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  • Offer Profile
  • DE-STA-CO is a vibrant company with a history of providing manufacturing productivity solutions to customers worldwide. A pioneering manufacturer of innovative material handling tools for any application, DE-STA-CO focuses steadfastly on customers’ needs, consistently offering industry-leading products for streamlining manufacturing processes.
Product Portfolio

  • DE-STA-CO offers a wide range of products for your automation applications.
      • Rotary Motion

      • Rotary motion equipment and products assist with device indexing. Indexing is the starting and stopping of a device in precise intervals at precise locations. CAMCO cam-operated rotary indexing systems move a wide variety of products and components with precision.
        Rotary Index Drives offer:
        • Controlled acceleration and decelerations
        • Smooth motion
        • Preloaded for no backlash
        • Quick settling time in the dwell position
        • Capacity for high loads and high speeds
        • Repeatable, accurate positioning
        • Shaft or flange output
        CAMCO Rotary Index Drives have a known displacement-time relationship and known power requirements, and require little or no maintenance.

            • Reliable, precision rotary drives in a variety of configurations and sizes.

              • Flange or and shaft outputs
              • Accommodates a range of payloads
              • DirectConnect for easy integration

              • Output Overload protection for Index Drives
              • Torq/Gard power transmission overload clutches

            • Zero-backlash, cam-actuated drives for precise control, efficiency and flexibility
        • Linear Motion

        • From Robohand Pneumatic Slides to CAMCO Precision Link Conveyors, DE-STA-CO has the ideal linear motion equipment and products to move your product in a linear motion. Highly configurable and designed to meet customer requirements for accuracy, speed, and capacity, DE-STA-CO linear motion products come in a full spectrum of standard sizes and capabilities, as well as custom configurations for specialty environments.
              • SLIDE & THRUSTERS

                • Base Slides
                • Thruster Slides
                • Feed Escapements
              • CONVEYORS

                • CAMCO Precision Conveyors
                • Robohand Modular Conveyors
          • Multi-Axis Motion

          • Keeping parts moving in every direction is all in a day’s work for DE-STA-CO Multi-Axis Motion Equipment & Products. Whether the application is linear or rotary, we've got the parts handlers, sliders and thrusters to get the job done.
                • CAMCO PARTS HANDLERS

                  • Rotary parts handlers
                  • Linear parts handlers
                  • Walking beam drives
                • ROBOHAND SLIDES

                  • Base slides
                  • Thruster slides
                  • Feed escapements
            • GRIPPERS

            • Since 1980 with the release of its patented series of parallel grippers, the Robohand brand name has come to represent the best in innovation, quality and reliability.

              Offering a vast range of products and solutions, Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications.
              Products Include:
              • Standard and Precision Pneumatic Grippers
              • Maintenance-free Electric Grippers
              • Clean room, food and automotive grippers
              • High quality Linear Actuators (slides)
              • Full line of Rotary Actuators (rotaries)
              • Automatic full-sensing Robotic Arm Tool Changers
              • Modular Cost Effective Belt Conveyors
                • Pneumatic Grippers

                • DE-STA-CO Robohand grippers are high-quality, robust grippers available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The DirectConnect™ feature allows for a complete multi-axis pick & place solution without the need for transition plates.

                  Wide range of sizes and configurations:
                  • 2-jaw or 3-jaw with parallel or angular jaws
                  • Originator of the double-wedge design for long-life, robust grippers
                  • Low break-away precision grippers for picking up fragile precision parts with high repeatability
                  • Fail-safe grippers
                      • 2-JAW PARALLEL GRIPPERS

                        • Direct/Connect
                        • RP and RPL
                        • Short or Long Stroke
                        • Standard or Wide Body
                        • Specialty Grippers
                      • 2-JAW ANGULAR GRIPPERS

                      • Jaws open 180-degrees to clear parts quickly 
                      • 3-JAW PARALLEL GRIPPERS

                        • Centering of round parts
                        • Thru Holes
                  • Electric Parallel Grippers

                  • Robohand zero-maintenance electric grippers deliver faster installation, lower maintenance costs, increased reliability over traditional pneumatics grippers. Gripper open and closed operation is controlled using a discrete output from an industry standard controller such as a PLC.
                        • Electric Parallel Grippers

                        • Key Advantages
                          • Simple and fast installation, no software required
                          • No valves, tubing, compressor, or filters required
                          • Zero maintenance for maximum machine uptime
                          • Clean room friendly, no air contaminants
                          • Energy efficient reducing operation costs
                          • Easier to operate and control than pneumatic grippers
                    • Automation Express

                    • We offer a full line of automation products to meet your application needs quickly. For almost 100 years, DE-STA-CO has been delivering value. Now we deliver the DE-STA-CO quality and dependability value even faster with our Robohand and Camco Brand products.

