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  • Youth Fusion is an award-winning, non-partisan charity that establishes innovative partnerships between high schools and universities, in an effort to counter high school dropout rates, by creating and implementing projects that engage youth and keep them interested in school.
Product Portfolio
  • Projects

    • Science and technology

    • Science or engineering students help the students to develop science projects, and organize end-of-year Science Fairs.
      Technology is integral part of our society and is developing at an exponential rate, which makes it important for young people to develop a critical understanding of these fields. High school students want to understand the hands-on applications for the concepts they are exposed to in their science classes. Youth Fusion’s science project coordinators help students develop a passion for science and technology through workshops, competitions and fieldtrips that challenge them and stimulate their imaginations.

      Our project coordinators provide support for existing science education initiatives and offer additional extra-curricular activities. The activities aim to arouse students’ scientific curiosity, develop their scientific knowledge and skills, and offer a unique perspective on careers and post-secondary education in the fields of science and technology.

      Here are some activities offered within the Science and Technology projects at various schools:
      Bridge-Pop with ÉTS: Students explore architecture and engineering by designing and constructing a bridge out of sticks, and then seeing how much weight it can hold up
      Radio: Students explore elements of electricity and electronics by assembling a rudimentary radio
      Clock: Students design and construct a clock powered by the earth’s gravity
      FIRST Robotics Competition: Students work with professional engineers to design and construct a robot (see Robotics section)
      Science Fair: Coaching for student participants
      Field trips: Beauharnois Hydro-electric Dam, Montreal Science Centre, Polytechnique, École de technologie supérieure, École des métiers de l’aérospatiale de Montréal, Montreal Exhibition Center
      Thematic events: magic-science, scientific activities during the days of integrated activities
      Workshops: solar energy, aerospace
    • Mathematics and computer science

    • Learning math is often a big challenge, especially when students have learning disabilities.

      Through this project, recent graduates (in engineering, mathematics or science) develop mathematics projects, and are responsible for working closely with teachers and targeted classrooms in order to develop and implement innovative activities that aim to improve students’ grades and promote the application of scientific concepts, for example:
      • Usage of new Information technologies (IT)
      • Programming video games
      • Usage of interactive software
      • Usage of Excel
      • Participation in math competitions
      • Application of different economics principles
      The goal is to offer alternatives that allow young people to apply and experiment mathematics through concrete projects. Homework help is also available to at-risk students.
    • Robotics (ages 14-18)

    • Engineering students help students build robots in order to participate at an international robotics competition.

      In partnership with Bombardier Inc., the Joseph Armand Bombardier Foundation and BMO Financial Group, Youth Fusion launched FIRST Robotics Quebec.

      FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an international robotics competition designed to offer young people an exciting and hands-on experience in science and technology. The objective is precise: students have six weeks to build a 120-pound, highly functional robot, capable of playing a sport. Students work with engineers and mentors to create their robots and participate in competitions across North America.

      FIRST aims to give young people the tools and passion needed to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.
    • Robotics (ages 9-13)

    • Science & Technology: Going beuond mentoring to prepare emerging leaders
      For 9-13 year-olds: LEGO® challenges in the classroom
      As a way of ensuring continuity – and a strategic continuum – between elementary schools, high schools, post-secondary institutions and thevindustry, we have expanded the following program:

      With the support of engaged and engaging teachers, as well as highvschool students who act as mentors, 9-13 year-olds use LEGO®vMindstorms NXT technology to build, test and program autonomous robotsvcapable of completing a quest with a scientific theme.

      The participating students acquire skills and knowledge by researchingvefficient and effective designs, and presenting their innovativevsolutions to a team of experts. The theme of the challenges variesvfrom year to year: In 2012, the theme was food production and safety.vIn 2013, the challenge will be around senior citizens – a highly
      timely topic.

      Considering that these programs last the whole year (36 weeks),vteachers are able to invest their time in making links between thevexciting world of hands-on robotics projects and the science, math andvtechnology curriculum. Moreover, a unique aspect of the programvrevolves around the fact that high school students act as mentors and
      share their knowledge, which they have acquired through theirvuniversity and industry mentors.
    • Video and cinema

    • Cinema students work with high school and elementary school students to produce films and videos.

      Young people readily relate to video and film, and enjoy having the opportunity to get behind the camera. From screenwriting and pre-production, to filming, editing and post-production, our versatile film project coordinators are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and passion with young people.

      Youth Fusion has teamed up with two local programs: Clip your 514, which targets young immigrants, and the CSDM West Film Festival, which works with elementary schools.

      CLIP YOUR 514

      Clip your 514 is an initiative of the Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal and the Forum Jeunesse de l’Île de Montréal. This video competition aims to give a voice to young people, especially those from immigrant backgrounds. In addition to Youth Fusion’s project coordinator, the teams receive advice from a professional expert at the various stages of research, development and creation of the report. Students create 5-minute video reports, which are presented at a gala.


      The Montreal School Board (CSDM) has established a fun tradition: a film festival among a number of elementary schools located in the western part of the city. The students, assisted by their teacher and Youth Fusion’s video project coordinator, get involved in all aspects of film production: research, script-writing, costumes, sets, pre-production, directing, filming, special effects, editing and post-production. The students’ talents are showcased at a gala evening where their 5-minute films are presented to the public.
    • Media and communication

    • Journalism and communications students launch youth-led newspapers or radio shows.

      Communications and media have an ever-growing importance in the lives of high school students. Youth Fusion’s journalism and communications project coordinators share their media expertise with young people who wish to disseminate information and opinions to their communities, either through a student radio or newspaper.

