Company Profile

Rollon Group

Mission & Vision

Rollon is a global company specializing in the design and manufacturing of linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators used in a wide range of industries (aerospace, railway, medical, special vehicles, automation, industrial machinery).

A world leader in linear motion, Rollon runs its business in Europe from its head office in Vimercate (MB), Italy, and through its branches in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the USA, China, India and through a representation office in Russia. In order to ensure an effective coverage, Rollon boasts an extensive network of distributors able to ensure added value and a high level of service. Especially in the emerging countries where the company has been increasing its coverage since 2008. In the last few years, in fact, Rollon has mainly focused on developing the international market.

In 2011 Rollon completed its already wide range of linear motion components with the acquisition of El.More, a manufacturer of linear actuators and tables for industrial automation.

The company’s strength is its capability to provide both standard and “customized” solutions to meet customer needs for an industry or a specific application. This has been made possible by the broad international experience gained by the Group and by the know-how achieved within the R&D department.

Rollon’s mission is to supply mechanical components in order to meet the customers’ linear motion requirements, by offering the right mix of innovation and efficiency and to provide solutions that ensure significant advantages for its customers in various industries.

Rollon’s vision is to become a global leader in the linear motion market, and a well-known and established partner in developing applications for different industrial sectors where linear motion is used.


Rollon has developed 3 lines of products able to offer effective and simple solutions, solving a huge number of problems found in the linear motion sector and in equally as many applications used in different industrial sectors.

Linear Line, Telescopic Line, Actuator Line: the Rollon linear rails, telescopic rails and actuators are standard solutions from the catalogue, frequently configurable in order to provide custom solutions to our customers. The economies of scale we base our production on allow us to ensure highly cost effective solutions.

Rollon’s capacity to customize products to fit specific applications and keep them “unique for each Customer” is a major added value, and the starting point for innovation and development processes that lead to new products.

Most of our products are based on an underlying principle that is the essence of the Rollon philosophy: ‘C’ profile rails housing different types of sliders operated by rolling elements such as ball bearings.

This manufacturing principle is crucial in order to make sure that many Rollon components are able to offer more benefits than other solutions available in the market, since the rail-slider configuration is extremely compact and better exploits the mounting spaces available. In addition, internal raceways ensure good protection from potential shocks and dirt.

The raceways of almost every Rollon linear and telescopic rail undergo an induction hardening process, in order to increase load capacity and life for the rail. Some products are also subject to a grinding process in order to improve the rail sliding capabilities.