                      Xpress Value Program
                      • 3-day shipments on our most popular products (North America ONLY)
                      • It’s Automatic! - No special ordering requirements
                      • Large inventory of components for fast assembly
                      • Supports 1000s of product configurations
                          • Automation Express

                          • Product offered include select models of...
                            • Electric Grippers
                            • Parallel Grippers
                            • 3 Jaw Grippers
                            • Angular Grippers
                            • Linear Slides
                            • Feed Escapements
                            • Rotary Actuators
                            • Tool Changers
                            • Rotary Indexers
                      • End-of-Arm Robotic Tooling

                      • DE-STA-CO End-of-Arm Robotic Tooling (also known as End Effectors) is designed to maximize productivity, both before and after installation.
                        • Permanently mount your tooling to the robot or choose from manual or automatic tool changers.
                        • Ready-to-assemble mounts and off-the-shelf structural members eliminate the need for custom fabrication.
                        • All tooling components are constructed of light-weight aluminum and can be reused for future applications, greatly reducing life-cycle cost.
                        • Unlimited configuration possibilities with vacuum cups, grippers, magnets, clamps, etc.
                        • System flexibility allows modifications to the end effector in minutes, greatly reducing start up time to launch.
                          • Vacuum

                          • DE-STA-CO's family of vacuum end effectors, or vacuum end-of-arm robotic tooling equipment, serve a wide range of applications. Whether it be decentralized single-line venturi vacuum generators (with auto blow-off), level compensators, vacuum cups of various size/shape/temperature ranges or a fully-integrated air-saving centralized ‘smart’ vacuum generator, DE-STA-CO has the vacuum solution for your company!
                                • EcoCup

                                • Great for pick-and-place applications of flat, rigid, non-porous parts including: plastic, glass, solar panels, and electronics, as well as other consumer goods with smooth, flat surfaces.
                                • EcoSmart Intelligent Vacuum Products

                                • The DE-STA-CO Centuri Centralized Vacuum Generator is a robust, powerful vacuum generator with integrated IO-Link technology. It's increased vacuum level combined with an integrated blow-off system allows for even faster handling cycle times for increased material throughput.
                            • Tool Changers

                            • DE-STA-CO’s Automatic and Manual Tool Changers are perfect for flexible/multiple robotic tooling applications which use only one robot. These products were designed with exceptional repeatability, high rigidity and load capacity to make them ideal for any robotic application. End effector tooling and modular fixturing can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate many different styles of parts on the same assembly machine or machining center.
                                  • Tool Changers

                                  • DE-STA-CO’s manual quick disconnect tool changers allow you to quickly change/swap out end effectors in seconds.
                                    • Optional integrated air ports and electrical connectors provide immediate power to your system, eliminates manual re-connection of air lines and reduces machine downtime.
                                    • Highly engineered locking mechanisms prevent the tool changers from separating when air/electric signals are lost or from shock/vibration.
                                    • Three different sizes allow you to pick the quick disconnect to best suit your needs.
                              • Round Tooling End Effectors

                              • DE-STA-CO’s Round Tooling end effectors are the most widely used, economical and user-friendly modular tooling system for high volume, low cost, light to medium weight applications. Round tooling is ideal for pick-and-place part handling, manual manipulating, packaging, and palletizing. Features include:

                                Steel and aluminum structural members, infinitely-adjustable clamps/transition brackets and accessory mounts.
                                Off-the-shelf standard components allow the user to quickly and easily construct an End Effector that is custom to the application.
                                After years of rugged use, round tooling components can be quickly disassembled and reused for the next application, substantially reducing life cycle cost.
                                    • Round Tooling End Effectors

                                    • World Tool Booms

                                      Capitalizing on the benefits of Round Tooling and Manual Tool Changers, the DE-STA-CO World Tool Main Booms (aluminum or carbon fiber) have up to 6x medium-sized tool changers to allow the end user to change ONLY the branch tools, reducing changeover time, mass of the tools being changed and reducing cost over the life of the tool.
                                • BodyBuilder End Effectors; Modular End Effector System

                                • The BodyBuilder Modular End Effector System was designed for final assembly and material handling applications where a robust, yet easy-to-use system was needed. The patented 'crash recovery' method allows the end user to quickly rebuild their structure, reducing downtime in the event of an automation collision. DE-STA-CO's comprehensive family of automation adapters, structural and transition members allow the user to fully customize their design from off-the-shelf components.
                                      • BodyBuilder

                                      • Octagonal Aluminum Booms

                                        The octagonal structure is available in four sizes: 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 90mm. Cross-webbed structure maximizes on strength to reduce overall weight, deflection and twist. Integrated T-slots allow accessories to be mounted, moved and repositioned quickly and easily.
                                  • SpiderGrip End Effectors