      Our media projects appeal to students’ interests while working with the resources available at each particular school. Media projects may take the form of a school newspaper, a blog or website, or a radio broadcast inside the school building. Additional activities have included photography clubs and photo contests, film and animation projects, and creating public service announcements promoting safe-sex practices.

      Our project coordinators have led workshops on topics such as: the interviewing process, news-writing, opinion pieces, how to conduct surveys, constructive ways to express criticism, poetry and caricaturing. Other workshops focus on the more technical aspects of journalism, including photography and image processing, layout and design, sound-editing, and building websites.

      • Give students a context to practice their writing and language skills
        Improve communication within the school
      • Allow young people to take on roles, such as reporter, editor, photographer, columnist and radio host
      • Develop critical thinking, analytical skills and decision making among participants
      • Promote the cultural, social, artistic, sports and intercultural activities that take
      • place in the school
      • Highlight student achievements
      • Showcase student artwork
      • Integrate students’ knowledge of multi-media
    • Environment

    • Environmental science students collaborate with teenagers to start ‘green teams’ that focus on recycling, composting, sustainable development, urban planning and responsible consumption.

      Many young people are concerned about the state of the ecosystem and want to get involved in projects that improve the environment at school, in the community, and beyond. Participating in activities that promote respect for and preservation of the environment is a great way for young people to become active citizens in their communities. It also provides a good foundation and direction for those seeking a career in Quebec’s eco friendly energy industries.

      Youth Fusion’s environment project coordinators have the energy and enthusiasm to support student-led environmental initiatives, while applying their expertise in the field to promote better awareness and understanding of the environment.
    • Entrepreneurship

    • Business and management students help the teenagers start businesses and entrepreneurial projects.


      Youth Fusion’s management project coordinator, in collaboration with students and school administration, launch a service co-op through which high school students get the opportunity to earn money while sharing their skills and knowledge with the wider community.

      This project aims to:
      • Introduce students to the business world and the co-op structure
      • Create ties between students in different grades
      • Create links between students and local organizations, institutions, and businesses
      • Empower students by having them act as peer mentors
    • Citizenship

    • Political science students help students develop a civic-minded, sustainable student councils that work with the school’s administration to implement more civic education, and promote democratic engagement and sustainability at the school.

      Part of a school’s mission is to provide the civic education that will prepare young people to participate actively in our society. With its administrators, regulations, and structured decision-making process, a school represents a real microcosm of government in a context that is accessible to students. By participating in the school’s decision-making process, students can develop a sense of citizenship and the rights and responsibilities that go along with it. However, student councils often suffer from a lack of direction or support on the part of the school, and a lack of interest among students.
    • Academic Engagement

    • ROGERS is proud to support Youth Fusion and our commitment to providing youth with the educational resources they need to learn, grow and shine in the classroom and beyond.

      ROGERS and Youth Fusion are thrilled to launch an « Academic Engagement Program » that will provide individual support to at-risk students in the fields of mathematics, science, French and English.

      Through this initiative, Youth Fusion will collaborate with school principals and teachers, and mobilize local partners, such as Succès Scolaire, in order to maximize the results.
    • Community Involvement

    • Youth Fusion collaborates and creates links with:
      • The Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal in order to implement “Operation Back to School”
      • The City of Montreal and the borough mayors in order to offer and organize tours and special events to students
      • The Centre d’Aide à la Réussite et au Développement (C.A.R.D.) du Sud-Ouest and La Maison de Jeunes de Ville-Émard, rAdo-Actif, for a tutoring program.
      • The Opera of Montreal to collect donated musical instruments
      • The Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal for a mentorship program
      • Carrefour-Jeunesse-Emploi de la Capitale-Nationale for projects in Quebec City
      • The Cree Health Board for our programs in the James Bay
      • Vigilant Futures to provide sports activities to high school students
    • Language skills: Reading and Writing

    • Learning French (or any language) is a big challenge in disadvantaged areas, especially when a large majority of students have learning disabilities.

      Through this project, university students or recent graduates, in communications or a relevant language field, develop activities that encourage young people to read and write, while working closely with teachers in targeted classrooms.

      Examples of projects that allow us to improve students’ grades and promote language skills:

      Publication of a book written entirely by the students
      Creation of a student-led newspaper, website or online blog
      workshops on editing and writing columns, articles, surveys, reviews, and poems, among others.

      Homework help is also available to at-risk students.
    •  Music and artistic expression

    • Artistic activities provide an excellent means for young people to express their creativity and originality. Teenagers often identify strongly with particular artistic styles and are passionate about developing their raw talent. Time after time, young people have said that their schools do not offer them enough opportunities to express themselves actively through song, music or dance.

      Our music and dance project coordinators possess the skills and commitment necessary to coach students in developing their artistic talent. Each project strives to engage students in the activities that interest them, while working with the resources available at the particular school. No matter the form that the project takes, the young participants gain self-esteem and exposure within their community though their artistic practice and performances.
    • Sports

    • Playing sports is a way for young people to relax, unwind, and enjoy something they can excel in. It is also a context in which many young people develop self-esteem and respect for others and learn how to work as a team. Beyond contributing to their physical development, Youth Fusion’s sports programs give teenagers the tools and incentive to adopt healthy lifestyles, including physical activity, nutrition, and a balance among studies, work, leisure and relationships.
    •  Cooking

    • The Cooking Project, consists of workshops developed in response to requests from teachers or other professionals, is a place where students have the opportunity to handle, feel and taste the food. In addition, these workshops are an opportunity to work in teams and are intended to provide additional tools to prepare meals at home.