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  • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions for use in manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes.

    The Segment‘s core capabilities center on the development of application- and customer-specific systems for the creation of vacuums and extraction of processing gases.

    The product range of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum comprises fore vacuum pumps, high vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, vacuum gauges, leak detecting instruments, flanges, fittings and valves, as well as consulting and engineering of complete vacuum solutions for specified customer applications.
Product Portfolio
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  • With high-tech products and innovative solutions we support our customers in making full use of their potential.
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    • Oil Sealed Vacuum Pumps

    • Oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are being used in all areas of vacuum engineering. They are equally suited for both industrial production and research applications. They may be used to generate a rough and medium vacuum or as backing pumps in pump combinations with Roots vacuum pumps or high vacuum pumps. Rotary vane pumps are built as one- or two stage pumps. The ultimate pressure range is depending on the model between 0.5 mbar and 5•10-5 mbar. The comprehensive pumping speeds ranging from 1.5 m3/h up to 13000 m3/h
    • Dry Compressing Vacuum Pumps

    • Dry vacuum pumps are dry compressing pumps where no lubricants can get into contact with the pumping media. Thus an absolute hydrocarbon free vacuum is the result. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers different types of dry compressing vacuum pumps which vary in the principle of operation and are used in different fields of application: diaphragm pumps DIVAC, scroll pumps SCROLLVAC as well as screw type pumps SCREWLINE, DURADRY and DRYVAC.
    • Roots Vacuum Pumps

    • Roots vacuum pumps RUVAC, which are also called Roots blowers, are rotary plunger type pumps where two symmetrically shaped impellors rotate in opposite directions inside the pump housing. Roots pumps are use where great volumns have to be pumped. In combination with backing pumps, which compress against the atmosphere, these pumps offer the are capable of improving the attainable ultimate pressure of a pump system by a factor of 10. With two Roots vacuum pump stages and a corresponding backing pump it is possible to attain pressures in the range down to 10-5 mbar (0.75•10-5 Torr). Regarding the motor concept RUVAC pumps are offered in different models.
    • High Vacuum Pumps

    • Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a bride range of different high and ultra high vacuum pumps. These pumps vary in the principle of operation and field of application: turbo molecular vacuum pumps of the TURBOVAC and MAG series, diffusion vacuum pumps DIP and cryo vacuum pumps of the COOLVAC series. Important items for the selection of the adequate high vacuum pump are: attainable ultimate pressure, required pumping speed, gas throughput or compression.
    • Vacuum Pump Systems / Engineering

    • The RUTA pump systems described here are vacuum pump systems consisting of Roots vacuum pumps from the RUVAC series in combination with a fore vacuum pump. They have been designed for rough and medium vacuum operation, i.e. for the pressure range from atmospheric pressure down to 10-4 mbar (7.5• 10-5 Torr). On the intake side RUTA pump systems consist of Roots vacuum pumps. Further compression to atmospheric pressure may be performed either by oil-sealed or dry compressing vacuum pumps or Roots vacuum pumps with pre-inlet cooling.
    • Vacuum: measuring - controlling

    • Today, the total range of vacuum pressure accessible to measurement extends from atmospheric pressure (about 1000 mbar (750 Torr)) down to 10-12 mbar/ 0.75•10-12 Torr, i.e. it extends over 15 powers of ten. The instruments used for measuring the pressure within this wide range are called vacuum gauges. For physical reasons it is not possible to create a single vacuum sensor through which it might be possible to perform quantitative measurements within the entire pressure range. Therefore, a variety of different vacuum gauges are available, each with their own characteristic measurement range which commonly extends over several powers of ten.
    • Leak Detecting Instruments

    • The PHOENIXL 300 is a portable multipurpose helium leak detector for detection of lowest detectable local and integral leak rates. It is equally well suited to both series production and service testing.
    • Flanges and Fittings

    • For connection of the individual vacuum components there are different flange systems available: small flanges (ISO-KF) in sizes DN 10 to DN 50, clamped flanges (ISO-K) in sizes DN 63 to DN 630 and CF flanges in sizes DN 16 to DN 250. The choice of the best system depends on the required standards for example: cost-effectiveness, simple to fit and remove elements, leak tightness, high class materials or the demand for bakeable elements in the ultra high vacuum range.
    • Feedthroughs

    • Feedthroughs are used in vacuum applications as connectors for power supply, for gas or liquid transfer, for interchange of measurement signals as well as for mechanical manipulation inside the vacuum chamber.
    • Valves

    • Vacuum technology puts great demands on the functioning and reliability of the valves. The demands are fulfilled only if correct shut-off devices are installed for each application, depending on the method of construction, method of operation, and size. Moreover, in the construction and operation of vacuum plants, factors such as the flow conductance and leak-tightness of valves are of great importance.The valves of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are optimized in regard to this demands. For every flange system there are a lot of valves types available.
    • Turbo Radial Blowers

    • Turbo radial blowers TURBOSTREAM are especially designed for the Laser industry. Depending on the demands a selection between mechanical bearing (TST) oder magnetical levitation is possible. The turbo radial blowers with mechanical bearing are available as single stage (TST S) or dual stage (TST D) variants.
    • Oils / Greases / Lubricants

    • The lubricants of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum are especially designed in regard to the high demands in vacuum technology. Their vapour pressure is low at high temperatures and the water content and water uptake is minimal. Their viscosity characteristics are flat, lubricating properties are excellent and resistant against thermal decomposition and increased mechanical stress. Depending on the requirements (resistance to hydrolysis or oxidation, non-flammability, DOT-compatibility, approvability for food industry, etc.) different oil fractions, greases and pump fluids are available.
  • Applications

    • Semiconductor Technology

    • The semiconductor industry will continue to grow in the near future.

      Communication with our customers in that industry has never been as important as it is today if we are to be able to meet their fast-changing requirements for products and processes.
    • Analytical and Medical Technology

    • One of the largest and most complex segments of the market for vacuum components is the one for analytical devices that operate under vacuum conditions.

      These include the large families of surface analyzers, mass spectrometers and electron microscopes of various designs as well as helium leak detectors.
    • Coating

    • Thin films are mostly invisible but nevertheless highly effective.

      They are used, for example, on architectural glass as thermal insulation and/or to protect against the sun’s rays, on eyeglass lenses to prevent glare or scratching, on laser mirrors to intensify the reflection of light or radiation, on compact disks and in cold-light lamps, as well as on tools and ball bearings to prevent wear.
    • Research and Development

    • All industrial processes and technical achievements are preceded by an extensive and costly research and development effort.

      Everything that is later produced or applied on a large scale first has to be carefully researched, tested and developed.
    • Industrial Applications

    • Vacuum technology frequently makes it possible to replace processes that harm the environment with others that protect the environment.