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  • Expertise:
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Remote sensing and environmental monitoring
    • Remote inspection and repair
    • Biologically inspired engineering
    • Robot design, fabrication and testing
    • Autonomous control
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  • The research of the Aerial Robotics Laboratory focuses on the design, fabrication and testing of next generation flying robots and it employs biological inspiration as a key design methodology to achieve high performance systems.

    The applications that we focus on include search and rescue operations, inspection and in-situ repair with flying robots, assisted agriculture, environmental monitoring and exploration of hazardous environments.

    Current research topics include:
    • Bio-inspired construction with aerial robots.
    • Hybrid locomotion for robots to move in air, water, on ground and in forest environments.
    • Aerial robots as tools to study the evolution of flight.
      • Research

          • The AquaMAV Project

          • The development of a multimodal Aquatic Micro Air Vehicle (AquaMAV).
          • Aerial Construction

          • Versatile construction methods and mechanisms for flying robots.
          • Microrocket Thrusters

          • High power density propulsion systems for micro scale flying machines.
          • Robots for Tropical Forests

          • Monitoring of the effects of climate change using aerial robots adapted for tropical forests.
          • Jumping Robots

          • Locomotion for miniature robots in unstructured terrain using bioinspired jumping.
          • Perching

          • Research into the mechanisms and flight mechanics of landing in unstructured terrain.