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  • There’s no need too small, no task too great
    Every mission starts with a brilliant idea. It all started when our founder and CEO Charles Deguire was a young man assisting three of his uncles living with muscular dystrophy. Inspired by an ingenious makeshift arm his uncle Jacques invented to independently pick up objects, Charles’ mission became clear – he would take this idea far beyond his uncle’s design.

    Working tirelessly with co-founder Louis-Joseph L’Écuyer, they founded Kinova in 2006, launching their first robotic arm, JACO, and changed the paradigm of robotics by creating safe technologies with a human-centric purpose.

    Today, our growing team of top talent around the world strives to carry forth that mission to provide humanity with robots that empower them to achieve the extraordinary everyday.
Product Portfolio

      • Professional Robots for Industry Applications

      • Kinova's ultra-lightweight robots are adaptable and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, enabling you to innovate faster.

        Security, EOD and Hazmat

        Advancements in vision, sensors, teleoperation, and AI capabilities offer optimal solutions to investigate dangerous environments and perform tasks that are too risky for humans.

        Kinova’s ultra-lightweight and portable robotic arms are fully adaptable to platforms used in both the manipulation of hazardous materials (nuclear/chemical/biological) and bomb disposal (improvised explosive devices) also known as EOD.

        Our state-of-the-art manipulators are also developed to ensure a human can actively be involved, controlling the robot and using their expertise to make the right call at the right time to perform any defusing or disposal tasks.

        Testing, Maintenance, and Inspection

        Flexibility is one of the most important aspects when looking to automate testing, maintenance, or inspection operations. Chances are you'll have more than one part or object, in different types of environment, under different circumstances. You get the picture. With Kinova’s robust hardware and powerful software, you can adapt and configure your robotic arm to perform a multitude of maintenance and inspection tasks. You can trust our robotic arms to do the work for endless hours, where humans have no added value. This frees up your workforce, increasing productivity, driving continuous optimization through performance data analysis, or simply doing value-added tasks.

        Logistics and Warehousing

        Automation in logistics has traditionally been focused on highly standardized processes such as ‘goods-to-picker’ models that work with standard pallet sizes and marked routes.

        Kinova’s robotic arms are designed to perform in non-standard environments, offering more flexibility to businesses looking to automate and optimize logistics operations.

        If mobile applications are required, our ultra-lightweight construction and embedded controller features, on top of low power consumption, will surely make a difference.

          • Kinova partners with innovators and influencers to accelerate the robotization of medical interventions and improved patient outcomes through adoption and better accessibility of technology.

            Surgical robotics

            The need for safe, intuitive, configurable and user-friendly robotic solutions are vital to work alongside surgeons and their staff in the operating room.

            Many of our partners in the medical domain come to us not knowing exactly what robotic technology is available or how it can help them improve patient outcomes. We work closely with them to identify their specific requirements and find the right solution.

            The highest standards in product design and manufacturing

            Kinova designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, installs and maintains:
            • Robotic arms for people with disabilities - Medical device class I
            • Robotic parts used for surgical platforms
            • Professional robotic arms (not covered by certification)

            From design and engineering through the production, testing and manufacturing process, Kinova's headquarters is a one-stop shop to ensure only the highest standards in product development. Our service is also renowned for it's excellence.

              • Simulate, test and automate a wide range of grasping and manipulation applications to reach results faster.

                • Dynamic Grasping
                • Mobile Manipulation
                • Haptics
                • Vision-based Manipulation
                • Machine Learning

                  • Kinova's robotic solutions offer the openness for teaching manipulation applications to students of all experience levels and across many disciplines such as:

                    • Automation
                    • Computer Science
                    • Engineering
                    • Manufacturing
                    • Mechatronics
                      • Professional Robots

