Vehicle, routes, tasks and schedules are defined in moNitrav™. A generated file is then downloaded to vehicle memory for independent vehicle operation, e.g. Fixed path (route to A to B to C to D etc.).
                  • Vehicle/s can operate without wireless connectivity.
              • Autonomous Mobile Robots for Piece Picking Applications

              • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) helping you Work Smarter
                Minimise repetitive and unproductive tasks in pick and place applications including e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing, distribution and production.
                Our collaborative AMRs can easily be deployed to enhance existing operations without disruption or reconfiguration and contribute an immediate and significant improvement in throughput efficiency and error reduction.

                • REDUCE time operatives spend DRIVING/WALKING
                • REDUCE pick/place ERRORS
                • OPTIMIZE throughput with INTELLIGENT task ordering/route selection
                • FOCUS operatives on VALUE-ADD work
                • ADAPT to fluctuating demand/seasonal peaks
                • No need to change your working environment

                  • AMRCore-100

                  • Industry-proven Autonomous Mobile Robot starter kit.
                  • troNic

                  • Universal Autonomous Mobile Robot designed to support a wide range of applications. Bespoke tops to suit application.
                  • iNcaart

                  • Conveyor-topped AMR capable of loading boxes, totes, or similar onto briNgbot or to/from conveyor systems.
                  • briNgbot

                  • Pick-assist AMR used for tasks such as transporting from Pick-to-Light to packing stations.