                                  • SpiderGrip™ end effectors are designed to aid in the geometric assembly of mating parts (precision tolerance). SpiderGrip™ is a fixturing system for high precision weld/mastic assembly operations which capitalizes on DE-STA-CO’s Modular Tooling Principle: off-the-shelf components to make any size/shape structure.
                                    • SpiderGrip™ components are manufactured to such a high standard that any single component can be replaced without affecting the location or geometry of the parts that are being assembled.
                                    • A "fuse" (break away) has been designed into the system so that in the event of a crash only a single component needs to be replaced, preserving the location of pins, clamps and gages.
                                        • BodyBuilder

                                        • RM4 Heavy-Duty Mild Mounts

                                          The RM4 is a highly engineered, robust structural mounting platform that can be used as a direct robot interface. RM4s provide structurally stable point of attachment for SpiderGrip appendages (limbs). Standard robot interface patterns provided. RM4 can also be with out a mounting pattern for custom mounting.

                                          Anchors & Collar Assemblies

                                          Anchors are used to precisely locate and attach the SpiderGrip appendage. Anchors are also engineered to act as an "over load fuse" in the event of a collision to protect the automation, the locating pins or clamp, as well as the object that was impacted. Collar assembles are used for each and every attachment point on SpiderGrip. Two bolts and precision-ground cross-keys are used to locate and hold the SpiderGrip components to each other.
                                    • Compliance Devices

                                    • Robohand Compliance Devices are robotic tooling alignment equipment. These compliance devices are excellent for insertion applications where parts are misaligned or skewed, or to compensate for part placing inaccuracies, reducing jamming of mating parts.

                                      Robohand Compliance Devices are available in three types:
                                      • The Compliance Wrist has compliance in torsion, bending and lateral direction.
                                      • The Lateral Compliance Device compensates for lateral misalignment.
                                      • The Cylindrical Horizontal Compliance Device compensates for horizontal misalignment.
                                          • CH - HORIZONTAL COMPLIANCE DEVICE

                                          • Range horizontal compliance including five models. The CH series allow to compensate horizontal misalignment.
                                            • Stroke range from 6 to 24mm
                                            • Options : spring safety (RA ou RL), probe (T), interface (I), Viton seals (V)
                                          • CV - VERTICAL COMPLIANCE DEVICE

                                          • Range vertical compliance including three models. The Cv series allow to compensate vertical misalignment.
                                            • Stroke range from 8 to 16mm
                                            • Options : integrated inductive sensor (K), Viton seals (V)
                                      • CLAMPS

                                      • DE-STA-CO material handling clamps are built to meet the most demanding requirements, to keep your workpieces in place. Workpieces need to be held in a specific position using a specific amount of force in the shortest period of time. Once the workpiece is clamped, the processing of it is usually carried out. This means that the following tasks must be fulfilled using DE-STA-CO Manual, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Clamps including:
                                        • Quick clamping
                                        • Secure holding
                                        • High clamping forces in a variety of space requirements
                                        • Distortion-free clamping of the workpiece
                                        • Good accessibility to the workpiece
                                        Workpieces are clamped in nearly all applications of a manufacturing environment. In the metalworking industry, reliable clamping is a basic requirement for drilling, welding, bending, grinding, testing, assembling, etc.

                                        DE-STA-CO Clamp Accessories are matched to DE-STA-CO Clamps to provide optimal performance and functionality.
                                          • Manual Clamps

                                          • Since 1936, when the first manual toggle clamp was designed and manufactured, DE-STA-CO has been a world leader in Workholding innovation and technology. DE-STA-CO offers a wide selection of manual clamps from vertical or horizontal hold-down clamps to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps. Whatever your manual clamping needs, DE-STA-CO has a solution.
                                                • HORIZONTAL HOLD-DOWN

                                                  • Cam Action
                                                  • DE-STA-CO Toggle Lock Plus®
                                                  • Heavy-Duty
                                                  • Stainless Steel
                                                • VERTICAL HOLD-DOWN

                                                  • Compact
                                                  • DE-STA-CO Toggle Lock Plus®
                                                  • Stainless Steel
                                                  • Heavy-Duty
                                                • PULL-ACTION LATCH CLAMPS

                                                  • Controlled Latch Clamps
                                                  • Standard Horizontal U-Hook
                                                  • Standard J-Hook
                                                  • Standard Vertical U-Hook
                                                • SQUEEZE ACTION

                                                  • Portable or Plier Clamps
                                                  • Jaws lock automatically
                                                  • Some with DE-STA-CO trigger release
                                                • STRAIGHT LINE ACTION