                          • Gen3 Robots

                          • Adaptable for All Levels of Expertise So You Can Get Started Quickly
                            Easy to set up in under 30 minutes, you can start performing simple tasks with your Gen3 right away. Thanks to its modular hardware and robust Kinova® Kortex™ API software (which includes a new teaching mode), you can adapt and control your robot to perform complex applications.
                            • High-level and low-level control
                            • 1 kHz closed-loop control at low-level
                            • Smart actuators with integrated torque sensors
                            • Optional integrated 2D/3D vision module
                            • Versatile end-effector interface module
                            • Highly portable Infinite rotation on all joints
                          • Gen3 lite Robot

                          • A More Compact and More Accessible Option
                            Being the newest and most compact member of the Kinova ultra-lightweight robot series, the Gen3 lite offers a more cost-efficient option if you're looking for one or multiple professional-grade robotic arms to perform light manipulation tasks. The Gen3 lite is perfectly suited for professional academic-level education needs.

                            In addition, the Gen3 lite runs on the powerful and robust Kinova® Kortex™ API software, so you can seamlessly share programming and collaborate with other Gen3 lite or Gen3 units.
                            • Ultra-lightweight
                            • Highly portable
                            • Power-efficient
                            • Ideal for mobile applications
                          • Gen2 Robots

                          • Portable, Practical and Power-Efficient for Any Workspace
                            Imagine a robotic arm that’s extremely portable, safe to operate around people, can manipulate objects in any three-dimensional workspace with very low power usage – and is just a fraction of the weight of traditional robotic arms. Kinova Gen2 robots offer you performance, flexibility, and ease all in one.
                            • Ultra-lightweight
                            • Low power consumption
                            • Best payload-to-weight ratio
                            • Compatible with both ROS and our software
                        • Assistive Technologies

                        • See how Kinova's assistive technologies product series can help you achieve the extraordinary, from the famous Jaco® robotic arm to arm supports and revolutionary dining device.

                          Gain Autonomy in Your Everyday Life

                          Imagine experiencing the freedom to perform everyday tasks independently, from scratching an itch and opening doors, to eating dinner, putting on makeup, and playing video games. The possibilities of what you can do, at home, at work, and at play, are endless with the Kinova® assistive technologies product range.

                          Regardless of your age or gender, or the degree to which you require assistance, our safe and dependable assistive solutions adapt to your needs and environment.
                            • Kinova Jaco Assistive Robotic Arm

                            • Live Your Best Life
                              Imagine being able to do almost anything a human arm can do, safely and independently. The Kinova® Jaco® assistive robotic arm improves the quality of life for everyone: users gain autonomy to reach their potential, and occupational therapists can focus more on quality of care.

                              Designed to integrate fully into your daily life, and to be mounted on a motorized wheelchair, our signature robotic arm, known around the world as 'Jaco', is assisting people with limited or no upper limb mobility to achieve what was once impossible.

                              The Kinova Jaco assistive robotic arm features 6-axis movement corresponding to shoulder, elbow, and wrist, allowing 16 movements in all to mimic the smoothness and versatility of a fully functioning human arm. Mount it on your motorized wheelchair and take full control using the chair’s joystick, head control, sip-and-puff, head array system, or almost any other interface, in combination.
                            • Eating devices

                            • Dine With Dignity and Ease
                              Eating should be one of life’s greatest pleasures, and now it can be with the assistance of an Obi® eating device.

                              Intended for people living with limited or no upper limb mobility, as long as you can chew and swallow without assistance, you can take command of your dining experience and enjoy every meal.
                            • Dynamic arm supports

                            • The boost you need to accomplish daily tasks
                              Why expend extra energy trying to defy gravity when these arm supports do the heavy lifting for you? Instantly reclaim the ability to do daily activities such as eating and drinking, brushing your hair and teeth, working on a computer, etc. using the progressive compensation mechanism.

                              The KINOVAⓇ Assistive Technologies Series includes two types of dynamic arm supports that bring self-reliance and independence to individuals with limited arm and shoulder function:
                              • The KINOVAⓇ Dynamic arm support O540 for power wheelchair users
                              • The KINOVAⓇ Dynamic arm support O110 for easy table mounting

                              Instantly reclaim the ability to do daily activities such as eating and drinking, brushing your hair and teeth, working on a computer, etc. using the progressive compensation mechanism.