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  • Tomotaka Takahashi (CEO of ROBOGARAGE.Co.Ltd) creates, designs, and invents unique and original humanoids (Ropid, FT, Chroino, Neon). His passion for the cutting edge in robotics brings him into collaborations with other leaders in the field, researchers and corporations.


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Product Portfolio

  • Name: ROPID
    Tomotaka Takahashi
    Materials: Carbon and plastic
    Height: 38cm
    Weight: 1600g
    Degree of freedom: 29

    Belt link synchronize leg system,
    Independent sensor feedback

    • Name: chroino
      Developer: Tomotaka Takahashi
      Production period: 10 months
      Materials: Carbon and plastic
      Height: 35cm
      Weight: 1050g
      Degree of freedom: 24
      Battery: Lithium polymer

      High athletic ability
      sophisticated design
      New technology, SHIN-Walk (enables human-like walk without constantly bent knees)
      TIME Coolest Inventions 2004

      Chroino is a small humanoid robot with friendly appearance and sophisticated movements. A newly-developed outer covering that serves also as a frame is called a “monocoque frame” and is made of carbon and plastic, giving Chroino a friendly appearance, light weight and strong frame.

      Using a new technology named SHIN-Walk, Chroino has the ability to walk more naturally than traditional robots that walk stiffly with constantly bent knees. The ability to walk naturally, similar to a human, have long been expected. Thanks to this latest advancement in technology developed by Robo Garage, SHIN-Walk allows Chroino to walk almost as smoothly as a human.

      Chroino was created by Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi from Robo Garage, the only scientist involved in the entire development process – from the design to the production stage – to create this futuristic robot.

      Name:  “Chroino,” coinage made from the words “to chronicle” and “black,” which is pronounced kuroi in Japanese.
      Operation: Radio control, Playback of recorded movements, or Control from a wired PC
      • FT [FEMALE TYPE]

      • Name: FT - Than an initial of FemaleType
        Tomotaka Takahashi
        Materials: Carbon and plastic
        Height: 35cm
        Weight: 800g
        Degree of freedom: 23
        Battery: Lithium polymer

        FT is the result of Tomotaka Takahashi’s desire to create a female type robot. I took over a year of development by Takahashi, who believes that half of all robots will be “female” in the near future. FT’s parts were designed specially to express a lean, feminine body line. Twenty-three motors, controlled by an onboard computer allow FT to move gracefully; SHIN-Walk enable her to walk like a woman. In addition, Takahashi consulted with professional fashion models to make FT’s movements even more lifelike.