                                                  • Push-pull handle
                                                  • Lock in two positions
                                                  • Wide range of load ratings
                                                • CARVER CLAMPS

                                                  • Bar-style
                                                  • C-Style
                                                  • Buttress Style
                                                  • Edge-Grip Style
                                                  • T-Slot Style
                                                • PRECISION CLAMPING

                                                • Higher precision than standard clamps for precise locating and repeatability over many cycles.
                                                • HEAVY DUTY CLAMPS

                                                  • Vertical Hold Down
                                                  • Horizontal Hold Down
                                                  • Straight Line Action
                                            • Pneumatic Clamps

                                            • DE-STA-CO Pneumatic Clamps use air-actuated cylinders to operate the clamping action. They are ideal for quick clamping in repetitive production operations, and yet are portable and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixturing. Basic types of DE-STA-CO pneumatic clamps include:
                                              • Hold-Down Action
                                              • Straight Line Action
                                              • Swing/Pull Action
                                                  • STANDARD PNEUMATIC CLAMPS

                                                    • Hold-Down Clamps
                                                    • Retractor Clamps
                                                    • Straight-Line Action Clamps
                                                    • Swing Clamps
                                                  • SWING CLAMPS

                                                    • Quick swing-and-clamp movement
                                                    • Double-acting
                                                    • For clamping of secondary operations
                                                  • POWER CLAMPS

                                                    • Hook Pins
                                                    • Laser Welding Clamps
                                                    • Pin Packages
                                                    • Dual-Arm Clamps
                                                    • Underbody Clamps
                                                  • POWER CYLINDERS

                                                    • Double-acting
                                                    • Provide 13,000+ lbf (60kN) of rod force
                                                    • Forward stroke with amplified power stroke
                                              • Hydraulic Workholding

                                              • DE-STA-CO Hydraulic Clamping products provide powered workholding solutions where greater clamping forces combined with fast, repeatable and reliable actuation are needed, such as those faced in the modern machine shop. We offer a variety of clamping components, power sources and accessories that are ideal for retrofitting or updating simple mechanical systems or more complex clamping and locating applications. Primary advantages of hydraulic clamping include:
                                                • High clamping forces with relatively small clamping elements
                                                • Repeatable and consistent clamping force given part size variation
                                                • Remote operation of many clamping elements for increased productivity

                                                Most components are available as singe-acting to allow the use of our air-oil boosters. These economical power sources offer an affordable way to get the power of a hydraulic system with the use of your shop air supply.

                                                    • HYDRAULIC CLAMPS

                                                      • Edge Clamps
                                                      • Power Clamps
                                                      • Swing/Pull Clamps
                                                    • HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS

                                                    • For positioning or clamping with frequent cycles and rapid stroke speeds
                                                    • POWER SOURCES

                                                      • Pumps
                                                      • Controls
                                                      • Power Boosters
                                                • Transfer Products

                                                • For hazardous, toxic or sterile material transfer equipment, count on CRL Transfer Products. CRL manufactures transfer equipment and products used in many material transfer requirements, such as:
                                                  • Transfer a hazardous toxic or sterile material from one sealed enclosure to another sealed enclosure
                                                  • Perform this transfer without contaminating the sealed enclosures or the environment surrounding the sealed enclosures
                                                    • Transfer Products

                                                    • For hazardous, toxic or sterile material transfer equipment, count on CRL Transfer Products. CRL manufactures transfer equipment and products used in many material transfer requirements, such as:
                                                      • Transfer a hazardous toxic or sterile material from one sealed enclosure to another sealed enclosure
                                                      • Perform this transfer without contaminating the sealed enclosures or the environment surrounding the sealed enclosures
                                                          • RAPID TRANSFER
                                                            PORT SYSTEM (RTP)

                                                          • For rapid repeatable transfers without breaking containment
                                                          • STERILE LIQUID
                                                            TRANSFER PORTS (SLTP)

                                                          • For aseptic liquid transfer for pharmaceutical manufacturing
                                                          • STERILIZABLE RAPID
                                                            TRANSFER PORT (SRTP)

                                                          • For transfer of materials into a sterile isolator or aseptic barrier system
                                                          • WASTE DRUM
                                                            TRANSFER SYSTEM (WDTS)

                                                          • For safe and repeatable waste drum transfer
                                                      • Manipulation Products

                                                      • For hazardous or sterile material manipulation equipment, Central Research Laboratories (CRL) manufactures manipulation solutions which allow human operators to safely perform dexterous maneuvers in hazardous or sterile environments.
                                                            • TELEMANIPULATORS

                                                            • Used to remotely perform tasks in hazardous environments
                                                            • GLOVEPORT SYSTEMS

                                                            • Remotely perform tasks requiring human dexterity while protecting the operator